December 2014

I had a wonderful holiday. I hope you all did as well. I got all the presents I asked for and more. However, my favorite Xmas gift was given to me while enjoying a  X rated , Xmas  Kinky Phone Sex call with my Daddy Eric and his Mistress. Do I have your attention now? Teehehe. I was waiting for the family to come over for the holiday. I was getting a little frustrated. To be honest with ya all, I was freaking irritated as hell. The kids were yelling ,running and jumping  through the house like a bunch of wild fucking Indians. The parents were busy drinking showing off their new cars and boats. The guys were smart they took one of the biggest TV’s into the den and locked the door. My place was in a shamble’s. I decided to lock myself in my room. That’s just what I did too. I closed the blinds then lit some candles and went into my  bathroom connected to my bedroom to run a warm bubble bath. Finally some of the stress was fading. As I was undressing my work phone rang I looked on the caller Id. I was so surprised it was my Sexy, Daddy Eric. I hadn’t spoken to him is a while.  I quickly picked up the phone and said,” hello Sexy Daddy Eric.” He said,” hello my pretty little princess Karis.” My body got very warm just from the sound of his voice. Oh Daddy,”I replied.” My cunt was so freaking moist. I need my Sexy Daddy Eric and I needed him now. I started whining to him about how terrible things were for it being a holiday and all. He said in a stern voice,”Kris, shhhh.” Close your eyes and tell your Sexy Daddy Eric what you want for X MAS. I told him and there he was at my window with some hot chick. They both crawled into my bath. Wow, Lets just  say, My favorite Xmas present was Xrated. You want details give me a call. 1-888-290-3289. Take  advantage of our special before its gone. Ooxox

30 MINS for only $50.00
usa only/limit 1

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Teen Phone Sex Maddie!

by maddie on December 27, 2014

Need your dose of teen phone sex? First let me tell you what happened with me and a lucky husband this morning! It was all so sudden, honestly. First of all I was playing with my pussy while in bed. I had fingers on my clit and in my tight cunny! Things were getting heated when suddenly I heard my next door neighbors having an argument outside. I took my hand off my pussy and peeped out the bedroom window. It was the married couple next door.

I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, but it was obvious that things were going down south with these two. The wife stormed into her car where she then drove away. I felt so bad for the husband as he just stood there and watched her drive down the road. To be purrfectly honest (and okay a little naughty as well) my tight cunny was still wet. Oh yeah I hadn’t forgotten about my pussy workout! But I was still concerned for this man.,

I knew the purrfect way to remedy this situation. My parents were still in bed when I crept down the stairs in only a tank top and miniskirt. OMG yeah it was cold outside but I had a plan! I was craving the married man next door. This guy deserved better, much better. So I walked over to his front door and knocked.

When he opened the door he looked so bewildered! lol I didn’t understand why… All I wanted was some sugar.

He rushed me inside, away from the cold. I told him that I saw what happened with him and his wife. I assured him that he didn’t have to think about her for a while. The fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties also put him in a “hard place” lol. He quickly took interest in my teen phone sex pussy. I called my parents on the phone to tell them I was at a friend’s house, lol He was calling my name as we fucked for hours!

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Cuckolding Phone Sex

by andrea on December 27, 2014

Hey you the time is right for some cuckolding phone sex.  Let’s not beat around the bush you know this is what you’ve been fantasizing about.  Well get ready because it’s going to happen tonight.  I have found the perfect place to go, this swingers club across town.  

We arrive and as soon as we walk in the stale smell of sex and beer filled my airways.  There were men and couples wall to wall there seemed no end to the possibilities.  I sat down drank with a few, danced and kissed.  Some offered more others just wanted to touch. It seem to take hours to get to the point that I bring you over after I have sifted through the bunch.  I sit you right down told you not to move and I got busy.  The first guy took his hands and I let them wander and slide up my skirt.  He pulled me close to him in a strong firm motion.   Ripped off my shirt exposing my soft skin then he ravished my body.  It was all I could take, he picked me up slid off my panties and fucked me hard.  You sat there with an astonished look but all you could do was sit in shock.  I came and came every breath was a moan.  He finished put me down walked up to you and while zipping up his pants “she was good” and walked away.   I composed myself the night wasn’t over.  The next man made me get down on my knees and suck his big black cock.  You started to get up and protest but he pointed and you knew better and sit back down.   The night seemed to go on forever I was left raw and spent.  You couldn’t believe you sat there and watched 10 guys violate me with consent.  When we arrived home your cock was hard you found yourself excited knowing I was a nasty slut that fucked so many other men but was coming home to you.   Cum was dripping out of me when you lifted all your might you threw me on the bed. You called me a fucking whore and cum slut as you fucked me, all your mind did was wander back to all those men who treated me like a whore.  In the end your cum had joined theirs deep in my sweet gaping pussy.  Don’t forget you can use your prepaid gift cards too

