October 2015

Dirty Daisy loves Mommy Phone Sex

by daisy on October 30, 2015

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to fuck some other slut for the first time and have no clue what you are doing? It’d be horrible, she would laugh at you. That big dick of yours isn’t all it takes to fuck, and if you learn how to eat mommy out just right I will suck that fat cock of yours and make sure you have the best time you can possibly imagine! Mommy’s pussy is tighter than you thought it’d be now isn’t it?

I must admit, I’ve got a really slutty mind. I cannot truly tell you how much I love love love Mommy Phone Sex, like, sooo much. Not to sound obsessed or anything I just love to teach my horny teen how to fuck mommy just right! He needs to know how to please a woman, and I think he needs to learn this from someone who knows best and someone that can teach him all the things he needs to learn to make all the girls cum. Practice makes perfect and I plan on taking full advantage of our time together, learning and fucking! I know it is hard for you to understand why I am so hard on you, but you’ve got to learn what mommy likes most and you MUST prefect it in order to please me like you should. Not every boy is as lucky as you, not everyone has a hot mom to help them learn how to fuck a girl just right.  Tell mommy how much you love to fuck her, tell me how badly you wanna squirt your load deep into my soaking wet pussy…yes mommy’s good boy – just like that!

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Sissy training phone sex is what your really into, so why not just admit it. You know you have that sissy slut inside you dying to get out. I can tell by the way you look at my sexy lingerie that your more than just admiring it. You want to look like me, a sexy little whore. Your wondering what you’ll look like in them, aren’t you?But dressing up like a sexy slut is only the beginning. We need to get rid of all that hair. We’re gonna have to wax you down and lotion you up so your soft and sweet smelling. Then there’s the hair and make-up, not to mention the finger and toe nails need to be painted. Now that we have you looking like a hot sexy bitch, your gonna have to work on the voice. Higher pitched would be better. But don’t over due it.

Now that your all dressed up like a sexy minx we’re gonna have to teach you the other aspects of being a woman. I’m gonna teach you how to suck cock like a pro. I’ve got a friend for you to practice on and he has a big fat cock. Your gonna like sucking on it. I’ll show you how to give a hot wet blow job and a few tricks too. Then you had better be ready to take that cock you just got hard in your man pussy. My friend just loves licking and sucking on little man pussy’s like yours.He’s gonna get that sweet little ass open and ready with his tongue.  He’s gonna stick it in and stretch it out. Your gonna take it like a good little sissy slut. I’m anxious to start training you to be the whore you know you are….

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Teased and Denied!

by maddie on October 29, 2015

/Teased and denied by yours truly/

I’m the meanest little niece huh! hehe I guess you would be right! It makes me giggle though. Because even though you’re taking care of me while my parents are away I’m still the one with control. Yup, it’s ME, your niece who has got you wrapped around my finger ever since you first laid eyes on me. Like especially lately when you see me. Don’t act like you don’t understand what I’m talking about, uncle. I know you can tell that I’m slowly budding out. You’ve been caught more than once for looking at me a little too long! hehe I’m guessing that means I’m turning into a pretty little flower aren’t I? hehe You’re already drooling! Is your mind already in the gutter hmm? To be honest I’m not that surprised. Truthfully speaking I love being around you, uncle. The attention you show me is really nice but it’s the teasing I do on you that is the most exciting. My cute body would look so much better naked yeah? hmm I suppose that’s one thing I could do for you since you’re looking after me ‘n all! A little striptease for you then. I know you want to be teased. That’s the one thing you can be assured that you’ll receive from your naughty niece!

Madalyn wants you to use the special:
20 minutes/$30
USA only/Limited time.. Happy Halloween!

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Annual Halloween party

by Ginger on October 29, 2015

Annual Halloween party this coming weekend at my bar and I need your assistance. My girls have become a really big hit recently among you dirty minded men and that is fine by me. That is why I need your assistance. Last years Halloween party went off with a huge success and I want to top it this year. The girls costumes had them disguised to look so much older then what they really are and they were able to party and flirt with the older sexy drunk men and women in the bar. Business was booming and now I am getting asked repeatedly what I have planned for this year. That is where I need your assistance. What do you all think that I should dress my little ones as this year, that will be a huge hit among my bar patrons? Something that will make there cocks rise and have them spend more and more money in more places then one. I am up for any ideas and the girls are excited to choose from all of your wonderful kinky and sweet ideas. Give me a call and tell me what it is you think they should be and what it is you yourself would want to do with or to my little ones.

