November 2014

Mistress Phone Sex with Savannah from Savannah

by savannah on November 25, 2014


Mistress Phone Sex 

              Hi there, my name is Savannah, and I just might be the sweetest southern bell you’ll ever meet.  That is, unless you’ve been a bad boy and don’t play by rules, then I might need to give you some discipline.  Have you been bad?  I am so enamored by the hot summer nights here in Savannah, lying under the stars, and fucking to the glorious sounds of nature. I crave intimacy, and want to be with you, but sometimes I just want to bend you over and give your ass a good spank-in, will you return the favor?  I am a lovely and passionate creature of lust and I am dying to relieve you of those pants you are wearing.  I think I might just have to throw you on the bed and do it with my teeth.  Sometimes I think that I have the sex drive of a lion and I know I am more open minded than most, please be honest with me about what you like.  I will always jump to see how I may be of service.  I dream of you telling me what you have in mind.  My mouth waters thinking of the human body, both female and male.   I am in love with sex and it’s beauty, allow me make you feel welcome.  I desire to seduce you with my charms.  Would it be okay if I put you under hypnosis for a while?  Take my advice, you should call me right now, don’t be afraid, I won’t bite.  Do remember, I did not want to make any promises.  Take my lead, don’t be nervous, honey, I will take care of you.  I may look intimidating, but in reality I am a down to earth southern woman ready to ease your mind.  xoxo Savannah 

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Fantasy Phone Sex

by liv on November 25, 2014

You fucking slut come here don’t try to get away you’re going to be my feast. Mmm I am tying you up tighter as we speak. The ropes are digging into your flesh and blood starts to ooze from how tight the ropes are. Quit whimpering, I’m making the marinade you will be soaking in. My mouth can’t stop watering thinking about the savory juices you are going to produce. Don’t worry your little boy friend is

going to be Christmas brunch I will freeze his little pecker and I will make sure it’s a special delight on that day. The water is starting to boil. I throw in a dash of salt, pepper, paprika and couple of ounces of lime let it simmer all together and give a few moment to let that resume boiling and it will be your time. While were waiting lets fire up the broiler cause after you’re boiled just right it’s going be just right to slide you in there. While you are cooking I’m off to get the garish I need stuff to prepare the boyfriend for freezing we don’t want him to get freezer burn do we.  My pussy is starting to tingle watching your trembling body knowing in a few minutes when I put you in that simmering water you’re going to scream like lobsters. I’m excited to know that you’re last few seconds of life all you’re going to see is me smiling. Want to hear more of my endeavors call me for my Fantasy Phone Sex.

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Bukkake Phone Sex

by betty on November 25, 2014

    I’ve been told that I have the kind of face that men just love to cum all over. So playing around with Bukkake Phone Sex is always fun to me! I grew up with my brother pimping me out to his friends for money or video games. He was my horny, little brother and I would do anything for him. He didn’t have to know how much I was loving it! Now that he’s in college he is still using me to make money. Usually his friends will pay for my attentions one at a time, but sometimes I am the main attraction at their frat parties! There’s nothing like all those horny, virile, young guys all lusting after me! I like to make them think that I need a few drinks before submitting to their naughty games. While actually, I am a wanton, naughty, little whore! I have no problem admitting that I am a jizz drinking, cum slut. If you throw in a little family fun with my brother, this girl’s pussy is dripping wet! Put me in the center of a bunch of guys stroking their cocks and I cum alive. I will play with my pussy as you and your friends stroke your hard cocks. I hope you all have some really full balls for me! Treat me like the whore I am!

