August 2016

Happy Humpday!! How about celebrating with me?  I think some Nasty Hardcore Dildo Play Phone Sex would be perfect.  I love toying in my cooze and my tight asshole.  I get off sooo good with a dildo shoved in both holes.  There’s nothing like having both glory holes being drilled hard at the same time.  I have a secret.  I just ordered a fucking machine that you can attach two dildos to.  Now I can lay back and have extremely Nasty Hardcore Dildo Play Phone Sex.  I can’t wait.  Until then, I’ll make do lol. I would love to put on a fantasy show for you.  You can fuck me with one in my luscious wet cunt while I drill away at my tight little asshole with the other. Then, we can switch.  Oooooh baby, can’t you just picture that?  How great I would look with two dildos fucking me at the same time?  By all means, please join in.  I don’t want to be the only one having fun.  Match me stroke for stroke.  I want to hear your heavy breathing with mine.  Let’s do this together.  I wanna be fucked really hard.  I want, no, I NEED Nasty Hardcore Dildo Play Phone Sex.  Take that dildo out my cunt and let me suck and lick all my juices off of it, then shove it back in. ALL the way in.  Oh yes,that’s what I need right now.  I need it hard, really hard.  My cunt is throbbing just waiting for you to call.  I’m playing in my pussy right now.  Call me and listen to me moan for you as I prime both holes for the inevitable Nasty Hardcore Dildo Play Phone Sex.  Don’t wait or waste your time with girls who pretend.  Let’s fuck right now.

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Best Cocksucking Phone Sex

by Vikki on August 29, 2016

Best Cocksucking phone sex. I am a slave to cock. I will never deny my love of cock. I have been a slut all my life. Going back to when I saw my first cock. I knew I had to touch, lick it, suck it, and fuck it. When I became a Mom and had a son it became even more of an obsession. I think you can imagine I felt like I was in heaven. As my obsession grew and my son got older it just all came together. He became well aware of my needs and discovered how to use them to get exactly what he wanted. Now I am a slave to his and all of his friend’s cocks. Life is Great. But my obsession is even stronger than ever. I want cock 24/7. I am a whore for it. So I need your help. I would very much love for you to use me for your Pleasure. Give me your Cock any way you want. I will be grateful to have as much cock as you can give me. You will find me to be the best Milf Cocksucker and fucker around. Mommy Vikki is addicted to cock. So bring your Cock to Mommy Vikki for complete satisfaction. A Slave to Cock .. I need to feed my Addiction.  Cum and get the Cocksucking phone Sex around. You won’t regret it.

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Sunbathing Phone Sex

by maddie on August 29, 2016

Since school has started I have been catching sun rays when I come home! I try not to stay out for too long but sometimes it’s a little more fun than intended. What I’m talking about is something really naughty. But I guess naughty kinda fits me, doesn’t it? Lol. Yeah, well, the other day I caught my neighbor watching me while sunbathing. I mean it was bad enough that he was watching me but I was also topless! My parents weren’t home so I decided to take the advantage. It made me wonder how many times he had been watching me without my knowledge. So was I just going to stand for that?? Heck no! I put my little bikini top back on and I marched over to the fence. I told him to come closer.

Yes I was pissed at first but I thought to myself why not have some fun in the moment?! He looked so nervous and obviously embarrassed. I was giggling the whole time honestly. He said that he was extremely sorry. Ha. Did I care? Not really. So I told him to hop over my fence if he didn’t want to get in trouble. My parents were gone and his wife out grocery shopping. It was the perfect time to get up to something really naughty.

My neighbor followed me to my bedroom upstairs. He shut the door behind him and I tuned around to take my bikini top off once again. I said to him that I knew he wanted to have a better look up close. Lol he froze at first while I stood in front of him. The giggling ensued again… So of course I had to take my bikini bottoms off! He was obviously so hard and ready to ram my hot little body. I bet you can guess what we did before my mom and dad got home!

 Naughty Girl Maddie

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Sensual Domme Phone Sex

by Envy on August 28, 2016

Craving a Domme on the sensual side? Come meet me in the shower. That’s where I think you’ll be of good use. I’ve been out all day today. First thing in the morning I did my daily run. Then I had to hurry up, get dressed, and run all sorts of important errands. I haven’t had my shower yet so that’s why you’re here. You can take the shower head and wash my body from head to toe with it. That won’t be the only thing I have you do for me tonight though! This is Sensual Domme Phone Sex for a reason. I will make you wash me down with a rag, in every crevice… I think you would also look quite nice on your knees behind me. Yes, I believe you can get a better clean using your wet tongue. Slip it into my crack going all the way down to my cunt.

