June 2015

Sissy Bitch Phone Sex

by Envy on June 30, 2015

Yeah, today is all about you being my sissy bitch. If you want to be a good sissy then you MUST act like one! hahaha I don’t mind turning you into one whether you like it or not. Either way I will be having my fun at your expense. Seriously…. that sissified slut down there could be you right now, submitting to me and loving every damn second of it.

Depending on your looks *and* my mood… we’ll see what kind of sissy bitch clothing I put you in for the evening. Maybe something ultra slutty like fishnets, heels, and a miniskirt. Or perhaps we’ll go with the more “cute” frilly look. Hahaha, the possibilities are endless, really! The clothing aspect is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a lot more to being a sissified slut than you think. You really must act the part as well. In case you didn’t know already, that DOES include taking punishments/commands and whoring you out, among other tasks I will set up for you. That is why I’m here to teach and guide you, sweetie. You’re my bitch but I will treat you good… as long as you do what I say and respect ME most of all!

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Deep throat phone sex I can take it.

by andrea on June 29, 2015

I just love giving a guy some deep throat phone sex.  Just feeling something long and hard slide down my throat knowing it’s his cock that I am swallowing.  If I do it right my throat gets wetter than any pussy around.  I bet your cock is swelling right now thinking about your cock filling up my throat.

I will start off by working  my way down your body licking and teasing every part  when I get to your balls I’ll take them in my mouth lightly sucking on them. Then I will I’ll bob my head up and down on your rock hard shaft, looking into your eyes begging for a taste of pre cum. . I get on my knees so I can suck you better; I take that cock in both of my hands guiding it in.  Your hips thrust more making it go deeper.  I pause so I can hear you moan in pleasure begging me not to stop as you’re cum builds.

.Come on don’t you want to shoot your load down my throat maybe you need to flip me over and fuck me little harder, pounding my cunt so deep, don’t you feel how soft my cunt walls are?  I have practiced on so many men I know what to do to get them off.  After I get back to deep throating your cock, my tongue may slip and rim that ass just a bit.  When it’s all nice and slimy, I might stick a finger in and massage that prostate.  When was the last time you got a mind blowing deep throat blowjob?

I know some of you see me and jerk off wishing my eyes water gagging on that sweet cock of yours.  Then when it came, you put your hands around my neck feeling me cough and deep throat you as that hot juicy shit cums.  

This isn’t over yet and your curiosity is peaked you want to know how this deep throat sex story ends.  better start dialing now to get the scoop.

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Accomplice phone sex its extreme.

by liv on June 27, 2015

Accomplice Phone Sex

Looky here there a sweet little girl crying her eyes out she just lost her little bf and has no one to help her.  Shhh lets go save the day.  Jessica was a nice young thing with a heavenly body; I could taste her flesh just by looking at her.  I coaxed her into my car were just taking a drive to my cabin in the woods.

I took into my cabin down a long dark corridor; you could smell the staleness of rooms.  I sat her down and went to get her a drugged drink. She started sobbing again as her drain the warm ginger ale.  She looked so pretty her auburn hair pulled back, her blue eyes full of tears.  As she started to show signs of the effects of the drug, I could see the fear in her eyes. She found herself not being able to talk, as I stripped her like a slut.  I inspected every inch of her flesh pinching and slapping. I pulled her to an old claw foot tub.  I can’t have a dirty whore.  I soaped her up washing away all that filth.

I drug her cold unconscious body to the stripped bed there I was checking her virginity; I hit the jackpot she was fresh virgin.  I handcuffed her to an old sturdy chair shackled her legs open wide.  She never knew what abuse was going to be like.  I picked up the phone and the old man on the other end asked if she was ready, I mumbled she was.

They came from miles all wanted to be the first to pop this whores cherry. Some wore masks others didn’t but rest assured they were all horny.  They paid their dues and entered the auction block.  I show a single spotlight on her.  I yelled let the bidding began.

So tell me what you would bid for this accomplice phone sex?

