Friday, December 1, 2017

Barely Legal Phone Sex Foreplay

by sookie on December 1, 2017

The tangy juice between my legs spiraled out of control during chemistry class. The teacher was talking about some random periodic table and all I could do was think about was my brother’s pussy choker.

He really got my panties creamy last night with all his questions. Before then I never looked at the little brat as anything but a major nuisance.

Last night we were playing a friendly cyber virtual game when he started asking questions about his body. Naturally, as any good big sis would, I sneaked a peek at his cock in the shower from time to time.
I would tell him something stupid like I needed to check to make sure he was getting all of his veggies.

Over time he was sprouting up and his pussy choker was getting fuller every day. While we were watching one of his favorite superhero cartoons he asked me what a decent cock size was.
I could have said something clever but instead, I said he was the best!

Looking at me surprisingly he went on asking me questions. The last question really floored me. He asked me would I suck his big fat head to make sure it was suitable for use!

Barely Legal Phone Sex

Then the fucker pulls it out and it looks about the size of my fist! Mom and Daddy were coming in so we didn’t get the chance to finish. But all through class all I could think about was sliding his yogurt stick inside of my honey box!

I went through the rest of the day to no avail and finally made it home. Going up the stairs I heard all this loud moaning from my brother’s room! I peered inside and wasn’t surprised to see my little brother under the covers with the phone to his ear.

Seems like he dialed (877) 770-0717 for barely legal phone sex! I stood back while his round plump cock head hit his fist in unison. He was making my pussy so wet I had to get some relief!
I accidentally bumped into the door and startled him! His big fat cock throbbed and called to me!

I couldn’t deny myself a really good ride brother or no brother! Could you?

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