April 2017

Your Own Personal Phone Sex Whore!

by billie on April 30, 2017

I’m feeling very naughty, and I want you to make me your personal dirty phone sex whore. I will do anything and everything to make you cum. Why don’t you call me so I can show you just how dirty I am. You will just love my sweet southern voice and kinky mind!

You’ve Always Wanted A Phone Sex Whore, Haven’t You?

Anything goes phone sex is my thing. I will do absolutely anything you want. Let me be your sex slave. I want to worship your cock. Let me lick it up one side and down the other, then swirl my tongue around the tip, before I shove that thick dick all the way down my throat until I’m gagging. I will beg you to cum for me. Shoot a huge load of warm man juice down my throat. I’ll lap every bit up, and won’t waste a single drop.

Want to give me a good titty fuck? I have the perfect tits for it! They are huge and when I press them together and you slip your cock in between, I guarantee you won’t be able to get enough! I love it when you spit on them too…get them all nice and slick while your cock fuck my tits like they are the perfect pussy!

Let’s Phone Fuck!

I love no limits phone sex, and can’t wait to hear your dirty fantasies. Tell me everything that turns you on…no matter how twisted you think it is. I love to hear how your filthy mind works and I truly have no limits, so don’t be shy. Tell me everything! Call me today, and lets cum together!

hugs and kisses,



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Extreme Age Play…at church?

by daisy on April 29, 2017

Mommy loves playing with new p cocks.  You’ve never told a soul how you look at the little ones.  When you’re in church, at the mall, grocery store, or family dinners your eyes wander.  You called Mommy Daisy today just to explain what kind of p cock you really are. How little ones with blonde curly hair and big blue curious eyes turn you on.  

It started when you were at church one Sunday.  You were taking your turn watching the little ones in the nursery. One of the little angels climbed up on your lap and your cock swelled.  You tell me you feel so guilty but it felt so good rocking that little girl back and forth against your hard on.  You actually blew your load right in your boxers.  She was so innocent and pure so when you took her to the bathroom you helped her “wipe.”  You just forgot the toilet paper, running your fingers over her little cunny.  That was the first time you acted on your impulses.  

Now you volunteer every single week for the church nursery don’t you?  Make sure you give the littles some extra juice…you know you love helping them wipe!  Nobody would ever think that you’re running your fingers through….lol.

Extreme Age Play Stories with Mommy

From that point on your look for opportunities to play with the little angels. You are such a upstanding member of the community that all the ladies ask you to watch the little ones. The games you have created playing with the angels…you have such a devious mind.  Mommy Daisy is waiting for you to call and tell me all your naughty stories.  

Mommy Daisy is waiting for you to call today.  Ask for the Spring Special 20 minutes for just $30. Extreme Age Play with Mommy Daisy.

Spring Special

20 minutes $30

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Mommy Robin goes to college…

by robin on April 28, 2017

My stepson called me last week and invited me to cum up to his college for a visit. He told me to pack three of my best outfits and his favorite bikini. He’s the dominant one when it cums to my boys, so I always do what he tells me to. When I got there his room was full of young hunks. They were eying me like fresh meat.

He told me to try on each outfit. As I did he would help me up onto this little stage that he’d made and I had to model for all the boys. They made comments and wrote things down on the papers they each had. The last outfit was this leopard bikini that he loves on me. Every cock in the room was hard as I posed like I was told up on that stage. I was loving every minute of it.

College Dorm Phone Sex

He told them that I do Mommy phone sex and how the young boys just can’t stay away from me. As I stood there looking around the room they were handing all the papers to my son. He told me to cum down from the stage and took my hand. I thought it was sweet until he put my hand into the hand of one of the boys and said “Congratulations, you won the auction. Now you can get some of what my Mommy’s been giving me”. Before I knew what was happening, I was led to another college dorm room and locked in with this boy. When I asked what was going on, he told me that my son had just sold me to the highest bidder. I guess he grew up just like Mommy, anything for buck.

I guess I could have been pissed but that friend of his fucked me like his life depended on it! Love college boys!

Mommy Robin 888-990-0096

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Do you know that your Mom is a slut?

by Reanna on April 28, 2017

My son has finally figured out that his mom is a slut. He’s been super busy with ball and I didn’t think he was really paying attention. I have to tell you, I got lax in my ways of hiding my whoring from him.

Mom is a slut

Last night at dinner he asked me why his coach spends so much time at our house. I told him that it started talking about how he was doing in ball. It quickly led to me playing ball. This coach isn’t the first authority figure in his life that I have serviced. Variety is the spice of life and I love it spicy. I’ve fucked every one of his coaches, his principal, his science teacher, hell, one day I was so fucking horny, I had his bus driver turn around and come back. He bent me over a bus seat and pounded my horny snatch until I exploded all over his bare cock.

I am pretty reckless, I will admit that. I hate when guys wear condoms and I love the feeling of a creamy hot load in my juicy cunt.

