December 2015

Kidnapped and Raped Fantasy Phone Sex!

by betty on December 30, 2015

I was standing on the corner minding my business when I heard an engine. I pay no attention going about my day until I feel a cold wet cloth cover my mouth.  I scream out, I can’t breathe; my body is starting to feel like a limp noodle!  When I wake up my arms are chained above my head and my legs are spread but I’m fully clothed.  I start crying realizing that I have been taken.  I see him standing in the shadows, watching me, observing like I’m a science project.  I’m whimpering and begging for him to please let me go but he ignores my constant cries for release.  He just keeps slowly circling me, watching.  He walks up to me finally ripping my shirt all the way down the front.  I can’t believe this day started with errands and is ending with me being Kidnapped and Raped!  I know he’s going to do deviant things to my body, because he has finally spoke, calling me his pain slut.  He explains that he’s going to inject me with a medication to SNUFF me with my next orgasm.

He jerks the cups of my bra down bringing my nipple to his lips like he’s savoring fine cuisine. Then to the other before he bites down! Pulling and stretching with his teeth then bring both my tits together suckling on both nipples together.  What is wrong with me?  Why is my body starting to respond to this man?  I try to keep my excitement to myself stifling my cries of pleasure.  The scissors he takes out of his bag of tricks look ominous as he cuts the rest of my clothing off.  I feel him behind me before the swat of the cane switch comes across my bare ass. I feel the pleasure building up inside me. I’m going to die today for sure. The whippings continue all over my body. My skin is pink, raised, and raw but is tingling with sensation. I watch him pull out a butt plug from his bag. He inserts it in to my red bottom watching my eyes, knowing I’m experiencing pleasure. I know the end is near as he pulls a dildo out of his bag, slamming it in to my cunt, spreading open my cunt as he watches.  Then the vibrator comes out and I know my time here is done as he places it on my clit, letting the vibration bring me closer and closer to my death until I’m gone.

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sissy cum slut!

by Envy on December 29, 2015

1-888-440-5422 is for cum slut sissies like yourself.

So are you gonna be a good cum slut for your Goddess? You have been waiting for this night for a long time haven’t you! So tonight is the first night that you get to taste big juicy cock. You are now about to become what I like to call a “sissy cum slut”. Me and you both have seen this day coming for a while. Seriously I think being a sissy cuckold is a life meant for you! Like you’re only to be my bitch and clean up slut. Lol. You know what I mean, sissy… These hot guys are going to give me their loads, each one of them.

I’m so fucking excited and I know you must be excited too. How could you not be?! I’m sure that you’re ready to suck these boys off and taste their gooey, sticky cum from my holes. Mmm I am so ready for the first guy! Oh but wait, you have to suck them first! Yeah I’ve dressed you up in a sexy sissy outfit and now you’re on your knees.

Take that big dick and shove it deep down your throat, sweetie. That’s right, give the guy eye contact while you’re at it too! These men deserve the attention. You are here as a slave, a cum slut, and sissy bitch! I own you and these men are going to own your ass tonight too! Goddess Envy

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Humiliation phone sex with Ginger

by Ginger on December 29, 2015

I had to call a couple of my male employees into my office the other day. I received a couple of complaints/concerns from a couple of the female customers. One stated that one of the male employees wasn’t a man at all, as he rubbed his cock against her and she felt nothing. The other felt that another male employee was to grabby. That’s not an issue at my bar. We are all here for a good fucking time, sex all around.Yet I needed to follow through and see for myself. I brought them both in and set them down. I wasn’t worried about the grabby employee as he is very hung and loved by all the ladies. I wanted to see packages for myself. I made them both take there pants down and show me. Nothing like a little humiliation for punishment tied into humiliation phone sex calls as well. One was hung and erect and ready to fuck. The other was wearing womens panties and couldn’t see a cock at all. That is when I made him sit on the chair and watch as I fucked his co-worker. This way he was able to see how a real man is treated by the ladies. After he came deep inside of my pussy I made the pantie wearing small dick bastard get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness by sucking my pussy juice off his co-workers huge massive cock. He sucked that cock so good like a little bitch. I have decided to keep him around as my little clean up boy. He has to wear whatever it is I want him to wear everyday to work and suck all the juices off the big cock employees and customers. He is no longer allowed to go near the ladies with his pencil dick unless she wants to dress him all up. I love being the boss and being in charge. Miss Ginger gets what she wants, when she wants. If they don’t like it there is the door.

