March 2016

Anything goes phone sex

by andrea on March 31, 2016

Anything goes phone sex is just that a no taboo.  I am a saucy little playmate that will bring all your little fantasies to life and make all of them come true.  You wouldn’t believe the kinky stuff I am into all on my own. For instance, cocksucking, ass to mouth, ass eating, gang bang and of course edging.   I will suck that cock making beat just for me so hard that you just want to force on me and beg for more.  Don’t think I won’t tease you cause trust me I will.  I take my sweet ass and swish it right in front of your face shaking my tongue at you come on don’t you need a little Anything goes phone sex?

Let me tell you what the hottest thing about anything goes phone sex is ass fucking!  Pop that cock right in and fuck it hard spread that ass hole wide. I love getting a little naughty during my sex, and I bet you do too.  When you aren’t fucking me better, believe I am stroking that cock with my hand or even kinkier my lips.  My oral skills are top notch, and I guess you need to call me and find out.  When a man calls me, he becomes entranced and addicted.  When was the last time you had a slut that’s as naughty as me that controlled your whole body?

Slide on by telling me your wildest kinkiest fantasy and let me see if I can top with my anything goes phone sex.  I’m opened minded I love learning new sex games, and if we act them out together, we can have this multiple orgasm edge play fantasy.

When you do get into my ass go head and pound it hard come on don’t hold back I am a slut and need to be fucked like one.  I want my cunt dripping with juices from how hot you make me feel.  I want to hear what’s really on your mind make me a nasty whore.   Now what kind of anything goes phone sex can be hotter than that?

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Coed rape fantasy phone sex

by liv on March 29, 2016

Spring break is right here, and I need some Coed rape fantasy phone sex.  Those little whores are showing off their tits and ass begging to be fucked.  All that makes my mouth water mmmm.  I just want to send them over and fuck them over.  I love showing them in person  just because I don’t have a cock doesn’t mean I can’t screw them.  I use all those cucumbers corn on the cob and, of course, my strap on.  So what if It hurts, if you’re going to act like a whore than I am going to treat you like one.

I have been watching your slutty ass for a few weeks I hear about how you brag to everyone about getting fucked hard.   Now I am going to show really you about this Coed rape fantasy phone sex. When I am finished cock will be the least of your worries.   Just think when those veggies are covered with your juices I will make you suck and lick it all clean I might even make you walk bowlegged.  Take it for whats its worth the world to know you got fucked by me.  Now suck it up and beat it baby make this horny slut proud.

Tell me when a man has fucked  you so hard you squirted.  are they as good as me on admit it?  I make you feel like a true slut don’t I?  you don’t have to thank me I love my Coed rape fantasy phone sex.  I could even make you one of my accomplices after I train and break you in.  I promise this is the best experience you are going to get.  Guys will be envious of us and will be practically knocking down your door to get a piece of you.  Start your Coed rape fantasy phone sex the right way and give me a call.  I’ll be waiting.

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Crossdressing phone sex fun!

by dominno on March 28, 2016

 I can’t wait to here from all my crossdressing phone sex sluts. It’s time to play ladies!!! Time to get out our sexiest outfits and hottest heels. We’re going out tonight. Where should I take my sexy little sissy slut to? I’m in the mood to have a good time and I”m so fucking horny. How about to a sex club. They’ll love a sexy little bitch slut like you. Normally I’d pimp you out but tonight I want you to make me proud. Tonight we’re both gonna have some fun. Show me what you’ve got bitch.

Now get out there and lets those men see how hot you look. You look so sexy in your little dress. Your gonna have some hot men all over you tonight. I know your ready, I’ll be right there with you. Look at that hottie checking you out. Lets hook up with him. Let’s follow him into the back room. He’s already undressed and sitting on the bed. Go over to him and stand in front of him. Let him run his hands over your hips, across your ass. He’s gonna pull you closer. You’ll take your clothes off leaving your sexy bra and panties on. Now kneel down on that dress you just dropped to the floor.Take his big hard cock in your hands. Spit on it. Get it all wet so you can stroke it good. Now guide his growing cock into your mouth. Suck on it…  that’s right. Your doing a good job. Now close your eyes and just run your tongue and mouth all over his cock. Make it throb for you my little crossdressing phone sex slut. Make him want that man pussy like nothing else. He”ll brings you on the bed and spreads you legs, licking your man hole while he’s rubbing your clit. You just want him in you , don’t you. Well call me..Lets do it!!!

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Ass licking phone sex cum taste me!

by Jessie on March 28, 2016

Ever since I could talk, all I thought about was older men.  Is it wrong for me to have these crushes like that?  I love how they just seem to gloat over me.  I love showing off to them, spreading my legs and ass let me tell you when I say I love getting my sweet little ass licking phone sex their cocks just seem to spring right to life!  I lick my full lips in anticipation of tasting that sweet mushroom head and moving my lips down to taste that ass hole.  Yea I love to give and receive.  We can sixty-nine and have both of tongues do some ass licking phone sex. 

