August 2015

Dominno’s sissy boy sluts…let me train you!!

by dominno on August 31, 2015

I had one of my new sissy boy sluts call me. She loves pleasing me. She says she feels a special bond to me for bringing out her inner girly slut.She does what I say, when I say. I must admit she’s quiet the eager one, always ready to do what it takes to please me. I’ve been having her do tasks to help turn her into the real little girly whore she dreams of being. I recently gave her a new task. She’s really into little t-girls. I told her to go out and pick one up and get her ass fucked.

She did exactly what I told her to do. I knew she would. She went to the bar and picked up her first tranny. They went back to the hotel and got high.She said that they started kissing and they practically ripped each others clothes off. They started sucking each other off. She said that tranny knew how to suck on a clit stick good.  My little slut was ready for action. That t-girl had her on her knees holding her ass open while he shoved that big cock deep inside. She said it felt so good. She got her little man pussy fucked hard and deep. I knew she’d love it. She really is turning out to be one of my best trainee’s. I’d like to train you too. Why don’t you give me a call…I’ll bring out the inner sissy boy in you..

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Mommy Son Phone Sex

by daisy on August 31, 2015

Mommy son phone sex is such a special time for us to bond and play don’t you think? We can do all those naughty things you used to do with your own mother when you were very small, you know how much I love that! I will start by sucking on that sweet little cock while I slide a finger or two into your little bottom to stretch it out, I want to get your bottom nice and ready for a good fucking. You know Mommy’s absolute favorite game to play is when I get my big strap on cock out and fuck your tiny little bottom with it, I know sometimes it hurts you but I always make you cum don’t I? You are just going to have to be big for mommy and take it like a man because I am not stopping until I am satisfied. You know that Mommy has some naughty desires and I just can’t stop until I fulfill them all, you do want to make me happy right? Of course you do so get ready sweetie, Mommy is going to give you a night to remember!

Make sure you call Mommy so I can make my sweet little man happy!

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Naughty phone sex!!!

by andrea on August 31, 2015

Are you ready for a little bit of Naughty phone sex!  I am all about having fun, let me tell you a secret.  There is absolutely nothing this naughty phone sex slut won’t do.  I guess that’s why they call me easy Andrea.  I love sucking cock and having my sweet pink ass fucked.  Then I get naughty and suck my own ass juices off a guy’s dick.  Sometimes when I get a little tipsy, all these men just love taking advantage of this naughty phone sex slut.

 I want to be fucked so much in every way; whether it’s up my ass or just plain cock sucking, I do it all.  Forget about wearing protection I like raw it’s so much better that way.  Wouldn’t be nice if I could get down on my knees right now and show you what all I can do?  I don’t like to brag, but I am totally experienced in the kinky phone sex. It wasn’t that long ago I was in a gangbang and got all my holes pounded so much I had cum leaking out of me for hours. 

If you needed a certain fetish well just hit me up id put money on it that I’ve done it a time or two.  That’s what a naughty phone sex slut does.  So as I am waiting for my phone to ring you better believe I am sitting here naked with my legs spread.  I love making licking and myself wet my cum.  I can’t wait for you to kiss me and taste it just as I do. 

Now let’s get this naughty phone sex started we accept ppd gift cards and always have a special to rock your world.  If you can always message me on aim or yahoo, so we can get to know each other better.  don’t forget we have  sexy chat sessions too. 

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I’m your phone sex whore Tabbi…call me..

by Tabbi on August 30, 2015

I did a call today with one of my regulars, I’ll call him Kevin. I love being his little phone sex whore.He’s one of those guys who isn’t into all the kinky stuff. He just loves to fuck, and fuck hard. He can pound a pussy into submission without even trying. He has this huge perfect cock and he knows exactly how to use it. He had me out of my sundress and naked on his bed in less than a minute. I was so fucking hot for him. He threw me on the bed and dove between my legs. He had his tongue stroking from my clit to my ass. When I felt him rimming my ass, then sticking it inside, over and over again I thought I was gonna scream. It was pure ecstasy. Then he ran his tongue up to my clit and I exploded all over his face. Next he had me on my knees sucking that huge perfect cock. It was so hot. I could feel it throbbing in my mouth. He grabbed me and had me get on all 4’s and came up from behind me.He slowly slid the head of his monster cock inside me. It felt so good. He pushed in further and deeper, stretching my tight twat. My muscles clenching onto his cock as he fucking pounded me. It didn’t take long before we were both cumming hard. I love getting calls from him. He really knows just how to fuck a woman….Do you? Give me a call and I’ll let you know!!

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Mommy In Her Panties

by daisy on August 29, 2015

Are you feeling any better sweetie?  Your Mommy had to bring you over here so she could go to work, you are just too small to leave alone, and of course I told her I would be more than willing to watch you.  It’s terrible being sick isn’t it baby?  I do have something that might make you feel better.  We could play a special super secret game.  Would you like that? You would?!? Wonderful.  I am going to go into my bedroom, I want you to close your eyes, count to 50 then come in.  Can you repeat that for me so that I know you got it right? Very good.  

There you are!  What’s wrong? Haven’t you ever seen your Mommy in her panties before?  Ah sweetie, it’s okay I promise.  Come here, it’s alright.  That’s right, get up on the bed.  Get right in front of me.  Very good.  Now give me your hand, I’m going to put it some place warm, soft and wet.  Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, as a matter of fact, if you are really really good, and you do everything I say, I will make sure you feel better.  Now you just put your mouth right here, and let your new “P” Mommy take care of you.


