Friday, January 1, 2016

Age Play Fuck Slut

by maddie on January 1, 2016

Your naughty fuck slut, Maddie! So I had the great pleasure of playing with J today. He has a big, older man cock. The kind of cock that can teach me a thing or two… And he certainly has taught me a lot! I love stroking his throbbing old man dick as I’m on my knees. Looking up at him with a big smile on my face! I always get butterflies when I talk to him. You know, that tingly feeling down there… He makes my cunny so happy! I make those sweet little moans he loves soo much. My young pussy has J hooked on this fuck slut! I’m all his… and I can be all yours too, for the time being anyway 😉 Hang out with me for a little while. It can’t hurt!

Your cutie pie awaits you. What are you thinking about right this moment? I hope you’re thinking about my tight pussy wrapped around your shaft! Can we pweeeease make it happen?! Yes I am naughty but it’s not my fault… Men find me so sexy, they like to teach me things… So I’ve learn at an early age to please a man. Wanna try me on that? I will totally show you what I mean! My body is all yours now. I’m ready to play. Naughty Maddie

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