January 2015

Reese is pregnant phone sex

by reese on January 30, 2015

Oh hell no! I can’t believe this shit! My husband is going to flip. Mr. Perfect, Mr. wonderful, everyone’s favorite Preacher, when he finds out that I’m KNOCKED UP.

Do you boys like pregnant phone sex with sexy women. If you do, I’m that girl. I can’t believe this happened to me and I don’t know who my baby daddy is. Yes I am a whore who fucks whoever, whenever. Never in a million years would I think I would be that girl who didn’t know who her baby daddy was.

I’ve been doing ministry work at the prison, fucking all the bbc inmates, the naughty boys, the guards give me privacy in exchange for a piece of my hot ass. So this baby could be just about anybody’s. What am I going to do? I guess I’ll have to keep it a secret from my religious preacher husband for a while. There is no way I could pass it off as his baby at all, I haven’t fucked him in months. I’m not going to be able to hide this for long. Being pregnant might come to my advantage.

I have heard though that men love fucking pregnant women not only because then they know they won’t be the baby daddy when they come deep inside of my pussy. But the orgasm is phenomenal being pregnant when I fuck now I have multiple orgasms. I barely just have to touch my clit and I’m squirting all over the place. Isn’t that hot? I know you want to fuck the pregnant preacher’s wife. Don’t you?

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BBC Phone Sex

by betty on January 29, 2015

What could be better that a big, black cock? NOTHING! BBC Phone Sex enables me to tell you how HOT fucking a big, hard, black cock is. There’s nothing like being filled completely and fucked hard! I won’t ever fuck another tiny, white cock again. My husband has the tiniest, white cock I have ever seen. I haven’t fucked him in a few years. What’s the point? I can’t even feel that nasty, little thing when he tries to put it in me. A cuckolding marriage works best for us. He says he won’t ever leave me. I have a news flash for him. If I get bored with him, I will make him leave. Fucking black cocks started out as a fantasy with me. He would be trying to get me to let him fuck me and the only way for me to get through it was to watch fetish porn. The ones about white women fucking long, thick, black cocks! I’d close my eyes and pretend I was being fucked by a real cock. This only worked for a very short time. Then I just stopped letting him fuck me at all. I was bored to death with him! That’s when I started making him bring home BBC for me to fuck while he sits and watches. Loser!

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Thirsty Thursday Drunken Phone Sex

by Reanna on January 29, 2015

It’s thirsty Thursday and this beautiful mommy is craving a drink. Who wants some drunken phone sex with a MILF like myself in the middle of the day while the kids are away at school and we are all alone?

I love to drink on thirsty Thursday. Actually last week I went out with the girls on thirsty Thursday and got more then I bargained for, but it was well deserved. I do my mommy duties all week long. Taking the kids to and from school, sports events, being a chauffeur where ever and whenever they need to go somewhere. So I love to go out with the girls especially on Thursday night. We party and have a great time.

Last week Thursday one of the daddies from my daughter’s basketball team, who happens to be the assistant coach, was out all alone, no wife or kids. Just him and his buddies enjoying a few drinks. He came over and we started talking about the girls and before you know it slut mode started. I couldn’t help myself he’s so fucking hot, sexy, and excellent with children. I could see his cock rising and it made my pussy instantly wet. I slid my hand across his thigh and began to massage his cock. In just a matter of time, he and I headed out to his car I sucked his cock as he finger fucked my pussy. It was the best orgasm in a car I have ever experienced.

We have plans for next weekend my kids will be going to spend the weekend with their grandparents and he has a “business trip” to attend. Should be interesting I can’t wait to feel his cock penetrating my pussy as he makes this mommy feel good all weekend long.

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Role Play Phone Sex with Submissive Slut Nichole

by nichole on January 29, 2015

I am his Whore Slave and he is my beloved Master.  He can’t call me often enough to satisfy my delinquent desires.  We find our huge orgasms in Role Play Phone Sex.  Master B is alway ready to punish me.

First, he messages me and commands me to dress myself in just nude colored pantyhose and black 5 inch heels.  He promises to order me around which makes me so dripping wet.  Then he calls.  My body is so electrified with fear and desire.  I am anticipating his next order as my cunt gets hungry for a fuck.  I long to be his perfectly punished whore.

