February 2017

Ramsey’s Hardcore Phone Sex

by Ramsey on February 27, 2017

Looking for some Hardcore Phone Sex? My bald pussy needs a dick at all times!  I am so fucking horny and shameless that I go out and try to find a gang bang to satisfy me over and over again. But I can’t always be fucking tons of gorgeous guys… I gotta make some money!  So I have tons of toys to play with while I talk to you!  Hardcore Phone Sex every which way.

Let’s get dirty as FUCK!  I will be your cheap little slut to fuck.  I scream… LOUD!   Doing some super nasty shit to my perfect body will get us OFF together!  Call my whore-ass and you won’t be able to stop your nut from jumping out at me.  FUCK YEAH.

Hardcore Phone Sex with Ramsey

Seriously… I am gonna work this big phatty pink dildo into my asshole nice and slow and then you can start pushing you cock into my pussy.  Maybe your friend will fuck my face while it all goes down?  I would fucking kill for some EVERY HOLE FILLED ACTION!  I want to be used up by the end of our session.  And my body can take a LOT of cock.

My moans and screams of pleasure shake your nut so loose that you won’t want to stop phone fucking me!  And I am hungry for your fantasies.  Take me out to the bar and fuck me in every position, in front of everyone.   We can start by me getting on my knees and wrapping my pouty lips around your rod.  I slop spit all over it slipping it in and out of my hottie moth.

By then people will be paying attention…  How could they not pay attention to me?  I am always the hottest whore on the room, right?  And everyone’s eyes on me gets me so fucking wet!  My pussy drips so hard  that it  starts soaking through my little mini skirt.  Then its time to fuck!  

Come on!  Bend me over a barstool and fuck my ass.  Then take me to the pool table and bang me on my back.  Make me cum and cum and cum!  I know you wanna hear how you make me cum. 1- 888-990-0102  Hardcore phone sex

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Bar Slut on the Prowl

by Ginger on February 27, 2017

Bar Slut on the Prowl

I had the best time at the bar over the weekend. Bar slut phone sex is in full swing. Even though I wasn’t working and had my employees working for me. I still sat at the bar drinking and on the prowl to get my pussy fucked. I met up with these two guys.

The two started buying me shots right away. I could tell by the bulges in their pants that they had some nice cocks. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to take home. That is when it hit me. How about both and have a good old fashion tag team.

We drank and danced and then I said lets go back to the apartment behind the bar and fuck. They both looked at each other and then at me. Really that is all it took for them to jump off the bar stool and join me. It was a full night of sucking and fucking these two sexy guys.

Finally around 9 am. I decided I needed to send them both home and grab some sleep. My little ones would be home in a few hours and I needed to clean the bar. Besides I had to work the afternoon shift at my bar. Never know who will show up and need a little extra love from bar slut Ginger and her little ladies. I wouldn’t mind hooking up with the two of them again that’s for sure.

In the mean time help me keep my pussy company… call and get off with me now. My pussy is wet and waiting. I need Your COCK and I need it now!!! You know we could enjoy some time together while the little ones are off being educated but I can throw in a few naughty Mommy stories for you to indulgent in and enjoy.

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Dinner time phone sex!

by Envy on February 27, 2017

Dinner time was soon approaching for one unlucky guy who messed with the wrong group of women. If you didn’t know this already, I belong to a coven. Yes, the Goddess of Lust is a witch. I don’t really talk about it much but I think after this experience I’ll be changing that! All of us in the coven are what you would probably consider “bad” witches. But all we want is peace… And if someone is going to stand in the way of that then they must pay the price. Their actions will not go unnoticed. So you’re probably wondering where this certain unlucky guy comes into this.

Well, he just so happened to be the husband of one of the ladies in the coven. He was a real asshole. I mean this horrible little man was a piece of shit who deserved what he had coming to him. The last straw was finally pulled when a fellow witch came crying for help. He put his hands on her, bruising her face, and none of us were having any of that mess. Each of us ladies came together to put him under a spell. Black magic was used to make this sorry little man go into a trance. We were going to do away with him.

What’s the best way to get rid of the evidence? Eat the evidence! But first, his wife had to bring him to the coven so we could “talk”… So once we had him in a trance then we told him to go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for dinner time. Spicy BBQ sauce, cucumbers, carrots, onions, bacon, and kebab skewers. It was hilarious watching him write down the list with a blank look on his face. He knew exactly what would soon happen to him. And yes, if you wanted to know, he tasted delicious! That’s what he gets for being a jerk.

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BDSM Whore Den of Pain

by kira on February 27, 2017

     I am a BDSM Whore and Grandpa trained me well !  I felt the cold steel of the chains lock in place on my arms. All I could do was try to endure the punishment Grandpa had  planned for me. Tonight he has planned a special session for me in his Fuck Dungeon.

