Monday, January 4, 2016

Role play slut phone sex

by andrea on January 4, 2016

Come I know you’re looking for the perfect slut with no rules and love doing role play slut phone sex.  I got just the right kink for your dick that you are looking for.  I am a total little slut that gets right down and dirty.  Being totally in control I do everything from licking ass to being a total nasty slut. I do all those things that others don’t.  it’s hard finding a slut that doesn’t say no! they all talk a mean game but I am the real role play slut phone sex.  since this last holiday, I bet all those late nights gave you some insight on watching some new porn and getting ideas to try on a few sluts like myself.

I fantasy about you walking into my room and stripping me naked. Making get down on my knees and taking your cock in your hand and showing me how to jerk you off. My hands wrap around that cock and I was jerking it hard sliding my hand up and down.  I show you I’m the perfect little role play slut phone sex whore.  I bet you never thought that little-wet dream would make you so hot playing on those little fantasies that are bouncing in your head.

Don’t be mad cause I’m a nasty little role play slut phone sex dick tease.  I bet you’re stroking that cock right now thinking about how good I would be.   Don’t worry I love doing what I do make you feel so good.   so what erotic fantasies are you thinking about now? Don’t be shy it will be our little secret.  Dial my number and let’s play this role play slut phone sex is waiting for all I need is you.

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Dirty old man phone sex

by Jessie on January 4, 2016

Uncle tom was a dirty old man phone sex.  While he watched me we would play sex games dirty nasty games. First would be riding the bull. Yes, your right it seems so dirty but it was hot.  I would climb up on his and rub my pussy all over his pants.  Sometimes this dirty old man phone sex would put his hand right there so I could rub them.  Then he would lick it clean now tell me if that isn’t a dirty old man phone sex I don’t know what is.  I love having fun with uncle tom.

Whenever he would watch me we would play games like hiding the snake in the hole and I would open my pussy lips and let the bull slide right in.  he would buck hard to see how long that I could stay on.  Sometimes I even surprised myself.  After I made his pull puke and I mean it puked all over, I would get right down and lick it clean.  Uncle Tom said I was just the best at that ride the bull game. 

I tried it with grandpa once and he didn’t keep me on very long at all his bull wasn’t as strong as Uncle Tom’s.  On the other hand, daddy was the fucking best wow I stayed on him for almost 20 mins.  His cock was so fucking hard. At first, he was mad at Uncle Tom’s game of dirty old man phone sex but he soon was happy that my cherry got broke and I was becoming a dirty horny slut.   Daddy had a conference with uncle Tom and grandpa they talked of putting me into a family fun gang bang and letting all the men in the family have their go at me.  It must have been a joke they all were laughing and stroking their dicks so hard.

I knew that all they would be so good so I went and got ready showed up in the middle of them and I got a huge load of cum splattered all over me.  So I know what you’re thinking that me fucking dirty old man phone sex is way over the top well your right it so slides on over and see what I can do to your bull.

Dirty old man phone sex is just right to turn me into a nasty little whore. So bring that cock right over and let’s see how soon I can make you cum.

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phone sex whore tabbi…

by Tabbi on January 4, 2016

Hi, I’m Tabbi. I’m into all kinds of kinky fun but sometimes it’s so nice to just get fucked good and hard. That’s the kind of calls I get from Kevin. He’s one of those guys that likes getting it on with a phone sex whore like me I’m so glad he calls me to get it too. He’s become one of my most steady regulars. I always look forward to hearing from him. He’s even sent me a picture of his purrfect cock to fantasize about while we’re on our calls. He has a big thick beautiful cock.

He called today, earlier. I was glad to hear from him. I was feeling horny and he had me get on the bed. I took off my panties and tank top and laid on the bed. He undressed and climbed on top of me. He was kissing me passionately, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy. I was so fucking turned on.  He was making his way down to my chest. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them and  began running his tongue over them. He sucked on my nipple, biting on it. I could feel my pussy aching for his touch, his kisses. His tongue ran down my belly to my bare little pussy. I spread my legs wider, my pussy wet and dripping already. I felt his soft lips against my thighs as he kissed his way to the center. His tongue running over and around my clit had me panting, reaching, and then cumming all over his face. I was shaking. I just knew I wanted that hard cock deep inside me.

