May 2017

Who will be next?

by liv on May 29, 2017

Come here you little bitch its time to get your fix. I sink my teeth into your flesh and rip you open with my nails. Who says that we can’t kill someone with my bare hands? My torture phone sex is nothing that you have ever imagined. I rip the flesh right off the bone with whatever is handy it could be my nails, a pen maybe even a knife. Once I start torturing you know that this is going to be the end. I love inflicting the most excruciating pain seeing the look of horror in my victim’s eyes just sends shivers down my spine.

Killing someone is definitely an acquired taste. Sometimes it’s not the actual act that turns me on. It’s the fact that I have torture phone sex so many victims and haven’t been caught. I have beaten bodies left for dead, and it’s been all over the news, but not a single trace has been routed back to me. I didn’t exactly make it easy to identify my birds of prey either. They were left on a sheet with fingers and toes sawed off, and teeth pulled. There is no way anyone would be able to identify who they are.

Torture phone sex is just a little hobby not really a full-time job though it could be. I take the most helpless victims ones that no one would ever miss and torture the hell out of them. Finding my perfect way to make them suffer the most. I start with peeling their flesh ripping that skin and meat right off the bone while they are alive.

There is nothing better than watching the blood ooze from each little sore I tear open. Just think you could be here watching and participating if you had only called. Now get on the ball and pick up that phone for some torture phone sex.

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Cheap Phone Sex

by Krystal on May 29, 2017

Call me for all your cheap phone sex needs my P-Daddy’s.  You can get $2 a minute.  That isn’t shit when you consider the topic is diddling little angels!    Here at Purrfect Phone Sex, we run specials every week!  This week is the Fucktober Fest Special.  You get 5 minutes free!  20 minutes for only $30 to have the ultimate Age Play Fantasy.

Cheap Phone Sex

I have a caller that wants to trade the little brats for rent every month.  Does that get you hot?  Thinking about a hot Mommy like me trading these flat little bodies for your jack off needs.  They are so fucking tiny, you can barely get that big old PCock in her little pussy.  Look how tight she fits around that shaft.  She’s squeezing you so hard….don’t cum yet, you’re not balls deep yet.  

This Mommy specializes in all things family related, Mommy related, or age play related!  There isn’t anything that is off limits!  I have no taboos, no limits, You name it and I’ll fucking do it….for cash!  I’m ready to get twisted with you and these brats!  Call Krack Ho Krystal for some Cheap Phone Sex today!  Remember all my P Daddy’s…ask for the special or I’m not giving it out.  20 minutes for $30!

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Submissive Phone Sex

by betty on May 29, 2017

Submissive Phone Sex

I hear his whispers in my ear…his sensual voice telling me to spread myself.  I am totally nude, open for him, waiting for direction.  You see, I am a true submissive.  I derive my pleasure from the pain he enjoys inflicting on my body.  I shiver in anticipation as he tells me to run my manicured fingertips over my body.  To open myself up to his inspections.  He is also nude perched beside my on the bed.  His erection throbbing as I guide my hands over my body.  He leans in to my ear gently prompting me to touch my clit, to circle that nub, to grab it between my fingertips.  I squeeze as hard as possible to inflict the maximum amount of pain. Please, hurt me.  Make me feel.

My back arcs off the bed as pain/pleasure shoots through my body.  There are goosebumps spreading across my flesh.  My body is flushed as he continues with his orders in my ear.  I can feel his breath as he whispers “I want to hurt you.”  My body clamps down with desire.  I want to feel his fingers digging in to my flesh. His fingernails biting in to my tender thighs, my breasts, my cunt.  He will continue to torture my body as he brings me closer to orgasm.  I will explode with desire as he punishes my body.  He has punctured my skin thin, little cuts dripping with my crimson blood.  The air hits the wounds causing me to explode.  I hear one word as I’m shattering to pieces….beautiful. 

Call me today for your Submissive Phone Sex experience.  My body is yearning to be punished.  I truly enjoy the pain.  Don’t forget to ask about our specials.  You can get 5 free minutes of Submissive Phone Sex this week!  