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Kinky Phone Sex With Kira

by kira on November 24, 2014

  Kinky phone sex with Kira.  I am one kinky red headed slut, I am always wanting to fuck.  I am very submissive and will do as you say.  I want you to be the master of me.  I want you to tell me what to do and how to do it.  I am like your sex slave, and will never say no.  I have a caller that loves to take control of me.  He is my master and I am his red headed slut.  He tells me to get naked and get on my knees and suck on his big cock.  I suck on that cock of his so hard, it don’t take long before his warm load slides down my throat.  We can talk about anything you want, I am very kinky and nothing will take me by surprise.  The word no does not exist in my vocabulary.  So many men want to have sex with me that I have a hard time keeping count.  One time my next door neighbor stopped by to drop something off.  I invited him in and he sat down for a bit.  Not long after we starting talking, he asked me if he could fuck my tight cunt.  I was a little surprised by how forward he was about it, but like I said I never say no!  So I took off my clothes and let him put his cock in my tight hole.  He bent me over the couch and has his way with my pussy.  He fucked me so hard, he grabbed the back of my hair and started pulling on it while he pumped his cock in me even harder and faster.  Soon he had me on my knees with my mouth wide open taking his load.  I of course swallowed like good kinky slut should!

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tease and denial phone sex with tabbi

by Tabbi on November 23, 2014

I just love having tease and denial phone sex. It’s so amusing for me to bring you right to the edge over and over again. Oh I know your balls are gonna fill up with that creamy cum and your gonna want to shoot that load off. But don’t count on it baby. lol. That will cost you and I’m not cheap. I mean look at me. I’ve got a body that just wont quit and  a face you can’t stop looking at. I can make that cock hard by just smiling at you. You’re gonna be begging me to let you cum.

I’m gonna be rubbing my naked sexy body against yours. I’ll be running my finger nails lightly up and down your body. Your balls are going to ache so bad to cum. I’ll let you stroke it baby. I may even do some stroking myself. But the minute I see the first glint of pre-cum we stop. I’m probably going to be laughing at you the whole time.  When you’ve gotten to that place where your body screams for release, you’ll stop again. Each time I hear your breathing getting heavier I’ll make you slow down again. Then I’ll bring your right back to the edge of paradise again.

I know your balls will be aching and tight. Full and ready to explode. That’s when the real begging begins. I’ll have you on your knees with my tight little pussy in your face. You’ll want to taste it so bad.You can smell my sweet juices I’m so close to you. You want to stroke that hard cock so much. But what about me. I’m the one you have to please. What will you be buying me to let you cum. I’m not saying I’m going to let you, but there’s always room for negotiation.






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Naughty Maddie for Anal Phone Sex!

by maddie on November 21, 2014

I’m such a bad girl! I totally love it though, and so does my brother, which you may or may not have wanted to know. LoL. I’m talking about Anal Phone Sex! With my brother, of all people. My oldest brother is in town from college. He’s been staying with me and my parents and so far it’s been awesome. He’s so sweet and even took the time to go slow on my virgin ass! Hehehehe. Yep that’s right.. He said that it was the right time for me to lose my backdoor virginity. Honestly I’m so happy it was him to be the one to do the dirty work! Me and my big brother have a special kind of bond. We both really love to get naughty with one another when no one’s looking. It really has been so long since I saw him last. Now that we’re finally reunited, he can’t take his hands off me, especially my ass. He’s always grabbing at it when he gets a sneaky chance! That’s just how my big bro is with me. I’m his naughty little Maddie, his fave sister! I’m totally going to be bummed out when he leaves for college again. But until then, he’s going to keep on stretching my ass out until he’s buried deep inside me. Then who knows what naughty thing my brother will have us do next!

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Strap On Phone Sex

by Envy on November 21, 2014

I’m serious about treating your ass like it is MY possession! Your ass is after all owned by me. I fucking own you, and trust me on this, you won’t forget it! Why do I say that? Because my strap on will help you remember that you are my bitch. You know my large strap on adores the way your snug asshole feels.

You have the perfect ass for Pegging & Strap On Phone Sex. You’re not only a tight hole to fuck but you’re also a money-making machine for me, hun. Hehehehe. You see, I have this master plan for you. When you come on over to feel this nice strap on, that won’t be the only thing that penetrates your ass! I’ve got boys who would love to stick their dicks in you for $$$$. And you know why I think that’s so great? Because you have no say in what happens! You do as you are told for your Goddess. I’m going to make money literally off your ass, Hahahaha. We’re not going to stop this train anytime soon. Look at you… You’re so ready for this strap on and some real dick! You know what position to assume. Now since you’re my money-making machine that means you gotta give each man here all that you’ve got! No screw ups. You better work your ass or NO MORE dick or strap ons for you, bitch! Hunny, you better work yourself or you’re out! Let me loosen you up just a little bit for these fellas. I’m going to slide my strap on now in your ass. Say “Thank you, Goddess”!

