September 2016

Super Wet Morning Phone Sex With Daddy

by Kara on September 30, 2016

Daddy and I take turns waking each other up in the mornings! No better way to start the day, than riding Daddy’s cock! I absolutely love to wake up to Daddy’s hard cock, thrusting my tiny teen pussy! My pussy is warm and ready to take all of him. He knows just how to make his little princess cream! I can’t be loud, because mommy will hear. He places his hand over my mouth as his hard cock slides in deep. I moan into his hand and cum so hard all over his pulsing rod! He flips me over and pounds my tiny ass hole even harder… I drip cum all over the floor as he pounds away at my hole… Daddy sees the mess I’ve made and forces my head down to the floor to lick it up! I make sure to lick it clean! I don’t want to leave any trace of my naughty side, for mommy to see. 

I’m a good girl, always taking care of Daddy, just like a Daddy’s princess should… He licks my young pussy and caresses me as he licks my pussy clean. We leave no evidence for mommy to see!*giggles* 

Daddy is my one and only favorite morning bang! He knows his princess is always willing to please and ready to cum! Shh.. Mommy doesn’t have a clue.. I think I get off harder knowing she might find out!

My favorite time is when he crawls in bed with me, right about the time the sun is comes up, mommy is in the shower and we come so hard together! 

Morning sex with Daddy is the best!


20 Minutes for 30 bucks! USA only! Ask to receive! 


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Cum Slut Reese is ready to play!

by reese on September 29, 2016

This MILF needs some Cock to suck and CUM to guzzle. Cum Slut Reese at your service. Just thinking about sucking your cock gets this cum slut’s pussy just dripping! I just got home from a girls day shopping and getting my hair and nails done. Could not wait to get home and pull out the new toys I bought myself. Now I need a playmate.

My hubby is out of town as always. So I am free to satisfy myself any way I see fit. And I think it would be great if you would let me suck your cock until you cum all over me. Choke me, gag me make me drunk on your cum baby! That’s my idea of fun. How about you? Tell me your deepest darkest fantasies and I’ll tell you mine!

Reese wants to be your Cum Slut!

Whether it be fantasies, fetishes, anything that gets your cock hard. No don’t have any restrictions or taboos. Whatever feels good do it, is my motto. And do it again and again and again. Reese is ready to rock your cock baby. Call now.

Pick up the phone and lets get off together. I have my toys right here. I need to hear your voice, the sound of you stroking, your moans, and then I want to squirt with you when you shoot your load. We can get off over and over again. I am the perfect Cum Slut for you. We can talk about anything.

Call me now and you have to ask for my specal Thursday through Monday only!

Reese 888-770-5277


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Young Voice Phone Sex

by billie on September 29, 2016

Sometimes you just need a little cutie to have young voice phone sex with!  Just wait until you hear mine!  You are going to adore my sweet little southern voice, Your cock is gonna be so big and hard as soon as you hear me giggle – and I do it a lot.   I just know that we are gonna have the most fun ever! 

My little voice is perfect for age play and playing with daddy!  I have no limits whatsoever, so just let me know what you wanna do with me – I’m all yours!  It’s so much fun to hear all about what you need to do with a sweet girl like me. I know that a tight, bald little cunt is what make you hard.  Do you need me to be your young little slut?  I know your cock will get so hard while I slide my hands in my pretty pink panties and tease my little pussy for you. It gets so creamy and sticky.  Doesn’t that just drive you crazy?  Just imagine sliding your big, hard dick into my tight little pussy! It’s gonna feel so good when you stretch it out for me. Then pound it so hard that I’m screaming your name while I squirt my pussy juice all over that big hard rod! 

You are gonna love young voice phone sex with me! 

So what turns you on?  Do you need a good little daddy’s girl – a little virgin who will do anything to please daddy?  Or, do you need a filthy little slut who can’t get enough dick?  I can be anything you want!!  This is all about you, and I aim to please.  So use my young voice to make all your fantasies cum true!  I’m gonna make you explode in ways you never thought possible.  All you have to do is call me! 1-888-330-1230

Your Sweet Girl,

Billie  1-888-330-1230

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interracial slut phone sex black is better!

by andrea on September 29, 2016

I love being an interracial slut phone sex. Nothing gets me off hotter than a black man with a huge dick.  My brother hates me now he came home and caught me sucking off a black man.  That dick was so big my tiny white lips seem to glide all around that mushroom head.  I just looked like I needed to be a part of that BBC dick.

I let my bf fuck me raw, I am hoping that me being an interracial slut phone sex doesn’t get me knocked up but if it does I’ll have a little slut for breeding.   No white jocks could get me as wet as these BBC.  It was only by accident that I had my first.  I was drinking at party and my boring white bf told me to meet him in a bedroom. The lights were out I had no idea who was in there before I knew it I was being an interracial slut phone sex.  he fucked me harder than any other man had, his big fat black cock just tore up my innocent white cunt.  It was right then and there I knew that black cock was going to be my choice from here on out.