Let the water from the shower hit me in those sweet and sensitive spots too. I want to see what you can do with that water hose and your eager mouth. Do a good job or I’ll be forced to throw you out of the house with your lonesome boner! You wouldn’t want that now would you? So get to work. On your knees, boy! Maybe if you can make Goddess cum then I *might* allow you the honor of cumming in the shower. Not gonna lie – There’s a good chance that I’ll have you eat it after you jizz all over yourself. Hahaha hey you have to play by my rules! It’s either that or you have to scram. But I know you’re aching, that you’re just dying to cum while we’re in the shower together.

Ask Goddess nicely for the Back 2 Screw special. 30 minutes for $50 get it while it lasts, USA callers. 

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Dirty little whore phone sex Try me out!

by Jessie on August 28, 2016

I know your deep dark secrets you crave a dirty little whore phone sex.  some tell me I am sweet young and very on
impressionable. All this gives me the ability to do anything that you need me to do. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I am a total freak. I have no restrictions, no taboo my nickname is try anything Jessie.  Now If that doesn’t make your dick come to the attention, you better look at my pictures some more.

I love hearing about how you want me to role play that sweet little slut next door. I really get into that, and I will definitely push those limits. Though whatever you want to me to I’m sure that I will just love it. Pick up the phone and enjoy my little cunny, see how it just calls your name. I have the cutest body with all the right curves. Let me say if you haven’t called me in a while then you should now because I’m a dirty little whore phone sex. One cock is never enough. I can’t wait to feel your big cock stretching out my cunt.

So what fantasy do you have nagging in the back of your mind? Come on I know we all have them. My personal favorite is the slut next door. I love eating her little cunt one man paid real big to see me get off with her.  Don’t be shy; I know you would love to see it. Let me know a little about what you want and we can play out your vision. I love to ask questions to get a better idea of what you like
so I can make each call great.  If you can’t think of one specific it’s ok, I got several I can share. That’s the best part about having a dirty little whore phone sex at your fingertips.


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Forbidden Mutual Masturbation

by karis on August 26, 2016

Mutual masturbation can be so much fun, don’t you think? Well it’s even better when you’re doing it with someone you really shouldn’t be doing it with! Like my Daddy for instance, hehe. Don’t worry, Mommy doesn’t know a thing. I learned quickly on that the love he had for me was really special. It would make Mommy sooo jealous if she ever found out about our favorite way to spend time together. Mutual masturbation with my Daddy is always so freaking hot!

Like yesterday he picked me up from school and then took me to the park. We went walking around the park until we found a wooded area. There was a big rock I sat down on and spread my legs so he could look up my dress. Daddy told me to play with my bald pussy. Well I wouldn’t ever say no! His cock was obviously hard as a rock in his jeans. So he pulled it out while my fingers teased my little cunny. Soon as he had it out he was stroking it with intent to make a big mess! Soon I had a finger deep in my pussy while I looked up at Daddy stroking his big cock.

I was in awe of it’s thick size. My pink cunny began to tighten around my finger. He told me to shove another finger inside. Oh my god I was already getting so close to squirting! Hehe I wasn’t the only one getting super close either. Mmmm Daddy busted a huge nut on my bald pussy. I squirted with such force too. My sweet juices were running down my thighs and onto the rock I was sitting on. It felt so good to be so dirty with Daddy at the park! I hope to do it soon again.

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Drugged Phone Sex With Krack Ho Krystal

by Krystal on August 26, 2016

I’ve been feening since I woke up.  My body feels like shit, I need something to bring me back to “normal”.  The brats are on my nerves wanting something to eat and I just can’t deal.  I call up a dealer that I know will bring me my medicine for a trade.  He knows that I have a house full of sweet young twats and cocks so he doesn’t mind doing the trade.

When he arrives I can’t wait… “All the playthings are in the back room” I told him as he handed me the bag.  I really didn’t care what he did with them.  I had no money, so he knew how I was going to pay for my medicine.  All I cared about is how much rock candy was in the bag he gave me.  There was a lot and I couldn’t wait to taste it.  The cries from the back room were making my panties wet.  Grabbing my pipe and a lighter I went back there to watch or help if needed.  I like to help, I know their bodies well.  Hell I trained them to be what they are now, Mommy’s fuck holes…Or maybe just get smoked and enjoy the show.

Drugged Phone Sex With Krack Ho Krystal

I’m a P-Mommy.  I’ve been playing the game since the beginning.  They know what’s up when strangers cum into the back room.  They’re here to collect payment for the candy they bring me.  They don’t want my tired old snatch, they want something sweet and tight.  My brats are just what they are looking for.