I saw one of the doors  open  to Grandpa’s Chamber of Secrets.  Someone he referred to as  Night Mistress walked in. She use to be a submissive like me but now she is a slave trainer.

     Her  patent leathered boots, her big tits and the whip in her hand cause me to shiver.  There is a  glisten of pure evil in her dark irises that I cannot explain. This BDSM Whore was ready!  To resist being a submissive fuck toy  would only cause more pain!

     I want to please Night Mistress! Needing  to please Night Mistress 

        I submit…

Closing my eyes , I smell the piss that has  plastered the walls.  The Den into Hell  reeks of spunk and sweat by former submissive slaves.  I knew his BDSM Whore rooms were designed  to give him complete control! Now the Night Mistress was to be my tormentor.

BDSM Whore Awaits Instruction…

     Fear and excitement overcome me! . Grandpa has twisted my  fate to the hands  of this mysterious  Mistress . He quickly leaves the room leaving me alone with the Night Mistress.  

      She pulls me towards her licking my face.” Let the games begin.”  She says.”

       Her body presses against mine and I feel like I am in slow motion.  The wetness of her tongue finds my nipples and she bites down hard!  She whirls me around and I hear the distinct chatter and laughing in the background.

       This  Mistress of the Night  laughs  as I am positioned between her legs.  Grandpa stands on the side jerking his cock .  I am about to succumb to the other side of bondage. The depravity of it all leaves  my pussy squirting and wanting more!


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humiliation phone sex

by dominno on February 26, 2017

Get on your knees you pathetic sissy ass bitch. I’ve had a bad day and your gonna make it better by letting me use, abuse, and humiliate you. I think some humiliation phone sex will do us both a world of good. Now don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I know with every nasty name I call you, you just get more turned on. With every laugh at how pathetic you really are, your cock grows. Maybe you need a little cbt to get you off. I know I’ll enjoy torturing your cock and balls.

So grab your toys, a few household items such as rubber bands, a glass of ice water, a candle, and a wooden spoon to start with. If you’ve got some clamps bring them too. I do love to see you squirm when I clip them to your balls. Now do as I say and get them ready for when you call. I’m ready to tease and torment you. Damn, your such a little cocked loser. You’ll do anything and every thing I tell you to do and beg for more.What a fucking pathetic excuse for a man you are…you make me sick!

Now remember it’s you job to entertain me. So tell me where you fit in. I have a variety of cock suckers, sissy boy, panty wearing, cream pie eaters. Are you already in your sexy panties? If so, let me take a look at you. What a fucking cum slut. Maybe I’ll stick my strap on up you ass and fuck you good and hard. I bet it won’t take much for that puny pecker to go off like it’s the forth of july. So give me a call at humiliation phone sex and I’ll give it to you good!

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cuckolding phone sex

by Tabbi on February 26, 2017

My husbands so excited. I’ve got a hot fuck toy coming by to fill my tight sweet pussy. My cuckolding phone sex husband’s cock had been hard since he found out he was coming over to fuck me. You see my husband has a itty bitty cock that’s just to small to get me off. So now I fuck real men with huge cocks and my husband sits in a chair by the bed and watches. He’ll jerk on his little pud while he watches knowing when I’m done and filled with hot cum he gets to lick my cunt clean.

When he gets here my husband is already in his chair next to the bed. My sexy, well endowed lover wastes no time. He gets right to licking my cunt while my husband jacks off watching. When he’s ready to stick his cock deep inside me he has my husband get up and lay on the bed. He has me get on my hands and knees, my pussy just inches from my husbands face. He teases my clit by rubbing his cock against it. Then he slides into me with one hard thrust. His big hard cock fills me and it feels fucking amazing. He starts with long slow strokes then increases the intensity a little at a time. Soon he’s pounding into me, my pussy soaking his cock with my hot juices.

I can hear my husband moaning. I look down to see my husband jerking his little cock, a look of total ecstasy on his face. My lover pounds into me till I can’t hold back anymore. I start coming, squirting all over his cock and my husbands face. My lover thrusts into me one last time and fills my pussy with his hot creamy cum. I can hear my husband jacking harder. I climb off my husband and lay back on the bed. My little cuckolding phone sex husband is right their between my thighs in the blink of an eye. He licks every bit of cum from my cunt. I bet you’d like to too. Give me a call…I get filled regularly!


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Cock Loving Housewife Needs all shapes and sizes

by reese on February 26, 2017

Not a desperate housewife but I am a slutty Cock Loving Housewife. I have no limits, no restrictions, no inhibitions. Reese just loves Sex. I like playing with my girlfriends and with Men of all ages. Yes, I am married but my husband leaves me home alone while he travels, so what does he expect? I think it turns him on to know that other men are enjoying his wife.

