June 2017

Daddy’s girl phone sex My pussy is mmm

by Jessie on June 7, 2017

I can’t seem to get enough when daddy’s call me. It’s like reliving my younger years when I was daddy’s girl phone sex. I know exactly what they like from the kinkiest to the naughtiest I do it all. My sweet innocent little voice just makes those cocks so hard it’s just a matter of time before they explode. Just like always they make me get down to my knees and lick their cocks all clean. Daddies are some of the kinkiest ones around they seem to love the really naughty taboo things. It takes a slut to me to bring it all out.

When I do get these calls of daddy’s girl phone sex, I love doing what I do best. I take out my dildo and play right along with them. I need to cum too don’t you think? Now while you hear go on take a look at my pictures don’t they just make your cock really hard? I just bet when you are a fucking mommy all you can think about is fucking this teen slut. Hehe! I have a way of leaving a memorable impression on horny daddies. Well, why not slip out of the bedroom and call a slut that can turn you on me! I’ll be in my warm princess’s bed waiting for you. I might even slide a finger or two in me just to keep me wet. Don’t you want to taste?

This can be our little secret no one ever has to know. I’d love to feel that throbbing monster getting ready to enter my sweet little cunny. We could even entwine my hands while you pump that cock in and out of your little princess. Go on daddy make me cum isn’t that the whole point of daddy’s girl phone sex? Maybe you want to be greedy and cum before I do? No matter what you want, I am sure to satisfy your every need.

Well, it’s summer break. I am so horny I am going to bed early hoping you will join me soon.

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Extreme Age Play Mommy Krystal

by Krystal on June 7, 2017

I need some extra cash so where are all you horny fuckers?  Extreme Age Play Phone Sex will have your Pcock rocking!  You P-daddys are out there ready to play I know you are.  I have what you need and I know you have cash!  So today I’m giving you a deal!  25 minutes with Krack Whore Krystal for only $38!  You can’t beat that.  Come play with the little ones.  Bring cash Pcocks cuz this Mommy is ready to party!  I’m the nastiest Mommy on the block for sure.  I get off watching you ride my little angels!  I’ll watch you fuck them while they are fisting their Mommy’s pussy.  Their little arms reaching deep inside Mommy stroking all those special spots.  I know that get’s your Pcock ready to rock!  Bring your favorite dope, let’s get high and fuck! Just remember that I’m no limits, no taboo, nothing at all is off limits!  There isn’t anything this deviant Mommy won’t do for dope and cash.  Hot, sticky, wet little angels just waiting for you to diddle! 

Extreme Age Play Phone Sex

I’m ready to cum over and over today watching you use and abuse my brats!  So lets get dialing that phone this morning!  Remember I’m the ultimate P Mommy, a true 100% real deal.  Let’s play with my little ones.  So many games that we can try?  There isn’t an age that I’m not comfortable with….*wink* or that won’t get Mommy’s pussy wet! My Pcocks get on that phone! Exxxtreme Age Play Phone Sex with a true Nasty Mommy. 

Krack Ho Krystal is ready and waiting to play!  Bring everything mommy needs to get some Age Play Phone Sex with Mommy.  Call me at 866-429-4354.

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Ass to Mouth Phone Sex

by Alexxx on June 6, 2017

I am a kinky stripper slut. I love it nasty So let’s get into some Ass to Mouth Phone Sex  So I can show you just how nasty and slutty I am. First of all I am Stripper and there isn’t much I won’t do while dancing.

It’s my goal to get the man off when I do a personal lap dance. I am a rule breaker. And when I do a personal party anything can happen. I love sucking cock and fucking. And most men are very surprised what a dirty girl I am when I offer to suck their cocks after they have been in my dirty little ass. I am a true ass to mouth slut. I love all kinds of ass play.  

Ass to Mouth Phone Sex 

There is nothing like having a cock in my ass, one in my pussy and one in my mouth. And I will lick them all clean. I have always been a dirty ass whore as long as I can remember. I will lick a man’s ass too if he asks me too. Most men love the stimulation of a tongue rimming their ass. But the biggest turn on is still when they tell me to lick their cock after they have fucked my ass.

I keep myself nice and clean so I don’t mind sucking my juices off of a man. I just love to get men off while being a dirty little slut. Are you into Ass to Mouth Phone Sex? Or some anal play? I am just the dirty girl to give you what you are looking for. Call Alexxx and tell me you want to get down and dirty. 

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Submissive phone sex…

by Tabbi on June 6, 2017

My husband is such a submissive phone sex addict. He has a small little cock that doesn’t do a thing for me. So now he’s my little cuckie.  I have much more fun with a big black nigger cock and my husband loves to watch. I had one of my black lover’s Steve over the other night. We were on the couch getting it on when my husband got home from work. He came in the living room and he saw Steve was eating my pussy. My husband got smile on his face when he saw us. He sat down in the chair next to us to enjoy the show.

Steve stood up and took his thick 10inch cock out of his pants. I couldn’t wait till he was embedded in me balls deep. I sat up and pushed his pants to the floor and noticed my husband had his tiny little cock out too.Steve and I couldn’t help laughing at the comparison. His big black cock was impressive. I took it in both hands and started stroking it with my tongue. It’s so thick I could barely get the head of his cock in my mouth. While I was giving him head I could see my husband almost drooling.