Sound like your fantasies?  Drugged Phone Sex your kink? Call me and let’s talk! Don’t forget to ask for our special.  You will get 20 minutes of deviant P-Play for only $30.  This slutty drugged up Mommy can’t wait for you to give me my candy!

Krack Ho Krystal

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Ball deep phone sex I need pounded.

by andrea on August 25, 2016

I am so tired of minuscule dicks.  I need a man that has a real fucking cock 8inches or bigger.  Tell me are you the type that can slide that cock in ball deep phone sex?   Everywhere I go, I am always staring at cocks.  Checking out those packages to see who’s even worthy of my cunt.  Some say I am fucking size queen and good I kinda am.  I love a man who can slam his cock into me deep and put me in any position to take it all.  I feel like such a natural whore with all the begging I do for those big cocks. Just yesterday my sweet little coochie was squirting. All because of that 9inch cock.

It’s so hard lately finding men that can fuck me deep enough.  I even dumped a lazy fuck because he screwed like a tike. I need stretched and fucked so hard that I can taste it in my mouth. Every slut has this fantasy of feeling full. All I need right now is cock so big it will make me cum harder than I ever have and will keep me satisfied for a week. While I am writing this, my cunt is overflowing with juices thinking about the next man who will send me to the Moon and back.

When you show me, that cock allows me to do what I do best. I will edge and tease that cock better than any other little whore on the net. Just take a look at me you will see that I’m right.  Go ahead tell your friends that I know exactly what to do.  Fuck, bring them along, go ahead and let’s turn this into a ball deep phone sex gang bang.

Don’t make me wait for my coochie is just begging to have some cock.  I need you to call me now, let’s get me fucked.

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Panty Worship Phone Sex, Wanna Sniff?

by cassia on August 23, 2016

Panty Worship Phone Sex, Wanna Sniff?  Apparently my maintenance man does lol! Okay, so the other day, I was looking for my favorite pair of thong panties and for the life of me, I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I had just done my laundry and had put everything away but didn’t notice that they were missing.  I went to get dressed, opened my panty drawer and they weren’t in there.  In fact, I realized that I was missing quite a few pairs of panties.  I’m thinking that Somebody is up to some Panty Worship Phone Sex.  I had been having trouble with my air conditioner and the maintenance man had been in and out of my condo. By the way, he is fucking hot.  I mean, baby rip my clothes off and take me on top of the washing machine hot.  Anyway, I had been out on my morning run and when I came back, I immediately walked into my bathroom to strip and shower.  There he was, no shirt and had a pair of my panties in his hand and was holding it up against his face breathing in my musky scent and rubbing this huge, I mean HUGE bulge in his pants.  He was so into it that he didn’t even realize I had walked in.  Oh my god, I never thought that watching someone sniffing my panties could turn me on, but I was hot for him. , I stripped and began rubbing my pussy. I finally cleared my throat to get his attention.  He turned around totally embarrassed until he saw my hand in my wet cunt. All I was thinking was, baby, you can sniff my panties anytime. He pulled down his pants revealing an anaconda. Wanna know what happened next?  Call for Panty Worship Phone Sex.   . 

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Sookie’s Dirty Panties :)

by sookie on August 22, 2016

This weekend was crazy. I have a fuck buddy that comes over a few times a month. The last time he was going to stop by I already had a man in my bed. Since then, I have been teasing the fuck out of him. he calls a lot and we sexed of course. Saturday he showed up at my door with a raging hard on.He snapped his belt off and started to take his big cock out. Then, most of my clothes hit the floor. I left my panties on.

His big strong hands rubbing all over my body. By now I am aching for a good hard fucking. He threw me over his shoulder and was paddling my ass on the way to the bedroom. Didn’t waste a minute and threw me on the bed and before I knew it he was securing me to the metal bed frame. He told me that since I teased the fuck out of him, that it was his turn and I was going to be begging him to fuck me before it was over.

Sookie’s Dirty Panties!

Then he pushed the panties out of the way and shoved 3 fingers inside of me, finger banging my cunt until I squirted all over his hand and my panties. He took out his knife and cut the sides of the panties and laid them on my stomach. Without hesitation he rammed his throbbing dick inside me. Three good hard thrusts and he pulled out and shot his first load all over my belly and panties. He cleaned me up with them and then shoved them in my mouth. I tried to talk with the panties in my mouth. He quickly told me to shut the fuck up or he was going to shove his socks in my mouth with the panties.

He was getting more and more aggressive. Teasing and pinching my nipples. I wanted to scream so bad but couldn’t stand the idea of those socks in my mouth. He straddled my body and I could feel his dick and balls gliding over my cunt lips. Now he’s teasing me!
You won’t believe what happened next….   call and find out!


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