February 2016

Ass fucking phone sex

by andrea on February 29, 2016

I’d love to start off saying I love having a cock in my ass.  Isn’t just so round and sexy I can just about bet that your cock would fit right in.  I am nothing like other sluts I love that ass fucking phone sex I need it more than in my cunt being fucked.  I just know once you go down there licking that ass your cock is going to rise and be so fucking hard.  Sometimes I fantasize about a stranger breaking in and rolling me over and fucking it raw. Of course, I’ll try to resist but I’ll be loving every minute of it.

I get so wet when the phone rings knowing that you are calling me for some ass fucking phone sex. I am just a little nasty ass slut just for you.  I will dress in my thong showing off all my curves now can’t you just hear my ass calling your name right now?  It’s saying come fuck me, right now!  My heels are on my legs spread wide, ass is high in the air, face pushed right down, my hands are on my ankles come on honey I need you.  I need that dick to be ass fucking phone sex me right this very fucking minute.  Don’t worry if it comes out nasty I’ll be such a good whore and lick that fucking cock clean. I love tasting my shit and I promise it won’t be the last.

Tell me don’t I look sexy it’s all for you baby a 100% my ass is waiting to make it hurt baby make be filled with all that white creamy jizz.  I am bracing for that cock to be pushed right into my butt. Do it now I need that ass fucking phone sex bad.  Take advantage of me go ahead and spank it, pull my hair and of course cum hard.

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My Little Man Loves His Mommy Son Phone Sex

by Krystal on February 29, 2016

I don’t tell everybody this but… a few weeks ago I decided to break my little guy in… if you know what I mean. He seemed to have a good time, I mean he came a lot, we both did! But I think his conscience started bothering him… I don’t know where he could’ve picked up morals, sure wasn’t here! I tried to get him to play a few times since then and he always had an excuse or faked he was sleeping.  Well today I caught him with Mommy’s panties in his mouth.  He had those dirty panties soaking wet ready to cum when I walked in.  I told him he had been naughty, he can’t jack his cock when I’m home; Mommy wants to suck him off.  I sat up on the bathroom counter and forced his face in-between my thighs. He lapped and sucked on my clit like a good little boy making Mommy cum all over his angel face.  He was so excited his little cock bouncing up and down so I got down on my knees, sucking my little man’s cock, teasing and licking until he was moaning, “Please Mommy, I want your cunt!”  I got down on my hands and knees thinking he was going to take my pussy but he spit in my asshole and slid in that tight hole! When did you learn that?  He said Mommy; I just wanna know how it feels!  He pounded his mommy’s ass until I was cumming all down my thighs!  I was so hot I laid him down and rode him so fucking hard!  He grabbed his Mommy’s tits squeezing until he shot his cum up in my tight cunt.  He said Mommy, can we have a little one of our own.  Oh that’s such a sweet little man, always thinking of his Mommy.

He turned this Mommy into his personal cum whore and I love it! Maybe next we’ll make him a baby sister…

Naughty Mommy Krystal

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I dreamed of him last night.  It has been so long since he’s taken me through one of his snuff and torture phone sex stories.   I pulled out my iPad to scroll through the BDSM section of my favorite porn site.  None of them compared to the things he made me do to myself on his calls.  My cunt aches as I pull out my favorite vibrator, the clothes pins, and my paddle.  I come to my page reading past blogs about my master and how violent he could be with my sweet pussy.  I feel the moisture begin to pool between my legs as I count off the spanks that I gave him, always being sure to be a good Submissive Whore including “Thank You Sir” in between every stinging swat.  My clit is hard begging to be tortured.  I pull out the clothes pins clipping them along the sides of my fat titties creating a zipper to pull off when the time is “just perfect.”

My nerves are zinging with the pain of the pins, the tingle of my red ass, I spread my cunt apart applying the clips along my labia.  Oh my fucking god, my clit is hard and throbbing!  Slowly I clip that hard bud and scream out! My hips are bucking, begging for some type of penetration!  Then I remember when my master use to slide the handle of a paddle deep in to my drenched cunt!  I grab the zipper pulling the pins off my tits, my body is on fire, I’m going to cum so hard.  I remove the pins on my cunt and I explode, squirting all down my thighs.  My cunt pulsing with the rhythm of my heart.

I can’t wait to hear from my Master soon.  I need his devious ministrations to my body!  Call in for the 20 minutes for $30 Fuck Me, I’m Irish special!  Will you be my Master?

