January 2016

Sit on your FACE

by Envy on January 31, 2016

Guess who’s going to sit on your face! Oh Yeah, It’s ME! Why? Because clearly you need a lesson on how to please a woman thoroughly…I believe that by sitting on your face that you’ll be able to get in there deeper. I mean with your tongue, silly! Both in my cunt and also my tight ass. I have to admit that I really do enjoy a warm & wet tongue up my ass.

Anyway, you’re going to be my throne for the evening This is the kind of filthy shit you dream about while at your boring job or with your mediocre wife. This is the kind of pleasure I can give you. You’re gonna be my nasty slave! I know that you’re already craving my ass and pussy on your pathetic face. Well I won’t stop you from lying down on your back! So be a good subbie bitch and lie down and then I’ll crouch over your face. I want to tease you with the imagine of my beautiful pussy and asshole swaying in your face. Yummy, right? I’m so evil!

Haha okay enough with the teasing… It’s time to get down to business. I will sit on your face for as long as I like. But you had better get into each tiny crevice. My hot holes will smother you, intoxicating you… You’re such a pervert, honestly!


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Innocent girl next door phone sex

by Jessie on January 31, 2016

Well, I have always been a little atrocious but in daddy’s and all the men in the neighborhood I am still the innocent girl next door phone sex. All summer long I am the talk of the neighborhood laying out half naked and, of course, running around in my cute two piece.  That sun just makes my body look so appetizing. I know I get their dicks hard and I flaunt around to see if I can get them to pre-cum. Isn’t that what being the innocent girl next door phone sex is all about?

It’s been so warm this winter so I was practicing my cheers right in the middle of the front yard.  I guess I made my next door neighbor so hot he was stroking it right in his car and I could see everything.  Some guy told me I didn’t look like the innocent girl next door phone sex and for me to jump more so he could see my tits.  Of course, I’ll do anything to make those men happy.

Now yesterday the guy two doors down called and asked daddy if he could borrow his innocent girl next door phone sex for some house cleaning. Daddy insisted I wear panties and this cute little dress.  As soon as I walked in this guy’s door.  I knew the only think he wanted to clean was me.   He pinned me against the door and slid his hands down my pants playing with my clit.  He kissed me hard calling me a dirty little whore and I was going to get what was coming to me.  I sucked his cock he even made me gag.  I looked up with to him with my baby blue eyes he told me I was asking for it.  When he was nice and hard he lifted me up on the table and he sat down and licked me till I came.  His tongue was all over my ass, pussy, and clit. When I came I sure didn’t feel like the innocent girl next door phone sex.

He finally stood up and took that cock and fucked me hard. I laid there right on that table taking it like a good whore. I screamed and screamed he made me cum so hard.  when it was all done he gave me a tip and told me  thank you for the romp. That he had videoed it so he could remember me for a long time. 

If your cock isn’t hard right now I suggest you go somewhere else but if it’s throbbing for me then pick up the phone and let’s fuck because I am the innocent girl next door phone sex.

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Bratty babe in charge

by maddie on January 30, 2016


Get ready for this bratty biotch to take a hold of you! Around these parts I do whatever I damn well please. I’ve been like this since a very, very young age. It comes naturally to me, being bossy. You’re dating my mom but who cares because I’ll get my way in the end. I will get what I want and what I want right now is you. Can you handle this? Haha

But you have to admit to yourself though – you really enjoy a girl with bad attitude telling you what to do! Sure my mom can be bossy but not like me.. C’mon and just admit it to both you and me right now. I know that you want me. Haha it’s no secret the way you’re always looking at me! Can’t ever seem to keep your eyes off me when I’m in the room huh? Even when mom is around you seem to have trouble being on your best behavior.  I’m surprised my mom hasn’t noticed. You desire me so much and yet I’m not playing nice. You should know already that I like to play naughty! And I can certainly get mean if needed. 

Guess what? Mom’s gone and she won’t be coming back for a while. That leaves us time to get, shall I say. . . Mischievous! 😉 Just remember this- bratty girls don’t play nice!

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Nasty Mommy Phone Sex With Krystal

by Krystal on January 30, 2016

Some Mommies can be so nasty. They use and abuse their little ones for their own naughty pleasures. They will even use them when they need something that takes a special kind of payment to acquire. If you know what I mean…. I’m one of those kinds of Mommies. I do whatever it takes to get what I want and need. So when a man friend called and offered me a nice bag of “rock candy” for the use of something little and sweet, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. He showed up a few minutes later with a really BIG bag of my medicine. I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed my pipe and led him to the back room. The brats were there playing a video game. I had the heat up real high, so they weren’t wearing very much. As soon as he saw them, the bag was mine. Just like I knew it would be. I took my medicine and watched as he played some very nasty games with them.

