November 2016

Nasty Phone Sex at OPEN HOUSE!

by sookie on November 30, 2016

I never expected to have Nasty Phone Sex at my neighbors OPEN HOUSE. The house was put up for sale a few weeks ago and it is magnificent. I went over to see the beauty, when I entered the house there were huge ceilings that took my breath away. To the left of me stood a beautiful spiral staircase. My mouth was wide open in disbelieve, this house was absolutely breathtaking.

My focus was broken by the sound of a man’s voice. I walked thru the huge french doors so I could get a better look at him. A handsome thick beast paced on the patio talking on a his cell phone. He was clearly upset about something and it turned me on to watch him. I started rubbing my clit while I hid behind a curtain.

I had Nasty Phone Sex at OPEN HOUSE!

I’m so lost in touching myself that I didn’t notice that the man had disappeared . My heart began to beat faster, I felt his presence behind me. The door was slid open and I was being pushed out into the pool area by my hair. Should I  feel scared or turned on? I tried to pull away from him, but he wouldn’t let me go.

“What were you doing watching me dirty little whore?” as he ripped my shirt off. I had no words, I couldn’t speak. That really drove him crazy, he started squeezing and twisting my nipples. I moaned with pleasure and that was a mistake. He grabbed my throat so hard the pain was unbearable. I tried to scream for help but I was shoved to my knees and his big cock was rammed in my mouth to shut me up! Call me and hear what happens next.


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Teen nympho phone sex Feeling freaky!

by Jessie on November 29, 2016

Looking at my profile you will see that I am such a little teen nympho phone sex. My friends and I love talking about sex and naughty things. Maybe you come spy on my next sleepover and see what we talk about. Sometimes I tell my friends how my Daddy loves to fuck me and shows me lots of new things. What father doesn’t know is that I am addicted to his cock. That’s right I love it when he climbs into bed with me and rubs my clit. I’ve encouraged my friends to have fun with their daddies too.

Since I have your full attention tell, I do guys think about sex just as much as teen nymphos do? My body is just climbing the walls sometimes I sneak into the bathroom to rub one out. I dress like a mature slut even the teachers are taking notice. This week alone I’ve had to stay after class 3 times.

Since the holiday break is almost here and daddy is working long hours to pay for a situation, I got into recently. Wink wink! I’ll just have to stay home in bed and rubthat aching pussy. Go on and fantasize about teen nympho phone sex I’ll be right here waiting for you. Just think of the things that we can do! Daddy says that things are safe until he gets the money for the stuff I need. I’m ready to have the time of my life all the fucking I can handle.

Just pick up the phone and call me. I want to know how horny you are thinking about me. Teen slut with your name written all over you. My pussy is all yours. Don’t wait too long other horny men are looking at me too and I don’t want you to miss a thing.

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Cum slut phone sex Some say i’m so easy!

by andrea on November 28, 2016

Do you love a little pussy play well guess what so do I? Last week someone called me a nasty cum slut phone sex. I just laughed everyone knows that I am. Every little thing seems to get me off, but I get off harder with a cock. That’s why I am addicted to them. After your finished fucking my holes you won’t need a towel I will be happy to lick that cock clean. I love being such a cum slut phone sex. I am totally open to everything there isn’t anything I won’t do.

Come on doesn’t that want to make you fuck this slut? I would love to have the chance to scream your name over and over making your cock so hard. I like it rough so don’t hold back. Go ahead it’s ok to give me all you got. I want you to thrust it into me harder. Rotate your hips and drive it in. I need it rough and unrehearsed just like you do. Stretch my pussy out good! Trust me that your cock will thank you as it slides right in. I can tell you nothing gets me off more than hearing you moan and orgasm right on the phone with me. I bet when you orgasm that cum is just going to drip right out of me. Grab that glass and catch it all I want to drink everything the more, the better.

Go ahead and bury that face right in between my legs. Every whore loves a good pussy eating session. Make sure it’s a 69 position so that I can lick that ass too. If you’re lucky and force me to cum hard enough, I might just give you a good rim job. Don’t let a moment like this pass you by I am ready and horny just for you! I can’t wait to please you so give me a chance. Before you know it, I’ll be begging you to shoot that load deep in my cunt now.

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Family Fun With Mommy Daisy

by daisy on November 28, 2016

I love fooling around and training my 4 daughters. Guy’s love to hear all about it too, and I don’t spare ANY details. Since this subject is SO TABOO (and yummy!) I can’t tell every single little detail here in writing. But lucky for you p cocks, family fun lovers, I am working all week. Let’s do some nasty shit and let’s do it to all 4 of my beautiful, ripe, pink, mini me’s

Family Fun Phone Sex

We’ve been such a loving family for so long it’s just natural for my mini me’s to do all the naughty things you like to do. All those naughty and devious acts that you can’t tell anyone about because they would never understand. hehehehe but we know that Family Fun Phone Sex is where it’s at!  My mini me’s are dressed and waiting right now!

