Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kinky bi sexual phone sex fun

by andrea on January 27, 2016

Get in the grove for a little kinky bi sexual phone sex fun.  I love getting my pussy eaten by a hot bitch yea she knows exactly what I want. She can lick my cunt better than any man around and if she keeps popping over to see me I just might slide you men over to a corner.  She gets me in that right position and that tongue seems to know right where to go. She makes me cum so hard I can’t help but to lick her back.  I know your upset I can’t keep my legs closed but really are you upset about my desire to have kinky bi sexual phone sex fun?

Just last night she brought over a double-headed fuck toy and she slid that in and we fucked each other for what seemed for hours.  I love how you rammed your cock right into my mouth while I was cumming.  Wasn’t that just the fucking hottest kinkiest shit yet?  This bitch seems to rock my world every time she comes over I think she has a plan to add you into our kinky bi sexual phone sex fun and you know I’m totally ok with that.  I can imagine you just cumming nonstop for hours while we both milk you dry.  Just seeing us fuck should be enough to get that cock throbbing and begging to be touched.

See how that tongue flows right over my clit raising it, fuck I love how she makes me feel. Why don’t you both get together and work me over like the bi sexual cunt that I am.  make her lick my body tasting all she can while you shove that dick right up my ass. Make me cum hard, I know you both can do it. Then we can turn and work on you.  isn’t it everyman’s fantasy to get fucked and worked over during some kinky bi sexual phone sex fun?

So now don’t wait too long I’m waiting for your call right now!

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