April 2015

I LOVE Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex!!

by billie on April 30, 2015

Mmm here I am Daddy, my pussy lips spread wide and I know you can see me rubbing myself, and you see this huge toy next to me. Oh yes, Daddy I want you to masturbate with me. I want you to call me while I touch myself, the hottest daddy’s girl phone sex your naughty Daddy mind can imagine! I know you can even imagine as you read this in my young little voice talking to you as I rub this tight pink pussy of mine! And you Daddy, I know you’ve got your cock all hard for me and you are sitting right there stroking it so good; that’s so fucking hot Daddy! I want it, and I’m going to show you how bad I want it, watch me, listen to me as I rub this already soaking wet pussy of mine Daddy! Mmm oh yes I know you love that fucking shit – who wouldn’t? I’m so horny Daddy, can’t you tell? I’ve got to get my toy now; my pussy is begging to be filled up! Look at this big one; it’s my favorite… even though it isn’t my biggest. Only 10 inches, but really anything fills up this tight pussy! You like to see me suck on it, getting it all wet Daddy, mmm yes. Gotta shove it right in me now, I’m so ready to get fucked, I am so horny I have to fuck myself right now! Watch as I stuff it in me, I will watch as you jerk your big hard cock faster, come on Daddy don’t you want to fuck me? Am I driving you crazy? Daddy’s little girl is such a tease…I couldn’t possibly be more wet Daddy! Do you want me to beg for it? Cum with me Daddy!

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Incest Phone Sex with Krystal

by Krystal on April 30, 2015

Now tell me, are you a little boy on the inside who has always wanted to fuck your neighbor’s Mom, your best friend’s smoking hot Mom or even your so very sexy Mother? I know my little ones have had the pleasure in our daily routine of incest phone sex. We both know what a perfect example I am of a MILF and I have no problem being your Mommy at any point and time. We also both know Mommies always please their little babies, no matter what he wants Mommy will take care of you! As long as you take care of Mommy’s bills and Mommy’s drug habit! Mommy does love a nice sissy boy son to dress up too, so if you are one of those – Mommy has been looking for you! Mine needs a buddy to dress up with him. I want to help you with all your cravings. And as a woman with a few years on her, I do know what I am doing and I do have quite a few stories up my sleeve if that’s what you want to talk about…and you don’t want to interact with my little ones. It’s really up to you, because there is not a chance you will name something I am not into, or have no participated in at some point. I know I am a very naughty, bad Mommy, but that also means that I know how to please a man…and that I know how to teach my lil brats how to do the same. Keep that in mind as you read my bio, and look at my pics with that hard dick in your hand. I am always ready to help you get that hard cock even harder, and even more ready to help you cum. Now don’t take it wrong because I will never rush you to cum, I will make sure I say all the right things to get you to your ultimate climax – don’t you worry my dear. I’ll do whatever you want, I have no taboos, no regrets and I will always have time for you.

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Submissive phone sex

by betty on April 29, 2015

    One of my favorite things to talk about is submissive phone sex. There’s just something about giving up all my control to a man that gets me all wet and horny! I love it when a man is controlling and forceful with me. Tell the truth, doesn’t the thought of having total control over a beautiful woman like me make your cock rock hard? I won’t fight you, unless you want me to that is. I just talked to a man who really likes beautiful, submissive sluts like me. As soon as our call began there was a change in his voice. I could hear his dominant side cum out. He knew exactly what he wanted from me. Total and complete submission. He told me to get undressed and kneel before him. I did as I was told. He liked that. But then I started not to respond so quickly and easily. He didn’t like that very much. Not very much at all. That’s when he had to get a little rough with me. And that’s exactly what I wanted him to do. I like to be forced into submission sometimes. There’s no fun in being a good, obedient slut all the time. I know he liked it too. He told me so. He said “I like it when you’re bad Betty, I like it a lot”. The next time we talk he promised to do a rape fantasy with me. I can hardly wait! He knows how excited that made me. He made me promise not to touch my pussy until he calls again. I told him I wouldn’t….. but I don’t think that’s a promise I can keep.

