September 2015

spanking phone sex It’s not just pain.

by liv on September 30, 2015

Sometimes you just need a little submissive slut to get you going. Torturing a little slut just makes your dick so hard. First take out that paddle and give her a dose of that spanking phone sex.  You know she’s been so bad and she had to be punished.  I want you to show her what pain really is, pull down her pants, and smack that ass leaving a solid red mark.  Then take your hand and slap her across the face yea I want her to beg you to stop.  That spanking phone sex isn’t enough she needs to be completely submissive so the torture must be worse.

Tie that bitch to the chair I need her completely immobilized. Then take that blouse and pull it down I have these nice clamps I want to see them pierce right through.  Go ahead whore and cry out in pain i will inflict more spanking phone sex.  Think you want to scream now submissive slut not yet and your hit harder?  Oh, I haven’t even started yet.  I got little electrodes I am going to put on that clit.  Every time you don’t follow a command, I am going to zap it.  If I zap it to hard it will leave burn marks mm I think I am getting hard thinking about that.  Let me light my cigarette and that’s right burn a hole right.  As it sears your flesh right there you know that’s my mark, see admire it love it.

I love humiliating my spanking phone sex slut.  Pain is just the beginning soon like my others you will start to enjoy it and crave it.  Spanking will just a form of pleasure and then I will deny it.  I will have total control over you. I bet that dick is so hard right now think you can handle being my accomplice.  Come on over and let’s do it!

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cuckhold fantasy with tabbi

by Tabbi on September 30, 2015

Hey baby! I know you have a secret fantasy. A fantasy you haven’t even told your wife. But you can tell me. I see right thru you. You’re a little closet cuckie, aren’t you. You know you want to call me and let me play out your fantasy with you. I’ll be your little wife. I’ll give you the fantasy you’ve been dreaming about. That’s why you need to pick up the phone and call me at cuckhold phone sex.

Let’s say I’m your wife. You come home from work and I’m in the kitchen pouring a glass of wine for us both. I’m dressed in a sexy see thru neglige. I sit you down and tell you that you just don’t satisfy me in bed, you never have. It’s made me so sexually frustrated fucking a man who’s cock is just to small. I don’t feel anything while your pounding that tiny cock in me. I need a real man. I need to fucked by a big fat cock. I need to feel my pussy being stretched out. I want to cum all over that fat fucking cock. I’m sorry I have to do this to you, but I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve invited over the neighbor. I started fucking him recently but I want you there too.

You know you’ve had this fantasy before. Probably many times, in your head. Why not bring it to life. I’m right here baby, and I’d love to play whoever it is you want to see get her pussy fucked by a real man. Maybe I’ll even let you do clean up. I bet you’d like to lick that cum running out of my pussy. Call me and lets bring that inner cuckie out in you..

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Age play phone sex Let’s masturbate!

by Jessie on September 29, 2015

Got Age play phone sex fantasy?  Nothing can get you off more than me helping you masturbate. I love telling you how I first lost my virginity or how I first masturbated.  I found my first porn stashed away in daddy’s room.  It was right next to his special place he tells me.  I can’t wait to grow up so I can have big titties like those sexy women in the magazines.  Daddy tells me I am so much prettier than they are but sometimes when I am not around he needs a little help.  Therefore, since I was waiting for daddy I thought I get some “help” too playing some age play phone sex.

Can you imagine there sitting with my legs spread wide showing my pretty pink pussy to the air.  I lick a finger and slide it in just like the picture I see. I stripped right down kind of sad that my tits aren’t as big as theirs are but I hope one day they will.  My tiny fingers are no match for theirs but I can’t help but to try.  It feels so good I feel my toes start to curl as I rub harder.  I tried so much to mimic every pose, I even went and grabbed mommy’s dildo.  Just as the picture in this age play phone sex book I thought at moment I was grown up, but daddy assures me that I still have a long way to go.

Do you want to come over and watch and make sure I am doing it right?  I will try really hard during this age play phone sex play. I bet you can imagine how wet and slippery I am.  It’s just waiting for a big cock like yours to come over and take it.

I’ll be right here waiting for you but don’t wait too long this age play phone sex slut is all naked we don’t want me to catch a chill do we?

