February 2015

Public phone sex

by Callie on February 27, 2015

Public phone sex is just one of the many naughty things I like to do to get my sweet teen tranny cock off. Spring is such a beautiful time of year, I enjoy taking walks through the park at lunch time, mainly because there are so many horny men lurking about. It was a little after Noon and I made my way down the bicycle/walking trail. At first there wasn’t anyone on the trail and within a few minutes I could hear footsteps behind me. I dressed accordingly for the spring weather, short skirt, thong panties and top with no bra. As I was walking I let my hands wander to fondle my erect breast I was trying to be as obvious as I could. It was on my agenda to get either a blow job or hand job by any guy that I could. Having public phone sex was on my mind as I walked around the bend of the trail so I could take a quick glimpse to see who was behind me. Much to my surprise there were 3 fellas walking and one made a hand motion at me to let me know he was catching what I was throwing down.

I veered off the trail and made my way through some limbs and found a nice flat tree stump to perch myself up on to await the arrival of my gents. I could hear their voices getting closer to me. All I kept thinking about was I am going to get to have some public phone sex today. As the first guy came through the trees I stood up and took my shirt off. He reach down and unzipped his pants, I said on no fella you got the wrong idea. If you think I am blowing you, you got another thing coming. He laughed and that’s when his buddies peered through the trees. He said let me see those big tits, I walked towards him and he took both of my breast into his hands and started grouping them like they were melons at the grocery store. I said hold on fellas all I wanted was someone to either blow me or give me a nice hand job. They looked at each other and said well that’s not whats going to happen. Before I knew it I was on my hands and knees with two cocks being shoved into my mouth while their friend ripped my panties off and spit in my fuck hole.Now we are talking, this is what I needed to make that public phone sex call come to life.

Listen I tell you what if you want me to tell you about what happened give me a call. Use your tax refund and spend it on my special 20 minutes for $30. This is a limited time offer for US callers only. One special per day, you have to ask me for the special in order to receive it. Hot teen she-male phone sexis only one phone call away. You know you want to do some mutual masturbationwith me, let me hear you pound your cock while I pound mine and I will fuck myself too.

The ending of this day in the park is so fucking hot, my cock is hard right now. Call me with your public phone sex fantasies tonight!

Teen Tranny Callie


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Mommy son Taboo Phone sex

by Lisa on February 27, 2015

Mommy son taboo phone sex is my specialty. Mommy Lisa is always here for you, whether you are a regular caller of Mommy’s or if you are brand new to calling a phone sex company. I will take the time to get to know what you really like and Mommy wants you to keep coming back to her. One way to make sure you get your needs met is to provide you with a little phone sex 101 education. Here is a link purrfectphonesex.com  to our page with lots of valuable information on having a great 1st time call or it’s a great way to refresh your mind if it’s been a while since you have browsed more than just the blog page or photo gallery. If you look on that same page you will see more valuable information on our policies and pricing. Take your time and read the information and feel free to send me an  Instant Message or email me with questions or to set up a call when you are ready. I enjoy my job very much because for this Mommy it’s not a job at all but more like a hobby, I really enjoy helping guys like you get off, and Mommy loves to hear you stroking your hard cocks, that makes me spread my legs and play with myself. Yes I really do get off too, you can be the judge of it for yourself. I will put the phone down to my dripping wet pussy and let you hear just how sloppy wet it gets. So if you are looking for some Mommy son taboo phone sex tonight give me a call!
For a limited time Mommy is running a phone sex special 20 minutes for only $30, this is good for US caller’s only, one special per day and you must ask me in order to get it. This special is good for a short time only. So hurry and take advantage of my Mommy son taboo phone sex fantasy special tonight!
So let me tell you what Mommy loves to talk about, well it’s a short list. Mommy loves to talk about everything! LOL. I am into Mommy son taboo phone sex fantasies, Family fun time phone sex fantasies, role play phone sex, listen I have real life experiences and I don’t mind sharing them with you. I can keep your secrets if you can keep mine. Mommy is patient and Mommy is kind when I need to be, yet I know how to punish and scold you bad little boys for getting into my pantie drawer. Let’s start the year right and get that cock of yours the proper Mommy attention. I look forward to being your phone sex Mommy.

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Ass to Mouth Phone Sex with study buddy Maddie!

by maddie on February 24, 2015

Even though I’m your study buddy I much rather be doing something else besides homework. I couldn’t care less about the test that is tomorrow. You can copy off me if you want! I wouldn’t worry about it too much anyway. Professor’s tests are usually easy, for me, anyway. That’s why  you can just sit next to me in class and look at my paper, hehe.

