August 2017

Wash Me! I’m Dirty…

by karis on August 31, 2017

wash me phone sex

 Wash me, Daddy! It’s bath time and I am feeling so dirty. I would rather you help clean me up than do it by myself. Being on my own is never any fun! You don’t even have to get the bubble bath started. I can do that myself. Hehehe, I just really enjoy it when you help me undress. Well, not only undressing, but cleaning me off too of course. It’s been so hot and I’ve been playing outside in the dirt lately. So you can tell that your baby girl needs a good scrubbing.

It looks like the bath is ready. My clothes are finally off and now I’m ready to step into the warm tub. Can we play the tickling game again? I just love it when you tickle me in all my sweet spots. Every time I try to keep a straight face but you always end up making me giggle and blush! Even if I lose during the tickling game I still have so much fun with you, Daddy. You make me feel so good in my sweetest spot of all!

Touch me there again. It feels so good the way you use your hands on my tight little body. I can even tell you get really excited when it’s bath time. You always have a poker in your pants! Hehe, I don’t mind it at all. Maybe after you wash me off we can go play in your bedroom? Pretty please with a cherry on top!

AIM: kutelilkaris

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Black cock phone sex I love dark meat

by andrea on August 31, 2017

I love getting kinky with my Black cock phone sex request. When I pick up that phone and hear that big husky voice, I know I am going to be black cock phone sex fucked. Just thinking about that black thick juicy dick plowing in and out of my tiny little holes makes my cunt so wet. I am such a whore, and you know once I have one I am going to want more. You know the old saying once you go black you never go back? These pathetic white guys out here can’t even compare. Those black men know how to fuck and keep me on edge until they are hard again.

All the women in my family are a bunch of kinky sluts. Mommy always loved her some black cock phone sex. Every time Daddy stepped away she was inviting those fucks over. When I was old enough, I was fucking them too. Once I got out on my own, I did try a few white guys. They were horrible!! They couldn’t even hold a candle to what I am accustomed to. When I was younger, the to take my cherry was a huge black man that 8-inch cock shook my world. Sure, it hurt for a little bit but after that, all I did was crave more. I have to say it wasn’t long till I learned that my body was a steamy hot commodity. Really I mean those dark meat fuckers would wait in line and pay a handsome price just to get some of me.

black cock phone sexblack cock phone sex

I like cocks a little bit on the bigger side. Those 6-inch fuckers do nothing for me! I like cocks with a little bit of backbone. Maybe this weekend I’ll get lucky and get a huge black cock. Then after the party is done, he will pass me around to all his friends. My holes will get fucked and hopefully more than once and get double penetrated. Nothing feels better than having all that creamy jizz dripping right out of me. If my mommy could see me now, she would be so proud of what her little slut has grown into.

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Nasty Phone Sex Drunk Pissy Skank

by Kara on August 30, 2017

Nasty  phone sex is…nasty phone sex my specialty !

My girls and I are out tonight for” buffets of cocks” at the local clubs,

I for one love to get a good fuck in while I am club hopping.

Nothing like the tangy drip of cum to make the night super special!
I am just looking for the right mother fucker to suck on my dangling piss flaps.

That’s another fetish  of mine to have piss running down my mouth and ass!

I know there is a guy out there who wants to fuck a drunk nasty phone sex  skank  like me.

My fantasy is to have some fucker using me as his drunk piss buddy slut!

Every time I take a drink I want to taste that golden juice that  flies out of my pussy while he licks it up!

Nasty Phone Sex

My holes are always open for sweet dipping pee drops!
I have my share of naughty relationships but there is nothing like a random guy pissing all over me!

Tonight I sneak into the men’s bathroom with a plan! The first one in the stall will get a surprise.
Creeping in after him, I plan on getting those drips all over me.

Don’t get me wrong it will be just a taste of what I want! I still have plenty of intentions of fucking you!

I say the more the merrier for a fucking piss party to end all parties!

My hot squirting pussy will be the main attraction! I don’t need a bowl or glass for that jizz!

Just use my mouth and fill it to the brim with those seeds!

I can feel the trickle of piss running down my thighs right now! ,,,

It’s time for a filthy good time!

Get your mouth ready and your cock full! I am ready to take it all!nasty phone sex


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Slutty Milf Phone Sex

by Vikki on August 29, 2017

slutty milf phone sex

Vikki 1-888.385.1983

How about some Slutty Milf Phone Sex. Mommy Vikki is right here and ready to satisfy your cock. I am a dirty Milf slut that loves sucking and fucking. And no amount of cock is ever enough to satisfy me. I am constantly looking for my next cock to suck and fuck. No regards to age, size, or race. Nothing matters. Slutty Mommy Vikki is a fucking machine.