Daddy had disowned me after my brother told him about my interracial slut phone sex fucking.  Maybe I mean how could they disown me its cock, don’t they want their little brat to be happy? I truly think brother is mad cause I told him his cock wasn’t big enough for me anymore.  I preferred the darker meat.  Daddy gave me an order that If I was going to be a whore with black men I needed to find a new place to live.  So I up and moved in with total black stranger and he told me to live there I need to fuck his friends all the time.  His friends love getting off on white sluts just as myself.  I guess that’s what I get for loving that BBC cock.

Now if you have a thick BBC cock and love white chicks then I expect my phone to be ringing! Psst,  I can’t wait to talk to you!

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You’re MY Pain Slut!

by Envy on September 29, 2016

You get to be my pain slut this evening! I’m so happy you showed up. I have been in one hell of a grumpy mood today. But with some stroke of luck, maybe you can ease my grumpiness… We”ll see about that anyway! I am looking for a dirty little bitch who can take some serious pain! I’m talking CBT and who knows what else I have planned up my sleeve. >:}

So don’t come knocking at my door if you expect me to be kind towards you. FUCK THAT! I would much rather treat you like the dirt that you truly are. You are so pathetic. You’re not even good enough for my pussy or any other woman’s pussy. All you are good for is serving my needs and being my pain slut! Seriously, I’m not going to be nice to you, so get that in your head already. I have all the tools I need to get started. Rope, restraints, toys, whips, and so much more. You wish this were only a dream, but this is going to become VERY much reality. I want to actually hear you cry. I want to see you wince in pain. There’s so much fun to be had, I’m fucking serious, bitch. I want to take that smirk off your face and replace it with tears and bruises. Must I remind you that I am already in a bad mood? It seems like you don’t learn. We’ll see if you learn better when I put your body through some serious hell. I can’t wait to put you through pain and then make you beg for more as you cry like a bitch. Doesn’t that sound sooo exciting?! It certainly excites me at least!

I can’t wait to finally make you MINE. You will recognize me as your devilish Goddess Envy 

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Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex, Fuck Me Daddy

by cassia on September 28, 2016

I’ve always been into Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex.  Why wouldn’t I be?  Daddy’s cock is the first one I ever sucked and he popped my cherry when I was very young.  Me and daddy always had fun when mommy was away.  My daddy taught me to be the toilet whore I am today.  Thank you daddy.  I remember all those nights cuddling by the fireplace and all the things we would do under the covers while mommy was sitting on the sofa reading a book.  I don’t know what she was reading, but she was oblivious to the things we were doing haha.  He would have his fingers all in my bald little pussy.  This went way back to before I got hair or tits.  I used to love the attention my daddy showed me.  I guess mommy wasn’t given him the attention he needed, but I was more than willing.  When she would doze off, I would go under the covers and suck daddy’s cock until it was throbbing and seeping precum.  His cock is massive.  Then daddy would scoop me up and perch me right on top of his huge rod and slowly lower me onto him.  I can still feel how good it felt to have my tiny bald pussy stretched and overly filled by my daddy’s cock.

Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex

Recently, mommy had to go out of town to take care of my sick aunt and daddy was home all alone.  He called me to see if I could come and visit for a few days.  My pussy immediately throbbed at the thought of my daddy’s huge cock so of course I said yes.  We fucked all over the house all weekend long.  My poor cunt is so sore from daddy’s huge cock. 

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Too Young Phone Sex

by maddie on September 28, 2016

Yeah I’m technically too young but what does it matter when no one has to find out! I’m very good at keeping a secret. Ever since I can remember I have always been a daddy’s girl. I love pleasing him in every single way. He lets me have fun with other boys and also his friends…. Hehe, I mean ESPECIALLY his friends! Since mom isn’t really in the picture anymore, it’s just me and my daddy. I think she left because she knew that I was better than her. That’s what my Daddy tells me anyway! I can totally believe it though. She was no match with my tight little body. Daddy would even tell me that he imagines fucking my little body while he’s inside mommy. How dirty is that, huh?? Hehe I love knowing about it! It makes my bald pussy so tingly and wet. So much so that I end up playing with myself. Then I am moaning for Daddy to come to my bedroom. He knows when he hears me moan that his attention is very much needed.

