July 2016

sissy training phone sex with Dominno

by dominno on July 30, 2016

It’s Saturday, another sissy training phone sex session for Mike. He is one of my bitch’s in training. He came to me nervous so we took it slow. We started with panties. He likes soft colors so I had him go to the store and pick up a few he liked. He got mostly pastel colors, assorted styles with matching bra’s. I had him trying all of them on and sending me pictures. The pale yellow were my favorite. Then I had him get in a bubble bath with lavender oil in it. He shaved every inch of body hair off to make his skin soft and smooth as possible. He rubbed lotion all over and he just couldn’t stop running his hands over his soft body. Next I had him put on a matching bra and pantie set and sit at the vanity. He had been buying makeup for weeks now.  I taught him how to do his makeup, but not over due it. When he was done he looked very sexy. Next he put on his wig and a pretty soft pink dress that showed off his long slender legs  in his high heel shoes. He was giddy as a school girl.

DOMINNO 888-330-3004

On our next session, now that we had him looking like the pretty little sissy bitch he is, it was time for some training in other area’s of being a woman. I got out my pink rubber dildo and started teaching him the art of sucking cock. Oh yes, there is an art to it. I had him practicing taking that dildo deep down his throat. It took him a while to get over the gagging but he’s taking the whole 9 inches down his throat now. It was kinda turning me on watching him suck that cock. I told he was now ready to take that dildo up his virgin man pussy. I put on my strap on and had him on his hands and knees. He was scared at first, begging me to go slow and be easy. I took some lube and poured it in his man pussy and then coated my cock. I ran circles around his hole with the hard tip of my cock. I pushed the head in slowly and he moaned. I slowly pushed my strap on in till I had all 9 inches in his fuck hole. I started pumping in and out and I could tell he was enjoying it. All of a sudden he yelled out harder, faster. Well damn, he was loving it. I started pumping his man pussy hard. He reached down and started stroking his over grown clit till he came.

This session I knew he was finally ready for me to pimp out. There was a party going on for men who enjoyed spending time with sissy boys and they paid very well. When we got there the men were all over Mike. We were calling him Mika now. I was approached by a man willing to pay top dollar to spend time with Mika. We went into a private room and made the deal. Mika was nervous but very ready….If you’d like to hear all about her first time give me a call…I’ll tell you all about it. Or maybe you’d like to be me next trainee…call me at sissy training phone sex and I’ll let you know if you have what it takes…

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Too Young Phone Sex

by karis on July 30, 2016

too young phone sex

Grown ups say that I am too young to play naughty but they don’t know what they’re talking about! They tell us young ladies to worry about making good grades and not to focus on boys. Well does it count if I’m focusing on the grown men instead? Hehe. Like it’s so hard not to, ya know! My male teachers are so hot. Even some of the males coaches turn me on. Plus the new principle has already caught my eye. It’s only a matter of time before we both have a “meet n greet” in his office. Of course there’s my Daddy at home too who can make my pussy squirt with such little effort. Now that my body is beginning to develop more I notice boys and men alike checking me out.

Quickly I’m realizing that I can use my tight little body to get what I want. If I want good grades and am struggling in class then no problem! I’ll settle things out with the help of my hottie body. Hehe. It’s not that I’m boasting or anything like that. But seriously, when you find someone as young as me who wants to be bad, well you just can’t pass up the chance! I won’t tell. I never tell. Not even on my dear Daddy. It’s all a big dirty secret that I am willing to keep to myself.

Don’t say I’m too young, unless you like it… and if you’re a grown man coming to me then I know you’re going to like this anyway. Even if you might be hesitant at first because you’re a little nervous. Don’t be! Just hush and let’s play. Take my hand and lead me to your car or take me back to your place. Bend me over the school desk or let me meet your friends who like them too young as well. Karis wants to play super naughty!

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Partying phone sex

by Envy on July 29, 2016

Last Friday’s partying was awesome! Everyone was clearly having a good time. Drugs, drinks, and lots of sex going on. I was invited to go to a party at the frat house on campus. I knew there would be lots of hotties there. Come on, you think a fraternity house would have ugly dudes?! And when I got there I was exactly right all along. The men there were turning me on. I hadn’t even gone up to any of them yet. Just before I got there I took an E pill. E makes my cunt dripping wet. So after a little while of mingling, and doing a few shots, I was on the prowl. My juicy little cunny was soaking wet in my panties. I could feel the dampness of the panties sticking to my warm pussy. Soon I spotted the man I wanted to take upstairs with me. He was tall, muscular, and looking to fuck just like me. Mmm well I immediately went up to him and asked him how he was doing. His eyes traveled up and down my body with a smile on his face. I could tell that he was on something just like me. We were both high as fuck and looking for a good fuck!!

