October 2016

Robin Loves Boy Juice

by robin on October 31, 2016

Mommy Robin has needs that need to be satisfied. A need for some virile young cock. Robin Loves Boy Juice. Any cock will not do today. I need it young and smooth. Hairless cock. Perhaps small but still growing. Standing up so proud and tall ready to shoot a huge load of little boy juice for Mommy. That is what I need, now just to go find the little boy who can deliver….

The trick or treaters will be coming around tonight. I always host a “Haunted Garage” for the neighborhood kiddos. I used to do it for my kids when they were younger. Not real scary, but dark and creepy. A few of the older boys will always come help while I am getting it all set up.

Hairless and Delicious!

Hairless cocks just make my pussy so wet. Last year one of the boys got a real treat when I invited him to the attic to help me get the decorations down. I caressed his crotch, unzipped his jeans and licked that hairless cock until it exploded boy juice all down my throat! I can still taste that sweet boy in my naughty mouth. Yummy!

Wanna taste some boy juice yourself, or just watch me gulp it down? Give me a call for the best MILF Mommy Phone Sex Ever!

Mommy Robin @PurrfectlyNaughty.com 888-990-0096

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Anal fucking phone sex Trick or Treat!

by Jessie on October 31, 2016

Anal fucking phone sex don’t you want a sweet piece of this ass? I know that’s exactly what you think about.  Just one time wouldn’t you love to grab my ass bend me over and fuck the hell of me? I love it when a man takes control. Some sluts need a good hard fuck to show them who is the boss.

Just like last week when my teacher held me after class.  I sort of mouth off because of my F, so he shut the door and made me get down on my knees and take it all.  When that cock is wet enough, he bent me over my own desk and gave me a real anal fucking phone sex.  I took that whole 9’inches just like the whore that I am.  It’s so hard to talk when your ass is being pounded all I could do was moan. I even felt myself squirt.

I just imagine right about now you are taking that cock right out of those pants. You could even pick up the phone and give me a ring.  I’d love to hear you stroking that cock.  There is no other sound like it around just knowing that you are stroking to my pictures makes me so horny. If you are lucky, I might even join you and grab a dildo and do that anal fucking phone sex right on the phone.   You can give me the orders on how hard to fuck myself.  Maybe I should do a role play reversal and fuck your ass with a strap on.  I love being so kinky!

Sit back and think about what you want to do! Then pick up that phone and call.  The pleasure is all mine with this anal fucking. I can fuck you or myself and send that cock right over the edge. While the goblins are out having their Halloween fun, you can be having your own trick or treat with me!

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Halloween!  Mommy’s favorite holiday of the year where parents teach the little ones to approach strangers!  All night tonight, Mommy will be bombarded with little dressed up angels!  A P-Mommy’s dream come true!  Those sweet little ones dressed up.  Mommy has a special bag of treats for the little ones she wants to play with.  Here little angel, eat a piece of this special candy!  Once she’s drowsy then Daddy will come out so we can have some fun having Age Play Phone Sex!

Age Play Phone Sex 

Think of all the things Mommy and Daddy can teach this little one… Just think, she won’t be missed for hours!  So lets get to playing with this sweet drugged angel.  We have plenty of time to play with her…make sure the record button is pressed!  I want to watch this over and over.  Lick on that sweet bald cunny until you’ve had your fill!  She isn’t going to remember much…only that she’s really sore between her little thighs!  

Maybe you want a little clit stick to suck on, there are plenty of little men running around!  Mommy loves putting a hot little cock in her mouth. Want to watch?  Look how he pumps his little hips in to Mommy’s mouth.  I think he likes it Daddy!  Maybe I’ll make him cum for the first time, right on my lips!  He’ll never forget this Halloween for sure!  There isn’t anything this Dirty Mommy won’t do!  I have no limits and absolutely nothing is too “tiny.”  Let’s celebrate the holiday together!

You need to cum in one of these special angels!  Call Mommy Daisy for some Halloween fun tonight!  ~Age Play Phone Sex~ 

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Submissive Slut Elle’s Day at the Gym

by elle on October 30, 2016

Your Submissive Slut Elle is so happy to be back! So happy some of my guys have found me again and hoping the rest of my good old timers find me soon! Ahhhh, the good ole days. I’ve kept myself in great shape by going to the gym just for you!

I used to just lay around looking pretty, waiting for the phone to ring. Kind of like now! LOL Went to the gym early today and saw this body building couple working out. Couldn’t help but have some naughty thoughts while I was on the stair climber. Just imaging what that HULK of a man could do to my sweet bones! And my sweet pussy of course.