When I said that I much rather being doing something else besides homework, well, I didn’t mean watch tv. Lol. Instead I have this kinda “itch” that I just can’t scratch! I need your help if that’s cool with you. Ya know – like an eye for an eye type thing? Lol

Ass to Mouth Phone Sex is tons of fun, trust me. It’s my itch remember! And boy,  do I need a good scratch! So right now you could be licking my pretty pink asshole instead of studying for this boring test. Who cares, right? Wouldn’t you rather be getting naughty with your fave classmate Maddie! You’d be crazy not to have even a little taste!

For real though, doesn’t it look so tempting when I bend over like this? xoxoxo

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

by Vikki on February 23, 2015

I love getting off. And when I can’t have a cock I masturbate with my favorite toys. Wouldn’t you love to have some Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Me. Slutty Mommy Vikki. My son helps me a lot with getting the cock I need. But there are still times when I have to pull out one of my fucking dildos and get off that way. Well it totally sucks to masturbate alone. So why don’t you pick up the phone and masturbate with me. We can talk about anything you want as I suck my toy and get it wet and ready to fill my fucking pussy. I will let you hear my sloppy wet pussy as I fuck it hard and deep for you. I really want to get off with you. I would love to tell you all the naughty things I do with my son and his friends. I have no shame. I am getting so wet right now thinking about sucking and fucking my son and his friends. I need to get off with you right now. Cum fuck slutty Vikki. Anything goes with Me. I am a Mommy Whore. I would love a nice fucking gang bang right now. I need cock baby. Bring me Yours. 

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Naughty Babysitter Phone Sex

by Kara on February 23, 2015

  Naughty babysitter phone sex.  One day after school I got asked to watch the neighbors kids.  So I still had my school uniform on when I went there.  I had to be there right away, it was short notice.  Their kids are pretty young yet, so they said I had to lay them down for a nap.  The husband said he would be home early but his wife had a late meeting.  So I got the kids to lay down for a nap, then decided to watch some TV.  A couple of hours later the husband came home.  He asked about the kids, then sat down and talked to me for a bit.  He got kind of personal about him and his wife.  He told me that their sex life has gotten really bad.  He said they hardly have sex anymore.  I told him that if I was his wife that I would always have sex with him.  He looked really happy when I said that.  He leaned over and gave me a hug.  He told me that his wife would be later then he thought, and asked me if I could take care of his needs for him.  I told him I  was not sure if I should do that.  He started to rub on my tits, then he put his hand up my skirt and  pulled my panties aside.  He started to kiss me, and then finger fuck my pussy.  He was getting me so wet.  He stood up and took off his clothes, then he inserted his cock in my pussy.  He fucked my wet teen cunt so good.  He made me cum all over his cock.  I don’t understand why his wife would not want to have sex with him.  He was amazing!  I am going to watch their kids more often.  I want to be the naughty babysitter again, lol.

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Anal Phone Sex. After Hours

by Ginger on February 23, 2015

After a long day’s work there’s nothing I like more that a nice fat cock sliding up my tight little asshole.  After a bunch of shots and drunken ramblings I just can’t wait to feel your hot rod pushing into my sensitive little hole back there.  I just lay myself out, bent over the bar, legs spread wide for anal.  All the memories of 4am ass rocking come back to me when I have anal phone sex with you stroking your dick.  Lets do some shots of Fireball

I just lay back with one set of fingers diddling my clit and the other hand pushing a meaty dildo into my asshole while we talk so dirty.  I just can’t stop  with the filthy things that go through my mind when I fuck myself with you like this.  I am such a phone sex whore for anal.  I will give any guy free drinks all night if he will just squeeze his nice big cock into me while I close up the register for the night.  My pussy is so dripping wet.  You will taste it as youtrace my asshole with your slippery wet tongue.  Make me crazy as you squash it into my tight, brown rosebud.  lick it so its nice and wet for your big shooter to start ramming me.

Bend me over and take me, ravage my ass.  Make me scream.  I love to be fucked in the ass after hours.  It makes me cum so hard.  I need to take my mind off all the ridiculous allies that hit on me all night.  So you need to do me; and do me rough and hard.  I will shake and moan for your massive member in my sweet little anus.  Make me cum over and over, just keep pumping it.  I can take it and I want to!

Get my ass for cheap with my 20 for $30 special. US only limited time.  Satisfy your cock in my a-hole.