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Dating Dirty Mommy Daisy

by daisy on September 28, 2015

So I’ve been dating a guy named “Eric” for a while….we’ve been out about four times but I still haven’t told him about the family.  So…. Tonight is the night he learns about Dating Dirty Mommy Daisy.  As we were nearing dessert I finally confessed to having the four little ones.  To my surprise, he was cool with it…he was actually excited.  We get home and of course they aren’t in bed like they are supposed to.  The oldest is making cookies so we all sat down to play a little game.  When Mommy’s clothes came off a look of confusion crossed “Eric’s” face until he say how the little ones were all trained to play with each other including him!  Before he knew it his cock was out and he didn’t know what was going on…but he was sure enjoying his time!  To have all that attention from the family was driving him insane!  Before you knew it…there 5 of us around him waiting greedily for his cum so we could lick it off each other’s face!  Well, I know that he will be asking me out again…real soon.  He absolutely loved the cookies the brat squad baked…so he’ll be back for some more 😉

We are running the Football Fucktacular this month when you get 20 full minutes with me and the Fam for only $30.00.  Remember we always bill with discretion so the little lady doesn’t find out!  If you’re still not sure about that then run to your local convenience store to pick up a pre-paid baby, cuz I know you wanna cum play with us!

Dirty Mommy Daisy

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sissy training…are you ready?

by dominno on September 27, 2015

So you want to be one of my sissy boys, let me ask you this; do you have what it takes? Do you even know how? It takes more than putting on some panties and a bra to be a sissy slut. Do you want it bad enough to be trained the right way. The first step is calling sissy training phone sex. You’ll take direction from me. You will be expected to perform tasks in a timely manner or get punished for not keeping up with your training. You may call me Mistress Dominno. I am not an overly severe mistress, but I do expect to be obeyed. I’ll teach you all about becoming a good little sissy slut. I’ll show you how to dress and feel pretty when your done. I think I’ll put you in some lace and ruffles. I bet your little clitty is getting hard just thinking about being covered by some frilly panties. But it takes more than just the desire to be a sissy girl. You have to become a sissy girl. Who knows I may make you wear your pretty panties under your pants to work tomarrow. Then when your ready will go to the next step. I’ll introduce you to some of my friends, they know exactly what a little sissy boy like you needs. They love breaking you little girly whores in. I know your gonna do exactly what they want to please them, because your my sissy slut now and I won’t tolerate anything else!!

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Cum whore phone sex I’m Nasty slut.

by andrea on September 27, 2015

Are you looking for a quick release?  You just need a quick fuck before the wife comes home or before the game starts.  Maybe you’re looking for a sex game to score every time your team scores.  Well I got what you need a cum whore phone sex slut.  My holes just beg for a hard cock to fill them with thick juicy cum.  I can give you a field goal or grab your dick and make it a complete touchdown.  Once you fuck one hole the others will just crave for some more too.

I know the last time I got my cunt fucked my ass just twitched until his cock was so hard and he fucked it too.  I know this cum whore phone sex slut is a just that a whore to be used and abused.  Go ahead put your hands around my throat and make me gag.  I love it.  When you’re done with that, I will get on my knees and suck that cock clean.  I love sucking all my juices right off of a cum filled cock. 

Maybe you’re in the mood to make a cum whore phone sex slut a little submissive slut.  Don’t you worry I am so good.  Take your hand and slap me hard against the face, teach me that you are in completely control.  It’s ok to force me to lick your dirty ass.  If I don’t follow orders, you can rip open this cum whore cunt wide open.  Come on I need to feel you pumping and shoving your cock deeper inside of my mouth I want to check on it like every good cum whore phone sex slut does.  I don’t deserve to enjoy orgasms only you do.  So if you if want to allow me to have some fun I’ll be waiting for you.

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Anything goes phone sex get on it.

by Jessie on September 27, 2015

This daddy’s little slut is the mood for anything goes phone sex  Yep you heard me right all hands off.  I want to find one of daddy’s friends that I can get down and naughty with.  Some of the hoes at school call me a little bratty bitch because I suck right up to the teachers and get A’s.  Well of course, I would who wouldn’t want to fuck me? What they don’t know some of their dads are my daddies friends and they have a had piece of me and loved it.  I told them I love sucking cock and getting my tight little cunny fucked.  

Think you want a little ass to mouth I love tasting my ass juices right off that cock.  I bet that makes that dick just throb doesn’t it.  All my holes are up for grabs its ok to have them all or just one.  The men around me can’t just get enough of me just like you can’t.  I know you love a brat that has an anything goes phone sex attitude don’t ya.

