May 2016

Slut Vikki having mommy son phone sex!

by Vikki on May 31, 2016

Hi, my name is slut Vikki.  I love to have mommy son phone sex. With your dad away I get lonely and horny. Only you can fill that void. Your hungry cock going into my awaiting cunt. Mommy son phone sex is hot and heavy. You will come into my room and climb into my bed. Removing your clothes as you get in. I am of course already naked. You start to fill me up. Touching my tits first, then my pussy. Which is wet by the way, you start pushing your fingers into my tight hole. I groan with pleasure and lust at the mere touch of your magical hands. It responds to your every touch. Your cock goes inside of my mouth. I start sucking it hard and fast. You start to respond to my intense sucking so much that you start to explode inside my mouth.

I start to suck you up again so that we may have raunchy sex with each other. I am so ready to feel that long hard cock. That I had in my mouth in my tight pussy. You slip your fingers in it. So you can stretch it out for the big dick. Getting ready to go up in it. Oh, that feels so good feeling that hard cock in my pussy. Totally filling me up so much that I can only cum. I love having mommy son phone sex. It’s always good to keep it in the family. Heis dad is always out of town and I get so lonely and horny all the time. 

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Hello, there I’m a cum slut phone sex whore. I just love to eat cum from pussy and dick. I want to feel the cum running down my chin. Into my mouth. As you jack off in my mouth. I feel the cum building up in your balls. I can’t wait to feel your sweet cum dripping down my face and onto my breasts. Can you feel your cock being sucked hard and faster. I long for your cum any way I can get it. Being a cum slut whore is a dream cum true. Sucking your hard dick till you pop is so sexy and hot. When I eat pussy I clean out every drop of cum she has to give. Using my tongue on her clit. Is driving her wild, with desire. Using my fingers in her tight pussy makes her writhe all over the bed. To have cum slut phone sex is not only hot it’s down right heaven. You are getting off on the fact that she is cumming so hard and I am cleaning her all up. Oh, how yummy her cum tastes so good. Are you excited about any of this?

Eating cum is my favorite thing to do. Your cum tastes yummy too. Cum slut phone sex will get you off like a rocket. Do you want to cum like that? With me sucking on your cock for you. Getting you to the point of no return. Building up that cum deep in your balls. Just to release it to my awaiting pussy and mouth. That’s what I love the most. Call me and let’s do this now. You will be so happy that you dd. I’ll get on my knees and take your member in my mouth. Just to put it in my mouth.

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Time for Extreme Age Play Phone Sex

by Krystal on May 30, 2016

The rent is due and I’m short again.  One of my regulars called this morning for some Extreme Age Play Phone Sex.  He showed up at the door first thing this morning.  The angels were watching television in their little nightgowns with their cotton panties eating cereal.  I pleaded with the landlord, “please don’t evict me, I have these little sweet angels that need a place to live!”  He smiled slowly looking at those sweeties, “well, maybe we can work something out.”  He walked over and pulled my little angel in his lap.  I couldn’t help but watch as he ran his hands up and down her smooth legs.  He turned her face to him and said wrap your lips around my tongue sweetie, suck gently.

I couldn’t help but utilize this opportunity to have some free months of rent. “We need to re-negotiate this if you’re going to play with the sweetie Mr. B.” I think if you’re going to play with the angels, I should get at least 2 months free.  We agreed and he proceeded to strip my little angels down, lavishing their sweet bald pussies with his mouth.  They were moaning and bucking, I couldn’t keep my eyes of them.  Mommy’s pussy got soaking wet as my angels thrust against his face.

He spent hours teaching the angels what he liked.  How to lick and suck his P cock with their mouth and tongues.  How his balls liked to be tugged on gently as he slid down their velvet throats.  By the time the day was over, we had an arrangement on future “play dates” with the angels.

Mommy knows just what to do now to get all her bills paid!  There are some P cocks out there right now needing some special attention aren’t there?  Then call Krack Ho Krystal today for the special, 30 minutes for $50.00 for some Extreme Age Play Phone Sex!

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Dirty old man fucking phone sex

by Jessie on May 29, 2016

Grandpa came right over for my graduation. Mommy warned me about being alone with him because he was a dirty old man fucking phone sex.  there was no way I was listing to mommy today grandpa said he had a really nice surprise for me and that I needed to wear my cutest  little panties that I have.

