November 2015

cuckholding phone sex with tabbi

by Tabbi on November 30, 2015

I had a wonderful night last night with my husband and his boss Tom. He came for dinner and stayed for desert.  He and my husband have become quiet good friends. My husband has even told his boss that he’s  a cuckholding phone sex addict. I told my husband how sexy I thought his boss was and how I would love to fuck him. My husband seemed to like the idea of his big black boss fucking my tight little holes while he watched. Hell, I think he secretly wanted a piece of him himself. The man is hot, and now I know he’s hung too. Well any ways, after dinner we went into the living room and poured ourselves and after dinner toddy. By my second drink I was blatantly flirting with him. I sat next to him on the couch and while I was talking to him I started rubbing my hand up and down his leg. He had strong muscular legs. I looked down and I could see the outline of his cock thru his pants. He was starting to get hard and it looked like it was gonna be enormous. I couldn’t control myself. I had to touch it. I ran my hand over his bulging member and he grabbed my hand and held it there. He started moving my hand over it in a steady slow motion and it was getting even bigger. I couldn’t wait to see how much of him I was gonna be able to take in my mouth. I looked over at my husband in the chair across from us…watching with a devilish smle on his face. He couldn’t wait to see me get fucked.

Tom leaned in and kissed me. He pushed me back against the couch and pressed his body against mine as he squeezed my tits, pinching my nipples as he was removing my blouse. I had to see his chest, just then my husband came up and sat on the coffee table. He was already down to his boxers, his hand inside of them. He had a lustful look in his eyes as he watched Tom first remove his pants, then mine. I got on my knees on the floor in front of him. I couldn’t help but look over at my husband and laugh. What a little cuckie. His little cock couldn’t even making a tent yet in his boxers. He knelt down next to me and watched as I began stroking his cock with my tongue. He was so jealous. He wanted that big piece of meat in his mouth. I took him in my hot wet mouth sucking on him as i began taking him down my throat. I could hear Tom’s moans. It made me hotter. I wanted his tongue licking my cunt. So I told my husband to keep sucking on it while I climbed on Tom’s face and he ate out my pussy and licked my tight little ass.  I was riding his face hard when I felt the first orgasm.  I came all over his face.

That made him so fucking turned on. He grabbed my legs and spread them open on the couch. He rubbed his hard cock against my cunt, pushing down on my clit making it even more swollen. My husband grabbed Toms cock and guided it into my wet pussy. He pushed in me with one hard thrust, embedding himself in my cunt as far as he could go. He fucked me hard as my husband watched that big black cock stretch my pussy out, something he could never do. Tom came inside my pussy and I could feel it dripping down between my ass. That’s when I looked up and  saw my husband licking Tom’s cock clean.Then he crawled over to me and started cleaning the cum out of my cunt. He did such a good job I came again while Tom watched. I guess that turned him on because he was hard again and eyeing my husband. Well you can only guess what happened next….Call me and I’ll give you all the dirty details…

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Phone sex cum whore

by andrea on November 30, 2015

Watch me spread those legs and see that cum drip right on out.  Yea you know it I’m a fucking phone sex cum whore.  Everywhere I go that cum is dripping out of me a little here a little there. Let me tell you a secret I’ll do anything to get it!  I have fucked everyone I can my boss, the guy next door even the fucking dog.  As long as it’s got a dick this phone sex cum whore is willing to have it.

I suck dick as if no other I love being a phone sex cum whore.  I slurp all that cum up not missing a drop. When you think you are done.  Woa, not a chance I bend over, show you my pretty fuck hole, and make you give me more.  I just knew you would love feeling my tight pussy begging and pleading for one more shot of cum.  Really, that’s all I am good for.  A little bit of this and whole lot of that your little phone sex cum whore vixen.  Some say I am a bit too much but I’m just a nasty slut doing what I love.  

