March 2017

Hot 2 Girl Call with Elle and & Andrea

by elle on March 31, 2017

Hot as Hell and ready to fuck! Call and get off with a 2 Girl Call with Elle and her nasty niece Andrea. We love to have a threesome with you or you can just watch us have some of the most Erotic Family Fun you ever dreamed of. 

Eating each other’s sweet pussy for lunch and rocking your cock for dinner. MMMMM I’m Starving already! We enjoy masturbating together and having you join us is going to have all three of us exploding with ecstasy!  Mutual masturbation is fun and having others join us is even better. Our pretty little pussies will be all wet and ready for you.

Hot as Hell and Ready 2 Fuck

The last time Andrea visited me we were having a very erotic kiss and our hands were wondering all over each others bodies.  She cupped my breasts, her tongue was going in and out of my mouth.  Just as my fingers began to insert into her beautiful bald pussy we hear, “May I join you ladies?”

It was him, my hot neighbor that I had my eye on for some time. We didn’t respond, we just pulled his cock in and began sucking on it immediately.  His head tilted back and the moans he was letting out was a complete sign that this was the best oral he had ever received.  Of course my sweet niece and I couldn’t stop enjoying each other, so while our mouths were on him, our hands were on each other.

You won’t believe the naughty fun we had, it lasted the entire weekend. You need to call for the glorious details….lol

2 Girl Call 20 minutes $60

Elle 888-331-3001

Andrea 888-550-6720


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MILF Fantasy Role Play Phone Sex

by Reanna on March 31, 2017

You know you have a Milf Fantasy you want to act out. I know it isn’t as easy as you would like it to be in real life. I however give you a hot MILF Fantasy Role Play that will make your cock throb. Call Mommy ReAnna and we can rock that cock of yours. Do you want to be with your best friends Mom, maybe even your own Mom. The possibilities of a MILF are endless love and you will be pleased when I am done with you.

Mommy ReAnna loves being a sexy MILF!!!

Mommy ReAnna wants to give you an example of MILF love. My son and his friends watch me out the window all the time. While I am sun bathing or just taking a dip in the pool in my string bikini. My sons friends are so jealous that he has such a fine ass Mama. Not a day goes by that one of them young men stop by to catch a glimpse of Mommy ReAnna.

I know my son strokes his cock for me in his room and I also know he knows I watch him. For such a young man he has a huge cock and loves to tease his Mama as much and his Milf Mama loves to tease him. Not a day goes by that I don’t walk around in my panties and just a rob no bra or something provocative. Just so that I can be the MILF on the block that all the other Mothers are jealous of or intimidated by.

Do you have a MILF Mommy Fantasy you can’t help but think about and want to share with MILF Mommy ReAnna? I know you do what young man or even man doesn’t or hasn’t ever wanted to act out. I want to suck on a cock and envision specific people in my life. Do you want to be him?

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Fun with a hot phone sex slut!

by Tabbi on March 30, 2017

I’m bored, I want someone to play with. I’m home alone with nothing but my toys . How about you? Want to have some fun with a hot phone sex slut like me. I’m a bit older than some of these little girls but I still have a smoking body and the experience only a few extra years can give you. I really have fun on the phone when you call and want to cum with me. I like to do all kinds of kinky things too. I’m not gonna say no to any request you have. No fantasy is off limits to me.

So. tell me, what are your kinks. What would you like to do to this sexy body of mine? I really want to know. I tell you mine. I like to get dirty sometimes. I like to be controlled and treat like your own personal whore. I even get into a bit of potty play if you get my drift. How dirty do you like to get? I also love all my holes fucked from my sexy mouth to my wet little pussy to my tight firm ass. I also don’t mind a little spanking too. *giggles*

So your sitting home reading this all alone and I’m sitting home waiting for your call. What a pair huh? Well I can’t call you so you’ll have to do the calling. I promise you we’ll have some fun and I know we’ll both get off. So I’m putting this out there and hoping that you’ll say “What the hell” and give me a call. Don’t forget to take advantage of our March Madness Special…25 minutes for $40.00. That’ll give us a plenty of time to get to know each other and have some kinky hot fun. I hope to hear from you!!


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GFE phone sex its a secret affair.

by andrea on March 30, 2017

Currently, who has time for an intimate relationship? Though you have needs and why not consider a GFE phone sex? Porn is just too boring, and hookers are just too clingy with me there is no hassle just orgasm then get on with your day. I am here to help with anything I can. We can talk about your day or just vent whatever helps. Every man has these kinky fantasies of role plays, but the wife just isn’t into you. With me, there is nothing just pure fun. Is it so wrong that I want to be on your mind when you first wake up and the last thing you dream about when you fall asleep? I am into everything that is taboo and more.