I love watching them play naked twister with my dealer, it gets my cunt so wet to watch them stretching their little naked bodies all over the mat.  My little ones can’t help by lick my sweet pussy when they are somewhere in that vicinity.  Mommy has trained them sooo well. Nasty Mommy Phone Sex is the best with me.  I truly adore what I do for a living and telling stories about the naughty things that I do with the little ones.  We have a great special right now where you can get 30 minutes with Nasty Mommy Krystal for only $50.  You can’t beat that, time with the little ones and me playing games.  Just make sure that you remember Mommy’s special “candy” *wink*

Nasty Mommy Krystal

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Wakey Wakey Because Daddy Is Nakey!

by karis on January 30, 2016

You thought you were being super duper quiet, didn’t you? *giggle* I heard you Daddy.  I knew that you were in the hallway, tippy toeing down the hallway so Mommy wouldn’t hear you.  Then when the hallway light flooded my bedroom I knew right away that you wanted to play.  I peeked at you with barely open eyes and I saw your big cock sticking straight out!  I almost giggled out loud, but I stopped myself before you knew I was awake.

I turned onto my tummy so that you could see my cute butt.  I know you like to touch it Daddy.  I also know that when you think I am sleeping you like to gently get onto my bed and rub your hard dick on it.  Every time I move you stop.  I know it is mean of me to play with you like that, but I think deep down you like it.  It is part of the game after all.

I could feel your thick head rub against my tiny little ass crack.  You moaned and whispered how pretty I was, and how warm I felt.  You pressed yourself against me lightly.  I could tell you were stroking.  I pretended to sleep as you continued to caress my bottom with your cock.  It wasn’t long before you came all over my cotton panties.  I could feel it slowly seep through the material.  Then you left just as quietly as you came in.  I heard you return to your room as I reached down to run my fingers through your thick, yummy cum.

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My Sweet Toilet Play Phone Sex Boy

by cassia on January 30, 2016

I call him “Lump”.  He hates it, but I love it.  He says it is demeaning and I suppose it is in a way, BUT he is the one who begged me over and over again to spend time with his tongue wiggling in my perfect asshole.  Maybe he was just caught up in the moment when he begged me to start to push.  I think as my ass crushed against his open mouth that he might of been trying to say to stop, but I do not understand muffled speak.  He was wiggling beneath me and I just kept on pushing. 

He was a bit angry after he came, but I wasn’t.  I laughed at him, his face all smeared.  He jumped into the shower, then stormed out of my place without so much as a good bye.  Oh well, but then the strangest thing happened.  He came BACK!  That very night.  There I was once again, sitting on his face when I heard him whisper to push.  This time I let loose my yummy liquid that I had been holding in.  He tried to push me off but I leaned forward and lightly sunk my teeth into his cock, right under the rim.  He quit squirming rather quickly. 

That was how it started, now he cannot get enough.  I always ask Lump if he wants to taste my special treats, he always says no, but I know that in this case, no actually means YES!

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Spanking Phone Sex for My Master

by kira on January 30, 2016

     Spanking Phone Sex makes my master happy! Master ,it’s me your undeserving slut who needs to be spanked by your powerful hands. Spanking phone sex puts my master in control.  I need you to smack my bottom red and punish me because I have been so bad. Spanking phone sex makes me so hot! I know I am not worthy to call you Master, but as a good little submissive slut in training, my first job is to please you. I know no other way but for us to have spanking phone sex. I saw you with that collar earlier master and I can’t wait to have it attached to my neck. I know you will like spanking phone sex and using  your new toys. Once I hear that lock clicking into place I know it will make my pussy wet and it will be time to please you.  I am going to get ready for spanking phone sex. I will be on my knees with my  ass wide open willing to take whatever punishment you seem fit. My hands will be tied securely behind my back just the way you like it. My body belongs to you during spanking phone sex.