Our special for this month is the November Nutbuster Special where you will get 25 Family Fun Filled minutes for only $40.00. Now isn’t that worth it for all of you PCocks, Family Fun Lovers, and Truly Deviant Minded Men? Call me now so that you can whisper in my ear all the delicious games you want to play with me and the 4 brats. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Dirty Mommy Daisy

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Furry Friend Fucking, Red Rocket Love

by cassia on November 27, 2016

Wanna hear about my Thanksgiving at my friends house?  It involves  Furry Friend Fucking.  My new love, “Red Rockets”.  Oh my God, my pussy and asshole are so sore.   So glad everyone goes to bed early around there.  If anyone would have woke up and walked out into the living room, they would have gotten a huge shock.  Me on all fours with their huge beast “Zeus” banging the shit out of me.  It was amazing.  That Furry Friend Fucking was some of the best dick I’ve had in a very long time. I think it’s time for me to go to the animal shelter and adopt the biggest thing they have out there 😆 

Furry Friend Fucking

Everyone had gone to bed,  I was on the couch watching TV and fingering my pussy.   It started feeling really good so I pulled my pajama bottoms off and scooted down on the edge of the couch and closed my eyes while my fingers fucked my juicy cunt.  The next thing I know, I feel a huge hot tongue on my pussy.  I looked down expecting to see my friend’s husband but no, it was “Zeus” their huge Furry Friend.  His tongue was so amazing, he made me cum quicker than any man ever has.

That must have turned him on even more ’cause he started humping the air.  I got off the couch and got on all fours.  Zeus came up behind me and started fucking me.  He was in such a frenzy that he would fuck my pussy, then miss and hit my ass.  It felt so good when his knot got stuck inside me.  We stayed like that for about 10 minutes and I came like 2 more times all over that huge knot.  Can’t wait to get my own beast.  I’ll be Furry Friend Fucking all the time.


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Spying Mommy Lisa phone sex

by Lisa on November 27, 2016

Where should I begin this story? I have a secret that I have been keeping from everyone. You are the only one I want to share it with right now. I am a spying Mommy Lisa phone sex perv. This is not something that I just stumbled upon. When I was little girl there was a man who would show up every single night outside my bedroom window.
The very first time I noticed him I jumped up from my bed and started to run out of my room. He tapped on the window and then motioned with his finger no, no, no. For whatever reason it stopped me in my tracks. He held up his hand and waved me to come to the window. There was about a 30 to 45 second pause in my reaction to him. Again he gestured for me to come to the window where he was standing.
With each tiny step I took towards him, I started to get very scared. By the time I reached the window where he was standing my heart was beating so fast I could barely catch my breathe. He took 3 steps backwards and I could now see his whole body instead of his head and shoulders.
There before me stood a half undressed grown man. As I stated before I was quite young at that time. I had just began my very first year of public school two weeks earlier. The only other grown man I had seen naked before was my daddy in the shower.

I stood there frozen with some fear and excitement all wrapped up in one. He looked me right in my gazing eyes and pulled on his cock. Not knowing what to do, or say, or if I should turn my head away, I just kept watching. I must have been in a daze because he was now standing back in front of my bedroom window.
Wanna know more? Take a little break and sneak away with your smart phone and check out my website  . Then when you are ready, willing, and able give me call @ 1-888-990-0103. And ask me for my fall fuctacular phone sex special 25 minutes for only $40, good for USA callers must ask for it to get it. Hurry this phone sex special ends soon.
Mommy Lisa


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Dirty Mommy Robin loves Incest Phone Sex

by robin on November 27, 2016

Let’s have some Incest Phone sex today. Dirty Mommy Robin loves Playing with the “Kids”. Wanna come watch or play along with us? Mommy has spent many years of being unsatisfied by a boring husband. All of that is over now. I want to enjoy all of the nasty taboo sex that I can. Sweet delicious cock of all shapes, sizes, colors and hardness! Young cocks, old cocks, all are delicious to me.

More importantly, I want to cum all of the time. I never realized I was this horny before. Now though, I am always rubbing on my hot box, wanting to make my sweet kitty purr. I love it when both the kids are home and their boring father is out of town.