I am sure you have known or at least heard of women like me. Nothing keeps me from getting my holes filled up when I am horny. No man ever walks away from me unsatisfied. I am a sexy playmate. Let me prove to you just how slutty and kinky I can be.

Slutty Milf Phone Sex

Wanna have some group fun. Orgies, gang bangs, bukkake sessions are my favorites. Wanna play with another slut. We can do that too. Mommy Vikki loves her some pussy every once in awhile. Are you man enough for two hot sluts baby? We do have a special running for that.

Hot Milf Phone Sex

If you are the kind of guy that loves giving a girl your big load of cum you are my kind of guy. Choke me with your cock, shoot your load all over me. Fuck my ass and pussy again and again. Use me again and again until we are both spent. That’s my kind of Fun.

Slutty Milf Phone Sex with Mommy Vikki. Anything goes. I love cock.

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Young Phone Sex Whore Nature Calls

by sookie on August 27, 2017

Today I went on a nature hike with Daddy. He took me down this really long path into the woods.
He said it was a good place to teach me about young phone sex. I knew I was ready to learn everything about being his little slut. We practiced for weeks on the Barbie Dolls at home. He would take the head and put it near my pussy. Sliding it between my pussy slits hurt but Daddy was very gentle.young phone sex whore

Daddy told me all about what to expect. Rubbing his cock in the laundry room at home made him happy.
He said my body was mature enough now to take his meat stick! I slid down my panties and spread my legs apart. I could hardly contain myself when Daddy pulled out his cock! The veined muscle looked so big and huge.

Young Whore Phone Sex

Daddy put a little bit of spit on it and let it rest by my pussy. I slid it in my hand and worked the tip of his knob with my fingers. It felt so good opening myself for Daddy.

I pushed myself onto his cock and he began to move inside me. My body was so warm and hot from his touch. I managed to wrap my legs around him and let him push in deeper.

Just when I thought Daddy couldn’t take the pressure anymore he stopped. I wasn’t prepared for this part. He turned around and let me play with his asshole. I kissed and licked it just like he liked it. The little air that came out didn’t stop me from licking deeper.young phone sex whore

Then Daddy turned me around and pushed his cock into my ass. As his sperm gunk went into my hole I thought about how good it is to Daddy’s young phone sex whore! I know it will be even better with you!

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Party Girl Phone Sex Whore

by Kara on August 27, 2017

I am super psyched about the classes I have this semester. Of course, I don’t go to any of them. I get some nerd to do all of my homework and make them think they are going to get a fuck!
In the mean time, I have time to concentrate on my real talent of being a party girl phone sex whore!

To tell you the truth it’s the main reason I went to college. They put me in charge of the entertainment. .  Uncle James and my brother came by to fuck!

I can’t wait to slip their cocks out of their pants and be the nasty little slut whore.
Gagging all over their cocks makes me hornier. It just seems that I can’t get enough of their juicy cocks in my throat.

Party Girl Phone Sex

I position myself under them to get a really good taste. As I feel the pressure of one of the bottles goes up my ass I hear the hoots of my family. Nothing like family support to get my party girl phone sex spirit going. I shove that bottle into my tight hole and slab my ass cum juice all over the opening of the bottle! My uncle’s hard stiff dick bounces across my face.

Turning around I slip the bottle out of my ass and push my uncle’s cock inside of me. His dick head pounds in and out of me as my brother watches. I can’t focus on anything but the rammed cock stuffed in my tiny hole. Who cares about getting good grades? ! I think it’s smarter having my ass and pussy full of cum! My family sure seems to think so. I am sure you will too!party girl phone sex


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cocksucking phone sex

by andrea on August 25, 2017

cocksucking  phone sex Now, who wants to get their cock shoved down my tight throat for cocksucking phone sex? Come on it’s been a long of a week, brats going back to school and that wife being such a drag and you owe it to yourself to get some pleasure for the weekend. Sure, your girlfriend will suck the head, but she has nothing on me. I like to grab that cock right by the base and put it right in my mouth. Of course, I’ll gag a bit, but that’s just part of this kinky ass fun. Your hand can run through my hair and shove it hard on your cock feel my throat just caress that cock.

I’m not like the other sluts around. I don’t stop till you cum forget about fucking my sweet pussy this bitch wants to do some hardcore cocksucking. Tie my hands right behind my back and watch me go right down all the way on that cock. You can even play with my tits twisting those nipples making me want to scream only to have that cock shoved down further. Reading my profile you know I am a freak so let’s cut the bull and get damn right kinky with some cocksucking phone sex.

