March 2015

Daddys girl phone sex before bed!

by karis on March 31, 2015

It’s been such a long, hard day at work hasn’t it? Don’t you just want to sit back and relax with your sweet little girl? I want to have daddys girl phone sex with you, so I can show you just the kind of daddy’s girl I can be. We can talk about anything you want because big daddies make the rules!

So before you tuck me in for bed, you can play with me under the sheets. I like the way you take your fingers and rub me. I especially love it when you take your tongue and lick my clitty. Don’t you just love the taste of a sweet little girls juices? heh If you show me your big daddy dick, I will gladly put it in my mouth and return the favour! There’s even more I would do with you daddy, the limits are endless! I’m just a fun kind of sweet loving daddy’s girl who will do Anything dirty to please her favourite daddy. I will play any fantasy no matter how taboo it is, and any age too. No matter how you like it, your little girl is here to play! So.. next time mommy is sleeping, why not sneak into my room and have some fun? Your secrets are always safe with me!! and if you want even more fun for a good price, ask me about my 30 minute special for $50.

Karis 1-888-290-3289

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Baby sitter phone sex

by andrea on March 28, 2015

Are enjoying your Saturday night as I am I’m having some spunk for some baby sitter phone sex?  The parents next door decided to go out for the night and asked if I would sit and watch the brats they had.  My mouth started to water thinking about the fun times I had the last time I watched the brats.  I made those brother and sister play with each other and then have them play with me.  We took turns calling a phone sex line and had that little slut tell us how to play. Mmm did feel nice when that little tongue slid up my nice whorish cunt.  Then I made that brat  spread Her legs spread farther than any other brat and id make her mouth suck, gag and sometimes, choke on her own brothers cock.  When she gagged hard who could punish her for trying.

Sometimes those brats looks so sweet and innocent it is the perfect disguise.  They so know how to please each other. To my surprised they confessed to me that they been practicing on their own.  Look at that family fun sex all on his or her own that just makes this baby sitter super horny thinking about that.  Therefore, I guess when the parents come home I’ll get out and get my pussy fucked good.  I mean don’t you think I’m a hot little slut?  I have curves in all the right places; I have the perfect sized tits for any hand size, and my legs are so long they seem to go on forever.  When I go out, I’ll wear just the right outfit to accentuate all of my kinky assets.  There is going to be nothing too taboo for us baby.

Don’t forget I got hot fuck me specials just ask which ones are hot.

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Billie loves bbc phone sex!

by billie on March 27, 2015

My daddy surprised me yesterday with 4 big black guys for me to fuck, wasn’t that really super sweet? He knows that I just love big black cocks! Seriously, I really can’t get enough of them! I had absolutely no clue that he was gonna do all that either. What an awesome surprise!

I Love BBC!

 I didn’t see them until I came home and went up to my room to change. There they were, 4 big huge black guys just sitting on my bed. It was awesome! I stripped my clothes off right away cus as soon as I saw them, I had to have them! Man, it was soooooooo sexy!!! I got on my knees and started a circle jerk, then sucked every single one of them until they were super hard!

Then I got on my hands and knees.  Before I knew it, I was stuffed full of cock and the whole time my daddy was sitting there watching. He even recorded the whole thing for us to watch later. I can’t wait to see what it looked like! It felt so awesome, I just know that the tape will be even better, yanno? Just to be able to watch all those huge cocks fucking me will be super intense, I just know it!

Ask me about our special cus callers can get 5 free minutes of hot bbc phone sex with me with a 15 minute call or more!! You gotta ask to receive and it won’t last forever so call today!

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Sensual domination phone sex

by dominno on March 24, 2015

Are you into being dominated but not into all the meanness and roughness. Then sensual domination phone sex is what your looking for. I love being a dominant. I love instructing my new subbies the ropes in a more lustful way. I’ll turn you into my little cum slut. I’m gonna let you join in with me and my lover, but in ways you might not be used to. But you’ll do it and you’ll love it.

