June 2016

Worship My Ass phone sex

by Envy on June 30, 2016

Worship my ass, pervert. You know what time it is so let’s get to it! I was born with an amazing ass but lately I’ve been doing squats to give it a more bubble butt look. And I can really tell that it’s been paying off! My beautiful bum could make any poor little man cry. Could make you cry because you know you’ve never come across an ass like this in your life. So if you really want it then I’m going to make you worship it whichever way I see fit. Not like you really have a problem with me being in charge anyway. 😉

Let’s start with you on your knees behind me so you can take a good look at what you’re about to taste. Now you KNOW this bubble butt is good enough to eat! Just looking at it so close to your face makes you drool. God you’re such a little pervert. I bet you can’t wait to sink your teeth into this. Show me that you can worship my ass all the while bringing your Goddess to ecstasy. This isn’t all about you and your boner, boy. This is about worshiping what you rightfully should! It makes sense to want to do all sorts of things to my bottom… But for now we will start with your tongue sliding between my tight cheeks. Make sure you get yourself deep in the crevice. With every lick you make across my tight asshole, you WILL remember who in charge here. So don’t stop worshiping this gorgeous ass until I say you can stop. All I have to do to get your heart racing is reveal my backside to you… Teasing you with the sway of my hips. Makes you want more than to just lick it, huh?

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cougar phone sex fantasy

by Reanna on June 30, 2016

Have you ever had that cougar phone sex fantasy? I know you have, all men have at some point in time. I am not saying full on old lady cougar or anything. Just a fantasy about an older women. All girls have an old man fantasy. You can bed that I do, that’s for sure. Some men love granny or mommy, others like older sophisticated.
For example, the gentleman I just spoke to the other day. Absolutely loves the idea of being with an older woman. Loves older women taking charge and telling him just what to do. We had a fun little role-play, that still makes me horny when I think about it.
He was my older son and I was his mommy. He still lives at home with me and we like to play every day when he gets home from work. I love to get all dressed up. Just the way he likes it. That gets him turned on and wants to fuck as soon as he walks in the door.

His favorite thing I wear is when I’m cooking dinner in only my apron and panties or apron and naked. He likes to come from behind mommy and slide his hands under my apron to either massage my pussy or rub on my perky mommy titties.

Cougar Phone Sex Fantasy

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Teen phone sex

by Jessie on June 28, 2016

I am that sweet teen phone sex whore next door.   Daddy calls me his little cock tease because all I seem to do is tease his cock.  I can give you exactly what you need a little bit of taboo and nasty all rolled into one just like I did daddy.  I have to say I love spreading my legs, how do you think I got A’s in school.  Not all those little sluts can say that.

Can you think of kinky things we can do that will make my sweet teen phone sex pussy all wet? I got some pretty nifty ideas, and I promise they are sure to make you throb.  First,  let’s try out my cocksucking skills.  I know how to wrap my lips right around that cock, licking the head off, course, we can try out my tight ass daddy always says this is his favorite. Last but absolutely not least my bald pussy is tighter than you could ever imagine.  I want to show you how I can be a nasty whore. I believe that right now your cock is just throbbing and is looking for a way to get me alone so you can get me sprawled out.

You won’t hear any complaints here further more  I will open my legs and show you just how tight I am.  I slide my fingers in and while  I can’t even get 3 in.  Believe it my holes are sure tight enough to make that cock just want to explode. So go ahead and start to stroke I will probably massage my clit waiting for you to enter me. my body is trembling with anticipating in hopes you will make my tight cunny cum. 

My teen phone sex holes are begging to be fucked just like daddy used to do.  Don’t allow my age to stop you; I really can’t get enough of cock so the bigger, the better.  I want and need you to be my next fuck. I promise I will make it worth you’re wild. 

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the bar slut phone sex Queen

by Ginger on June 28, 2016

You love to fuck and drink? I am your girl. I am Easy Sleazy Ginger the bar slut phone sex Queen, here for the party and good time. You and I are going to have the best sex you have ever had along with anything that your wildest dreams can imagine. I am that sexy Milf who loves to fuck and suck. The younger the better, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s share my little brat’s for you pleasure. They do anything that Mama tells them to do with no complaints. I am game for anything kinky and forbidden. What is it that you have on you mind? I will play all the games you can think of with no limits anything goes. I am ready for all of your wild fetish and fantasy’s. I just ready  to rock your fucking world.

