December 2016

Family Fun Cherry Poppin Phone Sex

by robin on December 31, 2016

What better way to ring in the new year other than preparing a big dinner for the big family fun fuck fest that we have tonight. I know it is going to be so much fun. We always have wild times. We have been doing this since I was little. Now it’s Mommy Robin’s turn to carry on the family fun traditions.

There are no clothes allowed on anyone, no doors closed and age play is unlimited. I love new years because it is time to do all the things we have put off for too long. My son and daughter are home from school and my husband is in Mexico so it is all about Mommy Robin tonight. We will make sure everyone is totally satisfied and happy, no limits.

I had a amazing party last year and got off so many times. So many people always ask me which family member do you like to play with the most and I honestly can not answer that. I just think incest is the best and I want to play with all of my family I love it. This year will be the best ever with all the fucking and sucking we can handle.

Family Fun New Years!

My mommy taught me all the ropes and the ins and outs of family fun. Family should be the ones that play with you and the girls always get their cherries popped by daddy or big brother. We love family fun so much but have recently been inviting close friends to play with us. Variety is the spice of life and my son is rounding up a virgin cousin today for a little midnight game  of  pop goes the cherry.

Mommy Robin invites you to the family fun party tonight! 20 minutes $30 Call 888-990-0096


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Teacher’s Pet Phone Sex

by maddie on December 30, 2016

This little slut LOVES being the Teacher’s pet!

No kidding, when I got to junior high I was looking for ways to take advantage of the male staff. It wasn’t long until one of them took the bait. Then after that I knew I could keep getting away with making good grades just by being the teacher’s pet. My super tight body is irresistible to many at school. The school boys and even some of the girls check me out! Do you think they know something is going on? Its possible but honestly no one is going to do anything about it. I’m too freaking cute to get into that sort of trouble! *giggles*

My favorite teacher loves using my sweet little holes all the time. Like just about every day (Should it come as a surprise that he teaches the most difficult subject? Lol!) He knows I need the good grade so I can make my mommy and daddy happy. They wouldn’t want to see their babygirl fail! But like, it isn’t just about messing around so I can make good grades. Sure, at first it was like that, but I’m called a slut for a reason. I’m not ashamed. Babygirl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do so she can eventually work up to that high school diploma!

 I’m so blessed to have all these dirty men flocking to me for a taste. They know they can have it if they help me out. Its really that simple! I’ll show them how nasty a young girl like me can get. As if they haven’t heard stories already! *giggles* It isn’t a chore to show off my goods and get on my knees. I love doing this. Like, I can see myself doing this in the workplace too. If I need a raise then I’ll know how to make it happen. 🙂

Naughty Little Maddie

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Incest Phone Sex Is The BEST!

by Krystal on December 30, 2016

The best sex anyone can have is Family Fun Fucking. I am not hurting anyone and really it is nobody’s business.  People who judge have never experienced the intimacy of having your angels love on you physically.  Their little sweet hands and mouths working my luscious tits is beautiful.  My angels love Incest Phone Sex.

The best part about Incest Phone Sex with these sweet treats is I can always get some sort of pleasure.  My son and his friends are always horny and eager to play with Mommy’s big milkers.  Their favorite game is to pump their spunk on my tight MILF cunt.  They walk around with their raging hard on’s and cocks in their hands dying to pump one of us.  My family doesn’t believe in full balls….One of us are always willing to drain you dry.  Day or night Incest Phone Sex is he best!

Incest Phone Sex

Having my daughter participate in the games has given her some of her best education.  I’m so proud of her for becoming an expert at self-pleasure and especially in pleasing the guys.  She has become very adept in the art of oral pleasure.  My little angel can swallow down a hot cock like it’s nothing!  Family Fun Phone Sex has taught her to be the little slut I always knew she could be.

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Your Submissive Slut is ready to Play!

by elle on December 29, 2016

This Submissive Slut hates missing calls. Taking a night off is horrible for me when I wake up and find I missed one of my favorite clients. This job could really make me never leave the house or sleep again!

One of my regular clients called Tuesday night and I wasn’t on! I hate that as DB’s fantasies always get me really hot. He likes to dominate me, and he always gets me so hot with his voice and sensual play.  I love the way he talks to me, and I happily cum right along with him as he thinks of different ways to punish and subjugate me.

Elle Loves to Submit to your every fantasy!

Just the thought of DB stroking his thick meat, wishing he could put it inside me. He tells me exactly how and when to touch myself in all the most incredible ways. He paints such a picture with his words, I can actually feel his hands on me.