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Being a female bondage phone sex bitch can get you into lots of trouble! I know that most of my clients are kinky so I have to go out of my comfort zone to please them!
 I know I had no business looking in this guy’s window but I couldn’t control myself. He was a hot guy and I just wanted a little peek at him before I went home. This is one of those cases when snooping into other people’s affairs can get a little troublesome.
As I peered in trying to get a better look I didn’t hear the footsteps come up behind me. He pressed his calloused fingers around my windpipe and As I was in the choke hole I knew I had gotten in over my head.
Pulling me off of my feet I tried to scratch at the fingers around my throat. They were too tight and I soon lost consciousness.
When I came to I was tied to a makeshift bed in a barn.
It wasn’t like I could run anywhere in the middle of nowhere! As the door opened hot guy stood over me. I saw the chain with lock in his hand and tried to push myself to a sitting position. Grabbing my legs he pulled me up and tied me to a banister in the barn. I could have tried pleading, maybe even begging but there was no use.
My legs were forced apart and I felt the s sting of live honey bees hitting my nipples. At first, it was tiny sting then several numbing my nipples. He squeezes each one of my tits so hard I thought it would fall from my body. Kneeing me in the pussy, my body swayed back and forth. “I have but one rule, my little slut. He said.” Yes, I said. “Call me Daddy !” “Daa” was the only words I could manage as he whipped me with the lock. As he fucked my broken body I knew this was it for me. But, hadn’t I been asking to be a female bondage phone sex whore anyway?

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SCAT Phone Sex Whore Cassia

by cassia on May 27, 2017

I need a nasty fucker for SCAT Phone Sex.  I guess you could say I’m in a shitty mood 😆 You already know that golden showers and SCAT is my specialty.  I’m a giver and a receiver.  Today, I feel like “giving a shit”.  I’m full of puns.  Okay, seriously, there are plenty of you out there who are into this just as much as I do.  I just need a few willing participants. I promise you there will be something extra in it for you.  You have to call and find out what that is though.  You’ll be pleased. 

SCAT Phone Sex

SCAT Phone Sex is so pleasurable.  Whether, I’m laying down and you SCAT on me, or I SCAT all over your cock while you’re mercilessly pounding my asshole, or the best is when you let me SCAT all over your face.  The feel of that warm SCAT cascading down your chin is so sensual.  You know you love the feel and taste of it.  I do too.  Let’s be extra nasty today.  How about we take turns? I’m not greedy.  You can SCAT all over me.  That’s what showers are made for right?  I’ll rub it all over my body and then lick my fingers. 

You can be stroking your cock as I SCAT all over your face.  I’ll wait til you’re just about ready to cum, then let it go.  Doesn’t that sound deliciously nasty?  Now clean my asshole really good with your tongue. 

Not everyone understands us.  We are a special group of people.  I think if more people experienced it just once, they would be hooked.  My daddy started me off when I was really young.  It first began with golden showers, but quickly progressed to SCAT Phone Sex.  Call me. Let’s get nasty together.

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Extreme Age Play Mommy Daisy

by daisy on May 26, 2017

Extreme Age Play Phone Sex

It’s almost time for school to be out for the year, you know what that means don’t you?  All those little sweeties will be paying outside all summer long.  I moved in to this neighborhood specifically for all the young low income parents who just shove their kids outdoors.  They never suspect that their neighbor is watching their little ones playing in the sprinklers with those tiny bikinis on.  I stand at the kitchen window watching while I stroke my clit or ride my dildo.  Of course, I do offer them snacks and drinks so they begin to trust the nice lady down the street. 

If they only knew that what I really wanted to do was spike their drinks so I can have my way with them.  Their deadbeat parents don’t care just as long as they don’t have to watch them.  I have the perfect little specimen in mind for a sleep over for the holiday weekend.  I’m going to invite her over, spike her drink, and show her how to feel good like a grown up!  I can’t wait to bury my face between her bald little pussy!  I just know that she’s going to taste like pure cotton candy.  Then I’m going to slide my pinky inside her tight twat stretching that beautiful chubby pussy. 

Looking at her glazed eyes just makes my cunt contract.  Maybe I can get one of my p-daddy friends to join me?  I loved watching a hot p-cock stretching a tight hole.  I just can’t wait for this weekend!  Don’t forget to ask for our specials.  We’re sure to be running some hell-a-deals for the holiday!  Dial me up or IM me at dirtymommy.daisy on AIM or dirtymommydaisy on Yahoo!  I’m available for all of your deviant Extreme Age Play phone sex needs!

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To our wonderful callers

by elle on May 26, 2017

Change brings opportunity!

Things in purrrrrfect land are always changing. We have some great things coming up. Be sure to talk to your girl how the charge will appear on your card, (webtokens or webenchantress) this is temporary. Check with your girl or any girl for that matter. You can also call customer service with questions (800) 440-9132.  More updates are on the way. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

For your patience and understanding; we have a great special for you to enjoy in the meantime!