Monday, the carpool picked him up early. The dad driving told the boys he was making a coffee run. They were seat belted in the car with rap bangin’ and that dad was in the house bangin’ me right along to the beat.  It’s not the first time that hunk of chocolate meat has cum for coffee. I am more than sure it won’t be the last.

Mom is a slut

Would you ever guess that a MILF like me could be so horny all the time? When mom is a slut, the possibilities are endless.

When I am getting fucked like a good MILF whore. I love knowing my son is in the next bedroom. I can hear him bucking and thrusting, his bed banging against the wall. He is jerking off to his slut mom being pounded. Imagine the thoughts going through that naughty mind of his!

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Kinky Freaky Phone Sex Slut Case Study

by Kara on April 28, 2017

I can be a kinky freaky phone sex slut anywhere! Going to the local bar and picking up guys with my underage I.D is such a turn on!
 I look for nerdy fuckers I can get an easy fuck with and take them back to my parent’s house.
I am kinky freaky phone sex whore always on the prowl! Today I went nerd checking when I spotted a true geek with a video camera.
He was doing a study in female sexuality and wanted me as  the subject of his research project.
All I heard was a word with sex in it and I was ready to help! His body language said maybe he was looking for something more!
I watched holding back my interests in his cock. He was all over me. I could tell he was truly infatuated with my tits.

Kinky Freaky Phone Sex

I thought of how much fun it would be to fuck!
Cum loads of fun! As he wrapped up the interview and began to put his video camera, I decided to be extra flirty.
Sauntering over to him and whispering  in his ear. ”I said. “I heard that the sexual evolution in the 1900’s involved a lot of bareback freaky shit!
” Licking his ear, sparked his interest! Touching his hard ass made my kitten purr!
Gulping he dropped his video camera on the phone!
It accidentally turned on and I saw frames of me in my shower and bathroom at home.
I wasn’t freaked out at all! I was glad to know the face of my peeping tom! Grabbing a hold of his dick I nodded my intentions!
We headed for his car and loaded up! He had no idea what kind of research study he was going to get!
By the time his spunk sprayed he had been introduced to the raunchy side of teen Kara!
No hold barred side of kinky freaky phone sex!
He discovered what they all do! That I am kinky freaky phone sex slut!

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Gym Time Toilet Whore Cassia

by cassia on April 28, 2017

 This dirty little Toilet Whore knows how to get her way. I’ve been going to this really expensive gym lately.  Well, it’s expensive to everyone else, but I always manage to come across a deal of a lifetime.  You know a girl has to keep her body looking good.   I had been going to this other gym, however, one of my callers who actually lives near me suggested I try his gym out.  He always pays me very well.  When he told me how much it was a month, I nearly fainted.  He then gave me a proposition I couldn’t resist.

Dirty Little Toilet Whore

So, my day now goes as follows;  I get up, put on a sexy thong leotard with no shorts, my sneakers and head off to the gym.  I get on the treadmill for a half an hour, then I head to the men’s locker room with my empty water bottle. I scoop the golden nectar out of the urinal that my men have been leaving for me.  I go back and hit the stair master for 45 minutes, then back to the men’s locker room to refill my bottle.  I go back and do some cardio and weight training.  Then, it’s off to the men’s locker room again, but not to refill my water bottle.

Golden Showers

A group of men (my sponsors) are there eagerly waiting for me.  I undress and step in the shower where they all encircle me.  They are already naked with their cocks in hand.  I assume the position, which is on my knees of course.   Then, they give this Dirty Little Toilet Whore nice warm Golden Showers.  I close my eyes and open my mouth as they shower me with their warm piss.   Then, I suck each and every one of them off and swallow all that cum.  That’s how this Dirty Little Toilet Whore gets her free gym membership.

Call me  for Dirty Little Toilet Whore Phone Sex.  Let’s get nasty!!!!

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bisexual phone sex fun give me a try!

by andrea on April 27, 2017

It’s time to turn up the heat with some bisexual phone sex. That’s right sometimes my sweet cunt gets right into the mood for some creamy stuffed cunt fun. Not every slut is in a position to have the best of both worlds. So many times, when I have a new male friend we get together with some hardcore fantasies. It always seems to include that bisexual fun. There is something about that kink that sends them right over the edge. 

I know from my personal experience that I love eating a little carpet on the side. Now we know that this bisexual phone sex fantasy isn’t just for the girl on girl it can be paired up in anyway form. Like two girls and a male or 2 men and a slut. No matter what the pair is, it is sure to have fun right from the start. I am the type that I am up for just about anything. No restrictions no limits just make sure I get to cum hard. Ask yourself what kind of kinky fantasies make your cock hard? Is it the fact that you would get to see me going down on another slut?

Whatever your kink is I promise with my bisexual phone sex it all starts here. I will take you down a path that is sure to lead to some prime sexual satisfaction. Nothing is hotter than seeing this slut right in action. Bring me your wildest fantasies, and I will turn them right into reality.