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Teen Panty Worship Phone Sex!

by maddie on April 26, 2015

panty worship phone sex with lil Maddie

Since you’re the next door neighbor, my parents have asked you to look after me while they’re gone today. They took my older sister with them too. So while you’re downstairs watching TV, I am upstairs, snooping through my sister’s bedroom! I feel like I am entitled to snoop because no one’s gonna find out, or so I thought! First thing I spot in her room is a pair of her freshly worn panties, down by her dirty panty hamper. They’re pink and I bet make her ass look soooo amazing when she wears them. I grab them and take in a big whiff of her aroma. My nose is nuzzled where the crotch is….. Mmmm I can even feel some wetness too. My sister’s panties were turning me on so much. My hand traveled down to my pussy as I began licking the crotch of her panties. Suddenly I heard a man’s voice say “Maddie, what are you doing in here?” I was totally busted! Of course I admitted to snooping in my sister’s bedroom, specifically in her dirty panty hamper… Lol I had to figure out a way to get out of this mess! No way could my family find out that I was licking and sniffing panties. And definitely NO WAY could they find out about my panty worship phone sex obsession! So me and the next door neighbor decided to work something out together. It wasn’t difficult to get my way in the end. I made sure to make our neighbor a VERY happy man! Thank you, Mr. W *kisses* (:

Naughty Cutie Maddie

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Delicious Sissy Phone Sex

by Envy on April 26, 2015

Dial 1-888-440-5422 for sissy phone sex with Goddess Envy

Well here I am in all my Goddess glory! And there you are, with your boi pussy sticking up and your face down, ready for the next person to have their turn. I say “person” with purpose, because not only are the guys hitting you up, but my girlfriends want a ride too! LOL. Yeah, I told the girls to bring the biggest strap-ons they have. You know they didn’t disappoint me, either. Me, my girlfriends, and the hottie Studs I have brought over, are ALL ready to have a piece of that boi pussy! Of course since I am the Goddess I do get first dibs in your tight hole. This thick strapon I have is packing some serious heat! None of us care if you cry. In fact, we encourage it! Some of these guys like to see sissies cry while they get their boi pussy fucked. So go on and shed a tear, you’re only turning these men on even more, and making us ladies laugh at your expense! Hahahaha. I am so ready to thrust my long, thick member inside you. Everyone is watching, and none of them can wait to have their turn! Goddess Envy will make you beg for mercy. Join the sissy phone sex party, slut!

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Cuckholding phone sex with Priestess Dominno

by dominno on April 24, 2015

I know you get into watching. That’s why cuckholding phone sex might be just what your looking for. I bet you have a small little pecker that just can’t please a woman. That’s really so sad .But you know your place, don’t you. And it’s not fucking a woman. You’d be lucky if I let you watch me get fucked by a nice big fat cock. Maybe if you beg me enough I might let you get that big piece of man meat ready to pound my pussy. Then you can guide it into my wet cunt so i can get fucked really good while you watch. It really turns you on to watch that big cock sliding in and out of my pussy. Your little pecker gets so hard. After my pussy gets filled with all that creamy white cum I may let you lick me clean. But you must do a good job and lick that creampie all out of my pussy. Being a little cuckie isn’t so bad. I’ll let you sit and watch me. You’ll be begging me to touch that small pud of yours. I love hearing all the begging and pleading to touch yourself. It makes me laugh so hard So give me a call my little cuckie bitch..

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Double penetration phone sex lets fuck

by andrea on April 23, 2015

Have I got a story for you.  Today the pool people came over they cleaned more than my pool.  It was double penetration phone sex bang session.  They rammed those cocks into my ass and pussy it was so naughty but would you expect anything less from a slut like me?  I took them and milked them dry in just the first round.

The one that was in my ass had a big old cock that stretched my ass so wide when he came that cum just ran right out of it right down to my cunt.  He didn’t stop pumping until he couldn’t pump and stay in.