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Spoil me Silly

by Kendall on August 27, 2015

I always seem to get what I want. I love to be spoiled by men. My nice ass has a way of getting me everything I need. Men can’t help but stare at my ass and give into me. It takes complete control of their mind. Just the other day I had a caller spoil me silly. I can’t wait to spend that money and get myself looking so sexy. He liked making me happy. He knows just what a woman wants. He loved my hot ass so much he just couldn’t help himself. He said my ass talked to him and told him that he had to spoil me. He kept staring at a pic of my ass while he decided how much he wanted to give me to spend. He gave me a huge amount to spend, so now my ass is going to look extra fine! I am so lucky to have a caller that knows how to keep a woman happy. He knew what I needed. Some of you men out there need to take some lessons from him. If you treat me like he does, then we will get along just fine. I am going to treat him so good that he will always want to make sure I am kept happy. Don’t forget about our Back to Screw Special. 30 minutes for $50.00. Limited time only. You have to ask to receive. US callers only! Hurry before it’s gone. More bang for your buck baby. I can’t wait to talk to my special caller again. We had a nice talk together. My ass is thinking about him right now and getting very, very, excited. Lol. So if you think you can spoil me as much as he does, give me a call and we will find out.

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Anal with Daddy

by maddie on August 27, 2015

A gorgeous bubble butt for Daddy to spank and drill! That’s how he likes it. It’s no wonder why I love Anal with Daddy. I’ve been trained to be his purrfect Lil whore! Thank goodness I was born with those proper assets that he adores so much. Anal with Daddy is on my mind. Honestly the man is often on my mind. That big cock of his gets my tiny pussy very wet. Like more wet than any little boy my age could ever do! No boy could fill my ass up anyway.

The way his big shaft feels inside my tight hole gets me screaming. The pain is totally worth it though. The more he drills his large cock inside me the harder and faster I need it! I’m openly admitting that I’m a very naughty girl indeed, Hehehe. I love being the naughty girl of Daddy’s perverted dreams. He’s so sexy and knows how to make this bad girl obey. I can’t help but get wet at the sight of him stroking his cock for me. The pumping sound it makes when he strokes for me over the phone turns me on… I need that large dose of Daddy’s dick!

Cutie Pie Maddie

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Dirty Milf for Cock Sucking Party

by Vikki on August 25, 2015

I am a Dirty Milf that loves Cock so much. I am a slave to my son for his Cock. He gets me what I need as long as I take care of his big cock too. You know I can’t help being such a whore. I have been this way all my life. I just crave to suck and fuck 24/7.

There is nothing like getting all my holes filled up when my son brings his friends over. I will do anything they want. Yes, I am a submissive whore. I will beg for it if I have too. I think my son is making money off of me now. He does not have a job but he always seems to have money. And he is bringing more and more friends around.

Dirty Milf for a Cock Sucking Party 

Not that I mind. Cock is my addiction.I love it. How could I not love when he has his parties on the weekends. There is so much cock to take care of. Mmmmm I am a Cock Slut. Can I take care of your Cock too. Mommy Vikki is Waiting. I promise to satisfy you and all your friends. That is exactly what a good Mommy Whore does. This Sexy Mommy Cock Slut wants to tease and please your cock until I get your big load of cum.

This Dirty Milf is ready for a Cock Sucking Party. Bring on the Cock. Mmmmmm Yummy.

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Teen slut I love fucking my teacher

by Jessie on August 25, 2015

Well school just started and I’m already in trouble.  I was caught smoking a joint on the campus teen slut is in so much trouble.  My teacher offered to let me off the hook if I gave him something in return.  I had this gleam in my eyes I knew I was going to get an A this semester.  My eyes stared at him like little daggers and my body told him all I wanted to do was seduce him.

I we went outside to his car after school and I got on my knees and started sucking.  He was like putty in my hands; I was going to get everything I wanted.  His cock filled my mouth and tickled my tonsils.  He pulled my hair I swallowed all his cock whole it was so deep down my throat this teen slut swallowed his cum.  I had a devilish plan for tomorrow.

I got up for class I dressed in this slutty little outfit with no panties.  This teen slut was going to get a good fucking this time.  I sat in the front of the class and every time he looked at me, I flashed him.  I knew I was going to get him hard, I mean who wouldn’t get horny looking at my bald pussy.  I kinda stuck my finger in my cunt and let him watch me taste it. As soon as I was caught, he dismissed early and he grabbed me and made me stay after.  The blinds were drawn and lifted me up to the table and pushed my legs open.  I knew right then my cherry was going to be popped. He loved fucking this teen slut as a whore and he stretched me out more than daddy has.  His voice was soft but he told me if I sucked his cock afterwards I wouldn’t have to do anything the rest of the year.  Let me tell you this teen slut scored.

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big fucking baby aren’t you?

by cassia on August 25, 2015

You are nothing but a big fucking baby aren’t you? You like it when I dress you up in your cute little onsie and put a diaper on you. I give you a bottle and rock you to sleep.

If your a good little baby I’ll let you suck on my tits. If your a bad little baby then you might need to go on timeout in your crib. When your good I’ll take you downtown and show you off. Everyone loves to look at my cute big baby.

Oh look at what you’ve done now baby! You’ve shit yourself. Now let Cassia get you all cleaned up and freshened up. I need to put a new diaper on you. Now look at you. You are a big happy baby! I know some of you babies like to play in it and we can do that too.

Baby is being naughty and playing with him self. Cassia loves it when her baby plays with his baby weewee. Look at how hard that baby cock is getting. Baby wants to fuck me with his cock. Only if he’s a good baby. Baby likes to lay on his back and have Cassia ride that baby cock.

Don’t worry baby Cassia will take good care of you!

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