April 2016

Necrophilia phone sex

by liv on April 29, 2016

I am a hardcore whore I love being rancid I’m nothing like those other bitches who claim to be nasty.  Blood, gore rape fantasy gets me off the more putrid, the better and that’s why I love necrophilia phone sex.  Those nice cold, tiny soured stiffs just seem to get me all wet. I run my tongue over those cute little foul slits that I made with my knife; all the blood has drained all that is left is cold damp lifeless body. I love the musty smell they leave behind.   It’s so sweet that you and I could work together as team torturing little brats. When we are finished, I will keep them for that nasty little fetish I have.

I love rubbing my cunt right on those cold little mouths, and I can’t help but to want that pussy stretched out. That fouled smell of death makes me so horny, so I take my strap on and continue fucking those little bitches. I lean in and suck on those lifeless tits and fantasize about what we were doing to them while they were screaming.

Necrophilia phone sex has turned me into the cruel world. The devil and I have a good understanding he lets me mutilate these whores if I keep him in with fresh souls.  So right before I make them a necrophilia phone sex victim I make them sign their soul to him. I use those polluted bodies like a little sacrifice.  Did you know that the devil is everywhere you look? Every mortuary is the devil’s house, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.  You wouldn’t believe what I do to these little brats when I’m alone I am so bad even the devil has turned his head in shame. I inflict some hardcore mutilation, and torture shit you can smell that would make others puke only the strong will survive. I love every psychotic minute of it when I fuck those brats and see that blood splatter the walls mmm I am so horny just thinking about it.  Then when they are dead, my necrophilia phone sex fetish gets in high gear.

Tell me now that they are dead what pain can I do?  I just love torturing that already fucked up body.

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Dogging Phone Sex

by Envy on April 29, 2016

Dogging Phone Sex. Have you heard of ‘dogging’? Well I went on vacation in the UK and found that it’s really popular there. It’s where people meet up in their cars for sex. Lots of voyeurism and “free for all” fucking! 🙂 I had no idea about this until I went there and met some hot guys who were into it. Instantly my interest was sparked and I told them to tell me their hottest dogging stories. Well… That only made my cunt dripping wet. I told them that I came all the way to the UK to have a good time. So I had them take me to one of these “free for all” places. I just had to see what was going on! But of course you should know by now that I wanted to join in on the fun. I wanted to join when I saw a girl leaning over the hood of a car with a cock deep in her ass. This was happening while some guys stood to watch and jerk off while other men were getting blown in their cars and watching… I can’t believe this isn’t really a thing in America?! What the fuck. I told the guys to get their cocks out as I slipped my panties off from under my skirt. Needless to say but I can’t wait to get some more uncut, British cock!


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gang bang phone sex Come get you some cunny!

by Jessie on April 28, 2016

This weekend Daddy has something planned for me.  I can’t wait to find out what it is, but there’s a rumor he’s setting me up for a weekend gang bang phone sex.  My cunt is getting all dripping wet thinking about all those cocks fucking me so hard. I know those men are going to love this forbidden tight cunny I can only bet my bouncy tits would just have sent them over the edge.

I am so happy I learned everything I could from fucking daddy. I have gotten him so many raises and of course that new car he’s driving. I guess it all paid off from that gang bang phone sex sessions daddy set up. I would do anything to make daddy so proud even if it meant spreading my legs for anyone he asked me too.  That’s just what little sluts do.  Now, what do I wear of course I’m not supposed to know about that gang bang phone sex party daddy set up for his only daughter? I could dress in my favorite school slut outfit or even in all those sexy lingerie mommy forbids me to wear. No matter what I wear, I am sure to make those cocks throb and dump all those loads of hot juicy jizz right down my little throat.  

Thinking about this gang bang phone sex all I want to do is massage my pink cunny hoping to make myself cum did I mention I love tasting myself. I know daddy can’t seem to get enough of me sometimes he eats me for hours on end.  Now if gang bangs aren’t your think don’t you worry there are Plenty of other things that I am into age play, anal fucking, and accomplice play.  So grab your pockets and let’s have a little fun. My pussy is wet and ready for YOU!

Need more incentive just call and ask what my specialties are!  