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Gang Bang Phone Sex With Kara

by Kara on June 27, 2015

Have you ever gang banged a naughty little cheerleader like me?? I love when I go into the shower rooms after the football players practice and see them all in wet and slippery from the water. *hehe* the coach like to let me in the shower rooms to reward the guys after a good practice. The minute I walk in there I feel myself getting all hot and wet just thinking about what the boys are going to do to me! When they see me I can see there cocks get nice and hard. I love to let them have their way with me *giggles* they like to take me right there in the showers. I’ll have one behind me fucking my ass fast and hard while another one is shoving his cock in my throat and at the same time another one is fucking my tight little cunt. It’s amazing to have all three holes filled at once and letting them take turns with me and the coach he loves to watch while I let his guys fuck the shit out of me as he strokes his cock.. mmm I just love having all my holes stuffed at once. The best is when they finish inside all my holes and I lick each cock clean like a good little girl *blushes* that’s another thing I LOVE the taste of cum in my mouth… I can’t wait to hear from you so we can talk all about your fantasies of Gang Bang Phone Sex!


Hope you call soon and enjoy our special for 38$ you get 25 minutes of phone sex with me!

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Incest phone sex daddy’s slut..

by Jessie on June 26, 2015

I think back to the time daddy gave me my first incest phone sex fuck.  One night daddy took me out for ice cream we had good daddy daughter talk.  He explained that some time mommy doesn’t always satisfy his lust and he was looking to me to be big brat and finish the job.

He explained that me having a very tight cunt and being a virgin I’d be the perfect fit for him.  Daddy said not to worry that one day I will be happy with all the things that he will do for me, getting me prepared for marriage someday. Daddy told me he fucks when he’s horny, it turns out, and daddy prefers young tight cunts.  He said in time I learned all about sex and how to please him in many different ways.

Finally the time come that daddy was going to teach me all about sex. He kissed me so deep his tongue filled my tiny mouth.  His hands explored my body moving down to my clit and rubbing it.  I felt my cunt starting to get wet.  Then I seen it I saw daddy’s big hard cock.  He started rubbing that hard dick against my tinging my little twat and pushed it in.  I tried so hard at first not to cry because it hurt so much, but then it started to feel so good, and I begged for more. I could believe after he was done how much I wanted it more. I needed that throbbing piece of daddy.  At that point, I became daddy’s slut, and I didn’t care, because daddy makes me cum so hard.

So I know your stroking it right now thinking of me let me tell you that’s making me wet so why not call me and lets cum together.

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I want to be raped

by Kendall on June 25, 2015

I want to be raped… I’m asking for it. Do you have what it takes? I’ve had guys try but I don’t know if it’s still rape if I really enjoy it. I really just want a guy with a big 10” meat mallet, someone I’ve never seen before, to hate fuck me until I can’t stand it anymore. You can start by waiting until it gets dark and watch me through me living room window. I’m watching my favorite hate-fucking porno and drilling my pussy with my new dildo, wishing I had bought the bigger one because I am in a mood for a particularly hard and violent fucking. When I take it out of my pussy and put it in my mouth, you can’t take staying outside any longer, and lucky for me, I left the door unlocked so you help yourself inside. Dark alley sound better? I’m a nurse and I work the Midnight shift. I don’t have a car so I walk to the train and catch a ride home. The train car is empty and a few light bulbs are out. I’m not afraid, I take this train twice a day. I do have to walk down a bit of a deserted street/alley to get there faster. I have pepper spray. Nobody’s going to bother me. I’m a Nurse! I walk past the dumpster and turn. Did I hear something? No. I don’t see anyone… my imagination is getting the better of me. But. Did I hear it again? I turn around to glance. What do I see? Call me and tell me how you are going to rape me like I deserve to be raped. Call me!  If you love raping me and showing me what I deserve, call me, our 38 special should do just fine for you.  Only $38 for you to punish me for 25 minutes!

I want to be raped

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confession phone sex with priestess dominno

by dominno on June 25, 2015

Do you have a secret sex fantasy you just can’t share with anyone? I bet you lay in bed at night, thinking about them. They make your cock hard as a rock, throbbing with need. But still you don’t dare share them with anyone. Some nights they’ll eat you up. What you need is a confession phone sex session with me. I’m Priestess Dominno. I’m the perfect one to confess your dark sinister desires, your perversions, your blood lust. I’ve been doing this a long time and I know exactly how to make your desires come true. They’ll be no holding back. I expect to hear it all. Every detail, every need that makes you long for it late at night. I know some guys think that their fantasies are to embarrassing to talk about but if you call me I can help bring it out of you slowly. I can ease that tension you feel when each night it goes unfulfilled. You want that fantasy that makes your cock throb so bad you can feel it in every part of your body. You want to cum buckets of cum and feel that sweet release deep inside. Call me and let me help you. You won’t regret it.