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Age play phone sex slut

by Jessie on October 28, 2015

I am a hot little age play phone sex slut.  Nothing gets me off than a little dirty and naughty little fun.  I am totally into daddy he’s my perfect play toy. Late at night when mommy goes to bed, he comes in my room to teach me about the birds and the bees.

Ever since I was little daddy always knew he would be my first, and to break my cherry.  It wasn’t long he said with me filling out he couldn’t wait any longer.  He climbed in bed and kissed me all grown up.  His tongue swirled my mouth and then came out and latched on me to my left nipple.  I didn’t think he was ever going to let go by the time he got to my right his fingers were between my legs sliding right in.

He finished pulling off my silky panties and made me unzip his pants.  That cock was huge and it was dripping special juice.  He made me get down there and lick it clean.  Well he braced me for my first age play phone sex slut experience.  Daddy told me it was going to hurt just a tad boy he was wrong it felt so good and I even moaned some. He fucked me so hard forcing his cock down deep I thought his balls were going to come in too.  Daddy said that a bald pussy has never felt so good.  I wondered if he had others before me.  I didn’t stop I squeezed my tight little pussy so good.  I put my little hand right down there and rubbed and daddy fucked me hard.  I guess this age play phone slut was just what he needed, he seemed so happy.  I guess that’s what being daddy’s girl is all about.

If you think you can cum just like daddy did in my sweet pie pussy then hurry up and call.

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My Punishment-Snuffed By Orgasm

by betty on October 28, 2015

I was sentenced to die as I lived, you see I use to torture men for information to be sold to the highest bidder.  It wasn’t hard, I’m a beautiful woman, luring them to my place for drinks was easy. Hey, the money was fantastic until I was caught.  I was taken in front of the judge in a black skirt with a white button down top.  That is when I received My Punishment-Snuffed By Orgasm.  I was led to another room where a spreader was lowered from the ceiling.  My hands were cuffed as well as my feet. I stared at the guard with pleading in my eyes… please just let me out of here!  His eyes showed nothing but merriment, he was enjoying this. I would have loved to fuck him for information….

The guard grabbed my shirt and bra tearing them from my body. Then he retrieved a pair of shears, where he slowly cut away my skirt and underwear. He brings his hands down hard across my tits *smack* *smack*.  I have to wonder if I use to have the same glint in my eyes as this guard when I seduced my victim’s to this point. He took his time on my bottom, back, cunt, and tits whipping me until I was begging for him to stop.  Then he drags a chair over to sit directly in front of me.  He stretches out my pussy lip to clamp on a clamp, then the other lip.  He is enjoying this torture so much. Weights are added roughly to each clamp until my pussy is stretched so far I can’t breathe it’s so painful.  Then he begins on my breasts repeating the process until my nipples are throbbing in pain. He makes me bend over a chair where he proceeds to cane my ass.  Even through the pain my body is responding to each swat, sending a jolt of pleasure to my cunt.

He takes his time removing all the hardware until I’m completely naked again.  He walks me over to a chair where I am strapped down completely to the electric chair. I’m pleading for the Judge to release me as she watches the process of getting me ready to die from electrical current running through my body.  The guard lowers himself to his knees in front of me adjusting the vibrator that will bring my eventual death.  The electrodes are put on my cunt and the top of my head.  He places a mask over my face that contains only a nose hole. I can no longer speak, only breath through my nose.  I hear noises at a control panel, I know that the end is near.  The guard chuckles a little as he leans over to adjust something, I feel his hard cock against my leg.  He is enjoying this as much as I used to, too bad we didn’t meet before this, maybe we would have made a good team.  I hear him push the button where the vibrator springs forward, my hips begin to buck, I know that as soon as I cum, my life will be gone but the vibration is too much, my body defies me, as the orgasm comes over me pain replaces the pleasure…then darkness.

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Mommy Son Fun with Krystal

by Krystal on October 27, 2015

I’ve been up for days running on nothing but my special candy and caffeine.  The only thing that will bring me down at this point is some quality time with the young guy.  Since his young cock started getting hard, he’s insatiable.  He can cum over and over again!  Makes a Mummy proud! I guess I’ll have to promise to take them trick or treating if they give Mommy a few good orgasm’s to knock me out.  They have been worshiping Mommy’s pussy for so long that I know they will make quick work of it.  My sweet boy will run his hard relentless cock up in my tight pussy causing me to lose my mind.  He loves his Mummy so much! Plus he knows that I’ll get him an extra special costume if he’s a good boy.