Just another day at the gym!

I imagined him being rabid and tearing my clothes off with his teeth. Pawing at me with those huge hands. Licking me, sucking me all over. When the other rabid men tried to get a taste he would knock them out of the way with a mere swipe of his huge biceps.

His girlfriend got a bit jealous and came over to get a taste. The hulk let her nibble a bit but kept his catch mainly for himself. He knocked her out of the way when she began nibbling a bit too much.

Needing to completely devour me slowly and privately he carried me off to his lair. Naked, sobbing, and freezing he took pity on me and wrapped those huge arms around me as if to comfort me and keep me warm.

I awoke to his huge throbbing cock penetrating me. Almost ripping me in two with the shear width of his manhood. His teeth bit at the flesh of my beautiful breasts until they were bleeding and mangled. As my pussy began to orgasm, my belly was quivering from the inside out. As I came, he snapped my neck with two fingers before I became his dinner.

Best workout I’ve had all week. How about you boys?

Sinfully, Elle

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Reese Rides the New Neighbor

by reese on October 29, 2016

I’ve been stalking this guy but now Reese is ready to Ride the New Neighbor. Stalking has not paid off so I am going to have to pay this man a visit. It’s the Neighborly thing to do. 

This sexy new guy moved in next door and I have been wearing out the binoculars on his naughty ass! Stalking this new guy has become my latest obsession but I am ready to take it to the next level.

Stalking the New Neighbor is Not Enough!

He seems like a lonely man from what I have observed so far. No visitors, no phone calls. All he does is work out and sit at the computer. His bedroom is across from mine and I have been undressing with the blinds up for a week. I don’t even think he has noticed. I think he needs a little fun in his life. I am going to help him out with a housewarming party of my own.

Wearing the sexiest little number I own and 4 inch heels,  how can he possibly resist? Of course, there is nothing underneath but my bald sweet snatch! Reese is going to ride this new neighbor all over his big house! I’ll be home later and I’d love to share all the Naughty details with you!

Reese 888-77-5277

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My gangbang phone sex Halloween party is on!!!

by savannah on October 29, 2016

I dressed up in my slutty finest, rocking my short skirt that barely covered my smooth pink velvet pussy.  My hair was in pigtails and I reeked of vintage “Love’s Baby Soft” cologne. I licked my cotton candy glossed lips as I knocked on his door. I knew that Daddy Sam would be so surprised that I showed up for Tricks or Treats at his party.

His eyes lit up when he saw me.  His hand slipped up under my skirt and he smiled when he found his treat.  I knew what he had planned for me tonight and my clitty was buzzing in excitement.  Big Daddy loves sharing his ageplay phone sex slut with the entire neighborhood.  It’s always our favorite game on his calls.  Tonight is extra special though. After the brats are in bed,  Daddy S is inviting all of the men on the block over for some gang bang phone sex fun. Evil spirits and cum are gonna fly tonight!!! We will be playing all of your favorite Halloween games followed by a freaky no-limits seance, sure to make your cock rise from the dead.

Meanwhile, my job is to knock on every door and hand out special invites to the party.  No one is dropping candy in my “pump-kin” though. I am the candy. And I know every man out there will be reaching for a hand full of my goodies.  Better cum join us for the best candy on the block. We’ll be playing my favorite Halloween game tonight…Bobbing for penis…and I know how much you love that game!!!! Will I make you scream first or will I be doing the screaming?  Happy Halloween!!!!

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I had a caller ask me about “training” the little ones today.  He was curious about how I get them loving p cocks.  It’s all about timing and having a loving hand.  You start them sucking on the tip of the cock as early as possible.  Get them use to that smooth sensitive skin gliding between their pink lips.  You put a little bit of flavor on that cock and they will suck until they get that creamy goodness.  

Extreme Age Play Training

Then he asked how I get the p cocks to slide in to their little bitty pussies.  Well that’s training as well, think of all the fun!  You start dilating their little cunt holes when they are sooo small.  It’s easiest to start with you pinky finger then work up over the weeks and months until you can get two fingers in.  Make sure to stroke their little clits and before you know it, they will be thrusting on to you.  They wiggle their little hips to get closer to you, sliding up and down, working towards something…they just don’t know what!

The angels love playing so try playing games with them.  Tell them whoever milks your white love juice first gets a toy!  They will absolutely exhaust themselves trying to get it!  There isn’t another P Mommy around who knows how to work the little angels like me.  The first orgasm with them is so special.  Do you want to be the P-Daddy who loves them to cumming on you?  Call Dirty Mommy Daisy today for Extreme Age Play Phone Sex! 


