kinky family I love our kinky family time!
My Mommy encourages me and my sisters to be fucked and filled all the time! There is only one way for hot bodies to have the best yogurt shot and that is from Daddy.

We are Daddy’s fertile factory sluts!

I can’t tell you how much I love dripping with daddy’s spawn maker seeds. The more he creams my little asshole the more I want!  I love showing him my little perky nipples and pink dick choke holder!

Just this morning I climbed into the shower and let him gawk over my barely legal body! It’s amazing what a little flowing water does to tits and pussy flaps! I can easily slip my hands around Daddy’s yogurt handle! I pump and squeeze until it gets just right!

I like to push him deep into my liquid keeper! I never wait for my sisters to get a taste of Daddy! I just have to have my dick teaser on him right away! I always tell him to scrub and then fuck but he never waits!

Breeding Slutty Teen

I tell him I am going to make him cum so hard that he will thank me! It’s a good thing I like to share!

I hear the door open and my sister’s come into the shower stall with us!
Daddy has his cock in between my ass cheeks! He is Rubbing frantically to get one off! My sisters bend down to their knees and put his milker in their mouths. They slurp, plump and pull that meat until it’s throbbing to cum!

I don’t want them to get all of the pleasure so I turn around and take his nut sack into my mouth! It feels good getting that milker so hard!

Daddy isn’t selfish! He pushes it harder in my mouth and gives my sisters as much of his beef stick as she can take!kinky family

I brush up against her hot oven and feel daddy spill his man gravy all over my sister’s pussy! Their bellies start to move with Daddy’s floater seeds growing inside of their bellies!
I can’t wait until it’s me! Contributing to the fertile factory and daddy’s litter will make me so happy!

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Daddy’s Girl Teen Fuck Slut

by sookie on October 11, 2017

All throughout the day, all I could think about was Daddy and his cock. During English, my teacher talked about dangling participles. All I thought about was daddy’s Dick! Then in Geometry instead of right angles or obtuse angles, all I could see were the different angles I wanted Daddy to fuck me in.daddy's girl teen fuck slut

Walking around all day with a dripping liquid box was getting to me! When I got home from school all I could think about is laying in Daddy’s bed and masturbating. I opened the door to find daddy on the bed!

Daddy’s Girl

My oven was getting so hot looking at Daddy. I could barely get my hand around his cock! My surprised look made daddy ask if I was uncomfortable! How could I NOT be? The massive size surely couldn’t fit in my tight pucker hole.

His hot love dipper was bulging! I couldn’t see how I was designed to take all of that in my tiny little hole!
I was excited about sucking on Daddy Dick! His bulging head pointed at my lips so I licked at his yogurt teaser! My lips barely got around it!

Taking it like an experienced Daddy’s girl teen fuck slut feels so good! I brushed my tongue across it a few more times before he took it away.
He pushed it near my oven and pressed harder. I barely had it in me when my wet slicker started making noises I didn’t recognize.daddy's girl teen fuck slut

I wasn’t just obsessing over fucking Daddy I was actually doing it! It felt so much better than any fantasy!

Putting pressure on daddy’s liquid pussy pleaser makes me horny!

Daddy gave me a great introduction to cock!

I am done with being a virgin! I am glad I saved myself for my Daddy’s big meater!


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Daddy Girl Phone Sex Lil’ Diaper Princess

by sookie on October 1, 2017

I have been a good little slut! What will you do with me now Daddy? Every day I come home from school and put on my cozy little diaper for you. If I am a good slut will you fuck me?daddy girl phone sex

I know you like for me to fill up my diapey with green grime floats. I am your diaper princess. You told me today was the day you would fuck me long and slow and break me in.

You and I play so rough when Mommy is not home. I put the pacifier in between my legs and think about your hard stiffer opening my liquid box. My barely legal ass just needs to be changed.

I let my piss flappers release every night so that you come in and change me.

Daddy is going to be so pleased with his little princess! “Have you been a good girl?” You ask me!

Daddy Girl Phone Sex

I point at my diapey and start to cry. He picks me up out of the crib and carries me over to the changing table. He tells me to open wide for the little choo-choo.daddy girl phone sex

I do what I am told and open my lips and clamp them down on his cock. I put it in my mouth and tease it a little.

After he picks up a bowl of grease slime corn and feeds it to me he lays me over his lap.

With my tummy full I lay back on the table and fart. “Are you going to fill your diaper for Daddy?” he asks. I am so horny and I want daddy to fuck me now! I have been such a good little slut!

He pulls off my diapey and lets out a golden stream into his mouth. His pussy eater is so hard!

He winds his tongue around my erect nipples like they are ice cream cones. My belly starts to rumble and brown mustard dip comes out. Daddy pushes his cock into my little turd shooter and releases his cum gunk!
I just love being Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex Lil’ Diaper Princess!

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Spoiled Brat Princess Phone Sex

by sookie on September 21, 2017

A true spoiled brat Princess phone sex slut gets what she wants!
I am daddy’s little helper. Not because I can bend my legs over the top of my head like a gymnast. Not because my pussy tastes like a good part of heaven. Just simply because I can play the role of spoiled little brat anytime he wants!

spoiled brat princess phone sex The sound of my high pitch screams and shouts makes Daddy’s rod’s come to life. I have become pretty good at manipulating him around my finger and pussy.