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BBC Phone Sex Whore at Local Library

by Kara on May 25, 2017

I am a BBC phone Sex whore where ever it suits me!
Black dicks just love my white pussy! It’s like have some gigantic Wifi
signal on my ass that attracts them to me all the time!
They just pound me without breaking me which makes it that much hotter!
I picked up this guy at my library and told him I needed a ride home
. Just a ride home, was how it got started.
I knew he was in for more than just a ride!
I pushed my skirt up to my panty line and let him have a look at my curves.
Hey, a BBC Phone Sex whore has to get fucked right?
I was so aching for his spurt duds to fill me up!
At first, he tried to play it off like he didn’t know what I was doing.
He would just watch the road and try to change the conversation.
He even threw in that he was happily married blah, blah!
As we approached my house he couldn’t control himself anymore, he pressed me into the back seat.
Grabbing the cock I had been drooling about was easy.
I mean it was practically out of his pants anyways.
I needed my hands and feet for this big fucker.
I slowly began to work it feeling that veiny meat pack get super hard.
My mouth by then was drooling and he wasn’t one to keep me waiting!
He pushed his meat stick in my mouth and shoved it down my throat.
I was gagging and fighting to get myself some space but he wasn’t letting up.
My nasty BBC phone sex whore mouth was going to pull out all the stops!
 I was going to prove to this hot chocolate thunder that this white bitch could take it all.
I swirled that fucking head and took all of it!  He loved seeing my ass up in the air arched up like a common slut.
I think he was quite impressed with my blowjob skills.
Tearing me away for a second he shot those seeds all over my big teen tits!
He told me I was the best white whore he ever had and couldn’t wait for the next time!

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Bar Slut Phone Sex

by Ginger on May 24, 2017

Bar Slut Phone Sex

Cum on baby I want to party while on the phone with you having Bar Slut Phone Sex. I am the bar slut that everyone enjoys partying and playing with. This girl loves hanging out at the bar after my shift and drinking with the guys. That is the reason I bought the bar in the first place. I was just a bartender at first, then became the owner. I always know I can score in more ways then one. Who would ever turn down a bar slut like me?

Most of them have been there a few hours and have already rubbed my ass or tits. Being touchy and  flirty to let me know they want to be the first to fuck me at the end of my shift. I love it when I can get a couple cocks right off the bat. Then men love to fight for my attention. I will take them in the back room alone and together. No reason they can’t share me. I am a bar slut that can share.

Fuck for a few hours drink a bit and fuck some more. Or find more cocks to take care of my slutty body. I will work the bar until it closes. Getting as much fucking and sucking as I can. I love when new guys come in. They don’t know what to expect honestly. The barely legal ones get their very first cougar experience with me. I love the fresh out the water barely legal patrons.  They are surprised at how much I enjoy taking care of their cocks. How I can go on and on sucking, and fucking. I will never turn a cock away.

Hot Pussy and Ass!!!

Wouldn’t you love to have some of this HOT Pussy and Ass? Also baby don’t forget how much I love to suck COCK. No time to waste Let’s Get Off Together. 

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Mommy Phone Sex with ReAnna

by Reanna on May 24, 2017

Mommy Phone Sex

I had a fun call last night. This naughty man was up late and he had fantasies of being seduced and drugged by his mother- something I’m happy to do! That is one of the specialties a good Mommy Phone Sex girl will assist with pleasure. Its safer to experiment at home, right? .

The naughty man wondered why he had such a big cock at such a young age. Well because I had been slipping him penis growth hormones in his milk every morning! I told him it was just his genes of course. I am not going to share my secret. He said well Thank you Mommy. I know how much stress it can be to keep all of that sexual tension in. Giggles. So I asked him if he would like to stay home from school for the day so I could teach him a few things. “Isn’t that against the rules?” he asked. “Well we just won’t tell anyone my sweet and its for a good cause.”

I leaned over and poured him some extra special juice that I had crushed some pain killers into. I was wearing a flimsy little robe that was short- the robe slipped open as I leaned over and exposed my breast. With only a thong underneath so the breeze was constantly catching my pussy lips and turning me on. Standing there with my exposed breast next to his hot breath I said son, suck on mothers breast, just like used to. And said Okay Mommy. OHHHH that is what I love a young man I can mold to be my own.

Let Mommy Teach you all the Tricks

A young cock I can teach to love and pound my pussy right. “Son, Oh, Son, kiss my tummy. Do you want me to teach you how to make a girl really feel good? So that she will let you put your penis inside her like I can tell you need to?” “Yes, Mommy, I do…” “Son, kiss me down a little further right on top of my panties. Oh! Pull them aside and lick there.” “In this little slit, here?” “Yes, oh yes, there, yes fuck my cunt with your tongue! Son, lets go up to my room…” but we didn’t even make it past the living room floor.

Call me to hear what happened next and what I’d like to do to you today!

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