Friday, January 22, 2016

Stretch out my ass!!

by Kendall on January 22, 2016

Mmm I love taking a big fat cock up my tight little asshole! It’s the best felling in the world to have a man stretch out my ass!! Last night was amazing! I got some new butt plugs that I wanted to try out, so I called a friend over to help. When he got here I was sprawled out face down ass up on the floor playing with my pretty pink little twat. He came up behind me and licked my pussy ever so gently and moved his tongue from my pussy back to my ass! He ate my ass out as I played with my pussy, it felt amazing!! After a while we decided to get out my new toy! It was pink glass butt plug that looked like a rose bud and the plug had a big jewel on it! I was so excited he took some lube and rubbed my ass with it gently sticking fingers in and out of my tight little ass. It felt so nice then he took my new plug and gently rubbed the tip at the entrance! I spread my ass wide open as he moved it slowly inside my ass I let out little moans of pleasure as he moved it further and further in! He moved it in and then pulled it back a little. Once it was nice and snug in my ass he decided to have me crawl around on the floor with it in my ass, I crawled over to him and was sitting by his feet when he pulled his cock out and made me suck it! He shoved his cock so far in my mouth I gagged a little. He started to fuck my face while I played with my pussy he pulled his cock out and had me lick his nasty ass hole and give him a rim job. I licked all around his ass hole and stuck my tongue in and out. Then he fucked me in the pussy till I came all over his cock, he took the butt plug out of my ass and started to fuck me in the ass while he made me lick my butt plug clean from being in my ass. It felt so good mm I love the way it feels in my ass the purrfect mixture of pain and pleasure!!! Let me be your little ass whore tonight! I love getting my ass fucked fast and hard! Call me so we can stretch my ass out together! I love Ass to Mouth mmmm.

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Happy Birthday Daddy

by Kara on January 22, 2016

Today is my Daddies birthday! I love to give him the best gift ever! I decided to throw him a birthday party. I called all his best friends who of course were in the minute I said I would be there *hehe* Daddies friends love me! They always tell me how amazing I am *wink* anyway I got everything planned out and had Daddy come to a hotel. You see Daddy has always had this fantasy and tonight I’m going to make it come true!! When he came to the hotel we were all hiding and waiting for him, he entered the room and we all yelled and surprised him! When he realized what was going to happen he was sooo excited!! I turned on some music and started to strip for Daddy and all his friends! I got butt ass naked and laid down on the bed! The first to come up of course was Daddy! He started to kiss my pussy all his friends were getting excited! They were rubbing their cocks! I was getting soo wet! Daddy laid down on the bed and had me lay with my back down on top of him and gently ease his cock into my ass while one of his friends came up and shoved his cock in my tiny balled cunt! It was amazing!! I let out a moan and then another guy shoved his cock deep in my mouth! Daddy and his friends fucked me so hard I came soo fast! I didn’t even know I could cum that fast they kept going until Daddy decided he wanted to fell my mouth on his cock so they switched places and I sucked Daddies cock while the other two fucked my ass and pussy. Another friend jumped in and shoved his cock in my pussy too!! I had 2 big cocks shoved in my little cunt! It was stretched out so far they all took their turns fucking me fast and hard filling all my holes with their amazing cocks!!! Finally when everyone was ready I sat in the middle of them all with my mouth wide open while they all came all over my face giving me a facial and in my mouth! It was amazing to feel all that hot juice all over my face mmmm!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!! Call me so we can have fun all night long together like I did with Daddy and his friends! xoxo

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Daddy’s little nympho phone sex

by Jessie on January 22, 2016

Are you looking for a little slut that’s addicted to sex? guess what you found her I’m daddy’s little nympho phone sex. that’s right I can’t seem to get enough cock.  I love seducing daddy before class, then going to school and teasing all those teachers till they take me in the closet and fuck me.  I think I fuck more than I sleep.  Tell me does that make your cock just pop?

When I come home from school the first thing I want is a good hard fuck.  So I go up to my brother and grab his cock, you know I’m not going to stop till I get some.  I guess that’s what makes me daddy’s little nympho phone sex.  I got the perfect body and the innocent little voice that can make any call fun.  I have to confess my favorite things to do is ass fucking and oral sex.   Just having my tight ass fucked while I’m sucking some cock just pushes me over the edge I get so wet sometimes I even squirt.  Nothing is hotter than a good hard cock deep in my mouth sometimes when daddy does that I’ve tasted mommy’s juices on him and you know that’s a-ok with me. Does that make me a bad daddy’s little nympho phone sex?

Don’t get all worked up at work wait till you can some time alone because I know once you get on the phone with daddy’s little nympho phone sex, I will get you cumming in no time.  I guess we can contribute that to my sweet sexy voice and my tight body can’t we.  If you looking for a seductive fantasy role play I am all game to make that cock hard and to hear you stroke it makes it all worth it.  Anytime day or night my cunt is ready to play and all I need is you!

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Humiliation Phone Sex With Daisy

by daisy on January 22, 2016


I am truly one deviant sick mommy but you already knew that, didn’t you? Of course you did, you’ve been here many times before and you’ve seen all the sick shit that happens here. Yesterday though, it got more twisted than anything I have ever seen before. This guy was really fucked up, slurring his words and in general just being a pain in the ass. You know the type I’m sure because they can’t ever hold their liquor and they always cause a scene. This asshole was no exception, he even climbed up on the table and started pissing on my floor in front of everyone! I mean what the fuck!? I am down for anything even piss play but only in certain areas, not all over my brand new sofa!

We couldn’t allow that kind of behavior because at my parties there are rules that need to be followed so me and a couple big strong men grabbed him and took him downstairs. They pushed him to his knees and pissed in his face, he didn’t like that but I didn’t give a fuck, I didn’t like him pissing all over my living room but that didn’t stop him did it? Then we made him our little bitch, the brats joined in on mocking him and a couple girls even fucked him with strap-on cocks. By the time we were through with him he was very apologetic indeed! No matter how much he apologizes though, he won’t be invited back anytime soon…

Do you love Humiliation Phone Sex? Like being bossed around by the little ones *wink* then Dirty Mommy Daisy is your gal.  I’m here waiting for you to call and ask for the special.  20 minutes for only $30 of fun filled humiliation with Dirty Mommy Daisy and her piss playing daughters.  

US callers only/limited time

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