September 2014

I had a call last night from my Master R.  It got pretty out of hand.  Honestly I’m sitting here writing this because he is making me.  He is forcing me to blog about my experience last night.  He just called and yelled at me for NOT doing what he said to do last night, which is write this very blog.

So I’m submissive, everyone knows that. And I better do what he tells me.  And actually, I enjoy this.  Master R is just getting to know me.  He is feeling out my limits and I am feeling out his as he dominates me.  He really has a way to do it powerfully over the phone.  His voice, his tone, his words.  I know not to cross him.  But still, I sit here in trouble because I did.

Last night he Instant Messaged me, wanting me to wear certain things for him.  He was going to call soon.  I put on a pair of navy-blue panty hose and my  blue patent leather high heeled platform pumps for him.  I was  a little nervous.  I could sense how dominant he is even before I heard his voice last night.  I imagined what he would do to me as I waited for him to call.  I went through the usual scenarios… Spanking, slapping, face fucking.  I imagined that was what he would want.  My pussy started to get wet anticipating the abuse that was to come.

Then he called,  he took me over immediately.  I called him master, he would only respond to “Master”.  And sure enough, he had me spanking my self cracking a paddle over my ass in pantyhose.  He made me hit my pussy and abuse my clit until a wet spot showed through the crotch of my fine stockings.  He had me choking on his rod.  My dildo was up my ass and my other dildo was down my throat.  

Then he surprised me,  I was shocked to hear him say. “Go to your neighbor’s and flash them”   I begged him not to make me, but he wouldn’t budge.   I went down the hall to Duncan’s door.  I knocked while I had Master R.  right there in my hand on the phone.  I lifted my dress completely up and flashed my pussy through the pantyhose with bare titties out and nipples hard.  My neighbor’s jaw dropped.  He dropped the newspaper he had in his hand.  He just stood there frozen.  So I freaked and was exhilarated at the same time!  I turned around and ran back to to my apartment with Master R. still listening on the phone to everything.  

This was like double exhibitionist phone sex and I was so turned on!  So you can imagine how horny I got when he called me again tonight!  My god these spankings have it so I can’t even sit down with out thinking of my Master and how sore he has made my ass.  Just wait until you hear what he made me do with my neighbor tonight.

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Rough Phone Sex With Mommy Robin

by robin on September 29, 2014

September Sex Special
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So, you told your new girlfriend that I like Rough Phone Sex. You told her that you have dominated me ever since you were young. She doesn’t really understand why I am only submissive for you. I don’t think she understands the Mommy son bond we share. It’s a bond that starts at birth and grows stronger and stronger. I know she doesn’t like me much. I thought it was just that she was jealous of the bond you and I share. I think bringing her for dinner last week was not a good idea. I know you wanted us to get to know each other, but it only made things worse between her and I. I think it’s why she did what she did to me today. She talked me into going out shopping with her. I thought maybe she was getting used to how much you love your Mommy. But she had other plans for me. I met her at her place and she invited me in. Then I was grabbed from behind by someone big and strong. Before I knew it, I was being drugged and restrained. Did you know about this? Did you want to show her just how rough Mommy likes it? I’m sure I will find out when you are ready to tell me. I won’t submit to her, unless you want me to that is. What will you do when you find me here? Or, are you already here?…

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I love white cock phone sex! With my Ebony Ass!

by Precious on September 29, 2014

I’m ready for some white cock phone sex. I know you want this ebony pussy bad! I mean everyone wants a black girl, at least a hot black thing as your side chick! I know your tired of the boring same old thing. Your looking for something different tonight aren’t you? Something an little bit more exotic… Say with an little bit of color? I known your curious about what it would be like to fuck a black chic… But be aware that I’m not just some ghetto how trying to pound my black coveted pussy on just some random white dick with money.. Oh no.. I’m much better than that. They don’t call me the black diva for nothing.. Think of me as classy… Not trashy.. I’m no fool either… I know that every white man has thought about getting their dicks wet by a black pussy.. Its okay..

Tonight you can give in to temptation, desire and all those wanting feelings that you’ve been having. I’m ready to give that white cock some black pussy that is always been longing and craving for. And its okay baby. I won’t tell anyone your little secret that you’ve decided to get a little it of chocolate tonight. Some times you just need a different flavor in your life. Just like ice cream… What person eats the same flavor ice cream for the rest of their life? That’s right. No one. Even if your a vanilla man, I know you probably sneak a little big of chocolate for yourself and to diversify your palette..Maybe next you should diversify that dick!!! Ive always thought it was always good to make sure that people make themselves more worldly and well rounded. 😉 I know your looking for something different tonight..