I did just what he asked mommy stood there protesting but threw up her hands! Grandpa is real dirty he loves getting hard on and having me ride him through his pants. He doesn’t get to penetrate me but I rub him so much he spews cream filling.  Mommy caught me one time licking that cream filling right up so now we have to be secret about it.  I love how he tells me how big I’m getting and my nipples just get so pointy. Last time we had a little fun he rubbed my little cunny and I had cream filling all on my own. 

I guess that’s what happens when I mess with dirty old man fucking phone sex.

Before I head off to school that dirty old man has some evil plans for me.  I am going to be fucked just like a little slut so he can still fuck me while I’m tight.  Because once I get to college all those jocks are going to make me loose.  He told me we can’t have that!  Mommy doesn’t know it but instead of going over to my friend’s house I am spending the night with a dirty old man fucking phone sex.  think of all the sex were going to have he will break me in so good.  Grandpa is going to take extra good care of me! he might even stop by time to time at school and show my friends what fucking is all about.  My new roomy is already dying to have a piece of him.

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drunk phone sex with the bar slut Ginger

by Ginger on May 28, 2016

It’s a party weekend bitches. Let’s get fucked up. I want to party and fuck all weekend long. I know you are looking for a bar slut so come on down. We can get drunk together and have drunk phone sex with the bar slut Ginger. I am going to blow your mind baby and give you the best sex you have ever fucking had. You are going to be begging for more. I will be drinking all weekend long and I know I am not going to be sober if at all this weekend. So if you are looking for a drunk freaky ass bitch you know where to find me. I am game for anything kinky. The kinkier the better and I am so fucking horny. My pussy is so fucking moist and I can’t wait to have your cock deep inside of me. I want to ride your fat cock like no other and have your shoot your load deep inside my pussy or better yet down the back of my throat. I love the taste of cum, I think it is so yummy. I think I just might be addicted to cum and how delicious it is I just can’t seem to get enough in my pussy, ass and mouth. Nothing wrong with that it feeds my sex addiction. Cum on baby, let’s show each other a great time. My phone lines are on and the beer is ice cold. Party in the back is steaming. A extra special special with me only must ask me to receive and only USA calls. Only good through Memorial Day, just tell me where you found my extra special special and i’ll give you a deal. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite party favors and an ice cold beer as you pick up that phone and give this sexy bar slut a call.

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mommy son phone sex

by daisy on May 28, 2016

 I must admit, I’ve got a really slutty mind. I cannot truly tell you how much I love love love mommy son phone sex, like, sooo much. Not to sound obsessed or anything I just love to teach my horny young men how to fuck mommy just right! He needs to know how to please a woman, and I think he needs to learn this from someone who knows best and someone that can teach him all the things he needs to learn to make all the girls cum. Practice makes perfect and I plan on taking full advantage of our time together, learning and fucking! I know it is hard for you to understand why I am so hard on you, but you’ve got to learn what mommy likes most and you MUST be perfect in this subject in order to please me like you should. Not every boy is as lucky as you, not everyone has a hot mom to help them learn how to fuck a girl just right. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to fuck some other slut for the first time and have no clue what you are doing? It’d be horrible, she would laugh at you. That big dick of yours isn’t all it takes to fuck, and if you learn how to eat mommy out just right I will suck that fat cock of yours and make sure you have the best time you can possibly imagine! Mommy’s pussy is tighter than you thought it’d be now isn’t it? Tell mommy how much you love to fuck her, tell me how badly you wanna squirt your load deep into my soaking wet pussy…yes mommy’s good boy – just like that!

I’m waiting for you to call Mommy today. 

Dirty Mommy Daisy

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Naughty Brother Phone Sex

by billie on May 28, 2016

My naughty brother is staying with me for the three day weekend! He is just one nasty perv! For as long as I can remember I’ve been watching him stroke, fuck and even sneak into my moms room to watch her fuck! I’ve caught him watching me shower and change! I bet he has even watched me fuck! He may be a perv but he is a pretty cool brother! He is in the military so he travels quite a bit! Well this weekend he gets some free time! I look forward to having some drinks and hanging out with him!