Can you imagine walking into a bar and seeing a middle aged women like myself? I know what it is you will be thinking to yourself, damn if she was my Mommy I would be fucking her every night. Nothing wrong with that, I get it all the time. Most of the time I go home with the young men or take them into the back room and fulfill their wildest dreams. I just love when guys are barley drinking age, and still wet around the ears. It makes it that much more hot, exciting and thrilling for a hot ass Milf like myself. Don’t waste anytime I am here and ready to play. Ask about our special of the week and I will aim to please. Just give me a call and I will give you a ride of a lifetime.

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DDlg Phone Sex

by maddie on June 28, 2016

Your hot spot for DDlg phone sex! Maddie knows how to take great care of all her daddies. (:

My *real* daddy finally came home from a very long business trip last week. I was so incredibly happy to see him! My little pussy missed his touch so much. I watched him pull into the driveway and then I greeted him outside. Of course I had to dress in something cute for my daddy. I was in a short pink dress that was so tight on my body that you could see my hard nipples sticking out. Already my pussy was tingling when I saw you step out of the car with a big smile on your face.

You didn’t even bother to take your bags out of the car yet. You just had to have me already! So I told you to follow me up the stairs and into your bedroom. That’s where you grabbed me from behind and started kissing my neck. Working your mouth down to my shoulders with your hands reaching in front to feel my wet little slit. Mmm that big daddy cock pressed against my bubble butt. Grinding myself against his hard shaft turned me on even more. Fuck, I needed you so bad already!

 So you turned me around and pulled off my slutty dress. Your hands pushed me down onto the bed as I spread my legs for you, daddy. My tight pussy was pulsating for your touch. I needed you so freaking bad that I could hardly stand waiting any longer. You sure know how to take care of your naughty-sweet girl. I’m ready to take care of my other daddies too! DDlg phone sex with Naughty Lil Maddie

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Having MILF phone sex with slutty Vikki

by Vikki on June 27, 2016

My name is Vikki, I am a MILF who loves to have sex with the younger crowd. The younger the better, for me. I just love to have MILF phone Sex with my son’s friends. They have so much to learn, I adore having teaching with the younger ones. They are ready and willing to learn, whatever knowledge I can pass to them. They like to be the students and I’m the teacher. There isn’t anything they won’t try for me. I made sure that my pussy was the first pussy my son had. He just decided one day to fuck his hot MILF Mom.

I was making the beds up and he crept up behind me, grabbing my tits and ass at the same time. He was so bold taking his Mom’s head shoving it down to his cock. It took some persuading on his part, but I finally got on board with the whole thing. His cock was huge, just like his father. But he was gone now leaving me a widow. So I guess he wanted to fill his shoes, by taking his place in fucking me.

He started out by ripping my clothes off and exposing my naked body. I felt ashamed at first, but soon warmed up to his strong advances. His head was between my legs. Lapping up my pussy juices, he twirled his tongue on my clit. It felt so good to be ate out like that. He decided to do a 69 with me, putting his cock into my mouth and his mouth on my pussy. I have to admit that it felt good. MILF PHONE SEX is the hottest and sexiest sex that you can have. Doing your own mother by keeping it in the family with a hot incest fantasy is the way to go. Do you want to have MILF phone sex with me?

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cuckholding phone sex

by Tabbi on June 27, 2016

I’m so into cuckholding phone sex. Since my marriage that’s the only time I ever get off having sex. My husband has such a small cock I couldn’t even feel it when he fucked me. He knew early on that he was gonna have to do something to satisfy me. That’s when he first came up with bringing someone home for me to fuck. I couldn’t believe my luck when all he asked was that he be able to watch. He even gives me a little bling each time he brings a big hard cock for me to fuck. I remember the first time, he brought home one of his buddies Deke. They went to college together and he knew that Deke had just what I needed. He had a huge 10 inch cock. He fucked me all night long while my husband sat in his chair next to the bed. He stroked his cock watching Deke slide his hard throbbing cock deep inside me. The next night Deke was back for another night of hot sweaty sex. We started drinking before we made it to the bedroom and we were lit up. My husband sat in his chair again watching. I don’t know what came over us, but Deke and I just started laughing at him sitting there. We were calling him a pussy boy, humiliating him and laughing while Deke was pounding into me. It seem to really turn him on. I could see him stroking harder, he was panting, his eyes closed as we continued to mock him and tell him how worthless he was as a man. All of sudden he moaned out loud and shot off a huge load. That’s when I realized how into cuckholding phone sex he really was. Since then I’ve fucked many big hard cocks while my pathetic worm of husband watched. I bet you’d like it too. I mean with that tiny little pecker what else could you be into. So call me and you can be my little cuckie for the night.