 The wild partying downstairs was nice and all…. But I was in search of a good time and so was he. So I grabbed him by the hand and took him upstairs into a bedroom that wasn’t taken. He went in first and I locked the door behind me. He started to drop his pants and his huge hardon was so clearly evident in his boxers. My mouth watered as I told him to take the boxers off so I could see. Fuck, I was so hot for this guy. I don’t even remember his name. But anyway, you know that I did a good job taking care of him in the sheets. He did the same to me so we both could get off while together. After riding his cock I sucked him clean which tasted so amazing. There’s another party happening tonight at the frat house. I’m so excited to go again. Maybe this time I will meet a couple guys or more who wanna have fun. I can only hope!

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Lil Bro Phone Sex

by maddie on July 28, 2016

My lil bro needed help stroking one out! He’s kinda young, younger than me. So he told me that it was his first time stroking it and that he needed help from his big sister. Well of course I wanted to show him how to jerk it! It would be rather mean of me not to, and I want to be a good sister to him. So I told him to meet me in my bedroom and begin to strip him down until he was completely naked.

He was already rock hard for me but he didn’t know what to do next. I got on my knees and grabbed him by the base of his cock. He stood their in awe as I slowly took his cock inside my mouth. I looked up at him trying not to giggle. It just felt so naughty sucking my lil bro off! But I didn’t want to stop. I wasn’t planning on it. I licked and swirled my tongue all over, slurping along the way too. As you can probably guess, it didn’t take him long for him to bust his nut. I happily took my brother’s load inside my mouth, swallowing it as I looked into his eyes.

But guess what! I wasn’t done with him just yet. I still hadn’t gotten my rocks off, Lol. My cute lil bro got on top of me and then we made out for a while. I felt his cock still throbbing against my tight body. I knew he wanted some more, but not just my mouth on his dick. But to be perfectly honest, I want his cock inside my pussy! So I begged my little brother to stick it in me. My pink pussy was so wet that he slid in with no problem.

Lol you can believe it when I say that it didn’t take long for him to cum again! I made him pull out and squirt all over my puffy little pussy. Then I told him to lick it all up as I watched with delight.  Yummm.

Bad Girl Maddie

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Cum whore phone sex I like it rough!

by andrea on July 25, 2016

Looking for something nasty well you come to the right place! I put the c into cum whore phone sex. That right goes ahead and look at my picture again you will see I am the most vulgar of the whores around. I got what it takes to make that cock throb and cum hard. You find anything nastier than me! That’s a promise!

I like my cocks long and hard just throbbing to get a piece of me. Sometimes I even swish my ass back and forth to get their attention.  Trust me I know what men like.   When I get a hold of a cock, it is mine for the taking.  I work my way up starting to licking it up and down; I like to edge it and milk that cock for all its worth. That cum is mine and when I am working that cock you damn well know it.

Just imagine every cum whore phone sex being just like me.  All you can do is sit there rubbing your hands the length of my body as I work and massage that cock.   Just when you think that you can’t take it anymore.  It seems like the only logical thing to do is grab me by the back of my head and force that cock right down my throat.  Now and then a girl needs a good hard face fuck to make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I am a no limits slut, so that means anything goes.

You can do what you like to me fucking me hard and slapping my ass. All my holes need at least screwed once maybe even twice.  Just finish me off because that’s what you do to a nasty cum whore phone sex slut.

If that’s not wild enough call me, we can role play any fantasy you like!

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Date Night Attire

by Reanna on July 25, 2016

Today I was at the mall in the dressing room trying on some sexy new outfits. I have a date tonight with a Daddy of one of my sons friends. Always have to look your best even underneath. I also love walking around my house when my son has his friends over. I need to be looking my best to tease them little cocks or when their Daddy’s pick them up or drop them off. That is how I met the married Daddy I am going on a date with tonight.

Date Night Attire

As I was standing posing in the mirror making sure the last outfit was revealing and tight enough for everyone’s liking. I happened to glance over and see an eye peeking through the crack in the door of the dressing room. They want a show I was thinking to myself. I will give them a show. Getting stripped naked for some extra comfort.

Proceeding to sit on the bench with my legs spread. Instantly I began to rub my clit and pinch my nipples. I began to hear some rustling and a little bit of moaning from a younger gentleman on the other side of the door. I got really turned on I began to finger fuck myself. It got me so wet knowing a young man would be thinking of me tonight while lying in bed stroking his cock. I came so hard it was dripping visually on the bench. To finish the young man off and make him explode in his pants. I put 2 fingers in my cunt and brought the dripping cum to my lips and licked them clean and sealed it with a wink and kiss.

After a teasing masturbation session, I decided which outfits I was going to purchase and exited the dressing room proud of my accomplishment. Now to get home tease some more young men and get ready for Daddy tonight.  Don’t worry boys I will still have time to play when you pay.