The nice little convertible he bought me last week was just icing on the cake. You see Daddy would do anything to keep my filthy mouth shut. He doesn’t want those dirty secrets coming out about his obsession with little Tykes!

It all started when I got home from school too early. My little brother was hanging up by his toes and yelling. Nothing that little fucker does surprises me but, the rest of the scene did!

Daddy was popping some x and drinking some scotch. He had a little training bra on my brother and was sucking his cock. Naturally, I pulled out my phone and videotaped it for blackmail purposes later.spoiled brat princess phone sex

Spoiled Brat Princess Phone Sex

You see, Daddy is one of those high profile straight fuck officials that can’t afford for the truth to come out! When he came in my room, as usual, I made sure the computer was on so he could see it!

I have to say watching him fidget and sweat was hot! He tried to downplay what I saw but it was too late. It was all caught on film! He tried to convince me to delete the images but holding it over his head is better!

Now back to why I am daddy’s little helper!
Oh, that’s because anytime I pout he has to open his fat wallet and give me what I want! Just like you will realize that spoiled brat princesses get what they want! Don’t you ever forget it!

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Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex

by sookie on September 8, 2017

Daddy’s girl phone sex with callers always make me so wet and horny I just had to share!Daddy I know you have been really busy but I want to tell you that I need to talk to you. It was early morning and I woke up to masturbate. I came downstairs and you were standing there in your boxer shorts.Daddy's Girl Phone Sex

You love the way I look in these pretty pink pair of panties. I came up to you and put my lips against yours. Your tongue enters my mouth and teases me!

I could feel your hands running down my back up my short skirt. Touching me and putting your fingertips at the curve of my ass! I felt your touch the fabric of my panties and I felt your fingertips slip into my asshole Daddy.

Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex

I felt my asshole opening and I could feel your other hand touching the front of my panties. Your fingers slid in touching my pussy. I gasped as I felt your fingers touching my asshole. I held onto you as you pushed further into my asshole.

Your other hand pushed into my pussy slit and took my panties down. Oh, Daddy, I gasped as you pushed the panties into my asshole. You worked your fingers in my pussy as I came to my juices oozing from my asshole.

You watched me, Daddy, as I pulled the wet panties down. I knelt down in front of you and licked the pre-cum and then opened my lips to receive your cock. I was sucking your cock Daddy.Being your incest slut is makes me so happy!

Daddy's Girl Phone Sex

Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex

You pulled me away and pushed me on the table. Standing behind me I realized what you were gonna do. You were going to fuck me in the ass! I pulled my tiny ass open like a flower and your cock pushed inside! I felt your cock deep inside my ass. Your cum is shooting so deep in my asshole!

I woke up from the dream with my fingers in my asshole Daddy. I want your cock in my ass, pussy and mouth Daddy! Make it come true Daddy for your Lil Princess!

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Daddy’s Little Cum Shot Phone Sex Whore

by sookie on September 2, 2017

I live for cum shot phone sex !

My  Daddy spanked my ass because he caught me sucking some stranger’s cock. Daddy gets so jealous and doesn’t like to share me. He just doesn’t understand that I am a cum fucking whore! When daddy isn’t available I get other Daddies from the neighborhood to come over.cum shot phone sex

I just have a real sweet tooth for cum. Between brushing my teeth in the morning before school, breakfast, and doing house chores I have a dick stuck in my mouth. It could be single or multiple but, I need cum! Daddy can threaten me with ass spanking and my pussy will start to fart.

Cum Shot Phone Sex

It’s because I know I will get some cum! When Daddy is away I go in my little brother’s room and play with his cock! I suck and suck until I get a mouth full of cum!

I just can’t help myself I have to have cum!
The local daddies love giving me cum shots! Those boners know how to aim for the right holes every time! I give them as much sexercise as I possibly can too! I just have to fuck them like a raving savage to get those spunk loads.

If it means getting punished for being a cum whore I don’t care! Daddy will just have to learn to live with it!
You see, I am already in trouble. Your cock is throbbing, my pussy is in the right position and it’s fully loaded and ready to go!

You could cum over while daddy is gone and give me those cum shots I was telling you about! Please don’t make me beg for those floaters! Ok fine, Please, Please can I have your cum? Let me taste that hot seed that I want! As an added bonus I will do whatever you tell me! After all, I am just a little cum rag doll, right?cum shot phone sex

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Wash Me! I’m Dirty…

by karis on August 31, 2017

wash me phone sex

 Wash me, Daddy! It’s bath time and I am feeling so dirty. I would rather you help clean me up than do it by myself. Being on my own is never any fun! You don’t even have to get the bubble bath started. I can do that myself. Hehehe, I just really enjoy it when you help me undress. Well, not only undressing, but cleaning me off too of course. It’s been so hot and I’ve been playing outside in the dirt lately. So you can tell that your baby girl needs a good scrubbing.