I can promise you that you haven’t had anything like me before. The harder you fuck my mouth, the more I love it. Do you think you can fuck it raw? Maybe we can work on that we can do it every day if you like. Forget how innocent I look all you need to worry about is how much my mouth can take. Nothing is going to be better than draining your balls right into my lips spread them open wide. This deep throat phone sex is going to keep you coming back for more. How much would you spend to have your cock sucked and gagged on?

Call me tonight I’m on till 11 est.

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Kinky Incest Phone Sex

by kendra on August 22, 2017

I’ve kept it in the family for as long as I can remember. That’s why incest phone sex is my favorite fantasy. I am just what you are looking for.You know the kinda girl, the one that men dream about. A tiny body, tight young ass, and sweet little voice. I naturally sound like a little girl, but can sound even younger by if you’d like. Also, I have a beautiful little princess you can play with. She’s a lot like her mommy, sometimes even more willing. I can’t wait to find out just what I can talk you into.

More than anything I am ready to talk about things just too taboo for here. That’s exactly why you should give me a call. I am willing to get just as dirty as you want. Doing anything and everything to make that dick of yours erupt. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a Daddy to play with. I have sexual desires that sometimes scare men away in real life. I am so thankful I am able to share my deepest secrets and cum over and over.

I am sure you have some secrets of your very own. Certain things that only I would understand. I’m told often that I am open minded and a good listener. I get off getting to know the things that make you throb. Another thing you should know about me. I love to be controlled by a man. But, I also enjoy to switch it up and be in control, this makes me the perfect accomplice. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. Take advantage of my call special and get to know me. 5 minutes free with a 20 minute call.- Kinky Kendra


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gagging phone sex I like it deep throat

by andrea on August 17, 2017

What guys love most about blow jobs is the gagging phone sex. They love the sound of you choking and gagging on that cock just like what I do. I have a small mouth, so everything is big for me I have trouble taking those cocks deep. Though you know what they say practice makes perfect. I love it when a man is so aggressive toward me holding my head down making me take it so deeply.

gagging phone sex gagging phone sex

What kind of things would you do to make me gag on your cock? I’m entirely open to all kinds of kinky things. So, we don’t have to stop at just one. You could get into choking and slapping me around forcing that cock all the way down my throat. There isn’t really anything you can do to shock me I’ve kinda been through it all. Surprise gang bangs, orgies you name it I’ve done it. One guy even put me into a rape fantasy and to be honest; I loved it. One guy had me right into a bukkake session he invited all his friends over for a session and had me right in the middle sucking and gagging phone sex on cocks.gagging phone sex

Do you think it’s because I am cute that men love to abuse me?? I think so I mean why else would you like a sexy slut like me around you all the time. We can even do nasty stuff like tea bagging me with those sexy balls, pissing right down my throat. Then spraying that heavy load of cum all over my sexy tits. I love the way I look glistening with all that cum streaming down my body. Nothing makes me love sucking more. I can’t keep stopping giving blow jobs so if you into something kinky and want it all then give me a call I promise to make you cum so hard.

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Cum Slut Phone Sex

by Vikki on August 16, 2017

cum slut phone sex

Vikki 1.888.385.1983

My name is Vikki and I am a cum slut phone sex whore. I am addicted to cum. How about some Cum Slut Phone Sex. I am the girl that will treat your cock right I promise. No one enjoys sucking cock like I do. And No I don’t discriminate at all. Any cock, any age, any size. If you have a load for me I will take it.

Yes, I started sucking cock at a young age. I would do it to get things I wanted. It really started when I was forced to suck my Uncle’s cock. He used to stay with us while my mom worked. He would be there at night and he would get drunk and he would be scratching his balls saying he had a nice present for me.

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

One night he pulled it out and asked if I wanted to make some money. Money hell yeah what do I have to do? I was pretty young and money impressed me. He said suck on it like a big lolly pop until it squirts. First I thought gross. then he pulled out $100 and I said oh yeah. The cocksucker in me was born.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

I sucked his cock many times after that but only if he paid me. After the first time, he wouldn’t have had to pay me. Yes, I was loving it after the first time. Just making that cock grow and then when it squirted in my mouth. At first, it scared me but then I thought wow I did that. Cock sucking became my hobby. And to this day I can’t get enough cum.

I love bukkake parties where the cum flows steadily. Let me worship your cock until you blow that creamy load. Yes, I am a cock sucking goddess. Won’t you let Slut Vikki show you how much I want to make your cock cum? Call me for some Cum slut phone sex and a cock sucking good time. My pussy will cream for you if you let me make you cum.

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