Cock Loving Reese

I go out with my girlfriends often. We cruise the nicer bars and hotel bars and find young eager men to play with. It’s so much fun. I love playing with my girlfriends. I even join them and their husbands once in awhile. They know how to keep love alive in their bedrooms. I am always in the mood for sucking and fucking. How about you? Are you ready to play with this Slutty housewife that has No Limits?

Reese is so fucking horny right now. I have been playing with my toys, humping the bed, getting off again and again. Really need someone to get off with me. I am a sexy lonely housewife that needs a hard cock. I promise to treat you like a king if you just cum play with me. Nothing is Taboo, nothing is to kinky, I am a no holes barred kind of girl. So bring it baby, lets get off together right now.

Rock it with Reese 888-770-5277
Phone Slut Special
30 hot mins for the price of 25
30 mins for $50 / $ave $10
for a limited time with Reese!


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Erotic Smoke Fetish Phone Sex

by robin on February 26, 2017

How about some erotic Smoke Fetish Phone Sex with a Hot MILF? I smoke a lot. Every chance I get. Before Sex, After Sex, (sometimes during sex) So, Imagine my elation the other night when Steve S. called me for Smoking Fetish Phone Sex.

I fucking love the feeling of having anything in my mouth and sucking on or inhaling it. So if I am not drawing on a cigarette, a cigar, a vaporizer, or anything else that is smokable; I want to be sucking on and inhaling your cock or clitty. Steve loves it when I inhale and blow smoke all over him, while he eats my pussy.

Inhale, Exhale, Blow Smoke all Over Me

Steve also enjoys puffing away while I suck his cock. When my mouth is not on his cock, I am stroking him with my hand and exhaling my fumes all over him. We did leave the cigarettes burning in the ash-tray while we ferociously fucked each other. After we both came, we rolled over onto our backs, picked up our cigs, lit up, and relished in the afterglow while inhaling and exhaling.

I hope that my (non-Smoker) Extreme Phone Sex friends don’t get turned off by the fact that I smoke. I promise to brush my teeth and use mouthwash prior to giving you the most amazing, mind blowing, cock exploding kinky Phone Sex no matter what your smoking preferences are.
Erotic Smoke Fetish Phone Sex with Robin 888-990-0096 


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Panty Lover Little Brother

by Kara on February 26, 2017

     Panty Lover  Little Brother was caught in the act! I  love watching his dick get hard. Standing in the door while he was sniffing my panties made my juices flow. Panty Lover was trying to get his cock hard!  There was just something about it that made me laugh. Little brother has always acted kind of strange but standing here watching him was kind of kinky. I watched as he put the fabric in his mouth and sucked it. He started to moan and stroke his massive dick. He is lucky I am letting him get away with this! I watch as he moves his hands down to his crotch and begins to rub that bulge. Faster he goes until a soak stain appears. The Panty Lover didn’t even notice me standing there!

Panty Lover Drools for Release…

  I  clear my throat to get his attention. Dropping my panties in the floor, he nervously looks at me. I walk over to him and bend down.

Picking up those panties I make sure that he sees the current panties I have on. The fucker tries to act as if he is not caught in the act.

Snapping my fingers he drops between my legs . He tries to touch  my pussy through those sheer panties but , I slap his hands away . Moving forward  I   press my hips into his face.

Smothering  my pussy onto his nose causes a deep grunt to come from his throat!  He inhales and gets the message! I see his cock bulge and jump through his pants and order him to take them off. Using my feet I slap at the head of his cock and laugh when he winces. I love to tease and continue to do so with my feet.

His Balls rumble with the need to spunk out its heavy load. I guide my panty line between my lips showing him my wet kitty.

I want his load in my mouth and he obliges by shooting that hard jizz into my open mouth.  As a treat I allow him to put on my cum covered panties for the rest of the day!

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Daddy

by sookie on February 25, 2017

I didn’t listen when Daddy asked me for Cock Sucking Phone Sex. He begged and pleaded but I wanted to play hard to get! I wanted something new and exciting, Daddy responded in an unexpected way. He warned me once, he warned me twice and then he put me in time out!

Daddy was so angry with me, Ive never seen him so mad. He backed me up in the corner, ripped off my Pink silky panties so he could spank my ass. Daddy’s hands are so big and it hurt when he hit my ass cheeks, I was excited and nervous! Time out wasn’t that bad but don’t tell him that, he likes it when I act like I’m not enjoying it. The truth is I wanted more and more of him.

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Daddy

He then bent me over on all fours and shoved his cock in my throat, I pleaded for more punishment. Daddy put his hands over my mouth and began to fuck my tits, and spit all over my face. I was his whore and I loved it, especially when I need to be taught a lesson.

Daddy fucked my throat for so long, I had spit dripping off of my chin. I know better than to disobey him, I just like it when he gets so upset and punishes me. I’ve even do things on purpose just to get a response out of him. Call me and give me a few suggestions on how I can be a naughty girl and make Daddy mad.

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