How many ways can you make me take your cum?  I bet you can just fuck my tits and splatter it all over my face.  Mmm a fucking steamy hot facial or maybe let me give you a hand job.  Just as you look at my pictures, it’s so impossible to resist a little phone sex cum whore like me. I can only hope that you’re just as freaky as me, with my mouth full of cum just think of the things we could do.  

Well if you want to fuck a horny little slut or just need some relief just give me a call.  Don’t you worry there’s plenty of opportunity to play all you have to do is pick up the phone and I’m there your phone sex cum whore at your service. 

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Titty fucking phone sex, it’s Hot

by Jessie on November 29, 2015

Looking for a hot innocent slut to give into your titty fucking phone sex fantasy’s.  Well I got the tits to make those wild little fantasies come true.  Take that dick out of those pants and rub that precum all over my nipples and watch my tongue lick it all off. I love a man who knows how to use his dick to get exactly what he wants.  I move right on to that dick after I lick my nipples.  I love that juice so much that I can’t seem to await to get it from the tap.

While I’m nibbling and sucking on every part of you grab my nipples and twist them. Smack that ass while pulling on my nipples.  Sluts like me love titty fucking phone sex.  I imagine when I’m done working you over with my mouth your hands push me back and make me grab my titties and hold them together.  Now take that cock and shove it right in between those mountains.  Aren’t they so full soft and pure innocent they want your dick so bad.  Fuck them hard as I squeeze them harder together.  They engulf that cock making it feel on cloud 9 as it pumps that creamy jizz right out. Just knowing that my titty fucking phone sex is getting you off my pussy is getting wet.

Just lean back a little and see how hard that’s getting me off.  The more that dick pops out from the top of my tits the hotter I get.  I know I’m going to be getting a full fucking load of all that creamy jizz. I lean my head forward giving that cock creamy wet slopping mouthwatering kisses.  Don’t hold back I’m hoping if I’m lucky to get another sweet taste of that pre cum.

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Humiliation phone sex with priestess dominno

by dominno on November 27, 2015

Look at you. That’s right,take a good long look at your pathetic existance as a man. Not to promising is it. Now look down. Can’t see anything can you. That’s because that shriveled little stub hanging down between your legs is nothing more than a nub. I mean really, come on now. What the hell are you gonna do with it, huh? You’d be better off using your finger to fuck her because no one is ever gonna feel that.

Dating must be a bitch. You get close to a women and then spring that on her.  How many times have you heard her laughter as she walks out the door? Do you still hear it in your head? Do you close your eyes and still see the look on her face when she’s your not a real man. When she first lays eyes on that pathetic worm between your legs. What’s a guy like you to do?

That’s right. You pick up the phone and call me and tell me all about your humiliating experiences. You have to tell some one. That’s why I’m here at humiliation phone sex. Oh, I’ll listen to your stories about how ridiculous you are. Of course I’ll probably be laughing my ass off at you the whole time. But secretly, you know you like it. You crave it.

Or maybe you want me to fuck a real man. A man with a cock that can satisfy a women.Do you want to watch him bring me to orgasm, something you’d never be able to do? Do you want to rub your little clitty and watch. Or do you want to taste it as it drips out of my pussy, all creamy and hot. I usually only let one of my flock members clean my pussy out, but for the right offering I may let you do it yourself. So call me now, I’ll not wait around for long……


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Age Play Fantasy with Krystal

by Krystal on November 27, 2015

My reg “P” called today wanting to play with the little ones!  He got through the holiday and needed some post-Thanksgiving *release*.  Well I sat down on the sofa playing some old home movies of Daddy teaching me how to *release* with my little guy on my lap.  I reached around him stroking him while my baby girl laid with her head in “P”’s lap.  She loves putting things in her mouth, always been a naught girl *hehehe* so she takes that p-cock out and start licking and sucking just like one of her favorite lollipops!  My little guy drops to his knees in front of his Mommy licking and teasing my cunt with his tongue. Those greedy like hands fingering my holes.  “P” is so busy enjoying the ministrations of my sweet little princess that he doesn’t notice my little guys hand creep over and start stroking his shaft.  He’s in heaven knowing my little ones are taking care of him but falls in love when my little guy comes over lowering himself on to his p-cock.  I watch him as junior bounces up and down on him.  I know my regular enough to know when he cums, he’s gonna want my golden piss in his mouth so I ease over his face waiting for the moment when his eyes start to roll back in his head.  I let go of my golden champagne filling his mouth to the brim with my warm piss.  He loves the feeling of it running over his chin and neck while he is swallowing as much as he can!  He blows his hot load right in my little guys bottom!

