July 2015

Daddy’s little girl

by billie on July 31, 2015

Daddy got me a surprise! He made me wait all day before letting me have his little present, and once I got it, I couldn’t stop playing with it… can you  guess what it is? That’s right, Daddy got us a toy to share! A toy that would pleasure us both…Daddy got a wonderful little cock ring. I’d never played with a cock ring before with Daddy. He has a cock much bigger than most the guys I fuck and he is always more dominate and demanding, aggressive even. But I love it! I love being Daddy’s little girl and doing anything and everything make his massive cock happy. No matter what I’ll go to any lengths to make Daddy cum for me! So when he told me that we were going to use the cock ring but it was going to be in my ass instead I didn’t object even though my ass is sooo tight that it hurts EVERY time Daddy forces his monstrous cock in there…I’d still do whatever it takes to keep Daddy happy and if that means even more pressure on these tight holes of mine, I’ll do it. I am here to please Daddy and if he wants to have this vibrating ring on his throbbing cock as he fucks me hard and fast pulling back my hair and ordering me to scream for him, making me tell him how much I love to be fucked by his big daddy cock… mmm oh yes I am reliving it as I write this, my  perfect little pussy is already soaking wet remembering the way Daddy fucked me earlier switching from my ass to my mouth to my pussy over and over again. Making me beg for more and the best part was when I came all over Daddy’s cock just as soon as he came in my perfect Daddy’s girl pussy!

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Cream pie fucking I need it now.

by Jessie on July 30, 2015

Have me get down on my knees and suck your cock I’m hot and horny for some cream pie fucking.  I’m always searching for a man that can give me a huge load of cum for my mouth. I love when you horny fucks fill me up and wipe all that cum all over me.  I love how my mommy gives me a kiss right where you’re cum landed if she only knew how much of a cunt I was.  

Just last week I was at football tryouts and I caught one of the team captains eye.  He invited me into the locker room I was supposed to be the towel girl.  Well it didn’t go as planned as soon as they came in and got undressed wow.  I just laid down and played with myself right in front of them.  One by one all those cocks got hard.  They stood over me stroking.  I caught one drop of pre cum and this cream pie-fucking slut leaned up and sucked the first cock. I was fucked and filled so much cream pie fucking cum.

While sucking and being covered in cum I could hear them calling me a slut and come get some of this slut’s ass.  I couldn’t stop them they came in every hole I had.  There was so much cum; it was on my tits, cunt, and all in my hair.  one spoke up and said were not going to let her go until she licks it all up cause she just got the best cream pie fucking.

I know you want some of my hot sweet pussy; it’s wet with cum and ready to satisfy you.  So grab that cock and call me. Don’t let my cunt go dry let’s get a little freaky and satisfied tonight.

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Young Blowjob from Maddie

by maddie on July 29, 2015

Young Maddie likes to give a good blowjob. Don’t you think mine are A+ Daddy?

That’s right. I wanna give you the best young blowjob that I can! You can lie down, stand up, whatever you please, while I take great care of you. It’s all about you today! My naughty ways won’t change, I pwomise. You’ve helped me so much, becoming the best little slut that I possibly can be… And now Daddy let your daughter do what she does best.

First I want to assume the position on my knees. Then I can start unzipping your pants, slide them and those boxers down, and get to work on your cock. That’s all your baby girl wants.

I feel like I’m doing such a good job for Daddy when he shivers and moans my name. All he has to do is listen to my cute voice and enjoy his naughty girl’s mouth wrapped around him. To be honest I feel like such a naughty girl getting him so worked up even for more! And of course he always wants more. I get naked for him and show him my other cute little holes. He really loves ’em. Never could I pass up the chance to take Daddy’s big load! It always tastes so delicious. I need that hot & sweet release too. Come here and let’s play.