Muah, Mommy ReAnna

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Extreme Age Play With Druggie Krystal

by Krystal on July 25, 2016

I have to say, Monday’s without my drugs suck.  I’m looking for someone to trade with.  Are you that p-daddy who needs some slutty little brats in exchange for something to pick me up?  They are worthless to me except when I need something like paying rent, buying drugs, or my boyfriend needs some special love.  I trick these little fuckers out whenever I can.  

They need to learn that life is what it is.  Money rules the world and they are better then having a couple bills.  I use them to make money for anything I need.  Don’t get me wrong, I throw the little fuckers a bone.  Make sure they are fed and have clothes.  I mean I have to keep them made up to use.  

It’s getting close to the first so y’all know this krack whore doesn’t have rent. Luckily the landlord is a p-daddy on the down low so I’ll trade my little man for August rent.  Extreme Age Play is his thing and He has a weakness for hard little cocks pounding his man cunt and my little guy can give it. When he comes to the door I have little man waiting and hard.  I see the landlord’s mouth start to water wanting to suck his bratty cock.  We negotiate and then I put my little brat to work.  

Mommy Krystal gets what she wants every time with the help of these fuckers.  Right now I need a Monday Morning pick me up.  So if there are any Daddies out there who want to trade, give me a call.  I need it really bad right about now and would do anything to score.  Extreme Age Play Phone Sex sounds like the perfect trade.  

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Sinful Sunday Phone Sex Special

by elle on July 24, 2016

Hello there boys and men, welcome to our Sinful Sunday Phone Sex Special!

As we keep increasing our number of sites, we certainly don’t want to lose track of the original ones. And if you re looking for a phone sex special, well, we have the best one you will ever find right here. Our limited 38 special. Once a day you can purchase 25 minutes of pleasure for the low price of $38. Just imagine all the thinks that you and my girls can talk about during that time. The Sinful Girls love being BAD. If you are roaming our many sites, trying to decide, Purrfectly Sinful is a great place to start.

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Fetish For Littles!

by karis on July 23, 2016

Why not make your Saturday a Littles sort of day with your bad lil girl Karis!

I’m so cock hungry it’s not even funny. Maybe that’s a little too dirty for a girl my age to say but I don’t care. I rather speak my mind than not say anything at all. Daddy always tells me to speak up anyway, especially when I’m in the mood for cock…. which is often times the case! It’s like I’ve been brainwashed by all the cocksucking and cum, hehe. I totally don’t mind that though.

Daddy tells me that he is going to bring his other Daddy friends over for some fun tonight. I will be the little star of the party he tells me. I’m so excited, you guys! My bald pussy is so wet and already I’ve had my mouth on Daddy’s nice cock this morning. It’s of course not enough to satisfy me at this point. I think this was his plan all along, to make me absolutely cock hungry for a big party tonight. I will be the only lil girl there too. So lucky me, right! I’m so ready for the night to get here. All I can think about right now is pleasing my Daddy’s hot friends.

They know I’m young but they know I won’t tell anyone who could get us in trouble. This is going to be kept as a dirty secret between all of us. I’m totally happy with that because I have a huge feeling that I’ll want to do this again ASAP! As for right now though…. I can satisfy your filthy littles fetish right now. You can help prepare me for tonight. What do you say? I will make sure to give you my all. Honestly, waiting all day to have some fun would be torture. Don’t be mean to me like that, lol.

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Ginger love to Masturbate

by Ginger on July 22, 2016

Who doesn’t love to fuck? That is a stupid ass question. Everyone loves to fuck. Guys it don’t matter if you are fucking your own hand, pocket pussy, or a real pussy or ass. Us women will finger fuck ourselves, us a dildo, or even let the vibrator hum and do it’s magic to a massive orgasm. Everyone masturbates, young and old. It is natural. My little’s do it, so should you.

My little like to think they are being sneaky in their room. Can’t get much past a Mommy. I can smell any kind of sex in the air. Mommy is naughty and loves to watch as they try so hard to get off. Someday Mommy might have to give them a lesson or two.  If anyone tries to tell you that they don’t masturbate. They are fucking lying. I have even caught my older father and mother rubbing one out thinking they are all alone. I stop over for a visit or see if they need anything and they are both in separate rooms stroking and fingering away.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

So don’t sit back and say you don’t, it’s all a natural feeling. I want to masturbate while talking to you. A little Mutual Masturbation phone sex. I am wearing a sun dress and no panties. My legs are already spread getting a breeze as my fingers tickle my clit from time to time waiting for you naughty boys to tell me to finger bang my pussy imagining it being your fat ass cock.

I have a few fantasy role play ideas in mind. I am sure you boys would love to hear about them or maybe even have your own. What is it you are awaiting for? I have a phone sex special you know you want to ask me about. It’s a little added treat on this hot summer day.


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