Incest Fantasy Fulfilled

So many dirty thoughts swimming around in my head. Fucking my son is definitely always on my mind. Taking his young hard cock in my mouth. Just the thought of it has my pussy dripping. Maybe sharing my young daughter with you, and my son. Making her do whatever you and Mommy tell her to do. My daughters cunt is the sweetest tasting pussy ever, wouldn’t you like to lick it with me? Her own brother can’t get enough of her sweet pussy.

So many dirty thoughts and fantasies. No, actually fantasies are things that may or may not ever happen. Dirty Mommy Robin makes your most secret Thoughts Become Reality! My goal is to experience every nasty thing there is. To make family sex play a way of life for us. Incest is what we do, all day everyday!

Dirty Mommy Robin 888-990-0096

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Glory Hole Phone Sex Slut

by Alexxx on November 27, 2016

This Glory Hole Phone Sex Slut loves her sex any way she can get it.  From Glory Hole Fucking and Sucking, Stripping, and Phone Sex. I am that girl that just has to have that cock. Again no shame here. If it feels good do it.

I love my job as a stripper. I can usually get plenty of cock that way. But every so often there is a slow period and I get creative and walk down to the Adult book store and visit the Glory Holes. They know me there so I seem to draw a crowd when I come in. All the better.

I am creative when it comes to fucking and sucking. Stripping is my main thing but damn those glory holes are just as good for a nameless faceless fuck. When inhibitions are gone the sex can be amazing.

That goes for phone sex fucking too. You can let your imagination run wild when you know anything goes. NO restrictions, No limits, and NO inhibitions. Just raw SEX. That’s the way I love it. How about you? Are you ready to share your wildest fantasies and fetishes with me? You will blow your load so hard it will blow your mind. This Glory Hole Phone Sex Slut wants you to Cum with Me right now.

~ AleXXX~

Catch our November Special Rate before it’s Gone
25 minutes just $40
US Callers Only… Must ask 2 Receive
Cum beat your meat with Me Baby!!! 

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I need Hardcore Phone Sex in my LIFE!

by nichole on November 27, 2016

When I say Hardcore Phone Sex I mean it! I can’t stand a motherfucker that can not fuck me like I want to be fucked. I’m far from boring, that’s why I know what kind of of man I need. Cry baby bitches please don’t even cum my way! I need a cock strong beast that can twist me up, down and all around. I want my hips to ache with pain hours after we’ve fucked.

The rougher the better if you ask me! Smack my ass, pull my hair, smack me in my dick sucking lips. I want it all, give it to me baby! I need a man to take control of this pussy and own it. Fuck me like my cunt is the last one you’ll ever have. I’m your little sex puppet and I’m here to play!

I want some Hardcore Phone Sex right now!

Shove all that wood down my throat, I can take it. I like it real nasty daddy and I know you do to so why don’t you call me and let’s start this freak show. It’s been a little to long since I had a real deal pounding. I need Hardcore Phone Sex in my life like a fish needs water. My pussy is jumping right now thinking about you beating this pink little whole out the frame.

Let’s not wait any longer baby! Dial (877)424-8242 so that we can fulfill each others needs and desires. I know your wife doesn’t let you be the animal that you are but I can take all that dick for you with no problems.

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Rape Fantasy Phone Sex…Do You Have One?

by betty on November 26, 2016

I have this hot fantasy.  Can you help me?  I fantasize about having a man break in to my home.  While I’m sleeping soundly he watches me.  His eyes roaming over my exposed flesh.  When I finally wake my hands are tied above my head.  I panic when I feel weight shift the bed.  He is staring at me, his fingers gliding over my skin.  I struggle against the binds while my heart beats against my chest.  I know he is going to defile me.   When I look over he is slowly removing his clothing.  He tells me if I stop struggling this can be a enjoyable experience.  I don’t want to be hurt so I still my body.  

Rape Fantasy Phone Sex…Do You Have One

I have fantasized about this but a Rape Fantasy is something I never thought would happen to me.  My mind wanders as I go over the fantasy in my head.  Him licking and sucking my body as I try to stifle my moans.  I know I shouldn’t be enjoying this but my body is responding.  I feel liquid pool between my legs.  His hand dips between my legs coming out covered in the proof I am enjoying this.  He brings his fingers to my lips, working it into my mouth I suck.  His cock is rock hard against my thigh.  He nudges my legs apart before slamming inside me.  I feel an orgasm building in my body.  It isn’t going to be long before I actually cum on my rapist.  When I go over the top I feel him jerk out pouring his seed over my cunt.  I’m totally spent.  I feel my body floating before I drift to sleep.  

The next morning when I wake I wonder if it was all a dream.  I walk to the bathroom where I can feel the proof, sticky between my thighs.  This Rape fantasy Phone Sex has became a reality.

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