Spanking Phone Sex

      I love when you use your special flogger. The one with the special made cat tails that zig zag across my cunt and ass and make my legs tremble. I  want you to make me suffer like I never have before because I have been such a “bad girl”. “Bad girls have to be punished.” I know I am not deserving Master but can I have permission to taste your pre cum. That sweet sperm that just sits at the top of your dick is so inviting and it is causing me to want more. If you grant me permission then can I move down to your balls and tease them! Oh no, I have done something wrong, I have not asked for permission to cum and  it pools down my leg. What will you do master? You have decided for my lesson I will be double tied in ropes and ordered to sit on the mechanical vibrator until I am convulsing and begging for you to turn it off! It is my pleasure master to do all that you ask and more!

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Premeditated murder phone sex

by liv on January 29, 2016

Premeditated murder phone sex!  is your ex-wife a fucking bitch and you need to take her out?  You have come to the right place we can set up a little role play where we torture the whore and cut her up into little pieces I guess she won’t be bothering you anymore.  First well lure her out.  I can see by the looks of her she is no victim to me she looks like a babbling whore.  Whores like that need to be shut up.

I play nice and offer her a drink.  I lace it with some heroin were going to make it look just like a complete accident.  We dope her up and drive her to our cabin. Yea this whore is going to pay I can’t wait to choke the life right out of her.  This premeditated murder is going to be my best accomplishment yet.

Tie her drugged ass to the bed yea I am going to torture this little whore.  I grab a pair of pliers and rip off her nipples and clit. Next I move right on till I top and watching the blood spew out of her I take my knife that razor blades and ram it into her slicing her insides right as it goes in.  she starts to wake I want her to feel this pain. I take a strap on and thrust it into her mouth I bet you never fucked her this hard before.

Sit back and watch this premeditated murder phone sex get really gruesome. I love the blood splattering everywhere and watching her die with the blood spooling out.  You didn’t think I had it in me I guess we won’t be hearing from that whore any more.

Now if you have some murder rape fantasies you need to act out just call me I promise I’ll make them fun.

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Cock sucking Whore Super Cum Sunday

by sookie on January 29, 2016

Cock sucking whore Sookie is here for you! Daddy is always calling me his little fuck o rammer doll. Cock sucking whore loves cock! He says it’s because I am always rammed with cock in all of my holes. He makes sure to keep me gaped open with cum and that I am bent over on all fours all the time. A cock sucking whore does what her Daddy needs her to do! He says I am the ultimate party favor that every guy has to have. A cock sucking whore’s mouth is already watering! I guess I am the preshow entertainment before the Superbowl, the halftime show, or the after game slut. Whatever I am, my mouth is all ready for some hard pumping and I can’t wait for you to hike that cock into my mouth. A cock sucking whore loves jizz! When your favorite team scores you can shoot your load in my face or in my aching cunt! To me that will be the ultimate score during the game. A cock sucking whore is ready to disembogue your sperm! Daddy says ramming me with cock will be the main event and the cum drippings that will be the added bonus.

Cock Sucking Whore

I can’t wait for all the daddies to take turns fucking me and my little belly getting full of cum! Daddy says my little innocent voice will be the greatest pleasure on Super Bowl Sunday. I just can’t wait to test out all those cocks and play quarterback by spreading my legs and hiking all those football heads(cock) in my tiny little asshole. Daddy says I am more than ready to execute all the plays for a perfect blow job and I know how to keep my head on the game of making you cum! I can slurp and slop and get your cock so hard that you will definitely shoot your load through what daddy calls my field goal. Daddy sure has taught me all the plays to fucking but he says there is always room for improvement. I was wondering if you might stop by on game day and we can practice some plays that Daddy keeps telling me about! My pussy is ready and let’s just say my mouth is open at the three yard line waiting for you to pass the ball sort of speak! Will you make the next play Daddy?

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No taboo Mommy phone sex

by Reanna on January 29, 2016

Why have just one Mommy when you can have two Mommy’s. One sweet naughty Mommy and a nasty dirty fucking Mommy. We can be the best of both worlds for you boys. Come and have your cock sucked by Daisy and her charming little ones and have ReAnna and her’s sit and tease as they watch and learn. Can’t you imagine all of us in one room and you the center of attention. No taboo Mommy phone sex. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? I think it does.
Daisy is all wet and dirty and ready to fuck, she has so many secrets and a nasty dirty twisted mind that will make your head spin and your cock hard. ReAnna is a sweet naughty Mommy who looks sweet innocent in public. However behind closed doors she is corrupted and loves to tease the tweens that come to her house with her little ones to play. ReAnna likes to play with them alright.
What is it you are waiting for 2 Mommy’s to teach you to be a naughty boy. Call one of us and we will please you and yours.

Love you all xoxo
Mommy ReAnna and Mommy Daisy

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