I guess it’s off to have some Mommy Son Fun with my babies, but you horny p-cocks remember that Krack Ho Krystal is always here for you needs.  My babies and I have been servicing all you naughty men for a long time!  He are running the Haunted Honey this week for all you Halloween p cocks.  You know this is your favorite time of year watching all the sweet young flesh run around getting candy.  Well 30$ will get you 20 long minutes with yours truly!  Let’s have some fun!

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Halloween Family Fun with Aunt Daisy!

by daisy on October 27, 2015

I came home to my nephew pumping his hard cock in to my daughter.  She had her head thrown back in ecstasy. If that didn’t throw me, my sister was sitting on my daughter’s face! WTF, they didn’t wait for me *hehe*, my nephew grabbed me by my hair, throwing me to the bed.  He didn’t say anything, just pulled my pants and undies down shoving his face in to my cunt.  He finally came up saying “I love visiting with the family Aunt Daisy.” I just chuckled as he continued licking and biting my clit.  My family loves to play!  This is just one of many fuck-a-thon’s that happen at Aunt Daisy’s house.

We have always been a tight knit group, holidays being a special time when you get to fuck family member’s you haven’t seen since the previous year!  I love it, especially when the brats get involved!  All that young tender flesh, just ripe for the picking, which is why Family Fun is the way to go!  Well Halloween is this week and we’ve gathered for *trick* and *treat*….lol. This week is gonna be so fun!  We have lots of houses we go to *trick* and *treating* each year.  We all dress up in our costumes going door to door, but we don’t just get candy….. Stay tuned boys for a lot of Family Fun with Aunt Daisy!

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Rape fantasy phone sex W/ accomplice.

by liv on October 27, 2015

I been looking for an accomplice for my little teen rape fantasy phone sex that I have.  All Halloweens is coming and all these tasty little sluts are going to be about.  A lot of them are going to unaware of their surroundings and will be easy prey.  One of the hottest things to do is over power one of these sluts and truly show them what that are good for.

I’d love to tie them up and spread those little legs, mmm look at that meaty pussy.  I just know that cunt is calling for some rape fantasy phone sex. I can smell her nasty snatch from here.  After we violate that tiny cut, she has so many more holes to force ourselves into.  I put on my strap on and take her cunt myself.  I need to fuck her so hard that she can’t walk while you force your cherry covered cock right down her throat.  I want to get off on her gagging on it.  While she’s laying there crying and begging us to stop, slap her across the face hard.  Let her know who’s in charge and that fucking crying and whining needs to stop.  Lean in and tell her she has a ton more holes to fill and were not going to stop until we think its ok.

Having an accomplice is so fun, one can shut her up while the other is tearing her apart piece by piece.  I have no idea why this game turns me on but to take a young slut against her will with this rape fantasy phone sex is just what the doctor ordered. Nothing is off limits I take it as it comes pounding and pushing in every way that I can.

if you think you can keep up with my sexy little fetish and can role play with me as accomplice go ahead and hit me up.  I am so ready to get this freaky shit on.

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cuckholding phone sex with priestess dominno

by dominno on October 26, 2015

Cuckholding phone sex is one of my favorite types of calls to get. You know I’m a dominant woman who always gets her way. I’m a priestess and I deserve to be worshiped by my flock. You already know your not a real man. The size of your cock is absolutely laughable. How do you possibly expect to pleasure any woman with a little worm like that. If any woman has told you in the past that you have, well they LIED!! I highly doubt you’ve made anyone cum. Your cock is so fucking small a woman couldn’t even feel it. You really are a pathetic excuse for a man. How can I help but laugh at you. I bet you like watching, don’t you? You like seeing what a real man can do to a woman. I bet your little dick gets hard just thinking about watching a big thick cock pounding a pretty pink little pussy like mine. You want to watch it slide into my cunt, stretching it as he fills my pussy. Your such a LOSER! Losers like you are good for one thing only, and that’s clean up detail. That’s right you ridiculous worm, your gonna clean all this creamy cum off us. So be ready to lick, lick, lick…..Hahahaha!

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