It looks like the bath is ready. My clothes are finally off and now I’m ready to step into the warm tub. Can we play the tickling game again? I just love it when you tickle me in all my sweet spots. Every time I try to keep a straight face but you always end up making me giggle and blush! Even if I lose during the tickling game I still have so much fun with you, Daddy. You make me feel so good in my sweetest spot of all!

Touch me there again. It feels so good the way you use your hands on my tight little body. I can even tell you get really excited when it’s bath time. You always have a poker in your pants! Hehe, I don’t mind it at all. Maybe after you wash me off we can go play in your bedroom? Pretty please with a cherry on top!

AIM: kutelilkaris

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Black cock phone sex I love dark meat

by andrea on August 31, 2017

I love getting kinky with my Black cock phone sex request. When I pick up that phone and hear that big husky voice, I know I am going to be black cock phone sex fucked. Just thinking about that black thick juicy dick plowing in and out of my tiny little holes makes my cunt so wet. I am such a whore, and you know once I have one I am going to want more. You know the old saying once you go black you never go back? These pathetic white guys out here can’t even compare. Those black men know how to fuck and keep me on edge until they are hard again.

All the women in my family are a bunch of kinky sluts. Mommy always loved her some black cock phone sex. Every time Daddy stepped away she was inviting those fucks over. When I was old enough, I was fucking them too. Once I got out on my own, I did try a few white guys. They were horrible!! They couldn’t even hold a candle to what I am accustomed to. When I was younger, the to take my cherry was a huge black man that 8-inch cock shook my world. Sure, it hurt for a little bit but after that, all I did was crave more. I have to say it wasn’t long till I learned that my body was a steamy hot commodity. Really I mean those dark meat fuckers would wait in line and pay a handsome price just to get some of me.

black cock phone sexblack cock phone sex

I like cocks a little bit on the bigger side. Those 6-inch fuckers do nothing for me! I like cocks with a little bit of backbone. Maybe this weekend I’ll get lucky and get a huge black cock. Then after the party is done, he will pass me around to all his friends. My holes will get fucked and hopefully more than once and get double penetrated. Nothing feels better than having all that creamy jizz dripping right out of me. If my mommy could see me now, she would be so proud of what her little slut has grown into.

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Nasty Phone Sex Drunk Pissy Skank

by Kara on August 30, 2017

Nasty  phone sex is…nasty phone sex my specialty !

My girls and I are out tonight for” buffets of cocks” at the local clubs,

I for one love to get a good fuck in while I am club hopping.

Nothing like the tangy drip of cum to make the night super special!
I am just looking for the right mother fucker to suck on my dangling piss flaps.

That’s another fetish  of mine to have piss running down my mouth and ass!

I know there is a guy out there who wants to fuck a drunk nasty phone sex  skank  like me.

My fantasy is to have some fucker using me as his drunk piss buddy slut!

Every time I take a drink I want to taste that golden juice that  flies out of my pussy while he licks it up!

Nasty Phone Sex

My holes are always open for sweet dipping pee drops!
I have my share of naughty relationships but there is nothing like a random guy pissing all over me!

Tonight I sneak into the men’s bathroom with a plan! The first one in the stall will get a surprise.
Creeping in after him, I plan on getting those drips all over me.

Don’t get me wrong it will be just a taste of what I want! I still have plenty of intentions of fucking you!

I say the more the merrier for a fucking piss party to end all parties!

My hot squirting pussy will be the main attraction! I don’t need a bowl or glass for that jizz!

Just use my mouth and fill it to the brim with those seeds!

I can feel the trickle of piss running down my thighs right now! ,,,

It’s time for a filthy good time!

Get your mouth ready and your cock full! I am ready to take it all!nasty phone sex


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Slutty Milf Phone Sex

by Vikki on August 29, 2017

slutty milf phone sex

Vikki 1-888.385.1983

How about some Slutty Milf Phone Sex. Mommy Vikki is right here and ready to satisfy your cock. I am a dirty Milf slut that loves sucking and fucking. And no amount of cock is ever enough to satisfy me. I am constantly looking for my next cock to suck and fuck. No regards to age, size, or race. Nothing matters. Slutty Mommy Vikki is a fucking machine.

I am sure you have known or at least heard of women like me. Nothing keeps me from getting my holes filled up when I am horny. No man ever walks away from me unsatisfied. I am a sexy playmate. Let me prove to you just how slutty and kinky I can be.

Slutty Milf Phone Sex

Wanna have some group fun. Orgies, gang bangs, bukkake sessions are my favorites. Wanna play with another slut. We can do that too. Mommy Vikki loves her some pussy every once in awhile. Are you man enough for two hot sluts baby? We do have a special running for that.

Hot Milf Phone Sex

If you are the kind of guy that loves giving a girl your big load of cum you are my kind of guy. Choke me with your cock, shoot your load all over me. Fuck my ass and pussy again and again. Use me again and again until we are both spent. That’s my kind of Fun.

Slutty Milf Phone Sex with Mommy Vikki. Anything goes. I love cock.

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