You won’t believe what I discovered earlier today… 

I caught him digging through my laundry basket! He must of just had a shower, he was naked and his dick was hard and he had a pair of my dirty panties wrapped around it. He was holding two pairs of my thongs in his hand and he was sniffing them as he stroked his dick. He even scratched at the crotch of my panties and was licking them. I looked over at my computer that was on my desk, and he had even had all my naughty pictures opened onto the screen!! He was seriously stroking his dick to me and smelling my dirty panties! I watched him for quite a while! It has been so long since I’ve seen him naked. He was yummy! So much muscle and that slick military hair cut… His dick was so big and hard. He had several of my nude pictures right in front of him and he was stroking away to me! It made me so fucking horny! I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my shorts down and rubbed my wet pussy… I was aching for his dick! I wanted to give him what he wanted. I couldn’t believe I was thinking this way about my him but it felt so naughty and so right! 

Guess what I did next…. ? Call me, right now and get my call special and hear all about it babe! 1-888-330-1230

Love, Billie <3

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Drug whore phone sex

by andrea on May 27, 2016

It’s the weekend, and this drug whore phone sex is hot and ready to party! Nothing beats having a full 3-day weekend to get high and fuck all weekend long.  I can’t get enough of that first feeling I get when I take that first hit.  The rush I get is so intense, and it all goes right down to my clit.  I take my left hand right down to my pussy and rub one out. Watch me get so turned on with each hit doing something more taboo as the night goes along.  I feel like a complete drug whore phone sex getting high for the first time. 

I tried to live the straight and narrow life, but I have to admit I love being a drug whore phone sex. The men I get to fuck when I am high is so erotic; I fuck them in and out just like a slut. One fuck session is never enough I am so addicted not just to the drugs but to cock.  I need it just as much as I need my hit, and when I don’t get it, I go right into withdraw mode.  My mouth is hot right now looking for a juicy cock to fill my needs and let me say I have a high standard so bring it on the thicker, the better.  My cunt is ready just watch me do what I love doing being a nasty little drug whore phone sex. 

 When I am high, there isn’t anything I won’t do.  Anal fucking and deep throating mm all the above! I would love it for you to bring your groupie friends over and start fucking me hard. Spread my cunt and ass wider than the Grand Canyon and fuck me so hard that I beg you to stop.  Being a nasty drug whore phone sex, I won’t be able to cum for hours.  So go ahead and keep that cunt nice and wet until those creamy loads are running down my legs.

can’t get the wife out of the house hit me up for a chat session! 

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Dildo Play Phone Sex

by maddie on May 27, 2016


Why wouldn’t you love dildo play phone sex?! I love to fuck myself over the phone for anybody who wants to listen. Talk really nasty to me and you will more than likely have me gushing in no time! I love to cum while I talk to you on the phone. Personally I like to keep an open mind when it comes to working at Purrfect. That means I’m a no limits kinda bitch! So things can get pretty nasty. It depends on what you like and how we should take the phone call… No matter what, I’ve got my toys near me for maximum pleasure.

Make me get nasty and fuck myself hard! All I want is to have a good time. You can agree with me there, right? I want to make your cock grow rock hard while I spit some dirty talk. Then we can both pleasure ourselves and share a rocking orgasm together! That’s the sort of fun I am after. I hope you’re in for this adventure too because I can make it naughty and wild as you want it! I L-O-V-E to cum while at work. Not many can say they do that for a living, Hahaha.

Your cutie pie, Madalyn

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Mommy ReAnna Role play phone sex

by Reanna on May 27, 2016

I guess my tits remind a lot of guys of their moms’ tits. Its kind of cute if you think about it. I guess it brings back memories of them sucking on their Mommy’s tits as they fed from her breast. All it takes is a couple of minutes rubbing there faces between these beauties and they become a lot more sweet and adorable like putty in my hands! I like to tease them when they come over or even in public very discretely and subtle. It’s not just guys my age either…. All men young and old have this Mommy complex and I have to admit it turns me on. I love to know that I can get a guy to bow to me and do as I please just to have the chance to have a sweet suck on Mommy ReAnna’s tits. You can’t tell me if you had these girls pressed against your face or me teasing you in public as I gently rub my fingers across my tits to make them hard you wouldn’t have an instant erection and want to come home with me and suck on them? I know you would so let’s make that Mommy role play phone sex session happen. What are you waiting for? Just call and ask for Mommy ReAnna and we can suck, fuck and play all day. If you ask nicely i’ll even give you our monthly special. I’m hear fingers already massaging my pussy and caressing my tits, just waiting on you.
Come and take a drink from Mommy’s tits as I stroke your dick. I’m good at cock control! I want you to blow the biggest load of your life right on my tits or deep inside of my awaiting cunt. It’s what I live for–I can’t wait to hear you moan and cum all over baby!

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