Sensual Submissive Betty

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Female Dominance with Envy

by Envy on February 27, 2016

Female Dominance is what happens when you try getting in my way. Don’t be mistaken, I am the one here who calls the shots! So that means I can do whatever my heart desires to YOU. Are you feeling scared yet? Well you should at least be feeling a bit vulnerable. Oh and trust me when I say that you will be susceptible to vulnerability when we’re together! I plan to strip you down to nothing at all, both physically and figuratively. Yes I want you to feel totally defenseless as you’re stripped naked and beneath me.

Just so you know the only thing you’re truly good for is worshiping ME. That also means worshiping my holes before and after use! And you can be rest-assured there will be loads to lick and suck from my front to back. You see, you can be my throne and also my cum cleaner-upper! Hahaha it’s a great job for you, I believe. So this is just the tip of the iceberg when you do female domination with me.

You can expect to be treated like garbage and yet love every fucking moment of it. Oh, for a pervert like you, I will totally make it all worth your while! Goddess Envy

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Dark torture phone sex

by liv on February 26, 2016

Dare to speak what really gets you?  Be careful of what you dare to wish for you just might get a piece of that dark torture phone sex. The evil is within us all and lets me be the one to guide you through the shadowy mists and kill those destitute little morsels.   When we have finished and sent their souls to hell for being little sluts, we can conjure up them spirits and inflict all that over again.

I can imagine you go to bed every night lusting for those mutilated victims that we killed. One by one they come into your dreams giving you the best hard on.  You can’t help but to wake up and rub one out.  I know those perverted fantasies I have them too.  I long to make you my permanent accomplice with dark torture phone sex.  Don’t worry about the demons I own them they are only around to be as guests among us.  They know exactly how I like things and they tend to make sure they are just right.

I can’t seem to get that last victim right out of my head. The way we tore her apart and brutally raped her.  Yea I can see it in your dilated eyes, you loved dark torture phone sex.  You couldn’t control your actions and jerked off uncontrollably. That little bitched paid the price and she will live among the dead forever.

I don’t think you understood the volume of what I am fully capable of.  I will guide you through the roughest, perverted, tormented fetish you will ever know.

Now, what perfect little fuck do want to fuck over and over again? Is it that pale little blonde right there? I think she is doable and will make the most reluctant victim.  Now again remind me why you like my dark torture phone sex again?

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jailbait fantasy slut phone sex

by Jessie on February 25, 2016

Need a good hard nasty fuck then I am the little jailbait fantasy slut phone sex that you have been dreaming about.  My cunt is always nice and sticky with all the cum that’s been in there.  Try my line and I am not answering well it’s probably some dirty old man fucking me hard.   Some say older men know it best and let me tell you they were sure right.  Their dicks are so hard and when I beg they just fuck me harder than ever.  They can’t help to enjoy all those tight holes. I do have to say my tightest hole is my slutty little asshole.  Yea I don’t let everyone fuck that but if you give me a special little treat I might let you.

I really want to know how many little jailbait fantasy slut phone sex whores have you had or have you been afraid to take that plunge.   Its ok there is nothing wrong with a little fun.  I been studying my subjects really hard and I am always in the mood for a little bit of extra credit.  I can bet you’re the old man who’s willing to show me. 

First I will start flaunting all my dirty outfits, and my sexy thongs.  I think you can show me some up-close and personal sex education. Don’t worry about me being a jailbait fantasy slut phone sex. I won’t tell if you won’t it can be our little secret.  Maybe during our short play time, you can show me a new trick or two.  I’ll do anything you like just for you to show me what you know.   It can be so lonely for a little barely legal slut like me having a big crush on older dirty freaks like you. 

Don’t be shy and come give me what I have been begging for.  I have no limits and everything is hot to a jailbait fantasy slut phone sex just like myself.

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pleasuring daddy daughter phone sex

by Reanna on February 25, 2016

Mommy’s little girl is growing up so fast. She has a new boyfriend and thinks she is grown enough to go to the next level with him. From time to time I hear playing with herself outside of my office door as I’m having Daddy daughter phone sex.The other night I caught her outside of my bedroom door watching me fuck my latest man friend. I think she was trying to get tips on how to pleasure her little boyfriend, the way he deserves to be pleasured. I have always told her keep your man happy and you will be treated well. As soon as I noticed her, I winked at her and she ran away embarrassed. I finished getting fucked and came all over big daddy’s cock. I told him how my daughter was watching and it got him hard and horny all over again. He told me to invite her in for a better view. I went into her room and she was masturbating. I am sure from the excitement she had just seen. I embarrassed her all over again. I told her not to stop I will help her as, she’s rubbing the wrong spot. I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom. Her naked sweet young body followed me, trying to cover herself with modesty. I told her modesty is out the door that my new big daddy is going to show her what it feels to be pleasured. Between he and I, we would show her a good time that she can take back to her new boyfriend. I know you dirty Daddy’s out there would love a chance with my young sweet daughter. I know you also want to hear about this Naughty Mommy and her daughter. So give me a call and I’ll tell you all about it.

