Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Office Slut Phone Sex!!

by Kendall on January 26, 2016

I am a dirty girl.. I’m the office slut!! I always come into work wearing short skirts and practically see through shirts! I love the way the guys look at me!! the women in the office are so jealous of the attention I get.. but I cant help that guys like what they see.  One day my boss came in and he couldn’t handle it any more watching me suck on the end of my pen while I sat at my desk. he called me in and asked me to close the door behind me. He came up to me and escorted me over to his desk and had me sit down. I sat down and he sat next to me and started to rub my leg. I saw his cock get nice and hard so I started to stroke his hard cock. I undid his pants and started to suck his cock nice and hard. he let out soft moans as my mouth moved up and down over his cock. after a while he shoved everything off his desk and picked me up and slammed me down on the desk. He put my legs up over my head and fucked my tight wet cunt!! I cam all over his hard cock!! After I cam he turned me over and fucked me doggy on his desk as I let out moans of pleasure while his cock moved deep inside my wet cunny, he took a pencil and shoved it in my ass, mmmmm it felt soo good to have both my holes filled!! he pulled his cock out and came all over my back, I turned around and cleaned his cock off for him.  I love to be a little office slut!! Call me now so we can have some Office Slut Phone Sex!! *wink*

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Naughty School Girl Phone Sex!!

by Kara on January 26, 2016

 I love playing the naughty school girl, because I am such a naughty girl.  I want you to be my teacher.  I will be sitting in your class thinking about the size of your cock.  I know you would be checking me out.  I would make sure my grades start to slip on purpose so I would have to stay after class.  I know the only way to get my grade up is to do some extra credit, but the extra credit I am thinking of involves my teacher.  I would do anything with my teacher to get my grade up.  I would let you fuck all my tight holes.  I would make you feel my wet panties first, then make you put them in your mouth to taste me.  My pussy is so juicy and sweet.  I know that my grades would go up after you got done with me.  You will be begging me to stay after class everyday, just to have me again and again.  You know you want to be my teacher, and shove your big hard cock in my little wet tight cunt!!! or let me suck your hard cock and be your little cum slut!!! So give me a ring, for some naughty school girl phone sex!

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Party time drunk phone sex

by Ginger on January 26, 2016

Party time boys. I want to drink with you till we are both so fucked up, that we have the most incredible drunk phone sex can imagine. I love it all oral, anal, gang bang, role play. You name it I am game. Anything that has to do with being a drunk fucking slut I am for it. Put a line on the table and I will snort that shit right up it makes it that much for exciting. Get you pocket book out to spoil my sexy ass. After that make sure your cock is erect and ready to fuck the shit out of me any way that you choose. I am a bar slut diva and I am ready to fuck and suck over and over. The more time with me the better you will not regret it love. I am a nasty bar slut Mommy and my little ones are already in training taking after their nasty fucking money. We aim to please and know just want you want. Come and join me for a little bit of phone fun and explore all your role play fantasies and fetishes. I can help you cum till you are numb.

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