Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Close Encounter Phone Sex of the Family Kind

by Wrenn on January 12, 2016

     Close Encounter phone sex makes my family closer! Daddy is not the only family I am very close too. I truly love my uncles and brothers and I love when we get together for orgy barbecues. Close Encounter Phone Sex  is really kinky and twisted! I would have to say they are great tutors in all the ways I can please Daddy and they don’t hesitate to spank me when they see I am doing it wrong. Close Encounter Phone Sex always makes my family happy! My Uncle Larry really likes using the whip on my little ass. He will twirl the handle around and push me down on the floor and let those smacks redden my pink ass. Close encounter phone sex includes all of the family! My brothers like to use their shoes and cocks to spank my little ass. Sometimes I think for the hell of it they enjoy inviting Mommy in to watch! Mommy gets a kick out of her baby girl tooted over with her ass in the air exposed. I think Mommy invented close encounter phone sex! Daddy of course has been doing this for a long time but now Mommy likes to spank her little girl too.


    I have to thank Mommy for teaching me some new tricks to please Daddy. Close encounter phone sex didn’t take much practice from Mommy! I have always been so much of a cum bucket whore She taught me that twirl thingy I can do with my tongue on my uncle’s ass and she taught me to open my mouth wider so my little brother can go deeper in my throat. Close encounter phone sex even got my crazy ass aunt involved!

     Mommy arranged for my aunt to come over and bite onto my clit using her clamp device. Close encounter phone sex  gets my family so hot! Daddy would be so proud of his little girl if he were here. Mommy loves using that spatula to spank my ass and now is trying to insert some kind of mixing tool in my rectum too. Mommy says it will make me cum more for Daddy ! Mommy is also teaching me to suck and lick on ass for Daddy and pull tampons out with my teeth. Mommy   let me practice on her and my aunt last night and let’s just say I sure do love Strawberry Jam now!

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Young bald pussy phone sex taste it!

by Jessie on January 12, 2016

 Are you in the mood for kinky  and something a tad bit taboo. Well, let me tell you my young bald pussy phone sex is up for a little bit of play time.  I fantasize all day about who is going to fuck and eat me next.  Is it you do you think that dick and tongue can handle a tight young bald pussy phone sex cunt like mine? 

I know you are just as eager as me to get into this tiny pussy. I know I got some sweet juices just getting started thinking about all the taboo fun we would have.  Sliding that dick right into my mouth feel these soft lips being wrapped around gliding up and down on your cock.  Go ahead and touch my tits its ok I give you permission.  Now I really know what you want slide a finger all around my young bald pussy phone sex;  I shaved it thinking of you.  After I suck this dick so good I want you to push me down and fuck me as hard as you can.  Let that groin bump up against my throbbing clit.  It’s so smooth while your fucking it seems to glow.  All you can think about is planting that face right in between my cunt and licking all around.

It’s not wrong that I want you to make me a woman is it? Admire my curved cunt all those folds of the lips they are just begging for your tongue. pull out your cock and bend down slide that tongue right down.  Taste the sweetest young bald pussy phone sex cunt around.   now I have a little secret if you eat me just right I might just squirt right over your face how is that for a good start?

Well I think we have had enough talk and I know that cock is throbbing so slide on over and call me I don’t bite!

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Mean Girl Bikini Party

by maddie on January 12, 2016

The mean girl bikini party is about to start and you’ve been invited. In fact this party is happening all because of your nasty pervert ass!

So guess what! I’m really tired of you spying on me and my friends when they come over! You don’t even care anymore whether or not we all know that you’re jerking it to us. We can hear you in your room down the hall jacking off with your door wide open. Sicko! So honestly I think you deserve to be punished. You’re not the man of the house. I’m the one who rules here now! Hehehe, well me and my girlfriends too. (: So that’s why I’ve invited them over here today. OH and I told them to bring their other girlfriends as well! Now you’re probably wondering what we’ve got in store for you, hehe. I know you like strapons. Don’t lie, I saw it on your computer’s history, dipshit. Looks like you’re in big trouble now because I’m a mean girl and so are my friends! We’re not going to play nice. I will even get my little sis to wear a strapon and plow your pathetic ass. I’m expecting at least 10 other girls to show up, maybe more considering how word travels fast around here. Hahaha it’s 10+ against one measly little pervert…. Who the fuck do you think is going to be in control? Naughty Maddie!

Also don’t forget that we take prepaid cards…. See ya soon, loser. (;

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P Daddy Family Fun Phone Sex With Daisy

by daisy on January 12, 2016

You dream of having a special family like mine don’t you?  All you P Cocks want a P Mommy with four spectacular little angels like mine to play with whenever you are in the mood.  My babies span in age from pre-teen, to young, to defiantly young!  You wanna come over for a play date and be our P Daddy?  Let us shower you with all of our “attention”?  Your cock twitches in your pants thinking about all those bald young cunny’s staring at you.  Standing in line obediently waiting for you to dominate them. Don’t worry, if you wanna get a little rough with them, they have been naughty all week with their defiance.  You may punish them if you are in the mood *wink*. 

Just the other day I had to punish the oldest because of her mouth.  She’s been very argumentative lately….so that means Mommy had to force her biggest lady cock down her throat to choke and gag on for hours!  There was spit and snot running down her face while she learned that she better swallow that cock or gag!  Well needless to say since then, she has been much more obedient. 

The little ones are in *training* on how to please their P Daddy’s so you don’t want to miss that!  They will make sure that they lick and suck on your P Cock, it’s always so much fun for them to learn to read their P Daddy’s needs.  They look up with their innocent eyes only wanting to please their P Daddy!

The little angels and I are waiting for you to come for a play date.  I have them all ready for you deviant P Daddy’s for all your Family Fun Phone Sex needs.  Don’t forget to mention the special, get 20 minutes with this naughty P Mommy Daisy and the little ones for only $30.  We can’t wait to play with you! *Dirty Mommy Daisy*


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