Are you ready for a good Age Play Fantasy with Krystal?  Then I’m you’re gal.  Call me today while all the little ladies are out shopping for a guaranteed good time with my little brats!

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Scandalous Mercy

by nichole on November 26, 2015

Hello all you turkey people. How is everybody doing? Me horny as usual. I go to bed horny wake up horny. How about you guys. Does that happen to you also? I’m playing with myself thinking of a big hard cock going up inside of me. I’m young so I guess that’s why. I’m running my hands down my body, waiting for that itch to be scratched. Do you want to do it for me? I would like that. Just imagine that you are here, playing with my luscious body. Seeking out all the right places. My sweet lips, long beautiful neck, cute ears. All the hands in the right places, my pussy, my tits, and oh course tight ass. Needing to be filled with your beautiful cock, fingers, my toys! I have a vibrator, dildo, anal beads, and oh course my riding crop. That you smack my ass, tits, pussy, and run it down the crack of my ass . Stopping there to linger flipping the crop against my ass. Oh i’m in ecstacy and lust. My eyes brimming with tears of joy. Smack, smack, my ass has welps on it. It feels so good. To have all my holes filled. Cock dido, anal beads all the way up my ass. Dangling for all to see. You forcefully remove them one by one. My joy apparent by my moans and groans. Then you take them out and shove my lubercated dildo up my ass. Feeling oh so good. Ramming it harder and harder. Till I yell in pleasure for mSo you give it to me harder and faster. Meanwhile your cock is filling my pussy. Stretching it to the limit. Whipping me all the while you fuck me. Getting a vivid picture yet? All the nasty things we are doing. Want more call me at 1/844/629/2612! I’m waiting.

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dirty old man fucking phone sex

by Jessie on November 26, 2015

I can’t believe grandpa is a dirty old man fucking phone sex. He had me sit on his lap today wow did he get a boner. I was warned about sitting on grandpa but I see a reason why I couldn’t. Now I know he loves little bald pussy.
Grandpa is so nice and he had me rub his pants he said it’s throbbing hard and needs a little slut like me to help him. he told me a story of my mommy that she used to do this all the time when he would get close he take her right to her bedroom and fuck her. It turned her into a good woman just as I need to be.
After I made him get all wet, his pants had a big wet spot he took me to mommy’s old room and fucked my bald pussy so hard. Dirty old man fucking phone sex was the hottest I’ve ever had. He rolled his hips and drove it in me so good I came so hard. He reached around while he was fucking me rolling my sweet clit in his fingers. I seem to get so wet he grabbed my hair and rammed it in harder. I know he loves his bald pussy and he told me next year that he was going to fuck my little sister. He would love sometime to play with us both to together. Do you think that’s hot, that a dirty old man fucking phone sex is going to make this a family affair?

Well before grandpa ended it all he made me sit back and finger my cum filled bald pussy. I had to lick all his cum right off my fingers. There was a lot I kinda made a mess grandpa said it was ok. That when I came to bed we make it messy again.
So you think you can top grandpa then give me a call and let’s get it down to fucking.