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Family Fun Phone Sex with Dirty Mommy Daisy

by daisy on February 22, 2015

Unfortunately for you, you married a woman who does not share the same fantasies and desires that you have so you are forced to keep what turns you on most a secret. But no more, I share the same longings as you do and I’d be the naughty Mommy you’ve been looking to fulfill all your fantasies. Your wife was only good for one thing – the one thing that has you so turned on every single night. She produced those little brats that you so desperately want to touch and play with in a way you’ve never played with them before, but you’re scared. You need the assistance of a woman willing to be the dirtiest mommy of all. I have much experience with playing with the little ones and making sure they also know how to keep this between Mommy and Daddy because that’s what family is all about right? Plus, who to better teach about the birds and the bees than the experts themselves? That’s where we come in, we have to show them how good these things feel and before long they will be looking forward to being tucked in at night. With their innocent little faces, and their oh so curious attitudes what’s not to love about playing with one of those little brats? I find nothing wrong with the idea of incest and think keeping it in the family is the best way to do things – even if it means taking that V card a little early on…they’ll never regret it. And you surely won’t either. Because I know that’s what you’ve been thinking about as each day passes and their bodies grow and they wear all those cute little clothes and all you wanna do is touch them all over their ‘bathing suit area’, no worries Mommy will tell them that it’s only okay for Mommy and Daddy to touch them there – mmm nothing like being a dirty Mommy and getting off to the little ones first moan of pleasure.

Ask me about my family fun phone sex special, US callers can get 20 minutes for only $30!!

limited time only

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Anal Phone Sex I want to hear you Cum!

by andrea on February 20, 2015

Do you want to bring that cock over here for some sultry anal phone sex?  I bet that cock of yours is better than that damn leprechaun and i know your  in need of a good tight ass.  I’m  just the good little whore for you that will romp and ride that cock like no other.  Not all men like to get their dick wet but something can be said about a man that knows how to pound my ass like a cheap slut.  I’ve did everything under the sun and then some.  I will tell you the one thing that gets me off the most is big thick cock rammed up my tight ass.  You could say I’m addicted to anal and love being fucked. I love all that hot jiz free flowing from my ass.  I’ll spin my ass right around and suck my ass juices right off that cock.  Yep that’s right you caught me I’m a nasty ass whore.

I can’t wait for you to bend me over and use that whole box of toys, ramming this and that butt plug up my pretty little ass.  Then reach your hands around and squeeze my big tities make them hurt baby.  When you’re all done I want to do anything I can to get you hard again.  Are you up for a little bit of mutual masturbation?  I want to make you cum again just as much as you want to make me cum.

So get off your butt, get your credit card, and let’s see how my tight ass feels wrapped around that juicy thick cock.  I can’t wait to make you cum and help you find that pot of gold. 

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Daddy’s girl phone sex with Billie

by billie on February 20, 2015

Haven’t you heard? Daddy’s girls get the best treatment, that’s why I love daddy’s girl phone sex! We are spoiled rotten to the bone because Daddy knows that we are always bad for him and him only…us Daddy’s girls would do literally ANYTHING for our Daddies. I was taught at a very young age that Daddy knows best and to never ever question him or not listen to him. I’ve come to realize the more obedient I am with my father the more he rewards me with my favorite treat of all! Can you guess what that is? It big and hard and it tastes just like my pussy! Do you know what it is and why it tastes just like my sweet little pussy? It’s Daddy’s big ol’ boner of course! And he just fucked my tight lil hole nice and hard for me, I swear he made me cum like 10 times and I know I made him cum for sure because I feel it oozing down my legs, thick and dripping right from my hot horny pussy. Daddy knows how much I love to suck his cock once it’s covered in both our cum so I always get straight to my knees after he explodes inside of me. There is always still cum on his dick and I can taste my wet juices too – I love my little treat. Daddy loves it too because he is always pushing my head further down on his still hard cock telling me how much he loves to see his little girl enjoying Daddy’s giant cock and I always choke on it in response so he knows I love it as much as he does. By the time I am done sucking all the yummy cum off of Daddy’s dick I know he will be ready for more but the question is what hole will he pick this time? It doesn’t matter to me though – I’d do anything for my Daddy and that’s what makes me the best Daddy’s girl of all!

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Cyber Sex Phone Sex With Beautiful Betty

by betty on February 19, 2015

We all know there are times when you really need a phone sex chat with a hot girl. It’s not easy sitting there with a stiff cock and no one to help you out. But sometimes you just can’t talk on the phone. Sometimes doing so means that a family member or a co-worker might hear all those nasty thoughts that are causing that bulge in your pants. That’s when you need to call a girl like me. I love Cyber Sex Phone Sex! We can be as hardcore as you like. Nothing is ever off limits or too taboo for us to type about. It’s a great way to get that cock of yours exploding and still be very quiet and discrete. Talking on the phone is ideal, but when that’s not feasible, you need to give cyber sex a try! I can type just as nasty and hardcore as I can talk. If you have talked to me before, then you know I can get pretty raunchy!
Have you seen 50 Shades of Grey? Submission is HOT, isn’t it? We have a special right now 30 minutes for only $50.00! You can use that time on the phone or typing to me online. Some of my callers are also cyber sexers. We have spent some time discussing the movie. I can be just as submissive on the phone as I can be typing to you here. Give it a try. I know you will be very, very happy!

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