Sweet and Naughty Madalyn 1(888)579-6864

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Strip Pool

by Ginger on July 29, 2015

Fun and excitement at Ginger’s Bar. The girls and I have been thinking of new and exciting ways to spice up the fun and excitement we already have at the bar to a new level. What better way then a fun game of strip pool. Right? Word got out that we were going to have tits and balls exposed and everyone wanted to get in on the action. So we turned it into a strip pool tournament. There was a ton of fun and raunchy sex all over the bar. We had clothes flying and dick’s swinging. Sticks working the table and the pussies. Everywhere you looked you seen beautiful bodies exposed to their natural exposure. Big and small it didn’t matter we had them all. Fingers in and out of pussies and dick’s in and out of mouths. It was a blast.

By the end of the night my girls were the main attraction as they got up on the bar and let it all hang out. I love that I can pass my love for sex, money and my bar down to my girls. They know what they want and are learning very well how to get it.

Who wants to come to Ginger’s Bar for a fun afternoon of sex, naked men and women, topless waitresses and cum pie dessert?

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Hairy bush pussy let it tickle you.

by andrea on July 28, 2015

Some think bald pussy is the thing but let me tell you some studs love their little slut to be a hairy bush pussy.  The bush I have growing is real and ready for some dick.  I love when men go down and lick my sweet hairy bush pushing it aside to find my little clit.  I bump and grind moving it around tickling the little hairs all up in your nose. I love to pretend I’m older one time I fooled an older man into thinking I was 18 man did I get him.  He thought underneath my silky skirt it was shinny bald pussy surprise I got hairy pussy.

One of the tikes at school asked me to show him my hairy bush pussy, and he said wow you got a hairy cunt.  I said all the older men like it.  When they slide, their cock in there isn’t any razor stubble so I am fucked hard.  They tell me how grown up I am getting my sweet hair pussy fucked.  Now some get upset because all they like is bald pussy and sometimes I do shave it but hairy bush pussy just makes me feel good.

I love when they tell me if I don’t come up find me and save me because I’m about to go muff diving.  That thick hairy bush is so soft and full of life it just calls your name.  It’s just as good as those bald pussies but better.  I can please any hard cock like any other; I will thrust and ride you until you explode with full ecstasy.  Therefore, I dare you to come on in and taste a hairy bush pussy embrace it fuck and kiss it.  Show it that you care.  Let my hairs tickle that cock and make you want me more.  Before long you will have to choose which feels better hairy or bald pussy.

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Playing With Naughty Mommy

by robin on July 28, 2015

I’ve been on vacation for far too long.  Naughty Mommy has missed her boys calling her to tell her all the naughty… nasty …depraved….fantasies they want to perform.   Mmmmm my pussy throbs just thinking about all the little boys Playing With Naughty Mommy.  Well I’m back bitches!

So…..I need to you pick up your phone to fill me in on the newest erotic wet dream that you have had.  I want to whisper my hottest fantasies while you stroke that cock thinking about naughty things you have in mind.  Tell you how much I’ve missed playing with my little boy.  Just thinking about it has me rubbing my sweet cunt.  You boys have always known how to make Naughty Mommy wet!  Maybe we can even bring in some other people to enjoy the fantasy with us….Doesn’t that sound delightful?

My tits have sure missed the attention.  Those of you who know me….well my husband is worthless in bed.  His flaccid cock just can’t get the job done while I can never get enough.  I’m tired of playing with my toys! I need some real hard strong dick….My body is screaming out “fuck me!”

Mention the Summer Cummer special to get 20 whole minutes with horny MILF me for $30.00.  I’m worth it for sure.

Awaiting your calls,

Naughty Mommy Robin




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Breeding with Big Cock!

by Envy on July 28, 2015

Who wants to help me for breeding purposes? Goddess Envy only deserves the best of the best. That means big cock for me and ALWAYS! I’ll never settle for less. Breeding is going to be soo much fun. There are plenty of men lined up and ready to fill my orifices with cum, just to be extra sure that I get knocked up! How sweet is that? I’m fucking excited for this party to start. It would be so wonderful if you could join in on the fun also.