In our fantasy, that mental image is so hot, I always am ready to cum long before he allows it. I can only hope you will all be very pleased with Elle, your Submissive Slut.

I’ll be here Thursday through Monday with a 20 minutes for $30 special. Usa Only and you must ask for it. No Limits and No Taboos. No call waiting or message so if it just rings and rings I am on a call so try back in 15 minutes. I never want to miss an opportunity to submit! I can also call a friend if you would like to do a 2 girl call, whatever you want Elle has it! 2 girls 20 minutes $60 what a way to ring in the New Year!

Purrfectly Naughty Submissive Slut Elle 888-331-3001

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Bukkake phone sex i’m such a cum slut

by andrea on December 29, 2016

I am down on my knees begging for all that hot sticky cum. That’s all I want is a drained dick and my face covered with cum for my bukkake phone sex. I have fantasized about a man who will make me bow down and look up just in time to have my face splattered with cum. It’s hot the way it hits my body making this big huge mess.

Maybe you can call all your friends and start a little gang bang. You know I would love to have all those cocks right here emptying all those fresh loads of cum. I might even try and suck a few off. Just like always my holes are ready to get abused and fucked so hard. Having you guide me through this kinky little fantasy. I think you have this insatiable appetite for bukkake phone sex and making me turn into a slut. There weren’t a lot of men who would love to indulge in this fantasy. Do you think we can help them? It will be our dirty little secret.

Let’s take an ad out in the paper and see how many horny fucks we can round up. I know you’re just dying to see how many loads I can take. Don’t make me stop till I reach the highest limit of kink. Then you can sit back and watch me lick every drop of cum right off my stark-naked body. I will even grab a spoon to make sure I have every lost drop. You can even stroke that cock and give me the final load.

Bring your friends, coworkers whoever you think would have some fun. It will be worth it with some kinky bukkake phone sex. Don’t forget you can use all those prepaid debit gift cards here.

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Alexxx’s Ass to Mouth Phone Sex

by Alexxx on December 28, 2016

I am a sexy slutty stripper that loves ass to mouth action. How about some Ass to Mouth Phone Sex with Alexxx.  I am the dirty kinky girl you only dream about. I do things your wife or girlfriend won’t. Kinky shit. Ass fucking, Ass licking, just to name a few things. I am all about Ass.

As a stripper I get all kinds of action at the club and at private parties. Most men I encounter love that I dig ass to mouth action. They tell me how their wives won’t let them fuck them in the ass. Men don’t realize it is something you can’t just push on someone. You have to start out slow until a woman gets used to it. It can be a real turn on. When done correctly.

And Yes, I am a dirty girl I will suck your cock straight out of my ass. But I keep myself really clean. And it’s a huge turn on to know you fucked  my ass before you shoved that cock in my mouth. I love having my ass filled up with a cock  8 inches or bigger. It makes my pussy squirt so hard to feel that big cock penetrating my tight asshole.

I even love ass play in my masturbation. I think it would be awesome to do a phone sex call and show you how much I love ass play. My toy box is full of all sizes of dildos and butt plugs and other things for anal penetration. If you are into anal play yourself maybe you have some toys too. There are so many things we can do in a mutual masturbation session. Let’s get together and do an Ass to Mouth Phone Sex session. I bet it would be really HOT!!!

Happy Nude Rear Special
20 minutes /$30
US callers Only!!  Ask 2 Receive

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Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

by daisy on December 28, 2016

I’ve been a very bad Mommy! But what I want to know is, am I alone? You can tell me how much we have in common if you call me for some Mommy Phone Sex.  Do you want to know what I’ve done to be such a bad Mommy.  My dirty little secrets are more taboo than you can even imagine, my love for the little ones is rooted deep and it’s a constant desire of mine.  I am constantly swapping out those little brats and that way I don’t even have to work. I tell them if they want to eat that’s what they have to do and they NEVER object. They know they must listen to Mommy just like my little brothers and sisters did and never tell a soul either.

Mommy Phone Sex

I feel as though every girl needs to learn her place in this world at a very young age and the best way to do that is to throw her into this taboo world of grown men who will make her into a woman. I hope my daughters grow up just like Mommy, getting off to renting out her little ones, and still getting the bills payed. Seriously, how much does it turn you on to know that I sit there and love to watch my precious little offspring sucking your cock like a pro, and even begging for more?

That’s how I raised both the girls and the boys.  They all love to play with P-Daddies like you. There’s nothing wrong with our naughty little fantasy… just like there’s nothing wrong with that fresh, innocent little pussy or dick my little angels have. They’re perfect. Flawless. Don’t you want to use them as much as I do?

