May 2015

Breeding phone sex …Teen Slut

by Jessie on May 31, 2015

let’s have a round of hot steamy breeding phone sex.  Daddy said they are gonna fill me up, breed me and then pass me around the hardcore gang bang team.  Now you know I would do anything daddy asked he’s my hero.  I know he would never let anything bad happen to me.  He told me last night I was his princess because I do all the naughty things mommy wouldn’t do. 

I dressed for the occasion wearing a hot pink teddy crotchless silky panties and white thigh highs daddy said I looked like a perfect little whore that those breeding fuckers are going to tear me up.  That he was hoping it was my right time of the month.  When it was time and there were, going to be so many cocks rammed up my sweet cunt that when my sweet puffy cunt was knocked up no one was going to know whom the daddy was.

Before long, my cunt was being breed.  Omg were there a ton of cocks.  The breeding gangbang was so hot they each got their chance to fuck my puffy fuck hole.  I started by sucking them then they would move to the back before I knew it I was taking them on two at a time.  As each cock exploded in my pussy it quivered, I don’t think I had ever came like that before and finally yet importantly daddy was the runner up.  When they all had left daddy told me I was such a whore and he had to see how good I did.  He slides his cock in and called me all such of names you dirty fucking whore.  I was so full of juicy cum coating daddy’s cock he couldn’t feel a thing he told   My young cunt begged for all those cocks daddy is right I was nasty cunt, I loved minute of it.

As always I am daddy’s sex  junkie I will do anything to make him happy.

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mistress phone sex with dominno

by dominno on May 31, 2015

I had some fun with my business slut the other evening. I’m his mistress phone sex goddess. I made him call me just before dinner. My plan was to torture his ass while he sat there at the dinner table with his family. He had his balls tightly bound, and the string was hanging out ever so slightly above his pants. Now, in his line of work, it was not unusual for him to keep his bluetooth ear bud in his ear during this time of the evening. So, while he sat there eating his meal, i was feeding him commands for him to do while i listened in from thousands of miles away. OMG it was so much fun. I had him tugging, gently, pulling on his cum filled balls the entire time, while he and I were the only ones who knew exactly what was going on. He has done this for me before, while in meetings at work, but this was now, bringing it home. The meal was a delicious one, especially for ME. And since he was such a good boy, he will be getting his sweet desert very very soon. So, my eager little slut reader, if you DARE try and call me, be prepared to sit down at the table, and eat your vegetables. hahahahaha.

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cuckholding phone sex with tabbi

by Tabbi on May 31, 2015

My husband and I are really getting into our cuckholding phone sex sessions.You see he has a itty bitty cock that could never please me. He knew how frustrated I was getting and agreed I needed a big cock to fuck. My husband is very good at eating pussy, he can go all night long and have me cumming over and over. But somewhere along the line you just want that fat cock deep inside your cunt.

One night a few days later he brought home one of his poker buddies. He stayed for dinner and drinks after. We decided to go in the billards room to shoot some pool. Everytime I bent over in my tiny mini dress to shoot he was checking my ass out. I could tell he was interested by the bulge in his pants. It was enormous. I had to have his cock in me. Now. I looked at my husband and he mouthed”go for it to me. ” Well you don’t have to tell me twice. I leaned over the table to take a shot and asked Ed if he could help me line the shot up. He leaned against me, wrapping his arm around me and pressing his hard cock up against my ass. My pussy was soaked by then. I took the shot and sunk the 8 ball. I won. I hopped up on the table and he came between my legs and ran his hand up my legs. He looked at my husband and he motioned to go for it to him as well.

I wrapped my legs around him as he leaned in to kiss me. I could feel his bulge rubbing against my pussy. It was throbbing. He pulled my dress over my head and slid my panties down. He leaned in again but this time it was to kiss my pussy. He ran his tongue all over my wet little pussy. Then I felt his hard cock rubbing against my clit. I was in ecstasy. I started bucking my hips up against his wanting his cock when he slid his cock deep inside me. He was so big. He hit my g-spot instantly and I started cumming. But he just continues to pound deep inside me. I started seeing stars it was so fucking incredible. He came deep inside me, unloading that sweet cum.

I looked over at my husband and he was stroking his cock. I could tell he was almost there. I told him to come over to me and spread my legs open on the table. You could see Ed’s cum sliding out of my cunt and down the crack of my ass. Ed moved aside and let my husband in between my spread legs. He bent down and licked my pussy clean. Now we have regular sessions with other men. My cuckie husband even has suggested sucking the other guys cock till it gets hard.