We can work out a deal where I can be your personal GFE phone sex. I can be totally at your beck and call. Maybe turn this into an online affair. I like the sensuality and unique fun when having a new caller. I get off on the things like playtime, flirting and becoming intimate. The internet has made things so much easier getting to know men. We can have a pretend relationship with no strings and becoming a fuck buddy or even a naughty slutty secret affair.

I could send you some sexy pictures, and you can tell all your friends that you have a hot GF. Nobody must know how we met. If they want to meet me just say I am quite shy and leave it at that. If you want to go that route, I can send you sexy emails and sexy pics throughout the day to bring a smile to your face. To everyone else, it will seem like a kinky GFE phone sex fun. Now let’s use some of those paychecks for something other than bills. I’ll be waiting for you!

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COED seduction phone sex

by Envy on March 30, 2017

You didn’t think COED seduction would happen to you but boy were you wrong. You’ve been a professor for many years and not once did something like this happen. You thought this sort of thing only happened in your wildest dreams. Well, I turned your life upside down, but in such a good way. I really needed a good grade to pass my toughest course. How was I going to do that? By seducing you when you least expected it. It was just about time for spring break when everyone was worried over exams. I wasn’t so worried though because I had a feeling you would cooperate with me. On the day of exams I tried my best, but I knew I likely wouldn’t make the grade I desperately needed. So after class is when I made my move. I walked up to your desk in my little jean skirt and leaned over in front of you. With my hands on your desk I looked you in the eye with a sweet smile on my face. Let’s not pretend that you didn’t want me right then! I told you that we could make a deal that you couldn’t resist. By then you were all mine to seduce and manipulate. Of course you didn’t mind all the seducing and manipulating.

I had you right where I wanted you. I walked over behind your desk and allowed you to reach under my skirt. Then you pulled my panties down to feel my smooth pussy. I was growing wet while looking down at the bulge in your slacks. I could tell that you really wanted my coed seduction. Well fuck, for a good grade on my examination, I was going to let you do whatever you wanted! I told you not to be shy and you certainly weren’t shy when you realized I was a total slut.

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Baby Sitter Fantasy Phone Sex

by maddie on March 30, 2017

Baby Sitter Fantasy with Naughty Lil Maddie

I love doing my job. It’s not usually taxing. Actually, I find myself being able to relax much of the time while on duty, hehe. Although I always seem to get myself into some sort of trouble! Not the kind of trouble where the mommy gets involved. She always seems to have her head in the clouds while I’m having fun with her man. Can you really blame a man for wanting to play with me though?? I always know how to have a good time – and  right under his family’s nose too! I’m just innocent enough to keep them all oblivious to what’s going on behind the scenes.

I wear my skirts and knee high socks but his wife thinks it’s so cute. She just thinks I’m a sweet and innocent girl but if only she knew the truth. She won’t ever find out the truth though because I’m always a step ahead. Husbands are so much fun to tease and play with when the time is right. I really love to tease them in subtle ways in front of their wives. The way I look at him with my cute smile, the way I bend over to show off my panties when his wife isn’t looking… Oh yeah, I’m definitely hard to resist!

You couldn’t resist me even if you tried. Sure, you could maybe try to resist me for a little while. Sooner or later though, you’re going to crack. You won’t be able to contain yourself especially when I fall into your lap when no one’s looking. You’re going to want this whether you want to admit it to yourself right now or not. It’s okay, your wife isn’t getting you hot like she used to. Maybe she couldn’t ever get you hot in the first place. It’s okay, I’m here now!


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Time for Sugar Daddy Phone Sex!

by billie on March 29, 2017

Hi Daddies!!!! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog today! I’m so glad you did!  You know why?  I’m on the hunt for a brand new sugar daddy phone sex friend!  Don’t you think it should be you?  I sure do! *giggles*

You’ve been looking for the perfect hottie to spoil, haven’t you?  Well look no further!  I’m your girl! We will have the best time together – I just know it!  It’s a pretty even system I have worked out for us!  You buy me things and give me money – and I fuck your brains out!  See – even stevens!!!  Just imagine how much fun you will have knowing that you can do whatever you want to my sexy little body. This body is made just for you to fuck!  I know that you will love the way I suck dick and gag for you!  Then, I’ll slide you right inside my tight little pussy! I’ll ride that cock until you are cumming harder than you ever have in your life!  Doesn’t that sound like the most fun thing ever?

Billie Needs a Sugar Daddy!