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Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex with Naughty Maddie

by maddie on December 20, 2014

Being a Daddy’s girl is the best! I just adore his big Daddy cock. Ever since I can remember he’s been teaching me how to please COCK. Him and his friends adore me so much. Daddy’s friends come over often and when they do they have to squeeze in some play time with me. My Daddy hands me out to his friends and I like it! Daddy likes it too. He watches his friends put their hands all over my little body. It excites me. Then eventually his friends want to stuff me with cock, and I never complain about that! My own Daddy has turned me into such a cock addict! The more he lets his friends come over and have their way with me the more naughtier I get. The guys call me ‘Naughty Maddie’ for a reason, duh. lol My sweet voice and even sweeter body won’t ever let them say no to me. Even my own Daddy is amazed by how much sex appeal I radiate! lol His friends are coming over more often now. They need their Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex with me! I don’t blame them as how many other little girls out there are naughty as me? (;

A Christmas special just for you! 30 min for $50 USA only/Just ask for it!

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Erotic Humiliation Phone Sex with Savannah

by savannah on December 19, 2014




Erotic Humiliation Phone Sex

(888) 550- 5513

Special; 30 min for $50

       My name is Savannah and I am here for your erotic humiliation phone sex pleasure.  I would love to take you and make you my nasty little freak.  I will tease you, fuck you, get what I want out of you, and tell you how much of a dirty slut you are.  I will humiliate you, and you will get off from it.  I use my sexy southern voice to my advantage, it is so soft, musical, and slow.  I can put you to sleep with my voice alone.  I have just the right amount of twang.  Not too much, not too little, and I am purrfectly naughty.   I even love to make some of my callers take part in a sensual ABDL mommy phone sex.  I want you to let me take care of you, nurture you, and I want to see you in that diaper.  Once I see you in your diaper I will erotically humiliate you.  Put you down for how you look, what you are wearing, I might even make you shit your pants.  You will not have any issues with the subject because in order to call me you need to be willing to be naughty.  I want to see you enjoy these fetishes, I know you all have mommy issues; so, call me and I will bury your face in my nurturing tits.  I just can’t wait to have erotic humiliation phone sex with you.  We are going to have so much fun when we play.  

<3 Savannah


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Gang Bang Phone Sex With Cum Slut Betty

by betty on December 17, 2014

There’s nothing like the feeling of having all my naughty holes filled at the same time! Having cocks stuffed in my mouth, in my pussy and in my ass is still not enough! I have two hands too! And a pair of luscious tits to fuck. When you call me to talk about gang bang phone sex we can discuss all the ways to force cocks into and onto me. The last time I had a really good gang bang was a few months ago. I can’t even remember how many men were here! I got a nice buzz and started making the rounds in the room. I wanted to suck and fuck every cock that walked in the door, and I did! I was SO full of cum that I could feel it oozing out of my pussy and ass as the next cock pushed into me. I love being forced to go ass to mouth! Not like I have to be forced, but sometimes it’s hot to pretend. That way you get to take control of me. Force me to submit to whatever you want, like bukkake! I’ll close my eyes and enjoy load after load of hot, sticky cum shooting all over my body, face, tits… anywhere and everywhere!!

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Sissy phone sex in her words

by Krystal on December 17, 2014

My sissy craves sissy phone sex with me but right now she needs a good dose of humiliation instead so she sent me the story of the first time she gave in to her faggot temptations, feel free to check out her page to see her shame in all it’s glory at

It was late at night. I was on campus and went into a building with a large well lit men’s room. I wasn’t paying attention and a man followed me in and forced himself into the end stall with me. He shoved poppers under my nose and I took a large inhale. Next thing I know he has stripped me and dressed me in a light blue baby doll nightie. He was groping and spanking me and showing me shemale pics. Eventually I was on my knees outside the stall sucking his cock hungrily. I didn’t notice the two other men that had come in but I ended up getting fucked by and sucking them all off at least twice. All the time the first guy kept the poppers under my nose. I loved it all. After they had all cum several times, I was left there in the nightie knowing I would crave more. The first guy knew this too and over the next year I was his slut-slave that he would dress and show off at night at other restrooms on campus. Each time I was made to suck off or be fucked by anyone that entered. I was his bitch and he knew it. I craved sex, hot nasty dirty sex and even to this day love public sex in restrooms, gay spas, rest stops, adult bookstores, XXX theaters and glory holes. I need it. Eventually I ended up at his place handcuffed spanked fucked and filled with cum  he took pics but I never saw them. Now I serve Mistress Krystal because I need a superior woman to keep me in line, I’d do anything for her!

