October 2014

Interracial phone sex with black diva precious

by Precious on October 27, 2014

Now my sweet men out there, don’t get me wrong i absolutely love sucking and getting fucked by a nice thick dark brotha. But there is something that gets my ebony body start to shiver , i get weak in the knees and my black pussy just starts to drip when i see a white cock near me. Every now and then i just need. White cock right in my hand and i just need to have interracial phone sex with a sexy white man. Not only do i love the shape and color of those big cocks going right into my juicy ebony black pussy. But white men can fuck so good! There are so many out there that are always hitting on me and telling how much they want my ebony pussy. I’m always flattered when I’m complimented on my black girl curves, everyday is like a candy store for me! A candy store filled up with that delicious white cock! All different shapes and sizes! I don’t discriminate against any cock at all, but i do have a preference and nothing seems to satisfy my pussy the way a thick, long white cock can!! I know your ready to try some dark chocolate pussy tonight! Mm i want you to spoil my black pussy tonight and make me cum and squirt all over that ivory colored cock! Wouldn’t all of your friends and family be so jealous that you finally got the ebony experience? But do please make surd that you are respectful, think classy not trashy! I am a classy diva after all! I’m sure you’ve had all these cheeseburger black hookers on the street.. But maybe it’s just about time for you to have a expensive steak and a fine wine just like me.. wanna taste this fine black pussy?

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Cougar Phone Sex

by robin on October 26, 2014

When you get to be my age you know all about what makes a man hard. Not just the grown men, but males of all ages. I really love playing with the younger boys. They are so grateful to have their first time with someone like me. That’s why one of my favorite things to do is Cougar Phone Sex. I love sharing my stories with you as I rub my wet pussy. I also love hearing all your stories!
Do you have a fetish for older, more mature women? I mean, what boy doesn’t, right? I’m that woman in the neighborhood that teases all the boys with the way I dress and the way I act. I sun bathe topless in the Summer and dress slutty all year long. I never turn down the boys when they offer to carry my bags after a shopping trip.
I’m so excited that Halloween is cumming this week! I know I will have all the boys in the neighborhood at my door. They want to see what my costume will be. Last year I gave out candy dressed as a sexy witch. This year I think I will be a naughty pussy cat. Spots and a tail, fish net stockings and a black leather corset. I’ll be giving out candy and collecting phone numbers this Halloween. I do hope you’ll stop by!

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Accomplice Phone Sex W Lusty Lunatic Liv

by liv on October 24, 2014

The time is near when the scant delicacies are going to be out and about for the local ghoul fest. Mmm the feast will be grand with our accomplice phone sex.  It will be so easy to snatch one of those morsels, and take them far away to my sanctuary where all the fun will began. I have gathered all the necessary supplies, knives, ropes, chains. For the gala have complied fresh fruit, vegetables and assorted copper wear.  The selection for the victims will be so tedious so many to choose from. They all will be nice and juicy from all the holiday festivities they should be just about ripe.

I’ve selected the right transportation, and have candy and money to lure them with, I’ve arranged for us to get our attired in order for the event.

I have our itinerary, for the day..  I will be administering the pain as you take full advantage of our sweet victims.  I can’t wait to slice my knife into that soft flesh, I get so wet thinking how my sharp knife just glides right in I can taste the flesh my mouth is watering so much. Can’t you feel and orgasm coming on now.  When they fight its nice just to slide a noose around their tiny bodies just to restrain them. Don’t hesitate come join me in my endeavors, I’m waiting.

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My Daddy’s Magic Wand. Naughty Phone Sex

by karis on October 23, 2014

Naughty Phone Sex is better with a  Daddy’s Girl like me. You know why. Wink* I am  daddy’s pride and joy. Since mom likes to fight with him a lot he ignores her giving me all his love an attention. Daddy and I have always been very close. From the time I was knee high we played  our special game when Mommy wasn’t around. We called our game The Princess and Daddy’s Magic Wand. *Wink*

