Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Incest phone sex with Mommy Daisy

by daisy on January 5, 2016

Incest phone sex isn’t always about sweet and happy stuff, sometimes Mommy has to be a little mean and you all know why don’t you? It’s because you are all naughty little brats at some point and you know it as well as I do! I have caught you in my panty drawer more times than I can count, I’m tired of having to replace all the lingerie you ruin so now it is time to accept your punishments.  I’m going to have to take you over my knee to make sure you learn your lesson this time you naughty brats!  I am going to make sure your little perfect round bottoms are bright pink when I am done with you!  I’m going to pull your panties down all the way to your ankles, bend you over, and spank you with my bare hand. No! Stop that, you are not suppose to like it *hehe*.  Now Mommy is going to have to lower her cunt over your face, you are going to lick me until your tongue and jaw are sore! Each one of you will take a turn until your faces are running with Mommy’s sweet juices. Then I am going to pull out my favorite strap on and take it out on that tiny little puckered ass.  Relentlessly pounding that hole until you have learned that you stay out of Mommy’s underwear drawer!  That little hole will be gaping by the time I get done with it!  You won’t be able to sit down all week! Every time your sore little hole hits a chair you will remember that Mommy’s underwear drawer is off limits.  Your little ass will scream!

If you naughty little fuckers don’t hurry you’re going to miss our special.  It is 20 minutes for only $30.  If you don’t mention it, Mommy won’t give it to you so make sure you let me know you want the Happy Nude Rear!

Mommy Daisy 

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