Just like last night, I was so close to creaming my tiny panties, and that’s when he came into my bedroom. I knew he wanted me just like I wanted him so badly. Daddy knows that I am too young but he doesn’t care. Love is love. No matter the age difference! No grown woman can get him off as hard as I can anyway. And yes of course I’m proud of that fact! So I’m sharing myself with you tonight instead. It’s what my Daddy wants while he is out of town for the night. It’s okay if you think I’m too young, it’s the truth! But I’m not going to tell a soul about all those dirty things you’re aching to do to me. It’s our naughty secret. Make my Daddy happy and call me!

Cutie Pie, Maddie

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Accomplice rape fantasy phone sex

by liv on September 28, 2016

Do you need a freak that can be your partner and fulfill your nasty little accomplice rape fantasy phone sex?  You’re in perfect luck because I got exactly what you need.  I am a filthy little cunt that loves mutilation of little brats and bucks.

I appositely despise those things; those brats think they are all that but, once they get with me their whole mood changes.  They are no longer sweet innocent, to be honest, they will be lucky to live even through it all.   Examine my shop of toys I can bet you have never seen Arsenal like this.  I have every kind of knife, blade and of course some downright hardcore torture tools.  I take this accomplice rape fantasy phone sex seriously don’t you?

The best thing about killing those ugly bitches is to watch the life drain right out of their eyes.  It seems to get so wet when I see that stone cold dead look.  I think back to my very first victim.  My mouth waters when I drift off and remember the things I did to her.  First, I picked up on a dark, lonely little park she had escaped the family, and there was apb all out for her.  So I scoured the area I was in luck I had reached her first.  She was tiny of course creamy white skin.  I drugged and first violated her with a carrot then I continued with different fruits moving up to my favorite dildo.

Oh did I mention she had to lick each one clean?  While I fucked her with toys I grabbed my pliers and ripped off her clit then I moved right into those little nipples and with each tear I felt my own body becoming excited.  That’s when I knew I was born to be an accomplice rape fantasy bitch.   By the time, I was finished it seem to be a complete blood bath.

Do you think you can handle my repulsive accomplice rape fantasy phone sex? I dare you to give me a call. Don’t be surprised when you are captivated like myself and  find out you like it.

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Krack Ho Krystal Family Fun Phone Sex

by Krystal on September 28, 2016

Mommy has needs and right now I need my candy! If I don’t get high soon, I swear I will go crazy so you all know what that means right? It means that all these fucking brats are about to get to working those asses so Mommy can get her fix! I’ve been on the phone all day long, setting up appointments, these little brats will be fucked raw by the end of it but I don’t give a fuck, that’s the whole reason I had them in the first place.

The first one that’s coming, he’s bringing me a big fat rock so he can spend some time with my littlest brat. Family Fun Phone Sex.  I’m going to get high as fuck while he touches every inch of her sweet little body and then I’ll watch him fuck her hard. He loves it when I hold her down and roughly spread her legs for him, he fucks that sweet little bald cunt until she screams then he shoots all over her tiny face. Next is the boy lover, he is actually very sweet to my little man so he loves his visits, he brings me lots money and spends the whole time he’s there just sucking my little guys sweet little cock, the brat doesn’t have to do anything but lay there until the end when he swallows his cum like a good boy.

Family Fun Phone Sex

Anyway, I am off to hit that pipe real quick, if you wanna hear what’s going on at my house give me a call. Right now US callers can get 30 minutes of family fun phone sex for only $50 but you better hurry, that price won’t last forever.

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Seductive Babysitter, Karis

by karis on September 27, 2016

Naughty & Seductive Karis loves being the babysitter!

You love it when I get to come over to look after your son. He’s a really good boy. I’m usually left alone while he plays upstairs. It’s a good thing you came home early tonight, because that means we can spend some extra time together before my dad picks me up.

So I have been working for you for a while now. It’s great that you like having me over so much. It must be difficult, not having a mommy for your son, at least sometimes. It’s cool if you want to talk about it! Honestly, we can talk about whatever you want. I am all ears. 🙂 There’s no need being shy around me when I already feel so comfortable around you. I know you must be stressed out a lot. Well I saw some wine in your fridge. Why don’t you go grab the wine and two wine glasses. It’s okay, I won’t tell my dad! Plus he lets me drink sometimes anyway hehehe. Sit down with me. Let’s drink and talk for a while. Yes, I’m your babysitter but I am also your friend! Just because I’m a bit younger than you doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Your son was napping the last time I check on him. So he probably won’t be coming down stairs anytime soon.

Truthfully speaking, I really like you – a lot. Being even more truthful… I’m glad you’re not married right now. I just think if you had a wife then she would be way jealous of me lol. I’m not sure if you feel the same way but I think that I could be your girl. Hehe who are we kidding here! Maybe it’s the wine talking but you can’t take your eyes of my body. How about we have some fun before my daddy gets here? No one has to know. It’s just you and me right now. 

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