Spoil me and make me feel special! That’s all you have to do!  It’s not hard – and it all starts with just one little phone call.  I promise, that’s all it’ll take and you’ll be hooked!  You’ll be thinking about my sexy little body at work, and calling me on your lunch break.  I’ll even send you naughty pictures after our call to make you crave me even more!  Before you know it, you’ll be sitting there wondering what happened to all your money!  Well – Billie happened! *giggles*  Sorry, not sorry!

I am definitely a force to be reckoned with.  You’re not gonna know what hit ya!

Call me! 1-888-330-1230

Check out my page:

Follow me on Twitter @ naughty_billie

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Dirty Mommy rocks perv cocks

by daisy on March 29, 2017

Dirty Mommy Daisy has been a busy nasty Mommy lately!  I get so many calls a day from pervs and p-cocks like you.  They all want to come over to the house to meet the gang.  You all know that I am a No Taboo Phone Sex With This Nasty Whore Mommy! I mean, come on, why have all these brats if not to lure unsuspecting fucks like you?  So many times I’ve met men who were trying to hide their real intentions, but I can always tell by the glint in their eye that they wanna play with my family….lol.  You think you’re gonna come in to my house and not include me?  Well I taught my little ones to love anyone Mommy brings over!  So stop trying to be sneaky and just ask for some Play Time With Dirty Mommy Daisy so we can get down to business.

Extreme Age Play

Trust me when I say that they will all participate in loving you.  I had the hardest time weening them all off the pacifier *wink* they love having something in their mouth.  Every single one of them are greedy as well!  They will exhaust you because they don’t want “play time” to be over until “they” are done.  So I hope you have enough energy for a romp in the play room because my little ones are….

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BBC Phone Sex in Local Grocery Freezer

by Kara on March 28, 2017

I want BBC Phone Sex Anywhere!
It’s like my ass has a Wifi transmitter that signals fucking black cock.

My asshole begins to tingle and I need to be full of black juice.

I was in the grocery store shopping for some big cucumbers.

I decided to take a friend along who is in the pencil dick category.

Once in a while we hook up and fuck.

I do this only as a favor to my coach.

His cock is so small that I can’t help laughing every time he tries to put that little motherfucker in my pussy.

When we are together I think about BBC Phone Sex!

BBC Phone Sex Slut Double Stuffs…

Rubbing on the cucumbers in the aisle was making my pussy wet.

It had been a while since I had been double stuffed.

Grabbing my friend we headed to the nearest bathroom.

I figured the best I could get out of it was a good tongue massage with this idiot’s tongue.

Pulling off my shorts in the stall, he immediately started licking my clit. Glancing in the mirror I saw the eyes of a cute chocolate stud.

My BBC Phone Sex thoughts went wild!
My friend wasn’t  doing anything for me, and, I wanted this stud to notice me.

I began moaning and grinding my slit on my friends face.

Trying to get in a better position, my friend backed up on chocolate bar’s massive stick.
Seems this chocolate stud had a thing for slutty white bitches like me.

Pulling my friend off of me he went for my pussy with his stick.

Pounding into my pussy and holding onto my ass. It felt like my pussy was going to tear apart!

Underneath my friend was licking chocolate bars big balls.

My friend looked pissed that I was riding that big dick so well!
Cum shot out of that cock like water and landed on my friends face.

Grabbing me by my hair chocolate bar pushes me into my friends face and I lick all those black seeds up.

You never know where you will get BBC Phone Sex!

You can get those necessary black cum shots even in the grocer’s freezer.

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Family Fun Phone Sex

by Jessie on March 27, 2017

I have to tell you it’s not a secret that I love older men the older, the better. I guess that’s why family fun phone sex turns me on so much.  Those old studs really know how to get to work my little coochie. Grandpa used to come over all the time.  When he would stay, we would sit up all night and have a little bit of play time. I loved bouncing up and down on that huge cock of his.  It was a better ride then the merry go around down the street.

So many times mommy told me to watch out for that dirty old man. She had heard supposed stories about how he loved little sluts. One-time grandpa told me of how my auntie Dawn had been dreadful. She didn’t want to suck on his lollipop, so grandpa had to take matters right into his own hands. He bent her over and pulled her panties down and spanked that ass so well. I knew I would never be so disobedient.  I love when I get right into this family fun phone sex.  There is nothing wrong with keeping it in the family.

One of the most erotic role play’s I love is daddy daughter. He is my first crush and will do anything that will help me be the dirty slut that he has fantasised about. I get down on my knees and suck his cock better than mommy ever could.  It’s every brats fantasy to have their daddy as their very first fuck. Now if you just have an itch that needs to be filled then call me and let’s take care of this family fun phone sex.  I am ready with my young voice and sweet body. How could you ever say no to sexy little cock whore like me?

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