Daddy would dress up in his tux from when he and Mommy got married. I would brush his hair for him and drench him with my favorite man perfume that daddy hides in his drawer just for me. MMMM. I love it when Daddy smells that way. I get tingles in my privates. After daddy was all dressed up and handsome he would have me unwrap my special gift. My gift was always a pretty princess dress. Daddy would undress me bathe me. After bath time he lotions me all up and brushed my hair. Daddy loves my golden hair in pony tails with bows that match my pretty princess dress. He wold smile  and point to his Magic Wand. I would giggle and kiss his lips. Daddy told me to reach for the sky, I raised my hands way up high, so he could put my pretty princess dress on me. Now that I was all dressed up he liked me to twirl around slowly pulling my dress up. He would smile and clap his hands. Daddy always made me feel like the most beautiful princess in all the land. I would put on our favorite song. Daddy would lite the candles. We danced together slow because we are in love. I felt Daddy’s Magic Wand getting bigger against my body. Daddy would hum while smiling at me . It was so romantic. He would twirl me around over and over again looking deep into my eyes. Daddy picked me up then put be down gently on my canopy bed. I asked him Daddy,”may I kiss your Magic wand?” Daddy smiled shaking his head yes.  Do  you want to know more about our special game and how it came to an end? Give me a call. 1-888-290-3289

Fucktober Special
20 Mins/$30
Ask2receive/USA Only

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Tabbi’s Cocksucking Phone Sex Fun

by Tabbi on October 23, 2014

Hi guys. It’s me Tabbi. I know I can be a hard little bitch to please. But the one thing that always pleases me is cock. I know lots of your wives and girlfriends don’t like to do it, but you don’t have to worry about me. I can’t wait to get your cock in my hands and start stroking it till it starts getting hard. I want to take your big hard cock in my sexy little mouth and suck it all the way down my throat. I love it when you make me gag on it while your pumping it down my throat. Don’t worry about me, I can take all you can give. I love nothing more than being hard fucked in my mouth.Mmmm, the feel of it sliding between my lips. I love the taste of your pre-cum on my tongue. It tastes so fucking good. I crave it. I can’t wait to swallow that creamy goodness when you shoot your load off in my mouth. Maybe you’d rather blow your load all over my beautiful face and watch it drip down onto my bit tits. Either way I’m gonna be happy and I know you will too. So call me at cocksucking phone sex at 888-220-2462.

Dont forget our Fucktober Special 20/30.00 usa only-limited time

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Spanking phone sex

by kendra on October 22, 2014

Spanking phone sex, I like watching you bend her over your knee with her bare ass jiggle with each swat of your big daddy hand. Listening to her soft whimpers turn into screams makes my Mommy pussy get so moist. Do it again I say! I love seeing her perfect ass absorb your giant hand print. Rosie red outline of your fingers and palm impression on each ass cheek.

It looks like you really get off on me instructing you to discipline my little girl. She cries out “Daddy, please you are going to make me pee on you. Please Daddy it hurts, she cries “I promise to be good”. Look at her eyes.They are swollen and puffy as the tears pour out of her.

 Slowly slide those fat fingers in between her ass checks. Let that finger find its way to her tiny pink fuck hole! Look up at me with this devilish smile and say “Oh Baby we is dripping wet!”

I tell you to let her stand up. As she stands up in front of you naked, wet and sobbing you can see her fire red ass glowing as she takes a couple steps away from you. What shall we with do with her now? She is all primed up for us!

I am a naughty Mommy that truly loves to help you use or train my whores anyway that you like. Love this job and I don’t see it as work at all, it is all fun!

Call me at 1 888 933 7933 and tell me what you would like to do with her. Stop by my webpage http://purrfectlynaughty.com/gallery/phone-sex-kendra/

Be sure to ask me for my Sexy Summer blowout special 20 minutes for $30, good for US callers only. Limited time offer. One special per day.