I am a submissive pain slut cum craving sissy fag.
This is a true story it happened and I’d love to do it all again!

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Home Invasion Phone Sex

by maddie on December 15, 2014

Home Invasion Phone Sex. Only me and my mommy were home when two men broke into our home! Dad was away at work and I think that is why these strange man decided to pop in… They must have been stalking us for a while. Me and mom were terrified! The both of them ran after us. We did try to put up a fight, but they were too strong and damn quick! I was scared for my life. I cried out for my mommy and she told me everything would be alright. The strange men both told us to shut up as they grabbed rope from a black bag they carried in with them. Everything seemed to have happened so fast. I think they gave us something to pass us out with because I suddenly remember being. Then I saw mommy. She was in rope too and I watched them have their way with her. They were so nasty! I was really freaking out but mom tried to stay calm. I couldn’t bare it but I also couldn’t look away either. Soon enough the men were done with mommy. She was covered in cum after being tossed around and stuffed with their dicks. They said it was my turn now. Oh my god I couldn’t hide anywhere obviously! Me and mommy wished soooo bad for daddy to come home, but it was too late for wishful thinking…

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Cougar Phone Sex with Tabbi

by Tabbi on December 15, 2014

I had a young man call me the hottest cougar he’d ever seen. Granted he was 21 but I never actually thought of myself as a cougar. I know I’m not in my 20′s anymore, but a cougar. Well I guess I’m gonna claim the title now and be the best and sexiest cougar around. I know I don’t lack in the body part. My tits are firm and high, my ass is tight and cute. I’ve got long sexy legs and a beautiful face to go with the package. I’ve also got the experience to teach a young man exactly how to do it right. I just love fucking the younger guys. There like the energizer bunny and keep going and going all night long.

The young man, our pizza boy Johnny, was the one who gave me the title just the other afternoon. I was home alone, my husband at work, I was feeling the need to have my pussy fucked. So I called and ordered a pizza knowing Johnny would be bringing it by. He’s got a hot body and a 8 inch cock that I’ve taught him exactly how to use right. He’s a great fuck and eats my pussy for an hour. He can have me cumming more than once before his cock ever goes near my soaking wet cunt. He loves it when I take his cock in my mouth and start sucking on it. He gets off so fast in my hot wet mouth that I get a mouth full cum within minutes. I just swallow it down and keep sucking and licking him and before I know it he’s hard and ready to go again He just loves it when I climb aboard his huge cock and take him deep inside my tight pussy. By then he’s got my pussy so wet his cock just slides in. I start grinding my pussy against him. He grabs my hips and starts meeting me thrust for thrust, faster and deeper each time he rams his fat cock in me. We both came at the same time and it was mind blowing.

That’s when he made the cougar comment. I’m actually starting to like being a cougar. I love fucking and want it all the time so I guess it fits. So if your in looking for some hot cougar phone sex and someone to have some fucking fun with then you know who to call.

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CFNM Phone Sex Fantasy

by Envy on December 13, 2014

You know exactly what I am in the mood for right now. Go on and tell me, are you prepared for CFNM Phone Sex? Well I guess not seeing as you’re still dressed! Guess I’m going to have to help you get out of those clothes. Just so things are clear, once the clothes come off, you are all mine. I could either rip your clothes off or make you undress in front of me. Hmmmm, let’s go with ripping your clothes off because I don’t feel like being very nice right now, Lol.

As each item of clothing gets torn away from your body, you suddenly realize who the fuck is in charge here. Well what’s that I see! Looks to me like your sub dick is aching for it’s Mistress. You’re pathetic. I haven’t even started yet and already you’re horned up. Just what will I do with you?? No doubt you will be punished. Get on your knees and look down at your subby dick in shame! I want you to feel humiliated and ashamed of yourself. God, the more I cut you with mt words the more your dick flexes. Seriously, just pathetic! Lol

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