October 2017

kinky family I love our kinky family time!
My Mommy encourages me and my sisters to be fucked and filled all the time! There is only one way for hot bodies to have the best yogurt shot and that is from Daddy.

We are Daddy’s fertile factory sluts!

I can’t tell you how much I love dripping with daddy’s spawn maker seeds. The more he creams my little asshole the more I want!  I love showing him my little perky nipples and pink dick choke holder!

Just this morning I climbed into the shower and let him gawk over my barely legal body! It’s amazing what a little flowing water does to tits and pussy flaps! I can easily slip my hands around Daddy’s yogurt handle! I pump and squeeze until it gets just right!

I like to push him deep into my liquid keeper! I never wait for my sisters to get a taste of Daddy! I just have to have my dick teaser on him right away! I always tell him to scrub and then fuck but he never waits!

Breeding Slutty Teen

I tell him I am going to make him cum so hard that he will thank me! It’s a good thing I like to share!

I hear the door open and my sister’s come into the shower stall with us!
Daddy has his cock in between my ass cheeks! He is Rubbing frantically to get one off! My sisters bend down to their knees and put his milker in their mouths. They slurp, plump and pull that meat until it’s throbbing to cum!

I don’t want them to get all of the pleasure so I turn around and take his nut sack into my mouth! It feels good getting that milker so hard!

Daddy isn’t selfish! He pushes it harder in my mouth and gives my sisters as much of his beef stick as she can take!kinky family

I brush up against her hot oven and feel daddy spill his man gravy all over my sister’s pussy! Their bellies start to move with Daddy’s floater seeds growing inside of their bellies!
I can’t wait until it’s me! Contributing to the fertile factory and daddy’s litter will make me so happy!

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Daddy’s Girl Teen Fuck Slut

by sookie on October 11, 2017

All throughout the day, all I could think about was Daddy and his cock. During English, my teacher talked about dangling participles. All I thought about was daddy’s Dick! Then in Geometry instead of right angles or obtuse angles, all I could see were the different angles I wanted Daddy to fuck me in.daddy's girl teen fuck slut

Walking around all day with a dripping liquid box was getting to me! When I got home from school all I could think about is laying in Daddy’s bed and masturbating. I opened the door to find daddy on the bed!

Daddy’s Girl

My oven was getting so hot looking at Daddy. I could barely get my hand around his cock! My surprised look made daddy ask if I was uncomfortable! How could I NOT be? The massive size surely couldn’t fit in my tight pucker hole.

His hot love dipper was bulging! I couldn’t see how I was designed to take all of that in my tiny little hole!
I was excited about sucking on Daddy Dick! His bulging head pointed at my lips so I licked at his yogurt teaser! My lips barely got around it!

Taking it like an experienced Daddy’s girl teen fuck slut feels so good! I brushed my tongue across it a few more times before he took it away.
He pushed it near my oven and pressed harder. I barely had it in me when my wet slicker started making noises I didn’t recognize.daddy's girl teen fuck slut

I wasn’t just obsessing over fucking Daddy I was actually doing it! It felt so much better than any fantasy!

Putting pressure on daddy’s liquid pussy pleaser makes me horny!

Daddy gave me a great introduction to cock!

I am done with being a virgin! I am glad I saved myself for my Daddy’s big meater!


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Daddy Girl Phone Sex Lil’ Diaper Princess

by sookie on October 1, 2017

I have been a good little slut! What will you do with me now Daddy? Every day I come home from school and put on my cozy little diaper for you. If I am a good slut will you fuck me?daddy girl phone sex

I know you like for me to fill up my diapey with green grime floats. I am your diaper princess. You told me today was the day you would fuck me long and slow and break me in.

You and I play so rough when Mommy is not home. I put the pacifier in between my legs and think about your hard stiffer opening my liquid box. My barely legal ass just needs to be changed.

I let my piss flappers release every night so that you come in and change me.

Daddy is going to be so pleased with his little princess! “Have you been a good girl?” You ask me!

Daddy Girl Phone Sex

I point at my diapey and start to cry. He picks me up out of the crib and carries me over to the changing table. He tells me to open wide for the little choo-choo.daddy girl phone sex

I do what I am told and open my lips and clamp them down on his cock. I put it in my mouth and tease it a little.

After he picks up a bowl of grease slime corn and feeds it to me he lays me over his lap.

With my tummy full I lay back on the table and fart. “Are you going to fill your diaper for Daddy?” he asks. I am so horny and I want daddy to fuck me now! I have been such a good little slut!

He pulls off my diapey and lets out a golden stream into his mouth. His pussy eater is so hard!

He winds his tongue around my erect nipples like they are ice cream cones. My belly starts to rumble and brown mustard dip comes out. Daddy pushes his cock into my little turd shooter and releases his cum gunk!
I just love being Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex Lil’ Diaper Princess!

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