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slutty jane

by nichole on November 26, 2015

What are you doing? Me doing nothing just being horney and anxious, Just the mere thought of getting fucked sounds so delious. I’m allways up for a good fuck. I cant imagine sex without the pleasure that it brings. I feel sorry for people who don’t have sex all the time. Whats life about if you cant have sex. People who don’t have sex I feel like they are   missing out on all life.  But that’s their life. I wouldn’t change my life for anything. I have sex all the time anal pussy and oral sex. My favorite is double dongged. That way I can have the best of both worlds. Two dicks are better than one, I get double dicked and I love every minute of it. double finger banged double mouths and whatever elver else I can get my hands on, That’s such a good life I couldn’t realize life withut them in it. My friends with benefits, I’m going to tell you one of my sexual encounters. Last weekend I met up with a friend of mine. Icooked dinner and put inn a movie to watch. Porno oh course. Jusmy pussy ass andt to get us started. We ate first then he ate me pussy alamode. His big stromg hands engulfing my body. Stroking me in all the right places meanwhile I would do him also. Sucking his dick and grabbing his balls. With my long fingernails. Hearing him moan and groan, Turning me on all the more and more. SUCKING his balls and his long shaft. All the while getting turned on all the more. Turned me over and sta to pound the shit out of my ass. I loved it so much that I started howling and moaning. S O now you are horny so call me 1877/440/7007.

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by nichole on November 25, 2015

Hello I’m Sweet Tifanny. I just love sex and foreplay. By foreplay I mean I just love my neck and ears kissed. and my breasts fondled! After that I like a nice warm bubble bath with our lips enter locl

kHello everybody it’s me Sweet Teen Tiffing along with our hands finding all the right places.


Hello everybody it’s me Sweet Teen Tiffany again!  I’m getting wet just thinking about blogging about my latest adventure. It all started when my friend with benefits came over. I was wearing a short tight skirt short top and of course no panties! He grabs me by the ass and pulls me ever so close. Starts kissing me and fondling my breasts! my heart starts pumping and my pussy is on fire. oh lala. I have a bath drawn for us> I slip off his shirt and pants to find a big hard throbbing cock waiting for me. I gently take it in my mouth and start licking it and sucking it. His fingers in the mean time are grabbing my hair and my pussy at the same time. Ramming his fingers in my pussy and ass at the same time . My head thrown back in ecstacey. The bath is drawn and we slip into the warmy water soppy wThen we start fucking like rabbits. all holes being filled ass on fire with pleasure. Oh I wish you were here. Just imagine you are with us and you join in on the fun! Two on one yummy. You take your fingers and ram them in my pussy and ass. you put some soap on your cock and you bend me over and put it my ass yum! In the air ram your big hard cock into my ass and I moan with pleasure! Then you both fuck me . Just imagine and call me at 1/888/629/9733 I’ll be waiting for you purr!




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Family Fun Age Play with Mommy Daisy

by daisy on November 25, 2015

Oh having to deal with these little brats over the holidays is going to be brutal.  The only thing I have to look forward to is our “play time” when the relatives get in!  My sister and her little ones, some cousins, and various other family members that like to “play” will be coming in to town.  My family can’t wait for dinner to be complete so we can get to working on dessert *wink*.  We all go in to pile in my huge California king bed to watch movies.  You can’t help but get excited when you are packed in with so many young bodies!  The heat generated from all of makes clothing start to fall away.  Before you know it all of us are in close to nothing, I start to hear moaning from various areas of the room.  The heat continues to increase with the fragrance of innocence and lust.  I feel little hands stroking me all over my body, I can’t help but close my eyes and just enjoy the feeling of having all my sensitive areas kissed and stroked.  My skin is on fire as I feel a light weight settle over my face.  I open my mouth to find a tight little innocent pussy right in my face.  I start lapping up that sweet juice savoring it like I had the turkey dinner early.  I can’t stop but eat, lick, and kiss until those little hips are bucking against my tongue eagerly. 

I can’t help but love the holidays when the family comes together!  Call me today for some Family Fun Age Play with Mommy Daisy.  Don’t forget to mention the special!  20 minutes for $30 or 30 minutes for $50 through the holidays!  If you don’t ask, you won’t get it so make sure to open your greedy mouth!  Happy Thanksgiving Boys.

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