I can just see you right now thinking about my bald tight young pussy.  Begging me to sit right on your face and rub my juices all over.  Come on all you have to do is beg me to do it for you.  When I get on top of you, tell me I am your naughty little jizz junkie.  I want to be called all those nasty names because I am such a whore.  When that ass is all nice and slippery, you can slide me down and fuck me oh so hard. I need that ass broke in right.   I want you to be the one to fill me up, be the old man that broke me in and trained my ass right.   If you’re lucky, I just might make you my ass licking phone sex fuck toy!

Your cock would fuck me day and night you be my hot love. Your cum would make me so horny craving you ever so much. Come on over and show me how to work that tongue, spread my happy cheeks apart and lick me clean.  I can’t wait to taste your sweaty ass; I want to make you feel oh so good.  Don’t be so shy I love some ass licking phone sex.

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Krack Ho Krystal Phone Sex

by Krystal on March 28, 2016

It’s Manic Monday and your #1 favorite crack whore is in need of a fix.  I’m coming down off a 3 day binge.  I am fucking broke, no cash, nothing to pawn, only thing I have available is my fuck holes and the sweet angels.  Well they are worth their weight in “medicine” for sure.  Now I just need to hook up with some of those deviant P Daddy’s and all my problems will be solved!

I’m going to get them all dressed in their Easter outfits.  They look so cute in those pastel dresses and sweet little ankle socks.  Their hair in pig tails and bows.  No P Daddy can resist their charms.  This fucked up slutty Mommy has trained them well.  We’re going to run over to a local park where I know there are plenty of Daddy’s waiting to just watch the angels!

He was sitting on a park bench acting like he was just enjoying the day but I could see him looking through his iPhone, probably zooming in on their little bottoms and legs.  *hehe* It’s literally like taking candy from a baby.  The kids zeroed in on him in a heartbeat.  One sitting on each side of him. Giggling and acting like they wanted him to give them some candy.  They told him that their Mommy was really sick and in need of some “medicine” so he could come home and play with them.  Well I’ve never seen a P Daddy move so quick.  He almost sprinted across the playground to where I was sitting.  The deal was struck, we swung by my dealer, then headed to my house.

The angels put on a sweet little show for that P-Daddy, I’m sure that you want to hear all about it. I’m available and willing to swap my P-Daddy stories for that CASH$$$

Don’t forget to mention the special if you want to receive it, if not I will take all the $$$$ I can get!  Call you favorite Krack Ho Krystal today!

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Mistress Seduction by Envy!

by Envy on March 28, 2016

I bet you’re one of those little men who gets off on Mistress Seduction. Oh yes you could be just fine with some plain jane vanilla sex.  That’s probably what you’re used to. If you didn’t know any better then you would probably keep living that same boring sex life. Although if you get the right woman in the room then BAM you’re willing to do whatever she says. Am I right or what? If you’re unsure then I’m willing to guess right that you’ll end up being into this. You will be so into ME! Why? Because I want to show you the wild side of life, and that’s just what I’ll do.

See there is so much for you to learn, little man. It’s not something you should be laughing about. You’re going to find yourself wanting to obey Me more and more with every moment we’re together.

When you hear my voice then you will know what I mean. My Mistress Seduction phone sex will have you wanting to be a good boy for Envy! So what’s going to happen is that you’re going to find yourself wanting to explore the Dom/sub dynamic. That makes you the sub in this, obviously. We won’t jump into things quickly. I want to know a little more about you. You’re allowed to ask questions. But when it’s time to obey, then there’s no messing around! I’m going to seduce you into a submissive trance. 1(888)440-5422

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School GFE phone sex w slutty Nichole

by nichole on March 26, 2016

School GFE phone sex w Nichole.  Well here we are having school GFE  phone sex. I am barely legal. My juicy, wet pussy awaits your engorged cock. Fingering myself as you play with your cock. We start to go faster. faster with our wet digits. In and out we go together till we burst like firecrackers! Now we are on fire. Wanting more than our finger’s could do. On unison we start to undress each other. School GFE  phone sex w Nichole is slippery. So we are undressing each other exploring . Yummy seeing Nichole like that blew you away. Hair up in pigtails little school girl outfit. High heels to show off my legs. You are noticing them. So you start licking my toes. Reaching all the way to my pussy. Oh how good that feels. To have your tongue deep in my cunt. Your fingers deep in my pussy. My breath starts to reach passing out levels. Your cock goes in my mouth oh that feels so good baby. School phone sex is becoming so hot, heavy.

