Monday, January 11, 2016

Phone Sex Whore with naughty Nichole

by nichole on January 11, 2016

Phone Sex Whore with naughty Nichole oh my, let’s put on our imagination caps on. The possibilities are endless.Let’s see we are cruising around smoking a joint and on the hunt for a new cock for me to fuck . We go to the  sex shop and go behind it to find him. A cute blond man about 21 and lusting for some pussy. Well as you already know I am your phones sex whore with naughty Nichole at your service. We ask  him if he is interested in a three way. We’ll oh course he did! So in the van we go and look for a out of  the way place to fuck. We find it and proceed to go to the back of the van and strip off all of our clothes. Bare ass naked we go at it. First I suck on your big fat throbbing cock. He comes behind me and starts licking my pussy then asshole it feels so good. Your dick is ready for some pussy and he wants some ass. You lay down and I lay on top of you and put the head of your dick in my pussy. He puts his head against my sweet little ass and slams it in as you put your dick in my pussy. double penetrated Felt so good that I had a massive orgasm! The dicks are both slamming into my love holes. All sweaty and glistening from such kinky deviant sex! You both are loving my holes because that is what a phone sex whore with naughty Nichole is for. I just love being your phone sex whore at your disposal at any time. Are you horny yet for some phone sex with naughty Nichole? Call me and find out. We even have a special 20 minutes for 30.00!



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Submissive Bitch Yearns to Please!

by kira on January 11, 2016


    Submissive Bitch loves to do what you say master! I was bred to be your slave. A submissive bitch will only answer at the directive of her master. You can do anything you want to me because my only job as your slave is to make sure you are happy. A submissive bitch takes the time to listen to her master and get the details right! When we picked up Kristen from the playground it was so nice to play with her little body and turn her into our little whore. A submissive slut never thought she would have a slave of her own!  Her little bald cunt looked so nice with that shoe buried in there and her little pony tails just swung from side to side when you stuffed your cock in her throat. A submissive bitch is grateful for being your whore and sharing in your fantasies!  Do you know what part I like the most Master, it was when I stuck that video camera in her ass so the whole world could see what kind of slave slut she had become.  A submissive bitch was eager to please and to cum! I especially liked when you turned me around and spanked my pale pink ass raw with your flogger. A submissive bitch loves to be hit hard!  I know I deserved it all and it was especially a turn on when I shit on her face and then licked it off with my tongue.

     Master I know that I can be especially kinky and dirty and I appreciate all you do in trying to train me to be your perfect submissive bitch. I love the taste of those ecstasy pills you feed up my ass too Master. They taste like the perfect sweet candy to a submissive bitch! And that smoke you blow in my face really keeps me from twerking too bad. A submissive bitch is ready and willing to do whatever you ask. I especially like the feeling of euphoria when you taste my shitty ass! I was especially glad when you grabbed my face and forced it in the bowl and pissed right on my head. Thank you for letting me be your favorite little shit slave and using my body for your own pleasure. I especially love the spankings you give with the electrical cords that are attached to my little ass. It tingles every time you insert it inside my ass but, I know you are only giving me what I deserve.

Your Submissive Slut,



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