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sissy training phone sex with priestess dominno

by dominno on November 20, 2014

It’s  me your Dominatrix Priestess Dominno and I’m in need of a few little fagot boys to train to be my little sissy bitches. You know you desire a mistress. Some one who can teach you what it is to really be the litlle girly girl you are deep down inside. I’ve trained some of the most resistant men and made them my little sissy fags. I’m a domineering woman who loves to take charge of the situation and make you into a feminine pretty girl. We would start out by giving you the perfect new name. A pretty little girl name. Something that would suit you. Then its time to get the razor out. I’ll be teaching you how to shave all that nasty body hair off. Then we’ll do a facial mask and get your face nice and soft and smooth.

Then its time for make up and nails. I’ll let you borrow one of my wigs,I’ve got many styles and colors to choose from. When we have you all made up and looking hot I’ll let you into my special closet with sexy cloths and shoes to choose from. Your gonna love the sexy little cloths I have for you to choose from. That’s when you’ll be transformed into the sexy little slut you know you are. Now we’re ready to have some real fun.

We’ll be going out for the night, to a special party. You’ll be looking hot and they’ll be all kinds of people at the party who’ll want to take advantage of you. That’s what you have your mistress for. I do so love using my strap-on but we may have someone else playing with us. You know you want to use your new little pussy, feel what its like to be fucked like the new little girl you’ve become. Come on my secret sissy , call sissy training phone sex and let me teach you all about it.

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Fantasy Phone Sex w Easy Andrea

by andrea on November 18, 2014

Baby I want you to look at this slut, don’t I look good? I need a fucking fix I’m happy to do anything I can to get it.  In the past I was a “working girl” I did so much to get my needs filled. Don’t feel guilty, about wanting me. Let that lust and desire build as drop to my knees and unbuckle your pants and slide that fucking cock out. You see I’ve put on my deep red lipstick and those red lips look so good locked around your cock. You know I sucked that baby so good, you fantasize about me being your own personal whore so you can have this every night.   Tell me how much of a naughty girl I am while your hand runs through my hair holding my head still so I can deep throat you. As I continue to suck your dick it starts to pulse and throb making you want me more creating so much more sexual tension that you just lift me up and take me to the desk, lay me back and fuck the hell out of my tight little pussy. The blow job I was giving you was so insatiable that you needed to feel me, you rocked my world.  When it was all over you gave me what I wanted a 20 bill and told me get lost. No strings no ties just exhilarating sex. Till I need my next fix. You know you want to talk about this fantasy phone sexshoot me a call.

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Princess Mommy Phone Sex

by Reanna on November 18, 2014

Princess Mommy phone sex, doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Every Mommy needs to be a Princess from time to time don’t you think? I know I do. With all this hype about Disney Frozen. I know even my little girl is all about being a Princess so why not Mommy.

In my book all the Princesses in their own little way are whores. From Ana to Elsa, Rapunzel to Sleeping Beauty, and even Cinderella. We know they are all whores think about it. They all seems so perfect in every way. They give out that persona acting all sweet and innocent with a do no wrong attitude. But you know that anyone of them would take a dick like a champ. They fall for these men all too fast went in reality they just to want to ride Prince Charming’s cock.

This Princess Mommy might be a whore and that is ok. I get what I want. I am the real deal for boys and men. In a way I am just like the Princesses but I don’t act like something I am not. I take a dick in the ass like a champ or get down on my knees and blow real hard. Might have to give the little ones a lesson from time to time on what a true Princess is really like. My Price Charming might be the Daddy dick from next door or the young man down the block. Still at the end of the day I am a nasty little Mommy who loves to be fucked hard and treated like a princess.

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