He disciplines me first.  He spanks me hard and makes me his little hussy slut.  He makes sure I know who is boss and who gives the orders.  Then He makes me keep him on the phone while he listens and tells me what to do.

The first command is to knock on my neighbors door.  And when she answers, I demand she eat my pussy.  And of course she lays me down and caresses my soft skin as she licks and sucks at my cunt until I cum. But he makes me quit her all too soon.

Next, Master B  commands me to go to my other neighbor’s door.  He makes me knock and as my neighbor opens the door, Master B tells me to drop to my knees and suck his cock…. Right here in the hallway.  My mouth just waters to make my Master happy and satisfied with his orgasm explosion.  Then I know I’ve done my job of being his submissive little whore slave who will be as nasty and shameful as he wants at any time.  He loves that I have no limits and no taboo scares me away from my duty to be his submissive slut.

I always have red welts from his spankings for days afterward.  It reminds me of how much he adores me, his little fuck doll.

Do me for the Super Bowl Special.  Get rough and order me around.  Make me your whore : 15 min for $20.  Limit 1. US Only  Call me at (877) 424-8242

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cyber sex phone sex

by cassia on January 28, 2015

I just wanted to share a few words with all you horny men. I have been addicted to sex for years. Ever since I was little and my family got our first computer I remember going into chat rooms to talk to people from all around the world, all ages and races.

One day a man began asking me what I was wearing and it made me feel so good inside. That is what started my sex addiction and having cyber sex with a variety of men. The exotic fantasies the men used to tell me about gave me a thrill. It made me rub my pussy and titties and get wet and horny as they would tell me the different things they wanted to do to me.

Now that I’m older and have more experience. I enjoy phone sex and regular sex with multiple partners. I still get the thrill of good old cyber sex phone sex. Why not send me an instant message if you can’t call. We can still have our thrills, enjoyment, and excitement sending messages back-and-forth to one another.

The fantasies we can talk about are endless. You know the cheerleader with the coach, the student and the teacher. An older man and me being a young little vibrant kitten. I would make their cocks throbbing just like I have yours throbbing now.

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Phone Sex With Kira

by kira on January 27, 2015

  Phone sex with Kira.  I am very submissive, I love phone sex and everything nasty about it.  It gets me so excited to hear a man on the other end of my phone breathing heavily, because he wants to do nasty things with me.  I love hearing a man jerking off for me, knowing I can make his cock rock fucking hard, and make his balls explode with pleasure.  I never ever say no.  I would do anything to get a man off.  Getting a man off makes me go through my day with a big smile on my face.  I know I have done what I have been put on this earth to do, to be a submissive slut, to make a mans cock cream over and over.  If a man wants me on my knees to suck his cock, I will be on my knees for him right away, I would never make a man wait for pleasure.  I am always ready to pull my panties aside and have my pussy fucked hard.  I will fuck any place, and anytime a man wants me to.  I am always wet and ready.  All I have on my mind is phones sex, and fucking all the time.  One time I had a guy staring at me at the mall.  He started fallowing me around, so I pointed to him to come around the corner where there was no one else around.  I pulled him around the corner and put his hand up my skirt and down my panties.  He started finger fucking my pussy.  He lured me into the men’s bathroom, and took me into a stall.  He closed the door and pulled down his pants.  He bent me right over the toilet and fucked me.  I could hear other guys coming in and out of the bathroom, and standing in front of our stall, listening as I was getting fucked.  I am sure they wanted to join in, lol.  If your as horny as I am, give me a call for some hot kinky phone sex.

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Mutual Masturbation Sessions

by Tabbi on January 26, 2015

Your lying in bed. Feeling aroused and horny for some mutual masturbation. You have your computer next to you looking at my picture wishing I was with you now. Your eyes can’t help but roam my hot body. You start at my long sexy legs and work your way up to my sweet little pussy. That’s when you feel the first little twitch in your cock. I know that’s when your hand slips under the covers. Your eyes make there way up to my hot ass tits and sexy face. You start rubbing your cock but it’s just not enough is it? That’s why you call me at Mutual Masturbation . I can be right there with you.