My lover and I will take you with us in the room. We’ll make you undress. Then you’ll undress each of us. My lover and I will sit on the edge of the bed and caress and kiss each other. You’ll get down between my legs and start eating my pussy getting it nice and wet. I’ll have you reach over and start stroking his cock. You’ll feel it getting strong and hard in your hand. When I get just wet enough I slide back on the bed and spread my legs. My lover will crawl up and slide his cock deep inside my tight little pussy. You of course will now stand next to the bed and watch as I get pounded by his big fat cock. Your little clitty is really starting to throb now isn’t it. You just want to rub on it. But I never said that you could. Your just my cum dumpster. No one said anything about you cumming. As he fucks me harder and deeper I start squirting all over his cock. That makes him start cumming deep in my pussy.

Now that we’re done getting off you get to clean up the mess. Come now my sweet slave, crawl up here and clean the cum out of my cunt. If you do a good job I’ll even let you suck my cum off of his cock while your stroking your clitty. Maybe you’ll even be allowed to cum!!

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Family Fun Phone Sex

by robin on March 24, 2015

    I definitely turning in to a real pervert working here at Purrfect! (like I wasn’t already!?)  Some of the things that I never thought would turn me on are keeping my pussy wet and ready all the time! Family fun phone sex has become my new nasty passion. I have had so many fantasy calls about it that I am becoming obsessed! I know how taboo it is, but today I decided to do something about it. I mean, the whole reason for having fantasies is to make them cum true, right? I decided to let my nephew be my newest victim. He asked if he could do something to earn some money, so I let him cum over and mow my lawn. He looked so cute and sexy out there with his little tank top and shorts on pushing that lawnmower around. I sat in the window and watched him as he worked. Then I decided to go out back to be closer to him. I sat there in my short robe and rubbed my cunt nice and slow while I watched him. By time he got done I was in dire need of his young cock! I didn’t even try to hide the fact that I was rubbing my pussy when he walked up to me. I just kept slowly rubbing it through my panties. I thought I would have to use a bit of seduction because his little mouth was wide open in shock. I don’t think he had ever seen a pussy before. That’s when I noticed how hard he was! I would love to tell you more about all the fun we had. Take advantage of our Spring Special and let’s have some naughty fun!

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BBC Phone Sex Cum get me!

by andrea on March 24, 2015

Don’t you just love a white girl that’s loves BBC phone sex?  I just can’t seem to get enough of that nigga cock. I want that thick white juice shooting out of that big black cock right into my face.  Something about a black cock, I just can’t get out of my mind.  I know you big black cock holders love a sweet little white pussy like the one I got.  You love hearing me scream and moan while you ram it into my tight white pussy.

I want you do it any way you can to tear my cunt right up.  I promise I will beg you to make me your fucking whore and maybe just maybe we can work in a bit of breeding phone sex.  I mean it’s pointless if we aren’t going to fuck bare back right?

When I see, you take that fucking BBC cock out of your pants my pussy just gets all wet and hungers for that delicious cock.  I bet it gets you going thinking about my porcelain white face covered in you cream scrupulous juices. I beg you to make me your personal cum slut; I know that’s what whores love to say isn’t it?  I am fucking screaming and begging you to give me that BBC phone sex fucking like no other.

So get off your ass, come over, and give me what I crave.  I need a big fat cock making my pussy scream with excitement.  Then I will have you pull out and I’ll lick that fucking cock clean just like a good nigga slut that I am.

So let’s do some no taboo kind of fun and get all naughty I play late so hit me up!

Ask about our naughty specials so you can get the most bang for your buck to fuck this cum slut breeding whore.

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Phone Sex With Sexy Kira

by kira on March 23, 2015

  Phone sex with sexy Kira.  I may be a red head but I am one sexy red head, that loves sex.  I think about sex from the time I wake up and also in my sweet dreams.  I can’t help it, sometimes I find myself waking up from a sexy dream with my fingers in my pussy soak and wet, not even realizing that I was doing it.  I think about having cocks filling up all my holes.  I have dreams about gang bangs and having sex with multiple men.  I want all my tight holes filled up with a hard juicy cock.  I can never say no to cock, I need it and want it day and night.  I have men that love to call me up for a quick fuck, because they know I wont tell them no, and that I know exactly what they need to blow their load nice and hard.  I take care of men and their needs.  I even have married men call me up when their wife is out of town on business.  They tell me they never get sex anymore, so I am filling in to satisfy their every need.  I am one sexy young bitch that needs sex just as much as a man does.  I think that is why I get a long so well with men.  We are on the same page about sex.  We agree it’s something we all need and need plenty of it to keep us satisfied.  Who wouldn’t want to fill a sexy red heads holes up?  Well I would say every man would love to fill me up.  My tight pussy would squeeze all the cum right out of that hard throbbing cock, lol.  I love being able to go back home with my panties filled up with cum.