Let’s step it up a notch. Now we are doing a 69. Sucking your cock so hard with my lips. My tongue all swirling around your swollen penis. My fingers deep in your asshole. You are loving it. My pussy is a virgin, so is your dick. So we are going to have school  GFE  phone sex w Nichole. Positioning yourself on top of my body. My dripping wet pussy is just waiting for you. Also scared because I knew it was going to hurt. So I braced myself for that pain.In you go for the kill. Cunt still reeling from the finger fuck session. The pain comes as predicted! I am not enjoying this at all. Then out of nowhere, comes the joy. My pussy is loving this dick. It feels so good too be actually fucked. In, out you go till you can’t take anymore. You explode inside of school GFE  phone sex!

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GFE phone sex…do you want something more???

by dominno on March 26, 2016

Are you looking for something more than a one-time fuck fest? That’s why I offer GFE Phone Sex for guys like you that want the full package. I must admit it does sometimes get a bit lonely and boring having the same type of phone calls all day every day… I want someone who would like to talk about more than just being dominated and dressed like a sissy boy. I want to do calls with men who want me to fulfill all their desires and needs. Men that want to focus on building an over the phone relationship. Men who want to pound my tight little fuck holes til we both cum. You don’t have to call me your girlfriend if you don’t want to…but I certainly wouldn’t mind it if you did anyway. My big tits and sweet face seem to attract the type of men who are looking for something more. I want to listen to you tell me about your day and all the dirty little things were gonna do to each other I’m gonna take all your stress away baby. I’m the ultimate girlfriend experience. I’ll be attentive to your every need and desire. Nothing will be off limits for us. I’d say I’m the ultimate package wouldn’t you? My being a younger woman  might scare you away… but don’t you worry because I’ve had more than a handful of older boyfriends and truthfully their  so much fun. We get to talk about things that are so much more interesting and I ALWAYS learn something new from an older man. So if you are looking for a sweet girl to talk to and spend your time with, that’s me…and no worries either because I can get as naughty as you want at any time in our relationship… I am after all an expert to the naughty side of things as much as I am to being the perfect girlfriend for you!

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Extreme torture age play phone sex

by liv on March 26, 2016

Welcome to my extreme torture age play phone sex. When you call me, I am more than happy to be your hardcore accomplice with my help we can have the filthiest fun of torturing little fucks.  Let me tell you I have such a mischievous perception I make it, so you are actually there and with all the details. You are sure to be right into this fantasy of extreme torture age play phone sex. 

I listen to your desires and incorporate them into our game. I love to start out hard with some adduction fantasy. The more ways we can capture these little fucks the better, I think.  I don’t just want to fuck them torture is the best blood gore, screaming.  Come on you know it turns you on for those little bitches to cry.  Imagine you being with these little brats first then after you pop that cherry we can torture her by deflowering her clit and ripping off those nipples.  I want to see her in her best with extreme torture age play phone sex.

Back in my cavern, they will never hear them scream so I beg them to let it all out the call for help you little tramp no one will ever hear you.  When I am finished with you, maybe I’ll send your mutilated body back your parents and let them deal with your decaying carcass.   Don’t think we are not above using you as our human toilet I look forward to putting that o-ring right in your mouth. My warm piss streaming down your throat fuck I am getting so turned on.

I just think I need to find me some new victims. Maybe you can join me in my hunt of extreme torture age play phone sex.  We will find what we need together.  Don’t make me wait too long or I might have to go out all on my own!

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Mommy Son Phone Sex With Daisy

by daisy on March 26, 2016

I must admit, I’ve got a really slutty mind. I cannot truly tell you how much I love love love Mommy Son Phone Sex, like, sooo much. Not to sound obsessed or anything I just love to teach my horny little man how to Fuck Mommy just right! He needs to know how to please a woman, and I think he needs to learn this from someone who knows best and someone that can teach him all the things he needs to learn to make all the girls cum. Practice makes perfect and I plan on taking full advantage of our time together, learning and fucking!

 I know it is hard for you to understand why I am so hard on you, but you’ve got to learn what Mommy likes most and you MUST perfect it in order to please me like you should. Not every boy is as lucky as you, not everyone has a hot mom to help them learn how to fuck a girl just right. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to fuck some other slut for the first time and have no clue what you are doing? It’d be horrible, she would laugh at you. That big dick of yours isn’t all it takes to fuck, and if you learn how to eat mommy out just right I will suck that fat cock of yours and make sure you have the best time you can possibly imagine! Mommy’s pussy is tighter than you thought it’d be now isn’t it? Tell mommy how much you love to fuck her, tell me how badly you wanna squirt your load deep into my soaking wet pussy…yes mommy’s good boy – just like that!

Our special this week is Fuck It Like You Mean It!  That’s 20 minutes with your Mommy for only $30.  Limited Time/USA Only/Ask2Receive.

Mommy Daisy

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