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Badly Behaved Niece

by maddie on February 25, 2016

Mhmm, your sexy young niece has been misbehaving again! Is there really any surprise there? I’m soo happy that I get to spend the next few days with you while Daddy is away! Hehe, I got so excited about it that I had to play with myself. Of course I wanted to make it obvious that I was having a fun time so you would check on me in the spare bedroom. You walked in and saw me with my legs spread and rubbing my pussy. I just kept going as you kept staring. You like what your sexy niece is doing huh? I love driving you mad with sexual frustration when I’m around you… But maybe today is the day that you finally teach me a “lesson” of sorts! Hehe if you want me then come and get me, Uncle!

In fact, your badly behaved niece has been craving your cock for quite some time now. Daddy’s cock is nice but I feel like exploring! And I wanna explore with you. I mean you’re my favorite uncle why wouldn’t I want your cock?? C’mon do I have to beg for it?! I’m just going to keep playing with my young pussy until you decide to fuck me senseless! (: Naughty Lil Maddie

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Babysitter phone sex

by Jessie on February 24, 2016

I heard you placed an ad for a babysitter phone sex.  I am here to submit my application I am very qualified and, of course, have outstanding references.

You invite me in inspecting me all over, admiring my cute ass and that sexy little outfit with the spaghetti strings I am wearing. It was all you could do to control that cock right in your pants don’t think I didn’t see it. 

You asked me so many questions you kept losing track as I was opening and spreading my legs playing peek a boo. All the sluts in the neighborhood said you had a reputation for fucking the babysitter phone sex.  When I think you couldn’t handle anymore I spread my legs open and slid a finger into my cunt and asked when do I start.  You stood up and blurted now!  That cock was standing straight up. 

I asked since I am starting now what would you like this babysitter phone sex slut to do?  First you made me lick my lips and smack them together and you took out that cock and shoved it down my throat. Yea bitch this is what you’re going to babysit my fucking cock.  I sucked it so hard taking it down deep.

I knew I was going to be his bitch and he was going to pay me well.  I could see by that twinkle in his eyes that he loved exactly what I was doing.  He took a free hand and slid it up under my skirt and fingered my already wet pussy.  I begged him to make me cum, his fingers seem to know the right spots to touch and sound when he came I squirted all over his hands.  He pulled it up and licked this babysitter phone sex pussy juice clean.   I guess my interview was over I have a standing appointment at 3 pm every day.

So do have time in your schedule for a slut like me???

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Well the weather is turning ugly here today which means the naughty little nymphos are going to be driving me nuts!  They hate being cooped up inside with no one to play with.  I’ve created little monsters that need to be constantly stimulated with sexual enjoyment or they act like little assholes.  Can you help me keep these little young naughty nymphos in their place?  I need some new ideas on punishment because everything I come up with they seem to enjoy!!! It’s ridiculous, spankings – nope that makes their little cunnies wet, time out – nope they just masturbate when no one’s looking, take away their iPhone’s – nope they just play with each other!  Everything I do for punishment just doesn’t work!

I need your help!  My little Family Of Little Nymphos are going to be stuck indoors today driving me fucking nuts. Call me with your Extreme Age Play Punish The Little Nymphos Phone Sex Fantasy!  Let’s see what deranged ideas that you can come up with the keep the little demons in line!  Nothing is too taboo or off limits!

I’ve got your P-Cock twitching right now thinking of the deviant things you wanna do to my little nymphos don’t I?  Maybe you have a little BDSM fetish you want to explore on some young tender flesh?  Or you like to taunt and tease making them howl out in pain?  For those of you with Diaper play fetishes we can make their little asses become chaffed from wetting themselves.  Are you thinking of having your friends come along to help you, maybe a DP Fantasy feeling how absolutely tight their little cunnies are?  Your P-Cock mind is swimming with possibilities that I would love to indulge.

I’m available all day today for all of your P Cock Fantasy play!  Don’t forget to ask for the special and get 20 devious minutes with Mommy Daisy and the Little Nymphos for only $30.

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