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Secretary Phone Sex Slave

by Envy on October 22, 2014

     Good morning, Sir. How are things? Please tell me what I should do first thing for you this morning. As your Secretary Phone Sex Slave I do any and every thing you request me to. I obey your rules and love fulfilling your wishes as well. I stay near your desk dressed in revealing secretary wear. The other girls in the office wish that they could be your slave but its me who you have chosen. I will happiily be your secretary slut, whatever you wish! I hope that by being your slave you can look forward to coming into work much more now. You can get away, relax a little while, even at work! I happy to please you on my knees even. That is what a proper secretary slave has to do and for you I will do whatever you want. But let’s be honest here, you know I will get nasty as fuck while you work through your busy day. I want to help relieve you when things become too much. Do you understand what I mean, Sir? Please, let me make your day starting off better than you imagined! I’m the slave you have been dreaming of… How about a coffee and perhaps a blowjob to start? 


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Auntie Phone Sex

by betty on October 19, 2014

    I got a call today for some hot, nasty Auntie Phone Sex. It’s definitely something I LOVE to talk about! I have several small family members that I really enjoy playing with. They totally trust their loving Auntie Betty. That makes it very easy to take total advantage of them.  There’s something so intoxicating about a sweet, innocent, little face  looking up at you. They are so trusting and so accepting of anything I ask of them. No matter how taboo or naughty, they do what ever it takes to keep me smiling.
    It doesn’t take much to get me in that zone. Like any really strong addiction, I must have what I need when I crave it. It goes without saying that this Auntie does a lot of babysitting for family and close friends. It’s such a blessing that I cum from a large, close family. Because we all know that the best naughty fun is family fun! Don’t you agree?
    I’ll bet you have some really hot, twisted experiences and fantasies to tell me about, don’t you? I love listening to all the stories from naughty boys who have a twisted family member like me. When you call I’ll slip my hand into my panties (if it’s not already there!) while we talk. Cum play and share your stories. We can role play them together!

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Dominatrix phone sex with Priestess Dominno

by dominno on October 16, 2014

Your looking for a mistress aren’t you? Someone to control you in every way. What would you do to prove to me that your worthy of being in my flock? I’m in this for real and have no tolerance for any of your bullshit. You will serve me as my slave in any way I see fit. If this isn’t something you can do then don’t even bother me with your whinny ass because I don’t accept excuses of any kind. Tell me, are you one of those little dick want to be cock sluts? Do you fantasize about dressing up like a little whore? I bet you want to know what it feels like to put on a pretty pair of silky panties. You want to know how they’ll feel against your little clitty don’t you. That soft silk cupping your balls.You know that’s it. That’s where I come in at  Dominatrix phone sex. I will dress you up for my studs. Prance you around the room till one of them decides he wants to fuck you. That’s what really excites you doesn’t it.You want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a man with a real cock.

I am the Priestess here. I will always be satisfied first. I’ll put you on your knees and let you watch what a real man can do for a women. Let you watch while he fucks my tight wet pussy till I cum. If you serve me well enough I’ll let you lick his cock clean of all my juices. Then I’ll turn my big stud on you and fuck your tight ass, stretching it as he pounds you. Or maybe I’ll just put on my strap on and fuck you myself. And remember you will do what I say when I say it or there will be consequences. Do you think you have what it takes to be dominated? If you do give me a call and I’ll let you know if your worthy or not.


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Dirty Mommies love diaper fetish phone sex!

by daisy on October 16, 2014

Mommy just loves spending time with her sweet little diaper babies but when you are a naughty baby, Mommy has to punish you! You know that I don’t want to have to do that but I can’t just let you do whatever you want to do! What kind of mother would I be if I allowed that? What did you think was going to happen when I caught you in my panty drawer? Did you really think that I would let that go? You should know better than that! That is why I invited all my girlfriends over, I wanted them to see what a little diaper loving sissy boy I have. I am going to make you wear a nice fresh diaper with a cute little pink ruffled diaper cover over it. Then I will tie on the matching pick bonnet and give you your pretty pink binky to suck on while my friends laugh at you. I know you will be embarrassed but you should have thought of that before you ruined my favorite panties! We are all going to pick on you and humiliate you when you make a stinky in your diaper too, I know you think you can hold it in and not make a mess but you won’t be able to. Mommy made sure of that when I put laxatives in your bottle. I know you crave that humiliation sweetheart, Mommy knows best after all. That’s why you will love diaper fetish phone sex with me, I know exactly what you need.

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