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Sookie on Teen Phone SEX

by sookie on June 25, 2015


So I gave an interview about teen phone sex the other day.  The L.A. Times is doing a whole series of articles and stuff about it.   Titallating, right?  I was soaking my panties while this older guy who was writing the article asked me question after question about the job I have here.  It was like being at a coffee shop, talking about sex with my hot cousin, so that didn’t help to keep my pussy from quivering and juicing.

Anyways,  he was asking a bunch of really interesting questions. He was like, “Do you remember ever being sexually abused?”  And I was like, “Ummm, I think I would remember something like that, so no!”  And then he kept probing…  Like he was asking the same old question but with different words.  And then I caught on!  He didn’t believe my answer.  So I decided to get real intimate with Ryan, the guy writing the series.

Every question he asked about teen phone sex I put my body closer and closer to him as I answered.  And when I was right up next to him, our thighs right along each other, he asked if I ever do spanking phone sex?

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell a guy who asks that question?  IS IN TO SPANKING.  So I decided to do what I do best.  Which is seduce him and get him to do what he wants to do, which is rough me up and spank me!  GAME ON.

I stood up and parted my legs, bending my knee and lightly placing it on his thigh.  He looked surprised.  Then I bent over sticking my tush in the air and put my elbows and forearms on the bench next to him.  I was basically on all fours right in his lap!  Super hot!  Then I swayed my hips around and tootched my ass just so.  I said “Spank me daddy!”  He was so freaked out!  He turned blush red and said “Oh dear!”  Then he firmly grabbed me, got up and forced me into the bathroom and locked the door.  I’ll tell you all about what he did to my little body with his big hard cock if you call me because I can’t fit it here!

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Squirting phone sex: Make me squirt!

by savannah on June 24, 2015

You want to make this Southern gal squirt? Nothing brings me to that point more than getting a guy off with just the sound of my voice. I want to squirt so BAD !! I want to tell you all of the nasty things I want to do with you. When I reach that point, the orgasms come SO fast and SO hard, and there are SO many, I can’t tell when one stops and another begins as I feel the rush of my pussy juice streaming over my hand. I’ll taste it for you to hear. I have such sweet cum, I’ll share… there will be more than enough to go around! I NEED you to call me NOW !! Let me talk you through the mind blowing orgasm you deserve while I pound myself until I spray my cum all over that nasty face of yours. I’m getting off with someone tonight, it can be you or someone else, it’s your choice. CALL ME NOW !!

If you love making me cum a river, you’re in luck! Ask for the 38 special and you get 25 minutes of squirting phone sex for only $38!! US callers only/limited time. Ya’ll cum on, now! Show me some of that Southern Hospitality!!

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Anal Phone Sex

by Krystal on June 23, 2015

I know what you’re looking for, a girl just like me, of course. Your wife or girlfriend isn’t into the things I’m into, and she doesn’t let you do the things you really want to do… like fuck that bitch in the ass. I would let you fuck me anywhere though; I love anal, and I love being the filthy Mommy of your dreams …there’s no reason we can’t mix the two together, right? Whenever I get a caller who wants to have anal phone sex I take out my biggest dildo, ready to shove it deep into my horny ass. Something about getting fucked in the ass makes me wetter than almost anything, I think it’s because it is so fucking naughty. Now if you are lucky, and your bitch lets you fuck her in the ass, oh I want to hear all about how you fuck the shit out of her, and call her a little whore and slut, slamming your cock in and out as she screams for more. Oh you mean you don’t have a bitch that does that for you? I would, and I will do that for you. There is nothing hotter than a woman who shares the same fantasy and desires as you, and who fucks herself as you work your hard cock to your ultimate climax. Fill my ass with your hot cum, show me how much you love fucking me. Now, stop begging and hinting to your wife or girlfriend about how you just wanna ‘try it’ and how it ‘won’t hurt’… that bitch doesn’t want to please you, I want to please you. Plus, I have no taboos… so if you want me to go ass to mouth, baby, I’m on it.

Don’t forget to ask about the 38 special, US callers can get 25 minutes for only $38!! You must ask to receive and it will only be available for a limited time so you better hurry!

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