Friday, January 15, 2016

Gagging phone sex come see if i’m good.

by Jessie on January 15, 2016

Tired of the boring day to day phone sex? well come on over and help me learn how to do gagging phone sex.  yes, that’s right I’m begging you to come right over and show me how to gag.  Come I know the sound of retching and puking on that cock just seems to get you off. That’s why I want to learn gagging phone sex. I want to make sure I know all there is to know that what makes me the sexiest slut there is.  I am so willing to learn everything that can make a man happy. 

Just the other night one of daddy’s friends came over and shoved his cock deep in my mouth it was in so deep that it tickled the back of my throat, I gagged hard and before I knew it he was shooting his load down my throat.  He told me I had a lot to learn and he’d hope I get some good practice in before the next time he decides to stop by.

So today I decided to practice that gagging phone sex on my math teacher wow, he rammed it so hard in my eyes stung and it make them water.  I didn’t complain he told me that he never had any slut so eager to get her mouth fucked as much as I did.  He couldn’t help but to give me exactly what I asked for.  He reached down and played with my tits as I gagged and retched right there.  It seems to be hours I was getting fucked in the mouth but it really was only 5 mins.  So come on right here and let me swallow that hot juicy load of cum that’s just calling my name you know it is.  Don’t you want me to gag for you?

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Cannibalism Phone Sex with Liv.

by liv on January 15, 2016

I’m famished. I have savory naughty craving tonight. Cannibalism Phone Sex will be perfectly satisfying.  wake up and Cum have a midnight feast with me tonight. Let’s hunt her down bring out  skewers and roast her.  I have the perfect little herb marinade I promise it will make those juices just pop. Nothing like  seared roasted flesh for dinner. MMMMM I especially enjoy young crispy, naked female flesh. Delishhh. I have to admit I have been fantasizing about this snack for sometimes.  I have been planning the perfect little scenario on how to kidnap and prepare the meal. I know just admiring those perfect thighs,  that torso and of course that rump roast. fuck I am getting wet thinking about how that seared rump is going to taste.  I just imagine how mouth watering juices taste savory juices running down my chin. I know the game is what turns you on the most luring the hunt and of course capturing our prey.

I know the game is what turns you on the most luring the hunt and of course capturing our feast for cannibalism phone sex. think about that body and her having the perfect meat for us.  I think just looking at her body makes me know that I have the perfect victim.  That body will feed us for days we won’t befamished for long.   Now let’s prepare this marvelous specimen.  we start with washing all the imperfections off, and then shaving all that little hair right off.  we pat dry that clean body with a lint free towel. we wouldn’t want a  little lint to spoil our dinner.  we carry her down to the butcher block and slice her into hardcore little pieces.  Oh, these little meaty bites are going to be good. I bring her to the warm fire and place those tiny bites right on to the skewers now we watch as that flesh turns golden brown. this cannibalism phone sex is going to be the best tasting dinner yet.

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Little Piss Slut Fantasy!

by daisy on January 15, 2016

He called again to play with my angels.  I have come to know him well, he wants them dressed in their best little panties and outfits so he can watch them soil themselves.  He loves me to punish my little angels for being their little devil selves.  Well the littlest one is in trouble for running out all the batteries in Mommy’s special toys.  So As she was standing in front of him awaiting her punishment, she was shivering with fear as I pulled out the hair brush to spank her bottom.  His cock was getting hard as he watched me put her over my knee and pull up her dress.  Those white panties the perfect backdrop for the pissing she was going to do.  After a few wacks on the bottom he made me order her to pee her little panties.  She was humiliated of course, that’s the point at her age, as I made her stand there with piss running down her panties, legs, and in to her little shoes.  I can see his is satisfied with this so I lye her on the bed as he smacks her little wet cunt.  He is gets so excited her pulls her little panties off to diaper her.  My Little Piss Slut gets him off every time.  As he’s lying there he begs me to let him play with her.  He takes her mouth, impaling her with his cock.  She is crying as he uses her hair to jerk her up and down his shaft.  He slides his hands in her little diaper and that’s all it takes for my caller G to cum down her throat.

Do you enjoy watching the little ones be punished?  Like to watch them have “accidents” in their panties?  Then you need to call Mommy Daisy today so we can live out your Little Piss Slut Fantasy.  Don’t forget to mention the special guys, 20 minutes for only $30. Ask for it, or I’ll charge you full price!!!

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BDSM Teen Whore Loves to get Kinky

by kira on January 15, 2016

BDSM teen whore is all for pain! On the rare occasion that my grandpa lets me out of the house he will lead me on a chain over to a  neighbor’s house for a BDSM  teen whore party. I like being a BDSM teen whore because grandpa knows how to control me when I get out of line! Most of the guys there love to use a BDSM teen whore like me and there is no telling the amount of cum and things they can find to put in a girl’s pussy. One night when I was over at their party they introduced to me to hot wax and Japanese rope tying. Once you are tied up you are blind folded and the fun is just about to begin. A BDSM whore’s favorite kink is rope play! Grandpa usually takes out a big paddle to spank my ass but my neighbor always stops him for more interesting fun. A good BDSM whore will take everything that is dished out! Taking a needle full of saline he inserts it   in my pussy lips and lets it swell my pussy slit until I think it is going to fall off. Being a BDSM whore gets my cunt so hot! Then after he takes a drenching wet towel and snaps it against my swollen clit, he will take some thumb tacks and insert it in my bloody twatty.  I shake from the blow but there is no way I can get away because the ropes are too tight.


    He seizes my head and pushes it down onto his cock knocking my head back.  My eyes are watery but I am able to see them take the hot candle wax and put it inside my asshole. Now taking the paddle they begin to hit my ass so hard that I scream, wretch, and vomit. Grandpa’s cock gets so hard because I am such an obedient little slut. Taking his hand and placing it around my neck they pierce my nipple with the needle and add saline to make them bigger. Grandpa then gets down and bites them so hard that the saline squirts out of the nipple onto his tongue along with a little of my blood. This is the life for me a BDSM teen whore!



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