Saturday, January 23, 2016

Look at you, you pathetic fool. Your sitting there in your little panties wanting to be a sexy little slut, aren’t you. You know your nothing but a little girly bitch deep down. I don’t care how much you deny it, we both know it’s true. I’m the Mistress who’s gonna turn you into the little whore you know you want to be. Forced Feminization Phone Sex is what I’m offering you. Don’t act like your shocked. I see right thru you. I’ve dealt with many men like you.  Men who know they want to dress like a sexy whore and go out and get there man pussy filled, but they continuously deny it. Well bitch your mine now. I don’t care how much you whine and complain that you don’t want to be a sexy little slut. It’s time to shut the fuck up and do exactly as I say. I want you bathed and completely shaven. That’s right, legs, arms, and especially around that hairy little cunt you have. Men like a soft bare little pussy to dive into. Now put this hot little red dress and black heels on. Don’t forget the silk thigh high stockings. Now come out and show me what a pretty little slut you are. Damn, your gonna need some makeup to make this work, and paint those toes and fingernails. Now that’s better. Your starting to look like the little slut you are. Guess what comes next bitch…Your gonna have to call to find out. So give me a call at forced feminization phone sex and let me bring out the little slut you really are.

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“Cum My Princess, Cum With Me”

by betty on January 23, 2016

I’m sleeping soundly when I am awakened by a blindfold being put around my eyes and a gag put in my mouth. My body shivers in fear as my hands are bound behind me. I feel his breath on my neck as he kisses me softly and slides his hand across my Breast and my nipples stand to attention. He grabs my hair and the ropes around my wrist and stands me up and guides me through the hallway. He loops my bound wrist to a hook above my head. There I am hanging there waiting, breathing deeper and deeper. I hear nothing, see nothing and I just wait patiently. The fear rises in me, the chills run up my spine. Everything is so quiet all I hear is my heart pounding louder and louder. Then my shirt is ripped from me and my panties pulled to my feet.Finally I feel a sharp sensation across my skin but not cutting into the flesh. My juices really start to flow at this point. The blade runs down my hips I am waiting for it to touch my Clit and it never does. His hand slides in between my legs from behind me and he rubs my swollen Clit. I can feel my juices flow freely running down my legs as he buries his fingers inside me. His other hand comes down hard on my ass making me flinch forward. I try to scream in pleasure but the gag won’t allow it. I feel his tongue circle my nipple and slide down my body. He takes my left foot and ropes it. Picking up my foot he hooks the rope around my ankle to the hook. Then I feel it. The warmth of his tongue flicking back and forth on my Clit. Then it stops. I’m just hanging there anticipating what happens next. He thrust his Cock deep inside me harder and harder. I want to release but know I am not suppose to until I am told. He feels so good inside me. I enjoy him fucking me, knowing that his Cock is all mine and my body all his. Finally he whispers in my ear “Cum My Princess, Cum With Me” and we burst together as his creamy juices gush from my Cunt. He releases me from the hook. And holds his little pet. Kissing me softly. It’s times like these when fear is bitter sweet.

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Daddy’s girl phone sex with Nichole

by nichole on January 23, 2016

Daddy’s girl phone sex with Nichole

Let’s have an orgy together.
happy new year rear. great special going on.

is going to be wonderful. Submissive Nichole is ready and  rearing to go. First submissive Nichole has daddy’s phone sex telling her what to do. Play with that bald pussy and rub that clit till you cum. So she did as she was told. Inserting her fingers in and out of her tight hole exposing the perfect pink pussy. In the need of drilling for a good long fuck session! Spilling her out onto the bed and tied his daughter up. Daddy’s girl phone sex with Nichole is already blowing your mind and mine. So you proceed to climb up on her and directed his big hard, throbbing cock into her tight virginal pussy. With one hard thrust you broke thru her hymen just like that. She yelps a little bit. But that  is taken over by the waves of pleasure. You stroke long hard strokes stretching that little cunt to it’s limits. Oh baby make it hurt so good. Then big Daddy flipped over Nichole onto her bare stomach. Exposing her bared sweet asshole for a good fucking. You take the lube and pour it into her puckered little asshole. Not knowing quite what was in store for her. She started to squirm around exciting Daddy even more. He begins to spank her ass hard and stuffing her ass at the same time. Owwww she yelled. Daddy’s girl phone sex with Nichole so far has been fun don’t you think? Pounding that ass was sure sweet and tight. Daddy’s girl phone sex with Nichole is whatever sex you desire deep down. No subject is not to taboo for submissive Nichole. Nichole’s dogging style right now as you use a big dildo for my ass and cunt. Bend over exposing her ass a target. For more drilling by dick and toys. Call me and we will have some fun. Special 20 minutes for 30.00 only if you ask.

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