If this is something you’d be interested in then give me a call!!

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Mommy Phone Sex

by Vikki on May 31, 2015

Hot Mommy Phone Sex is what you will get when you call me: Mommy Vikki. I am the Mommy whore who loves her son’s cock. I am addicted to it. But I can’t have it all the time so my son has set me up with some of his young friends. I love being a Mommy to all of his friends. They all know just what this slutty mommy whore needs. Wouldn’t you love to explore Hot Mommy Phone Sex with me? I know a lot of younger men are infatuated by older women. Even Mommies like myself. I love showing them just what it takes to please an Older woman. Teaching them how a slut like me loves to suck their cock and balls. And even explore their asses. Young Men need to be taught about sex from older women because they learn to enjoy new things and then they can eventually train the woman they want how they can please each other in bed. I am a dirty slutty mommy with no limits. So they can learn a lot from me. If you would like to learn what a slut like me really likes let’s do some Hot Mommy Phone Sex. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I love to fuck and suck cock of all ages. So don’t be shy. Old or young. I will take real good care of you.

Call me for some Hot Mommy Phone Sex at the Special Rate of 30 mins/$50.
You must ask to receive this rate. US callers Only !!! And one special per day.

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Age Play Phone Sex

by Ginger on May 29, 2015

Bar life isn’t for everyone. I have had my bar for as long as I can remember and I love the lifestyle it has brought me. My girls are getting old enough there is no reason they can’t come and help out. Over Memorial weekend the bar was busy and I knew it would be. My oldest is getting ready to get her drivers license and wants a car. Well she can help buy that fucker too. She wants to drive a sports car she needs to help Mommy pay for that sports car. I would love to have you men call me for a little age play phone sex to hear about what I have started making my girls earn their keep.
My oldest loves to dress sexy like her Mom. So we went and bought her some new clothes sleazy halter tops and short little booty shorts for her first night of work. I had her waitress and shake her little ass for some kick ass tips. I can’t wait to tell you all about what I had her doing by the end of the night. She made her own way when she got her ass grabbed and tities licked. She asked Mommies permission and of course I allowed her to make that money and use what Mama gave her and taught her. I know you want to hear the rest of the sleazy age play stories I have to tell you about my bar back sex life.

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Daddy’s girl phone sex princess!

by Jessie on May 28, 2015

I’m daddy’s girl phone sex princess; I have the body of an angel and the voice of a princess.  Daddy tells me I’m his special little slut.  My perfect little princess body is just the right thing you need.  my tight pussy will make you wish you have a piece of me every day.  Daddy always saves the best for last so his friends that pay him the most get me for a whole night.  Tell me what do you think you could do with me for a whole night?  

I know how to suck a cock, take my tongue, and lick up and down swirling around the head just like my daddy taught me.  When that cock is all juicy, I spread my legs and let you slide that thick mushroom head deep inside of me.  Push my legs right back to my head making my sweet cunt so tight.  I bet you can’t resist a pink teen pussy like mine.  

When daddy and I play he is always in control just knowing an older man knows what he is doing makes my tiny pussy so wet.  Just thinking about it my juices are flowing.  At class I have so many fantasies about the police officer there he is so strong I bet just one fuck he would tear me up.  Having his big arms man handle me holding me down while he explores all my little fuck holes.  I daydream about him bending me over and fucking my poop hole.  Oh, god  daddy’s girl phone sex princes pussy is going to squirt right now I’m rubbing it so hard mmm feel it.  See I told you I get hot when I talk about all this.  I think you ought to call me before I cum all over. 

Don’t forget to ask about my fuck me specials.


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Hardcore Cum Slut Phone Sex

by maddie on May 27, 2015

Hardcore cum slut phone sex is waiting right here for you, Daddy! Let’s make it happen. My appetite is growing for your big cock. Not only do I wanna taste it, but I want to feel every inch of it inside each hole of mine. We can go slow. No need to rush, unless that’s what Daddy wants. Lol. Mommy won’t be home for a while. So let’s play! Come to my room. I will show you a good fucking time, Daddy. My holes are ready to be drilled by Y O U !