I pushed him over and took his enormous cock in my hands, stroking and licking it with my tongue. He was so hard already. I slid his cock in my mouth and started sucking on him, taking him deep down my throat gagging on him. He was like a wild man by then. He couldn’t get enough of me. He put me on my knees. He slid his cock between my wet pussy lips, lubing him with my juices. That’s when I felt the head of his cock push inside, he was just pulsing it in, teasing us both, and with one thurst he was deep inside me. One hard slow thrust after another turned into a frenzy of him pounding me, going deeper and deeper. I’d never been fucked so deep and hard. We both came all over each other as we screamed in passion, not being able to hold it in…I love having callers who are looking for a hot sexy phone sex whore who knows just how to get a man off hard!

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Junkie Whore Phone Sex Project

by sookie on January 4, 2016

     Junkie Whore is a sweet name Daddy just gave me ! I am a happy girl! I am Junkie Whore for my family! Daddy let me do my special project on his lap today and gave me my allowance. I think he liked the part where I stood on my head and stuck a needle in my ass! A junkie whore just wanted to do her part to help out Mommy and Daddy. Daddy says my special projects will bring in a lot of money for the family and he will be able to support our habit. A junkie whore got down on her knees to help Daddy out! Mommy likes being in our special projects too he lets me eat her sticky goo sauce all the time and fuck her anytime I want too. Junkie whore phone sex really seems to turn Mommy On! I try to be really nice to my sisters and let them stick funny shape things in my cunny and I try to hold back but Daddy says it ok to let the water out of my ring hole. My sisters really like Junkie phone sex and it gets them really fucked up when I perform my talent! I try to be nice to my Daddy’s play mates as he calls him when they come over and I always let them rip at my little shit dropper. They all know how much I love Junkie Whore Phone Sex!I try to do anything to keep Daddy happy because he gives me so many cum showers on my face.I love being a junkie whore phone sex toy! Daddy also says that if I am really good I will get the best treat in the world. He is going to introduce me to the world as one of his little bitches! Junkie Whore phone sex makes me cum all over!Daddy says he is going to train me just right for the job and I am going to be a special addition money maker! I don’t know what all of this means but Daddy says I am every man’s wet dream. I am proud to be a Junkie Whore phone sex girl! I get to have all the injections I want and it pleases my Daddy!

Daddy gave me some kind of injection in my tight little ass and told me to hold it in. I guess it was his way in helping me to relax for the clients that night. My tight little body convulsed with pressure of being a junkie whore phone sex project. Soon I was walking down the street ready to pick up my first customer for Daddy’s special project. Not even an hour later I had made 200 dollars with my cherry bottom topper and Daddy was really pleased! The craziest shit that happened that night was a bunch of guys making fuck their guitar!Junkie Whore phone sex almost got me arrested! Daddy says as long as I keep playing nice he will keep giving me those special injections! Not to worry the local sheriff loves my junkie whore phone sex and Daddy keeps him and me spilling for those special injections! I don’t know what they are but I sure do feel light headed and happy when I get them!


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Hot Blonde Housewife phone sex

by Lisa on January 4, 2016

Hot blonde housewife phone sex

Looking for some New Years eve phone sex specials? Well call me and ask me about my Happy Nude Rear phone sex special 20 minutes for only $30, good for USA callers only limited time offer must ask for the special to get the special phone sex price. One special per 24 hour period.

Let me be your hot blonde housewife phone sex MILF! I love taking calls from boys just like you that have mommy son fantasies. I have no limits and I will be any kind of mommy that your little heart desires. Tell me what makes your cock rock hard first thing in the morning? Mommy Lisa loves getting calls from you boys that have that raging hard morning wood hard on. Share all your dirty thoughts with this hot blonde housewife phone sex mommy!

Do you like sneaking into my pantie drawer or dirty clothes hamper and smelling my cum soaked crotch? Maybe you like putting this hot blonde housewife phone sex panties on while stroking yourself to orgasm. Or maybe you like the idea of me catching you in the act of either one of those two acts. There is no fantasy I won’t entertain! How about this hot blonde housewife phone sex mommy catching you masturbating for the first time and I demand that you will follow my instructions on how and when to touch that cock.

Mommy Lisa just loves owning your young hard cock and turning you into her private lover, keeping you all to herself. Especially since I crave that boy juice that tastes so good thrusting down my throat. Beg Mommy Lisa to teach you the right way to masturbate your young hard cock. Plead with me to be your Mommy lover and let you impregnate me. All you have to do is ask this hot blonde housewife phone sex Mommy real nice!

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