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Strap on phone sex

by Jessie on December 28, 2015

I bet you’ve thought about it more than once! What’s the appeal to women about being fucked in the ass.  Well its hot and so erotic.  I can only bet you love to feel a strap on phone sex deep in your ass even if it is only once.  You hear others talk about it how much stronger the orgasms are.

I’d love to start with a little bit of edge play, working and fondling your ass preparing it for the big event.  I will slide my tongue right down there massaging and licking that sexy ass. Helping you relax, the more comfortable you are the better this is going to be. I stand behind you having you up on all fours. I began to work that strap on phone sex right into that tight ass.  Feel how that strap on feels you up putting pressure on your prostate.  I reach round and stroke that Johnson you have.  I want to feel it get rock hard as I massage your inner asshole. The more you relax the faster I start to pound. I want you calling my name hearing me beg you to tell you love it.  You will love me even more when I thrust that strap on phone sex dick in your and slap your ass like a hard bull.  I can tell it’s a nice change of pace to be in control every once I a great while.

I know it’s a little shameful to admit you love getting that ass fucked just as much as we do but why deny yourself little pleasures.  Life is too short and sex is oh so good.  give yourself a little bit of luxury of looking back and seeing this sexy thing fucking the hell out of you giving you the hardest orgasm you’ve ever had.

Now don’t forget we take those ppd debit gift cards you got for the holiday!

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Mommy Son Incest Fantasy Phone Sex

by Krystal on December 28, 2015

My favorite calls are my Incest Fantasy Phone Sex calls.  I love being a P-Mommy training my little ones to worship all things sexual.  They love taking Mommy’s clit in their mouth suckling like a new born feeding.  Mommy doesn’t allow pacifiers in this house; we use other things for the little ones to suck on.  My youngest boy knows that Mommy loves to fondle his sweet private parts.  That young cock gets so hard with just the lightest touch of Mommy’s tongue.  I love to tease and torment his little cockie.  It’s so cute how I make him sit on his hands while I lick and suck at him.  He knows it makes Mommy wet “down there” so he will crawl down until he is lapping at my sweet juice that he caused… mmmm Mommy’s boy is so special.  Then he will come up and rub his little cockie against Mommy’s wet spot pumping his little hips as fast as he can….cute we they are this age, aren’t they?  I know you have a secret fantasy of playing with Mommy’s wet spot don’t you.  All little boy’s dream of Mommy doing naughty things with them… I’m the Mommy for you.

Call me to get the special today fella’s cuz tomorrow it may be gone!  Come play with Mommy today.

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Family Bonding Time With Mommy Daisy

by daisy on December 28, 2015

As soon as I saw the new family move in down the street I knew that winter was looking up. You see, they have adorable boys that I can teach a thing or two and they have sweet girls around the same ages as my girls so I know I’ll be hosting slumber parties often. I just love getting some fresh meat in here, sweet little innocent girls that have never even seen a cock before, do you have any idea how much money men will pay to get their hands on pussy like that? My girls will help me teach them exactly what to do, we’ll make it some real Family Bonding Time.  And I know for sure that no one will ever find out about any of it either because I know just how to persuade the little whores to never tell anyone what goes on here, trust me I can keep them in line. Just imagine that sweet little face looking up at you before you ram your big fat cock down her throat, I bet you can’t wait to hear her gag, can you? Which one of you horny P Daddies are going to be her first?

Family fun phone sex with me is just what dirty P-Daddies like you have been dreaming of and if you try it today you’ll get 30 minutes for only $50.  Make sure you ask or ye shall not receive!

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Ass rim job phone sex

by andrea on December 27, 2015

My sweet ass is hot and ready for some nasty ass rim job phone sex. I have been waiting for you nasty fucks to call and give me what my body has been craving. I get right up on my knees and spread those ass cheeks wide and show you just what I need to be done ass rim job phone sex.