This could go one way or the other. Have you got a big dick? If not then you should know by now that I’m not letting you spill your seed inside me! But if you are indeed packing the heat then, by all means, join me and every one else here for the fun. This breeding fuck session will be amazing I just know it. Judging by the amount of men who showed up – I’m going to be completely creamed by the end of  this party. Wouldn’t want it any other way either. Now step on up for some excitement. I’m here and ready to ride. Can you keep up with these dirty boys?!

*Ask about our specials ~ Goddess Envy*

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Dominno’s submissive phone sex sluts

by dominno on July 27, 2015

A good submissive phone sex slut will tie up his balls tight for me before calling, or sending me an IM. The reason for this is, he should be in some kind of discomfort even before any dialog commences. Am I mean for demanding such a task to be performed? Hell no bitch, there is a lot of other things running through my evil mind that can and will be much worse that a shoe string around your pathetic ball sack, you worthless piece of shit. Do not read another word slut, go now, tie up those balls bitch, then come back, and continue reading right here . . . You back? Look at you, balls tied up, aching for me. How pathetic and oh sooooooo fucking sexy is that, all tied up for me. Well you little whore, it’s now time for a session, so give me a call. Oh wait, before you call, give me 10 nice slow tugs on those balls, mmmmmmmm, yeah, thats right, pull on them for me baby. I love it when you moan into the phone for me. Makes my pussy so wet knowing you are aching for me. Aching for me and my soaking wet pussy.

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blowjobs I love giving them!

by Jessie on July 26, 2015

I love giving blowjobs.  Did you know your cock actually craves them?  Not all the time do you need a long fuck session.  Sometimes you just need a quick release so you can go on with your day.  I know throughout the day you drive around looking at mouths thinking mmm I wonder how good she would suck.  I leave out the guesswork I suck your cock so good, having you ram it deep down my throat feeling my throat pulse.

I can imagine after you get a good blowjob it can become addictive, having that tongue swirl around the head of your cock.  No one can resist the softness of a slut’s throat, gagging on it begging for more.  I’ve been sucking cock for years daddy taught me all I needed to know, I practiced on him and all his friends.  I will lick and suck every inch of your cock, sucking and humming on your shaft and swallowing the head.

What things I don’t know I am willing to bet you will take your time and show me how.  I don’t want to miss a single thing. The more I learn the better I will be at blowjobs.  

If one isn’t enough, I will look for one of my teen bff two lips are always better than one.  Imagine us sucking your cock and all that jizz splattering over both of our faces, we will kiss to clean it up let me tell you that’s a priceless act.  I want you to know that a hard stiff you are going to get looking at my bald pussy will make you want to cum.

Don’t waste time I want to suck you good I am hot, horny, dripping wet and putting on my lip gloss waiting for your call.

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mutual masturbation…lets do it together

by Tabbi on July 25, 2015

Getting a man off is one of life greatest gifts. Mutal masturbation is a specialty of mine. I love listening to a man while he’s cumming. The heavy breathing, the moans, there all a big turn on for me. I’ll take it vanilla or all the way to extreme kink. You know me, there’s nothing I won’t do to get you off. I want you to tell me your fantasy’s while you stroke that beautiful cock for me. All the while I’ll be enticing you with my sexy body and sultry voice. As our talking gets hotter and dirtier I won’t be able to help myself from slipping my hand in my panties. There already so wet. My fingers will glide over my clit, soaked and swollen with my juices. You totally want this nasty whore, don’t you? You can’t help thinking about my tight little twat all wet and ready to take that hard cock deep inside. That’s when our breathing gets heavier. You start stroking your cock harder as you tell me just how your gonna pound the shit out of my pussy. I rub my clit faster, more pressure. I start to moan, bringing myself to orgasm as I listen to you do the same. All of a sudden I hear you cry out. It makes me fucking crazy and I start squirting all over. MMMMM….Isn’t that so much better than being alone!!

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