I want to be there with you. I’m such a horny slut I’m always in the mood to have some hot phone sex. I love getting you off. The sound of your breath getting heavier as your cock becomes harder and your balls fill with cum. It’s such a turn on. I can’t help but get wet and have to start touching myself too. I have all kinds of toys we can play with as well. I do have to warn you though, I do have a tendency to cum multiple times. I hope you like the sound of my sexy voice in your ear cummng again and again.

So don’t lay there all alone, call me and let’s cum together!!!!

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Ass to Mouth Phone Sex

by robin on January 26, 2015

    Are you a lover of Ass to Mouth Phone Sex like I am? I know it’s not for everyone, but there are those of us that like the taste of the inside of our own sweet ass. My youngest son is very dominant with me. He’s the first one that made me suck on his cock right after he got done fucking my ass. I know it’s a bit hardcore for some that I fuck my own boys. It just seems natural to me to give them pleasure. Seems that my boys are always trying to get back into the pussy that they came out of!    I love talking to all the boys that like Mommy son fantasy play. I love being their Mommy when they really need one. Not all Mommies will do what I do for my boys. That’s why they cum to me for the special love only a nasty Mommy like me will give her boys. I bet you have always wanted to share in some family fun. You just knew that you couldn’t get it at home, so you came to me. A Mommy can never have too many sweet, young boys to pleasure! Bring your stiff, little cock to me and let me take care of you. If you’re a dominant boy, even better! I would love to clean your boy cock off after you fuck Mommy’s ass hard!

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Your Dominatrix Phone Sex Hot Spot

by Envy on January 26, 2015

Trust me, sweetheart, Dominatrix Phone Sex is what I do best. God, I love being the Bitch in control! It’s what I do naturally. Telling a little man what to do while I poke fun at him makes me hot. Don’t lie, you know that it makes you hot too. I guess we’re both guilty then! My skills as a Dominatrix are ever-growing, and I’m always learning. The more men who talk to me about Dominatrix Phone Sex the better, in my opinion. To simply put it, I L-O-V-E being a Bitch! So that’s one thing to expect when you’re with me, babe. I’m going to make sure you know that I am in charge.

Right now I’m preparing for our phone call. I’m dressed in my sexy pink heels and lingerie. Now all I need are some naughty toys to use on you! Get yourself ready for me, little man. We’re going to have a wonderful time together. More like, I’m going to have a good time treating you like shit while you eat my words up and plead for more. That’s a little taste for what’s in store. Didn’t you know? It is rude to keep a Domme waiting. Get over here, I’ve got some naughty plans for you.

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Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

by Wrenn on January 26, 2015

  Daddy daughter phone sex.  When I was a little girl, my daddy built me a awesome tree house.  He used to play with me in it all the time.  He would keep some of his stuff up there so when him and mommy didn’t get along he would go up there to be alone.  Well one day, when I was in the tree house all alone, I decided to look through daddy’s stuff to see what he all had.  When I was looking through his stuff, I found some car magazines, then all of a sudden I found some play boy magazines.  So I decided to look at them.  As I was looking at them I started to feel excited.  I looked to see if anyone was around and I didn’t see anyone, so I took off my pants and panties and started to play with my pussy.  It was feeling so good and I didn’t want to stop.  I got so into it that I didn’t notice that daddy came up to the tree house.  He was standing in front of me rubbing on his cock, while I was playing with myself.  I got startled and stopped.  He looked at me and told me not to stop.  So I kept on going, next thing you know daddy has his cock in my mouth, telling me to suck it.  He said if you want to be like those girls in the magazines you have to do what daddy tells you.  So I sucked daddy’s cock until it was nice and wet for him.  He spread my legs apart got on top of me, and started pushing his cock into my pussy.  Daddy said that he would make me feel like those pretty girls in the magazine.  It hurt at first, but then it got better.  Daddy blew his load inside my pussy that day.  From that day on we would make special play time in the tree house, so I could feel like those pretty girls in the play boy magazines. 

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