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I’m feeling… black pussy phone sex

by Precious on December 28, 2016

I’m feeling myself, and I just might start feeling on you baby. I’m in that kind of a naughty mood tonight. It’s nice and chilly outside and I want to get nice and warm next to you! I want to feel that hard white cock right in my hands baby. I know how to stroke something hard! If your nice to me, I might even pop it right between my big, lips! I know how to work my way around a big lollipop! I know you are in the mood for that black pussy phone sex. Aren’t ya? I like it nasty and dirty baby, just like you.

Those white girls don’t know how to work that cock like a black pussy can! I have the right tight pussy to make that white cock explode all over baby. But my lips are were it’s at. I know just how to suck something big and hard better than any old white girl! I love the taste of a white cock in my chocolate lips!

I want you to slide between my thick, juicy legs and bury that cock deep in my ebony pussy! I want you to give me every, single inch nice and hard. You know my thick ass, legs can take a good pounding from that rock, hard white cock! Put it deep in my black pussy! I want some of that nasty interracial loving! I know you want to give it to be hard baby! Look at how amazing my thighs and that ass looks! It is just so tempting isn’t it baby? Come on, I know you want to try it! Let me give you a little bit of a taste of this delicious and smooth, silky chocolate. Once you go back, well you know the rest of the story baby. You just might get addicted!

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Reese

by reese on December 27, 2016

I didn’t plan on being a cheating pastor’s wife. You know how they say if a woman takes care of her man then he won’t wander?  Well it’s the same for women!  My husband’s too busy saving the souls of his “flock” to take care of business at home. He doesn’t get that the more he neglects me, the more of a phone sex nympho I become.  And since he doesn’t please my juicy sweet cunt…I make him please me other ways. Even if he doesn’t know he’s doing it.

When my credit cards are maxed out I snag his Black AmEx. Shopping is great but it does not satisfy my carnal desires. Hey, if he satisfied me like I needed, I wouldn’t be a cheating wife phone sex whore.  And…this hot housewife wouldn’t need to fuck his “Flock”. The most fun I have is with his assistant pastors when he is out of town. I really love doing them on his desk. I don’t think phone sex is cheating and I love to tell you about my real life cheating wife escapades.

Phone Sex isn’t Cheating

If you had a hot wife to come home to every night….wouldn’t you just fuck her brains out? Wouldn’t you let her climb up on that cock any time she wanted?  Well my husband’s too busy saving souls to notice he has this sweet juicy pussy waiting for him every night.  And hey, I’m a very sexual woman. I NEED to cum EVERY day, 3 times a day! It’s is more important than food for me.

It’s no wonder I’m a cheating wife phone sex whore!  I need to hear a man’s voice whisper in my ear and I thrive on making him moan and beg for me to let him cum.  Maybe you could do this housewife phone sex slut a small favor?  What I’d really love to do, is force him to sit through cuckold phone sex as I get off with you…making you cum for me!!  I need him to watch me be satisfied by your huge cock. Maybe then he’ll get jealous and realize what a hot piece of ass he has!! Call me I have a special 20 minutes for $30 through New Years!

Cheating Pastor’s Wife Reese 888-770-5277


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Little Dick Phone Sex

by Envy on December 27, 2016

You’re just a little bitch with a little dick who needs discipline! Like seriously, you need to be put into your place. Which is below me where you truly belong. I’m tired of you trying to get with me when you clearly have nothing to offer. Your pathetic puny dick does nothing to me. I don’t understand why “men” like you think you’re so great anyway. What do you have to offer me?? Zilch, absolutely nothing. You have to be delusional to think that you could actually satisfy me in the sheets. I’m not one of those girls who fakes orgasms. I’m not going to feel bad for you if you cannot make me cum with your pencil dick. Honestly I think what you need is a painful punishment. The kind of punishment that leaves you feeling sore for days. You don’t like that idea? Too fucking bad because I am SO not in the mood to deal with your persistent ass!

This Goddess doesn’t want a puny little dick!

So for Christmas, Santa brought me a shiny new strapon. It’s massive too, and hasn’t even been used yet. I am thinking that you will be the first for this one. 😉 You might just make me cum really hard this time! Just so you know, I’m not getting off to YOU directly – It’s the control and domination that turns me on. Again, you don’t do anything for me… I love to take control and so that alone makes my pussy become dripping wet. In the process of getting my orgasm(s) you will be crying out in pain and I fucking love that. You don’t deserve to cum with me. Your little dick has gotten you into this position. So I don’t feel sorry for the pain and humiliation that I’m about to inflict on your dumb ass. *kisses* Goddess Envy

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