There are so many sex fantasies out there, it’s such a turn on for a slut to have no limits, and you can fuck her just as you want.  No need to be gentle I can take it better than a linebacker can. I will warp your mind on how freaky this bitch brat can be, come on don’t be shy. It can be all naughty, freaky, or just damn right nasty.  Never called before its ok I love popping first timer’s cherries.  Go ahead and take a chance on this anything goes phone sex. No time like the present its ok we all need to cum I’m just here to help.

Need to be discreet we take ppd gift cards always ask what specials we have running.

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Ultimate Submissive Cock Worshipper!

by betty on September 26, 2015

Throughout the years I have learned several different ways to give great head.  This has led me to be the ultimate submissive cock worshipper!  I have been taught different techniques in just how to properly drain a hard Cock!  And another plus to my cock worship is that I am submissive. So there are no limits when it comes to a hard face fuck! I will take it deep in my throat just for you! I love my head against a wall as you ram your Cock in and out of my mouth! Slap my face with that Cock of yours and look down at your beautiful sub! I want to massage those full balls of yours as I suck you! Feeling them tighten in my hands as I slobber all over that pulsing shaft of yours!

Taking your wet Cock and sliding it in between my Breast, I squeeze them tightly around it, I glide it back and forth. Taking your Cock in my hand and tracing my hard nipples. The pre cum oozes from your Cock and I lick it slowly tasting your flavor! I can’t wait to eat your Cum! I want you to give me every last drop. I want you to cover my face with a massive load! Don’t worry I’ll clean it up, I’ll eat it all. Using my fingers to wipe it all off my face into my mouth! Licking my fingers and savoring the taste of you.

Beautiful Betty

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Savannah Loves BBC Phonesex!

by savannah on September 26, 2015

You’d be stupid to give up this dash of southern sugar. I am the perfect mix of an innocent small town girl with a splash of sweet city flavor. I am everything you love about a small town southern belle and a classy woman. Even the whole town has their eyes set for me, I have husbands waiting in line for the chance to court me. I can’t help that I’m a cute young thang who is always full of energy. The boys always want to fall for me but they don’t know what it takes to maintain me… I am hopelessly addicted to sex. Not just the normal vanilla thing all the time. Vanilla is a damn good flavor, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I need little taste of something else… something real sweet like caramel or chocolate. I am a big fan of chocolate if you get what I’m saying, and I’m not talking about the candy. I’m talking about a thick piece of chocolate meat. Down here in the south it’s real taboo for a young little blonde girl like me to get with the biggest black guy in town. Daddy would be beside himself if he found out I was sticking a big fat black thing in my tight pussy. I kinda like the risk though, it gets real thrilling when I think I’m gonna get caught by my family. If they knew I loved big black cock they would disown me. I would be laughed at and humiliated by every one I knew for fucking a black guy unprotected. I like what I like and no one is gonna restrain this southern wild child from that BBC! I think nothing better than vanilla with chocolate drizzle.  I think I’ll rent a billboard on Main Street!  What do ya’ll think?  “Savannah Loves BBC Phonesex!!!” Daddy won’t love that! I love to shake things up a bit *wink wink*

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Big Cock Fascination!

by Envy on September 26, 2015

Not gonna lie, I love torturing and humiliating “men” with small dicks. It’s like a pass time of mine! My favorite way to humiliate a small “man” is by making him watch me with another man or multiple men. They can’t just be anyone though! There is one IMPORTANT requirement. They must have a big cock to fill me with pleasure. That, in my opinion, is the best way to bring a small man down a few notches. You have to see with your own eyes what a real big cock can do!

I’m totally fascinated by well-hung men. It’s amazing how much they grow and so quick too. Yours can’t really do that though. Yes, it grows a tiny bit when you become aroused.. But notice how I said “tiny”.. A small winky can’t do a single thing for me. You know this already, but I would be more than happy to demonstrate why! And so I will. That’s where comparing your itty bitty thing to these large ones comes in. You’ve got the measuring tape, right? And we sure do need it here! A fat cock to fuck and suck will always cheer me up. One that is full of milk for me to happily enjoy. So accept the fact that there’s nothing you can do with your dick that’s actually helpful. It’s alright, not everyone can be a champion! Ask about our special 20 min/only $30 USA only & you must ask for it.. *Envy*

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