Right now we are running a hot two girl special so do what you can and pair me up with anyone. Between the two of us, I don’t think that cock will be dry for long. Slide on over and don’t forget your lube. If not in the mood for a two slut call we can always do the single call for 20 minutes for 30 that’s a fucking steal. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Exhibitionist Phone Sex Ride Her

by sookie on April 27, 2017

I  became the exhibitionist phone sex slut Daddy loves! I love going on family outings with Daddy.

He took me to a local Carnival yesterday and I had so much fun! I have always been a kind of an exhibitionist phone sex whore and I love doing things in public places.

Daddy and I were in line to the Ferris Wheel and I could feel his hard stiff right on my back.

I wanted to reach down and pull him inside my gush hole so bad. When it came to our turn to get on the Ferris Wheel my panties and shorts were soaked.

I took my seat beside Daddy as the ride lifted us in the air.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex Ride Her

Daddy took my tongue in his mouth and tasted my lips. He slid my shorts to the side and dipped his fingers in my love nest.

I couldn’t help squirting as we went around. I think I may have squirted some of my jizz on the ride attendant.

Daddy took out his massive tool and stroked it along my pussy. I just pushed it right in.

(Pushing and pulling like Daddy loved).
My legs were shaking as the ride ended. The attendant pushed me inside the booth and ripped off my shorts.

He watched my exhibitionist phone sex ride with Daddy!  Apparently, he wasn’t the only the one watching the special ride I gave Daddy.

Daddy watched as male size cocks just drove into my tiny bumper.

I tried to get up but these huge hammerheads just pushed me back down on the ground.

I could barely move because my tiny little body was so raw. It’s so good being an exhibitionist phone sex ride her!
I even think some of the bitches standing around fucked me too. I had so much cum in my eyes it was too hard to see where it came from.

Then all of a sudden I felt this alien tongue go near my little hole. It sniffed and licked and Daddy pushed it in me!

I heard this loud wincing noise and gushes of cum sputters tumbled out!
As I got up and limped back to Daddy’s car, I tried to figure out what had just fucked me! Maybe you can call and tell me!

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small cock humiliation phone sex

by dominno on April 26, 2017

Let me tell you something you might not realize.There are two types of financially successful men out there; men that have big bucks to blow and big long cocks to fuck…and men with money but nothing down below but a tiny little pecker.That would be the category you fall into. I know you get off on it too. Small cock humiliation phone sex is the only thing that really gets you off.

Your a worthless excuse for a man, but I guess you know that by know. How long is that pathetic little thing anyways? Maybe two inches hard?? No wonder every woman you’ve ever been with has left you. Eventually women need a real man to fuck them. No matter how much money you spend you will never be a real man and you’ll never get a woman off with that little thing.

I bet they’ve all cheated on you but how can you blame them. Woman have needs that have to be fulfilled and no amount of money is gonna do that. So I’d say your just fucked. You’ll never have a real relationship with a woman. You’ll never hear those two little words uttered in shear ecstasy…I”M CUMMING!!!

Unless of course your sitting there watching a big hard cock fuck her tight wet pussy. Are you a little cuckie boy? Have you come to terms that you’ll never be good enough with a cock that small no matter how much money you’ve got. So now you watch the woman in your life get fucked by a big cock. You watch it slide in and out of her cunt…look how he’s stretching that tight hole out. Your cock’s throbbing now isn’t it? You want what that big cock leaves behind. Your a cum sucking cuckie that wants that cream pie filling her cunt.

Your a nasty fucking cum dumpster and you know it. Your ready to crawl between her legs right now and suck all that creamy goodness from her freshly fucked pussy. It’s really a good thing you have money because with out it you’d probably still be a virgin. Now loser, pick up the phone and call me at small cock humiliation phone sex.

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Order a special drink for fantasy phone sex

by Ginger on April 26, 2017

Well fella’s my bar was slow last night. So I decided I would close early and come home to look for a little bit of fun. My how I am so glad that I did. I talked and had a few drinks with a nice lonely horny gentleman and shared a few fantasy phone sex stories about my bar and knee high cocktail waitress.

You will love my knee high cocktail Waitress.

I love sitting and talking after work having a few drinks to wind down. It’s so nice to just have that added conversation with someone about how your day is when you don’t have anyone with you. Or maybe you do they just really don’t care. So always remember you are encouraged to call this bar slut for late night or day conversation. With working at a bar for as long as I can remember and then being an owner I am an exceptional listener. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on and a ear to listen. That is what one of my guys needed last night and so did I.

Now on to how I ended up finishing my night off with a BANG. I have told you all about the little cocktail waitresses I like to bring around from time to time. My personal cocktail waitresses from home love to give Mommy a helping hand. The men eat them up. The oldest makes sweet ass tips and the youngest is wonderful at tease and denial. You all are well aware what a whore I am. I want my cocktail waitresses to follow in my foot steps and take over the bar some day. Let’s just say I have a few drink specials only the regulars usually partake in.

Call and order a dirty little virgin or  a slutty cocktail and I will give you on detail what you get with your purchase. Remember my normal hours for taking calls at the moment are 8:00 am CST till 3:00 pm CST. Look for me late at night you never know when I may POP up.

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