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Bukkake phone sex Come give me a facial

by andrea on October 27, 2016

I’m that dirty little whore your mother warned you about. Go ahead and get all your friends on standby because this nasty bitch is all for bukkake phone sex. I have fantasized about this day more than you could ever know. Watch how I drop to my knees in my wading pool awaiting my reward. I stripped my clothes off, dropped down with my legs wide open and my mouth open so wide. Do you think you can get it all in? Maybe you get turned on watching it dribble down my face. Anything we do will be our little secret!

We can have your friends worked up and ready to fuck me. Their cocks stand above me so hard dripping that sweet precum. Just one little lick and this whore is hooked. I could even make you popular at my bukkake phone sex parties I’m always looking for a master.  Who wouldn’t want to be your friend when you have a dirty whore who will do anything in a gang bang. I know you’re just dying to see how far I will take it. My pussy needs fucked raw, and my mouth needs as much cum as you can. Now you see how nasty I am.  If you’re feeling lucky, I just may allow you to kiss me and taste. 

Now what will it take for you to call? I can give you the best image of me in my little pool sliding from one cock to another. My mouth open wide, deep throating them,  gagging all the way down. Every little drop that falls I will bend over cleaning it all up. Oh, I bet right now your stroking that cock fantasizing about those men dumping that cum all over me. You see it sliding down my tits covering my face and of course me licking it all up.
So grab a phone and give me a call I bet my slurping and gagging noises are going to push you right over that edge. Don’t stroke it all without me my face needs that load for bukkake phone sex.

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Strapon humiliation phone sex

by Envy on October 27, 2016

You deserve to learn a lesson with the help of my strapon humiliation phone sex! Its insane for you to think that I would actually put any of my holes on your “cock” umm… is that even a real cock between your legs? Hell no! It must be a clit instead because its so fucking small. You are so delusional to come over here and ask me to give you a suck and fuck… Like, are you kidding me, bitch?? A dildo could do so much better at pleasing me. I don’t understand how “men” like you live with your pathetic selves. Seriously, a strapon would do a MUCH better job. Don’t believe me? Oh, you’ll soon see what I mean!

 Like I said before, you deserve to learn a fucking lesson. There’s no way you’re going to fuck me OR ANY girl for that matter with your tiny ding-a-ling. I’m going to ingrain that into your head so no girl has to go through this shit. The best way to do that? Well step right up and bend the fuck over! I’m going to plow your bitch-ass with my strapon humiliation. This is the way it should be and not the other way around. There is no ‘fucking’ that you will be doing. Its only me and my thick strapon who will be doing that stuff. Little shits like you have to learn the hard way. That’s just the way it is when you think your dick is the shit but in reality it actually isn’t! So yeah, I told you to bend over. I’m lubing this bad boy up and then it’s time for you to get a spoonful of medicine. I am only doing thing in your best interest. You must learn what you truly are – that being a small dick loser!

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Dirty Cocksucking Phone Sex With Daddy

by kira on October 26, 2016

.My daddy would be very angry with me if he knew that i was telling everyone about our dirty encounters! I guess you could say that he made me his dirty cocksucking phone sex slut at a very young age!

When daddy would go out of town on the weekends, mommy would go out and party with her friends. I would be at home all alone when daddy would call.

At first, he would ask where mommy was, but after a while I think that he figured it out and just gave up on the hope that she would be there. That’s when things really took a turn for me. I could tell that he was nervous at first to ask me if I would do some cocksucking phone sex with him. I told him that it was ok and that I wanted to please my daddy!

Cocksucking Phone Sex

My daddy left town quite a bit, one thing is for sure, I could always count on that dirty phone sex call with him. He would tell me all the naughty things that he was gonna do to my little body. Daddy even threw in a rape fantasy for me to ponder! I was going to take his cock deep down my throat and gag on it till he came in my mouth.

One day when mommy was away, daddy and I were home alone. He called me into his bedroom and asked me if I was ready to make all of our naughty phone stories cum to life. I was shocked to hear daddy say that he really wanted to do a rape fantasy on my little body!

Daddy then grabbed me by my hair and started to shove his big hard throbbing cock down my throat! I was choking and gagging so much!!! Daddy then started playing with my other fuck holes, telling me how he was gonna put all his cum inside each and every one of them!

After daddy was done filling up all my fuckholes with his cum. Daddy made me swear to not tell anyone about our dirty cocksucking phone sex fantasy! I promised my daddy I wouldn’t so please don’t tell him after you read this! But you can call me and tell me all your dirty fantasies. just like daddy did! Don’t forget  to ask about the special!!

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