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Fetish phone sex

by andrea on June 27, 2016

Looking for that seductive slut that will just mesmerize you with every call? Then you have come to the right place. My fetish phone sex is one of a kind.  Before you know it your fantasy into a hardcore reality.  The one thing men love about me is just my powers of persuasion I know how to make you do what I want. I make you do things that you never thought would turn you on. like blackmail, oh trust me I’m so good at that,  ass fucking spread that ass so wide and down right  next to my cunt for some cum eating. After doing those little things, it just pushes your cock right over the edge.

 i am different from the typical slut.   I find it thrilling to  get  involved and working you in my phone sex calls.  You can see that I know how to stroke your cock even from the phone.  I will blow your mind with every second that we work together.  Just think of me being right inside your head possessing you to do the nastiest things. If you’re not careful, I might begin to control you permanently.  

I love getting dirty, exploring all parts of your body just like you do me. I know I am nothing like you have ever seen before.  I enjoy hard cock and trust me you will love every part of my body and mind. Come on and call. take a chance on my fetish phone sex it will have you pleading me do you a call. Looking around at different sites you can definitely see i will make it worth your wild so just come on over and see.   Maybe a little more seduction or more kink? I can give your cock has been craving for. My line is swamped don’t wait to see why.

My pussy is so wet,  come see why my lips are hungry.  All I need is someone like you to have some fun and maybe some little bit of nasty play.    I am so looking forward to making you cum hard.

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Hot Phone Sex

by Alexxx on June 26, 2016

How about some Hot Phone Sex with Alexxx. I am the kind of girl that really loves to get men off. The more the merrier. I have the perfect jobs to do that. I am a Phone Sex Slut and a Stripper. When you love fucking and sucking what better jobs could a girl have.

There is nothing like giving a guy a lap dance, grinding against that hard cock and knowing that you made him explode right in his pants. I always think to myself damn he came just from a lap dance, his poor balls would drained if he ever felt my tight wet cunt. I love teasing men at the club but I love it even more when I know I can drive them wild and make them want more time and more of me in the back room. There I can do anything I want as long as I don’t get caught. And if I get caught I just pay the bouncer a little extra to look the other way while I suck that cock off or fuck the hell out of it.

Hot Phone Sex is something I enjoy when I can’t be actually fucking and sucking. Mutual Masturbation is the next best thing to being there. I have lots of toys to play with while we talk and I love sharing my stripper stories with you.

I am one of those girls once you turn me on you’ve got to finish what you started. Yes, I am a hot fucking cum slut. So cum here and give me all you got. I promise to rock your fucking world baby.

~ AleXXX~

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Kendall the toilet play whore

by Kendall on June 24, 2016

I had a call with my favorite piss slut sissy boy yesterday.  His wife has cuckolded him until he is nothing but a sniveling little sissy slut.  I email him making sure that he is full of piss for his toilet play before our call, that he has his anal beads in place, and a nice BBC video on deck. You see his wife started fucking big nigger cocks years ago; she loves the feeling of those huge shafts pumping her holes.  She ties up her little sissy husband after she has him dressed all up in his girly panties.  He sits like a good little faggot in the corner, his little 6 inch clitty bouncing up and down, watching her suck and fuck.

She has tormented him for years not letting him touch her but he can suck her cunt juice off those BBC’s.  She keeps her Sissy available for all of her gang bang buddies, let me tell you, they put that sissy through the paces.  He’s nothing but a cum filled mess, waiting for them to piss all over him as the grand finale.  They stand over him with those long dark shlongs filling his mouth with golden warm piss.  She controls him so much that he even defecates in his pretty little panties for her!  He is panties just full of scat by the time she is done with him.  He takes that scat into his mouth savoring the flavor of his own dark offerings.  This sissy knows no bounds!

Are you in the mood for some sissy play?  How about some golden shower’s raining down on your face? Toilet play phone sex with Kendall will have you begging to cum, then slurp it all up!

~Anal Kendall~

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