He wanted a piece of it. I told my husband to get next to me on his knees. I sat back on the couch and told my little cuckie husband to suck his big dick. He did as he was told and had Steve’s cock in his mouth. He was giving Steve some serious head when he told him to go sit next to me on the couch. Steve spread my legs and started running his hard cock against my cunt. He told my husband that he wanted him to watch as he stretched his wife’s tight bare pussy. He started pushing in slowly at first. My pussy was so wet and ready to cum. It was so fucking big in my tight little cunt.He started thrusting his cock deep in me, faster and harder each time. He fucked me with a fierceness only a big black cock could. I came first squirting all over his huge dick. Then he came buckets, filling my cunt to overflow.He told my husband to get on his knees and clean his cock. Then he had him lick every drop of cum out of my pussy.

I heard my husband moan and knew his little cock shot off. I think my husband likes black cock as much as me. I’m turning him into quite the black cock whore. He’s such a submissive phone sex slut. I bet you’d like to be a black cock whore too!

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Slutty Mommy Phone Sex

by Vikki on June 5, 2017

Slutty Mommy Phone Sex cum and get it. This sex addicted Mother is ready for some wild and kinky fun. I love to be nasty and naughty and down and dirty.  No cock is off limits for this Mommy slut.  My son can vouch for that. Family fun has always been the way we roll.  I will always take care of his hard cock.

After my divorce I found out exactly what it was like to have cock anytime I wanted it. My son loves to invite his friends over and let his mama take care of them. No one sucks and fucks like mommy Vikki.

Slutty Mommy Phone Sex 

I love showing those young bucks what fun it is to fuck a Horny mommy slut. There is so much I love to do with them. Just a few things I love: double penetration, sucking and fucking, bukkake, gang bang fun, forced cock sucking, anal, golden showers, brown showers, the list is endless.

I am not picky when it comes to fucking. No cock is off limits to me.  And marital status certainly won’t stop me. If you aren’t being taken care of at home then cum on over baby. Mommy Vikki knows what you need.

Cock Sucking Phone Sex 

As a slutty Mommy that can’t absolutely have cock 24 /7 I do masturbate when not fucking. And one thing I truly love is watch you stroke your cock on cam for me will I play with my wet slutty Mommy pussy. I have tons of toys and love to play.  And I have a sweet special going on right now.  You have to mention it when you call.

What do you say baby wanna fuck like rabbits?  😆

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Extreme Age Play Phone Sex

by daisy on June 5, 2017

Extreme Age Play

I had a new caller today who loves the little ones as much as I do.  We talked for almost an hour about how soft and precious their tiny bodies are.  He had a great fantasy where he sat back and stroked his cock while I fondled her little body.  She was so petite.  I opened her tiny thighs, taking my time to give her butterfly kisses all the way up her legs.  He was sitting besides her on the sofa watching while stroking his heavy p-cock.

I absolutely love watching a man stroke his cock while I’m tongue diving in some tiny cunt.  My cunt was soaking wet when Mr. P-cock slid his finger inside my pussy.  With him leaning over I showed our little angel how to suck on his thick hard fuck stick.  Look at those sweet little lips wrapped around your p-cock!  We were having the time of our life licking, sucking, and nibbling on each other.  I worked her little cunt until she was ready to take his thick cock.

Watching a p-cock penetrate for the first time is fucking amazing.  The tip of him teasing her slit while he’s getting ready.  Him trying to breech her tight hole while I hold her down.  Then watching in fascination as it works back and forth pulling her tight pink skin.  This nasty P-Mommy is about to explode!  My hand on her tummy feeling you deep inside, brushing kisses over her belly as you smack her insides…omg.  Are you feeling like fucking some sweet tender meat?  Give Dirty Mommy Daisy a call today for some Extreme Age Play Phone Sex.  I’m running a hot special!  You can get 25 minutes for only $38.  I’m ready and waiting to take you down fantasy lane.


Dirty Mommy Daisy

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Nanny phone sex

by karis on June 5, 2017


Nanny phone sex is working out so well for me! Remember when I talked about being an au pair? Yeah I knew eventually I would be the daddy’s favorite girl in the house. 😉 He’s really taken a liking to me. It’s funny how his wife hasn’t caught on yet. But I will be their nanny for a while so we do have to keep things sorta hush hush! Still, I love being a little show off around him and his family. I wear cute outfits that make me look so sexy. I flaunt myself around him in my short skirts and knee highs. He smiles and licks his lips at me when his wife isn’t looking. I know he thinks about me when he’s fucking her. He told me so! Isn’t that so naughty? Not going to lie though, it turns me on knowing he wants me so badly.

One of these days it is going to be just me and him in the house. When the others are gone that’s when I’ll make my move on him. I bet he’s already hoping that day will come very soon. I’m hoping it will happen soon as well. My pussy is so tight and pink. He must be aching for a young American girl like me to show him a wonderful time. In the meantime while I wait for alone time with him, I tease him constantly. I love being such a tease, making him want me even more! He’s in for a treat. I’m a good nanny but I’m even better at being a playful girl with sex appeal. It’s just in my nature to be that way. It will be any day now that he finally gets his chance with me. His cock is ready and my pussy is melting. I’m going to be the young nanny he never forgets.

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