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Adult diaper babies need mommy phone sex!

by daisy on March 20, 2015

I know you are so sick of being a grown up aren’t you sweet boy? You long for that sweet release you get when you come over and get to be my baby boy again because nothing could ever be better than love from Mommy. I will take all those yucky grown up clothes off of you and give you a nice warm bath, you can play with your special bath toys and feel yourself grow younger by the second. Then it will be your very favorite part! I will get you all dried off with a fluffy towel and put you in a nice fresh diaper and cozy jammies so we can cuddle while you suck on Mommy’s titty just the way you like best. I know you love that safe loving feeling you get while you’re laying there in my arms and when your little dickie gets hard in your diaper, it’s only natural. You can’t help it, it’s your body doing what it what meant to do so there is no need to be embarrassed. Mommy always takes care of you, I love rubbing your little peepee and kissing it until it squirts all your little boy milk in my mouth. Mmmmm nothing tastes better than that!

Ask me for the special sweetheart, then you can get 30 minutes of mommy phone sex for only $50!! US callers only and it’s not going to be available forever so call today!

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Mommy infatuation phone sex

by Lisa on March 19, 2015

 Mommy infatuation phone sex help is here for all your Mommy son fantasies.

Infatuated with your Mommy? Can’t seem to get those naughty thoughts about your Mommy out of your head? Are those images making your cock to hard to handle alone? Mommy infatuation phone sex with me Mommy Lisa will help you relieve all the aches and pains that drive your young hard cock to swell up in your pants. I am sure it doesn’t help your young tool with it’s growing pains when Mommy taunts and teases you. Does it drive you crazy baby to see me, walking around in my lingerie? I just love watching you shower in the morning before school. I know you are thinking about me while you are lathering up your hard body. Tell me all about your Mommy infatuation phone sex desires while I am running my phone sex special. 20 minutes $30 good for US callers only/Must ask to receive/ 1 special per day. Limited time offer so hurry. I will share some of my naughty Mommy son fantasies with you too baby. I will share with you just how fucking hot it is when I tell my other Mommy friends that I will whore my son out to them just to be able to watch you be used by dirty Mommy’s just like me. Some of them might even force their dirty Mommy panties in your mouth while they suck on your young cock. Hell some of them might even take their teeth out so they can gum your shaft real fucking good. Does the sound of this fucking excite you more than ever baby? Let Mommy Lisa be the Mommy you have always craved for. Mommy infatuation phone sex is here for all your Mommy son fantasies, all you have to do is call me to get started on your Mommy infatuation phone sex fantasy quest. 

1 888 990 0103

Mommy Lisa

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Phone Sex Whore, little Maddie

by maddie on March 17, 2015

I could be /your/ Phone Sex Whore. I’m Madalyn or also known as little Maddie to some!

What are you looking at, Daddy? Is my skirt too short or my butt too big?  Either way, we both know that you like what you’re seeing right now. Please come a little bit closer, Daddy! I want to feel the touch of your big and rough hands on my soft bottom. Go on and give it a grab! I really, really would like it if you did. This kind of attention gives me butterflies, the good kind! My bottom feels so squishy huh? I knew you would love it. With my hand I reach down and grab at your hard-on through your pants. Daddy, as a gift to me, will you please let me play with your cock? I will suck and slurp all the way down the shaft. Being a good girl means making you a very happy Daddy. So all I want to do is bring you happiness, even with my little mouth and other orifices. (:

I’m happiest when I am pleasing my Daddy in the naughtiest of ways! My dirty mind and mouth are both ready to unravel before your eyes. Phone Sex Whore, little Maddie 

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