I can take it, I swear. I would never want to disappoint you. That is why I’m gonna be a good submissive slut for you, Daddy! Look at me. I’m feeling so hot right. You know how bad I want to be your cum slut right now! Mommy doesn’t have to find out, she won’t know a thing ever happened between us… I’m ready for anything tonight. Let my tight holes help you de-stress from a long day of hard work. You could definitely use it. Take your emotion out on me, Daddy! Slap, grab, choke me, whatever please you. My naughty ass can take it!

Your Cutie Pie, Madalyn

May is almost over! Get it while you can…

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Anal phone sex You wanna get a piece?

by Jessie on May 27, 2015

Do you have what it takes to please daddy’s little slut.  I can tell one thing that gets my teen pussy so dripping wet is anal phone sex.  I love when his friends come over and slide that throbbing cock right into my little puckered fuck hole.  I want you show me how big of a man you are stretching my cunt and ass to its limits.  While I rock my hips and squeeze my muscles, I think about how hard I can make you cum.  Daddy is always teaching me new things and this week he taught me how to milk cocks.  I know just the right moves to make that cock go limp.  Every good slut knows that one round is never enough so I was taught how to make it nice and hard again.  Daddy always said ass fucking could never stop at just once.  I make sure to always make sure it’s tight and ready for every pounding I am going to get.

The last man that came right over told me I was the naughtiest teen whore he had ever had.  I made his cock throb and right before he came; I turned around and sucked my ass juices right off it mmm I licked it dry.  He made me gag on his cock to make it hard again this time he fucked me harder than the first.  When he finished he patted me on the head and said he was going to tell my daddy how good I was.  I hope daddy gives me a big present for pleasing all his friends with my sweet anal phone sex. 

Therefore, if you think you need your cock drained come join me in a hot fuck session I can’t wait to see how fast I can make you cum.

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sissy CUM Slut Phone Sex

by Envy on May 25, 2015

Who’s a cum slut? Oh yeah… YOU ARE! Talk about an obsession, oh my god. You’re a huge lover of sissy cum slut phone sex. I mean just look at yourself right now. You look like a sissy slut waiting to drink up all the cream from my precious holes. You really want a taste of this, don’t you? Well crawl over here and get to work! The men will be back in the room at any minute. Get a taste before they start drilling me senseless again.. That’s it! Suck the cum from my holes, slut. I like it when you show me just how eager you are for a taste of CUM.

Yummy yum! Hahaha, slide your tongue in and out of my pussy, darling. Don’t be afraid to lick up and down and all around, bitch. These men have been going at it with me all day today. It was well worth the wait to finally eat the cum from my holes, yeah? Haha slurp it up!

Goddess Envy wants you to do a good job. Maybe the Studs will let you have a taste of cream straight from their fuck-sticks! Wouldn’t that just make your fucking day, huh? LoL. Alright the guys are ready for me again. Now it’s time for you to sit back down. Keep rubbing your clit while I get drilled, sissy. You’re gonna want more of my cum slut phone sex. But don’t you forget who is in charge here! I will let you taste more milk when I say so.

sissy cum slut phone sex with Bitch Goddess Envy


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Bratty girl phone sex make me a whore.

by Jessie on May 24, 2015

Woe stop the page this bratty girl phone sex slut is going to be your new obsession.  This perfect teen pussy is going to rock your world.  I have an insatiable appetite for sex and I’m always will to try something new.  You wouldn’t believe all the naughty stuff daddy taught me.  I can deep throat any cock and take it so deep.  My tonsil will make that dick quiver and beg for more. Then when you’re done, I will lick my lips and suck you for some more.  I love being fucked on all fours getting my hair pulled and treated like a real hardcore cunt.  I’ll take that BBC cock and have you fuck me until I bleed. when you least expect it I will tease and taunt you till you can’t hold it any longer that’s right fuck this little teen pussy.

One night I surprised daddy when I was sucking his balls I reached right around and slid a finger in and milked his prostate omg did he cum so hard.  He made me lick up all his cum that had spewed everywhere.  I was so dirty I even licked the sheets clean.  As a reward daddy took me out for ice cream, he told all his friends at the Shoppe how good I was.

Daddy said it was going to be the best weekend ever that I was going to be the life of the party.  He went and bought me some sexy clothes and told me I had to model them in front of all his friends.  Show them how good of a bratty girl phone sex slut I was.

Therefore, if you think you can handle this no taboo no limits kind of brat dial my number I promise just one call with this bratty teen slut will keep you coming back for more.


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