If you are good enough and make me cum, running that tongue right over my ass. I know that your cock is going to get so hard licking up my tasty juices and just think if you finger my cunt at the same time I just might squirt all over your face. Now how hard will that make you? maybe we can do a little role reversal and after I cum, I can start on you. I take those sweet sexy balls right into my hand massaging them moving them right out of my way to get to that tasty asshole. that sweet precum that’s going to cum out of your dick while I am giving you that ass rim job phone sex is going to lube up that cock. So I can stroke it while I’m licking that ass so clean. I might even shove a finger or two right up that sweet fuck hole. nothing makes me hotter than a little bit of mutual masturbation play. Go ahead and bounce your ass right on that hand and let it massage that prostate. Take it like you mean it.

You will be begging me to finish you off and do all that nasty shit your boring wife/of won’t do. I’m your secret GF that will do anything I do mean anything. No limits mean just that no limits. Who’s got you covered with that ass rim job phone sex? I fucking do!
Don’t forget you can use all those ppd gift cards right here. What better celebration can there be is a sweet orgasm.

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GFE phone sex with Tabbi

by Tabbi on December 27, 2015

If your sitting at the office, bored, shit’s all done or at home alone and feeling horny then you should think about gfe phone sex. That’s girl friend experience phone sex if you didn’t know what I meant. I’d be that hot sexy slut ready to adore you and be there when you need me. I want to here all about your day. I want you to let all that stress out on me. I not only can be there for you by phone but also on the computer. Say your in a boring meeting or waiting to see the dentist, just get out your phone and text me and we can do some dirty flirty texting. I’m gonna get to know just what turns you on. I’m gonna take real good care of you baby.

My favorite time is gonna be when were on the phone together. When I hear your voice in the phone whispering all the naughty things your gonna do to me. My pussy is soaking wet for you. I’m gonna lay here and rub on my swollen clit and tell you how I’m gonna suck your cock till its throbbing hot. I’m gonna spread my sweet thighs for you. I want you to fuck all my tight little honey holes. Tell me how your gonna make me cum. Will you make me squirt? I can almost feel your cock pumping me right now. I’ve got my fingers sliding in and out my cunt right now and I’m gonna cum. Fuck me baby, let me be your little slut, the dirty girl you call to get your cock off. I’m waiting right now to hear from you. You know you should just call, your not gonna stop thinking about me anyway….come on, let me be your hot horny gfe!!

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Savannah’s Sweet!

by savannah on December 26, 2015

I am the tasty sweet treat that mamma hid away from you until you were good enough to have a bite.  The one you’ve been eyeing when she isn’t lookin, yeah, I see you there sizing these up, thinking about taking you a little bite. Lets be real, ain’t nobody gonna say no to a real southern pleasure. You can diddle around with the others all you want but you’re gonna need to satisfy your sweet tooth sooner or later, then I’ll find you crawling back to me. Sure every man needs a piece of cheap meat every once in awhile but I’m the girl they save for last cause my sweet cream is the last thing they want on their taste buds baby. You can’t go wrong with a babe that is made out of sugar, spice, and everything nice. I can please you with my moves and my sweet taste. Cuddle up with me tonight and I can satisfy your cravings for something tasty, maybe vanilla phone sex, or maybe something racy if you can butter me up just right. I got all night baby – Savannah’s sweet phone sex. $50 for 30 minutes! Cum and get it!

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Naughty spanking

by maddie on December 26, 2015

It’s true, I definitely need a naughty spanking! Sure I’m a Daddy’s girl but I’m still just so naughty, a troublemaker, even around Daddy. Even I’m admitting that I need a rough spanking! With all the trouble I get into at home and at school, and also here duh, I sure deserve some punishment. So it’s either going to be Daddy or you who gives me the punishment that I need!

To be honest, the feeling of a rough hand spanking me hard turns my bald pussy on. It’s something that I really need and want. Don’t you agree that I deserve some discipline? I can call you Daddy if you like it that way. In fact I would be more than happy to call you Daddy! Especially if you’ve got me bent over and taking a hard spanking punishment. It’s what this bratty, naughty slut deserves!

So rough me up! Make me cry. I don’t care. Maybe you’re not all that man after all.. Maybe you can’ t really discipline me. haha are you going to prove me wrong? Well I would love to see you try. Come on, don’t keep this brat waiting for too long. Naughty Maddie

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