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Mommy Phone Sex

by daisy on April 26, 2016

Dirty Mommy Daisy has been a busy nasty Mommy lately!  I get so many calls a day from pervs and p-cocks like you.  They all want to come over to the house to meet the gang.  You all know that I am a No Taboo Phone Sex with This Nasty Whore Mommy! I mean, come on, why have all these brats if not to lure unsuspecting fucks like you?  So many times I’ve met men who were trying to hide their real intentions, but I can always tell by the glint in their eye that they wanna play with my family….lol.  You think you’re gonna come in to my house and not include me?  Well I taught my little ones to love anyone Mommy brings over!  So stop trying to be sneaky and just ask for some Play Time with Dirty Mommy Daisy so we can get down to business.

Trust me when I say that they will all participate in loving you.  I had the hardest time weening them all off the pacifier *wink* they love having something in their mouth.  Every single one of them is greedy as well!  They will exhaust you because they don’t want “play time” to be over until “they” are done.  So I hope you have enough energy for a romp in the play room because my little ones are…. *hehehe*

Dirty Mommy Daisy will be on shift all day today so don’t forget when you call my lonely p-cocks to ask for our new special.  That’s 25 minutes with Dirty Mommy Daisy and all the energetic brats for only $40.  This special is only running for a limited time so go ahead and get it while you can.  USA Only and you have to ask to receive it!  Let’s have some Mommy Phone Sex!

Mommy’s waiting for you!

Dirty Mommy Daisy

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Torture phone sex let’s have some fun

by liv on April 25, 2016

Think I am deviant bitch, well until you have done a torture phone sex call with me you haven’t the slightest idea. I get off on fucking up little pure, untouched brats.  They just seem to call my name, and when I get them in my sites, they just come to me. I know I am so innocent looking if they ever knew what I was going to do with them they would stay the fuck away. 

Torture phone sex is so sadistic I turn sweet little brats into big time whores who love spreading their legs for older men they have to call daddy!  I can be so manipulating don’t you think?  I can’t wait to get these whores ready for the fucking you are going to give them.  Once you get that dick inside that tight little cunt, the gloves come off.  Let me hold them down while your cock rips those little pussy lips apart.  I want you to put those hands around her neck and choke the fuck out of her while you rape fantasy all her little holes.   When we are done, she is either going to be broke in or dead the choice is hers.   Some that make it I turn them into my little toilet slaves because I always need in need for a bitch that will lick up the nastiest toilet.

Don’t hate because I’m good; you know deep inside you want to join in on the torture phone sex I have. We could work as a team working over these little bitches one by one.  If you know what I know, then you can understand that they have been asking for it forever were just answering the call.

Do you have a local brat you have been dying to inflict some deviant torture phone sex too? Then call me now and let’s make it happen I am always up for a good challenge.

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Ready To Get Pegged?

by maddie on April 25, 2016

It’s been a while since you stopped by to get pegged by your favorite naughty playmate! So did you miss me, huh?? Oh hell yes you did otherwise you wouldn’t have that raging boner in your pants right now!

Gosh, I know you so well. Almost too well, Lol. It’s sooo obvious that you have a craving for domination via strapon. Oh yeah you definitely need someone to dominate you and your pathetic ass that’s for sure! It’s my big black strapon that you’re thinking about… Did you forget about my little sister? She’s got a nice strapon too that’s ready to take you by force.

All I can say is that it’s good to be back and ready for some action! I just really love humiliating you, laughing at you, and cussing up a storm while I fuck your ass senseless. You’re simply pathetic, honestly. Like this is what you’re always going to get in life – a nice pegging! No pussy for you. You’re just here to get pegged, bitch. Get used to it. I’m sure you’re addicted by now anyway.

You seriously can’t quit coming around can you?! Well now you’re going to get a hardcore punishment with my extra fucking big strapon. Readt to get pegged you little bitch? Naughty Maddie

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No Taboo Phone Sex With Krystal

by Krystal on April 25, 2016

Hi I’m Krystal!  I am the true definition of a MILF and if you’re familiar with our company, the “original” party girl who loves to party.  My party favors are legendary!   Young, old, or in between there isn’t a cock that I don’t like to fuck.  Feeling like bringing a couple of your buddies to the party then I’m your party girl.  I will be the one on the receiving end of that train like a champ!  Want to bring some youthful entertainment to our little soiree?  I’m up for Extreme Age Play, ABDL, Mommy Son, Mommy Phone Sex or any little fetishes or kinks that you have for the youthful minds of the world.  The more party favors you bring such as poppers, yayo, molly, kush and don’t forget the alcohol!  I’m ready for any kind of party favors you can come up with.  I’m ready for any kind of No Taboo Phone Sex you can come up with!