His friend’s cock was on the smaller side but fit my cunt so well.  Everything he did was so right.  He pumped and made circles with his hips.  I clawed that pillow so hard my knuckles were white.  He fucked me like a real champion bull. 

I never had double penetration phone sex so good they fucked me so good I kept screaming wanting more.  I was thinking I’m so glad I picked this service for my pool-cleaning gig.  When they were done fucking me they tossed me as if I was whore and said if I begged and pleaded, they come back and clean my clock. 

If you think you can handle my hot little double penetration phone sex give me a call.  I got the stories and the experience.       

Don’t forget we got the hottest specials around.  Just ask.

Double Penetration Phone Sex 

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Mommy phone sex is always fun!

by daisy on April 22, 2015

I’ve been a very bad Mommy! But what I want to know is, am I alone? You can tell me how much we have in common if you call me for some Mommy phone sex…but first of all you probably want to know what I’ve done to be such a bad Mommy.  My dirty little secrets are more taboo than you can even imagine, my love for the little ones is rooted deep and it’s a constant desire of mine. Not only does it turn me on more than anything else but this naughty mommy gets her money this way! I am constantly renting out those little brats and that way I don’t even have to work. I tell them if they want to eat that’s what they have to do and they NEVER object. They know they must listen to Mommy just like my little brothers and sisters did and never tell a soul either. I feel as though every girl needs to learn her place in this world at a very young age and the best way to do that is to throw her into this taboo world of grown men who will make her into a woman. I hope my daughters grow up just like Mommy, getting off to rentin out her little ones, and still getting the bills payed. Seriously, how much does it turn you on to know that I sit there and love to watch my precious little offspring sucking your cock like a pro, and even begging for more? That’s how I raised em both the girls and the boys and while you nut all in their mouth my cunt will be wet with excitement too. There’s nothing wrong with our naughty little fantasy… just like there’s nothing wrong with that fresh, innocent little pussy or dick my little angels have. They’re perfect. Flawless. Don’t you want to use them as much as I do?

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Submissive Phone Sex

by maddie on April 21, 2015

This naughty girl has most definitely been bad! My misbehavior has come to its breaking point. You know what to do next. It’s time for my punishment, but just HOW are you going to hand it out?? How about we make this “punishment” last forever. Train me for submissive phone sex. I know I have it in me to be a good girl, I swear! All I need is a whole lot of guidance in my life. Your cock can surely do the trick with helping me along the way though, Lol! What’s up- my cute bottom has seem to have you all flustered huh

Train me to be YOUR submissive phone sex whore. With the right amount of punishment, and training, I will be unstoppable! The best little submissive slut you’ve ever laid eyes on. Already my sweet little body is getting you worked up. I do like that, but oh that must be the naughty girl in me talking, Lol. Train this tiny slut then! Show me how much of a real man you are.. Give it to me rough, babe. I deserve to be punished for being so naughty all the time. Do your worst I dare you!

Naughty Maddie

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Age Play Phone Sex With Mommy Robin

by robin on April 20, 2015

Age Play Phone Sex is one of this nasty Mommy’s favorite things to do. The next best thing to playing with my boys is telling you all about it. When I’m not playing with my own boys, I like to invite some of my nephews over. It’s Spring and I have a lot of things that need to be done around here. It’s the purrfect time to invite the youngest of the bunch over. He just loves helping out his hot and naughty Auntie. The last time he was here I had asked him clean my bathroom. When he arrived I was still in the bathtub soaking in a warm bubble bath. My big titties were above the bubbles when he walked in. His little face got all red and he turned to leave. I called him over to the tub and made him look at me. He was so cute with those bright pink cheeks! I looked down and saw how his tiny, boy cock was sticking straight out! I told him that he was a dirty, little boy and he needed to join me in my bubble bath. After a very short hesitation he took off his clothes and his shoes and climbed in with his naughty Auntie. I know how taboo it is to seduce your brother’s children, but with a pussy as horny as mine is all the time, I just don’t care. I’m laying back here rubbing my soaking wet pussy just waiting to hear all about what your nasty Auntie (or any other grown woman) did to your little, boy cock. Ask about the special!

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