July 2017

Cheap Fucking Phone Sex Twitter Feed

by Kara on July 29, 2017

Have you heard the news about cheap fucking phone sex?It’s all the rave on twitter how these specials are making dicks cum. There is nothing like having a cheap fucking phone sex whore catering to your every need.  I am here for your desire.  The erotic hard on’s you will get with me make the cock explode! I am proud of my natural talents.

I was born with a mouth for good reason. It’s the better to taste and pleasure the cock. My holes were designed to pleasure you! I Let a teen whore teach you about cumming!  You can just plop down and I will fuck you senseless. The rave is that a cheap phone sex whore like me loves giving her special treatment to customers.

Cheap Fucking Phone Sex


I start down low with the balls and work my way up. As I am capturing those seed snatchers, I am playing with my love box and squirting too. There is nothing like mutual satisfaction with a cheap phone sex whore. Since we are on the subject of specials and nasty dirty chat let’s not forget the skype pleasure we could have together! If you are a shy one we can always settle down for cheap fuck phone sex whore date on the chat web.

Why not get in on the nasty fucking while the special last? You are looking at me and I know you want to have some fun! Come on, what are you waiting for? We are both in need of some sexual gratification and there are so many kinky slut moves I could work on you! Why keep looking at a teen slut that you wish you could fuck and turn it into a person you fuck like a cheap fucking phone sex whore? Don’t deny your desire and fantasies tonight!

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Dirty little whore

by andrea on July 28, 2017

I think I have everyone fooled into thinking that I am some sweet innocent brat. What they don’t know is that I am one dirty little whore . My favorite thing to do is cocksucking I love walking up to men and grabbing their crotch telling them that I want it. Doesn’t take long for them to get the message and lately I’ve been known as a car slut. I’ve done so many cocks right in the mall parking long sometimes I think they are coming just to see me.

Dirty old men are the best they love to play around with my tight young body. Sometimes they even cum before I even began. Those are the best they give me my money and pat me on the head if they only knew I really was a dirty little whore phone sex. Others they say my sucking isn’t enough, so they push me back and take my holes one right after another fucking me so hard. There are times I try to scream, but they just cover my mouth. If a whore is going to suck cock, she should be able to handle all the rest.

My parents think I have this excellent house-sitting job. If they only knew I use it to get laid. Everyone shows up there. The rumor on the street is if you want to get laid then this is the place to be. Can you imagine me laying back and cum dripping from every little hole that I have? Maybe you’re a lucky little freak and would get right down and lick all that right up. Don’t be shy we all have our little fetishes. I won’t tell, but it would be hot to have a nasty little cleanup pig just like yourself.

So, give me a call and lets it go from there. Take a little sneak peek at my holes and see if you like what you see.

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Sensual Phone Sex With Betty

by betty on July 28, 2017

Sensual Phone Sex can be exhilarating, don’t you think?  I need romance and seduction.  He loves to watch me prepare for our evening out.  I find it so erotic to sit in the tub cast in candle light.  The fragrant bubbles tickling my body as they burst against my skin.  The scent of lavender wafting through the room.  I watch his eyes as my fingers glide over my glistening skin.  He has anticipated this sensual phone sex hour all day.  I bring the loofah over my breasts watching as my nipples pucker in response.  My fingers follow the trail of the loofah, gently teasing my flesh. I circle my nipples, grazing lightly over my sensitive skin.  My nipples are just two twin peaks poking through the bubbles.

Sensual Phone Sex

The feeling of his eyes watching me touch my skin is causing lightening to course through my body.  His intentions are clear, he will own my body before the end of this evening.  He will have me on my knees begging for release.  His eyes cause my tummy to flutter.  He is ever watching as he makes me his toy.

He pulls me from the tub drying my body with a Egyptian cotton towel.  His fingers touching my warm moist flesh.  I feel him begin to massage lotion in to my skin.  Just feeling his hands on my body is intoxicating.  He will dress me this evening…. Then he will send me out into a room full of people for Sensual Phone Sex.  They will use my body, I will use their bodies. 

If you have a vivid fantasy life, give Beautiful Betty a call.  We can go places you never imagined.  Just give me a call for some Sensual Phone Sex.  I accept all major credit cards.  Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, Amex, and all prepaid gift cards.  Just give me a call!

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BBC Phone Sex Whore Birthday Surprise

by sookie on July 28, 2017

Don’t you love a bbc phone sex whore? It’s my 18th birthday and I am preparing for  a surprise from Daddy. He is pretty sure that my lousy boyfriend hasn’t been fucking me right. He says he can tell just how “vanilla” I am! Daddy showed me the spy cam footage of my latest fuck and pointed out all the things I am doing wrong.

He   is quite certain that I need some practice with a real man! He invited over one of his black friends to teach me the ropes. Mark has a 15-inch thump stick. Daddy tied me to a chair and said the first act was to let me suck his cock. I protested at first but Daddy probed my mouth open.

BBC Phone Sex Whore

I was getting really into it when Mark stopped all of a sudden. He untied me from the chair and stripped me out of my clothes. He told me he was really into edge play . Looking at his dick I wanted to continue but he wouldn’t let me.

Smacking his big dick against my face and not letting me suck it made me hotter! Daddy just stood back looking at his teen slut get hornier. By the time he stopped I was sure I was ready to squirt all over his cock. He smeared birthday cake all over my tits and teased my nipples until I thought I would explode!

Sticking his cock back in my mouth I could taste the salty pre cum. I did a little edge play phone sex ritual of my own. Smirking at him, I swallowed and tasted his big beefy package and turned it a loose.
Daddy pulled me on top of Mark’s cock and made me ride him. I tried to tease a little more but my body was humming for man meat!
It was the best 18th birthday surprise this slut ever had!

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Tight Little Body

by karis on July 26, 2017

That tight little body you fantasize about all the time is what I’ve been blessed with! I catch boys and grown men both looking at my sweet body often. I mean, it’s rather sexy, don’t you agree? Hehe. I love being able to use my young body to get whatever I want. Gifts, money, and even men. I really enjoy being a little tease but I also love being naughty in the sheets too. If I have the advantage of using my hot figure and sweet voice to coax men then why not? It sure makes for a great hobby!

Guys keep coming back for more because they know I’m so much fun. I’m a great entertainer as I’ve been told. It’s true. I sure love to entertain the boys at school, haha. Getting caught doing naughty things under the bleachers or in the library. It’s happened but I always find a way to get myself out of trouble. My sweet smile and voice make the male teachers blush! I have that sort of power with men as you know already.

If you had your chance then what would you do with me? If you could sneak away from your wife or girlfriend. Or sneak away from teaching class to meet me in the janitor’s closet… would you do it? I triple dog dare you!

888-290-3289 call me and let’s play. Your bad girl Karis is waiting.

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