I love playing with any kind of deprived fuck boys like you.  I get off on all of your fantasies cumming all day long to your voices in my ear. As long as you bring my special candy I’m down to fuck.  Being the slut that I am it’s not hard to get me off several times in just one call.  Let’s play a game perv boys, let’s see how many times you can make me cum during your session?  We have a great special with the launch of our new site women gone wild.com 25 minutes with hot Drugged Phone Sex with Krystal for only $40.  That’s hot quality time with this naughty Mommy!

So bring me your special candy, bring some little angels, let’s break those bitches in.  By the time we’re done partying every drop of cum will have been milked from your body.  I’m here and I’m waiting for you to call today!  Let’s Play Boys!

The Original Krystal

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Submissive phone sex with Nichole

by nichole on April 24, 2016

I know my place, and I surely know Yours, Master. I am a submissive phone sex queen.

I ache for the hand of a solid Man who can transform me into his object of delight. I need to serve you, take into account your each need and make you the happiest you have ever been.

You, obviously, thoroughly understand me. What’s more, you know I am an on-screen character. I can be anything or anybody that you need at whatever time. I can be Your wicked secretary, terrible little girl, or bitchy manager who should be taught a lesson. Maybe You purchased me at a slave closeout, and are compelling me into amazing sub space like I have never been in before.

Whatever You need, that is the thing that I will get to be for You.

What’s more, I will take such joy in it. I delight in fantasizing with you. It would be ideal if you Master, call me!

On my knees,

Submissive Phone Sex Queen


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Rim job phone sex try it!

by Jessie on April 23, 2016

If your cock doesn’t pop when you think about getting a rim job phone sex, then you haven’t had me yet.  Getting that ass licked can be an erotic experience while my tongue is swirling over that puckered ridged ass, I can feel that cock is becoming hard. Can you believe sometimes it can feel better than getting that cock sucked?  I want you to get up on all fours and give me permission so I can slide my tongue deep inside rimming the outside and darting my tongue in and out. I take my tongue and run it along the outer edge of the ass; I start to force it open pushing my tongue in further.   I take my left hand and start stroking that cock; I could only wish that you dribble pre-cum right down so I can lick it up.  All I can think about is tasting that cum; my cunt seems just to get all twitchy thinking about what I can taste.

I know when you are rock hard you will force me down and fuck my tight cunny.  It’s all wet and ready for you only though after you reciprocate and give me a rim job phone sex.  My ass loves to be fingered and tongued there hasn’t been a man yet who hasn’t enjoyed licking my holes and fucking me hard. You can’t even imagine how good it feels and after you make me cum you will see why.

Actions speak louder than words I can’t wait for you to call and get downright nasty with some rim job phone sex. I bet your touching and stroking yourself right now. I imagine my tongue down and my sweet face buried in between those cheeks there spreading your cheeks open and pushing my way through. Those tasty balls are hanging right there calling my name.   I want to make you feel so sexually excited, so I take those balls right into my mouth sucking and licking.  Show me how much you like it call me your little nasty analingus whore.

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Getting off while on the phone with you is one of the perks of this job.I love being a phone sex whore for you. I like  listening to a man while he’s cumming. The heavy breathing, the moans, there all a big turn on for me. I’ll take it vanilla or all the way to extreme kink. You know me, there’s nothing I won’t do to get you off. I want you to tell me your fantasy’s while you stroke that beautiful cock for me. All the while I’ll be enticing you with my sexy body and sultry voice. As our talking gets hotter and dirtier I won’t be able to help myself from slipping my hand in my panties. There already so wet. My fingers will glide over my clit, soaked and swollen with my juices. I know want this phone sex whore, don’t you? You can’t help thinking about my tight little twat all wet and ready to take that hard cock deep inside. That’s when our breathing gets heavier. You start stroking your cock harder as you tell me just how your gonna pound the fuck out of my pussy. I’ll be rubbing my clit the whole time. I’ll start to moan, bringing myself to orgasm as I listen to you do the same. All of a sudden I hear you cry out. It makes me fucking crazy and I start squirting all over. MMMMM….Isn’t that so much better than being alone!!

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