But be careful, you just might end up getting addicted to that black pussy!! And don’t worry it happens to everyone… He he he… I’m ready for you to taste my chocolate pussy and fill it up with your white cream…


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Mommy son phone sex with Daisy

by daisy on September 27, 2014

Mommy son phone sex is such a special time for us to bond and play don’t you think? We can do all those naughty things you used to do with your own mother when you were very small, you know how much I love that! I will start by sucking on that sweet little cock while I slide a finger or two into your little bottom to stretch it out, I want to get your bottom nice and ready for a good fucking. You know Mommy’s absolute favorite game to play is when I get my big strap on cock out and fuck your tiny little bottom with it, I know sometimes it hurts you but I always make you cum don’t I? You are just going to have to be a big boy for mommy and take it like a man because I am not stopping until I am satisfied. You know that Mommy has some naughty desires and I just can’t stop until I fulfill them all, you do want to make me happy right? Of course you do so get ready baby, Mommy is going to give you a night to remember!

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Submissive Cock Worshiping Phone Sex…

by betty on September 27, 2014

Being a submissive beauty like myself I am trained very well. I am trained to give the ultimate cock worshiping phone sex! Many masters have taught me different techniques in just how to properly milk a hard Cock!  And another plus to my cock worship is that I am submissive. So there are no limits when it comes to a hard face fuck! I will take it deep in my throat just for you! I love my head against a wall as you ram your Cock in and out of my mouth! Slap my face with that Cock of yours and look down at your beautiful pet! I want to massage those full balls of yours as I suck you! Feeling them tighten in my hands as I slobber all over that pulsing rod of yours! 

Taking your wet Cock and sliding it in between my Breast, I squeeze them tightly around it,  I glide it back and forth. I can feel as your Cock throbs! Taking your Cock in my hand and tracing my hard nipples. The pre cum oozes from your Cock and I lick it slowly tasting your juices! I can’t wait to eat your Cum! I want you to give me every last drop. I want you to cover my face with a massive load! Don’t worry I’ll clean it up, I’ll eat it all. Using my fingers to wipe it all off my face into my mouth! Licking my fingers and savoring the taste of you. I am your beautiful Cock worshiping princess Betty! 

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Daddy’s girl phone sex is super fun!

by billie on September 26, 2014

Daddy’s girl phone sex is so super fun!! I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than to be your little girl and play all kinds of kinky games with you. Like when I play with my Daddy Alex, I like to dress up for him because he loves the way my cute little feet look in the slutty shoes he buys for me. As soon as I put on a cute outfit that shows a lot of skin and put on my sky high heels for him I feel so sexy and all I want to do is please him. His cock gets so big and hard when he watches me strip off my clothes and by the time he actually touches me I swear I’m ready to explode! Nobody fucks me like Daddy Alex, he always makes sure he makes his baby girl cum over and over before he finally fills me up with all his hot cummies, what more could a girl want?

Thanks again for my pretty shoes Daddy, I can’t wait to wear them all! When I do go out in them, I bet all the boys will be checking me out, are you going to be jealous?

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Role Play Phone Sex, One Hot Authority Fuck

by nichole on September 26, 2014

I’m submissive at heart and my pussy follows. Here’s my number if I’m your kind of girl : (877) 424-8242.   I get so wet for a nice rough authority fuck.  I remember when the fetish was new and I couldn’t help myself.  I was so young.  Only 15.  I went to the local mall in my town and I was so horny I couldn’t even think straight.  My young tight pussy was raging and soaking with hormones.  New feelings were coming over me every hour of the day and the urges were just too much for my little body to handle.  I HAD to do something.  I needed to take control of my emotions and sensations somehow!

I took my mom’s car (I got in big trouble for that later, I didn’t have a proper license to drive!)  I Immediately went to my favorite store,  Express.  They had all the tight hot dresses I love to wear.  And I took like 6 dresses into the dressing room.  I secretly stuffed my favorite 2 into my purse before coming out.  And guess what? The sales girl BITCH noticed that I was stealing and she called security as soon as I crossed the doorway into the mall!  

Two big guards stopped me and stood in front of me.  They must have been former cops because they took my hands and restrained them behind my back.  The walked me into the security office to look through my purse.  I was crying and whimpering and whining because of how rough they were being.   And even at that age I could tell they thought it was all really hot.

So I decided to use my powers as a submissive girl to get out of this bind…  And to get a good hard dick (or 2) in my hungry young pussy.  I fell down to my knees like I was collapsing.  And the younger blonde guard came up to me.  I ran my hand up his leg and unzipped his pants and looked at him with my puppy dog eyes.  And then the other black guard looked up from the boring paperwork as I made the blonde guard moan and groan with my mouth wrapped around his dick.  The black guard came over and I said, “Can’t we come up with some sort of agreement?”  And he unzipped his pants and pulled up my dress and shoved his huge cock right into my dripping cunt.

God, I’ve been into role play ever since I was a teenager.  I’m up for anything… I’ve got no taboos so call me for some Role Play Phone Sex and we can get as deviant as you want.

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Getting My Way, Phone Sex

by Kendall on September 25, 2014

  I always seem to get what I want.  I love to be spoiled by men.  My nice ass has a way of getting me everything I need.  Men can’t help but stare at my ass and give into me.  It takes complete control of there mind.  Just the other day I had a caller spoil me silly.  I can’t wait to spend that money and get myself looking so sexy.  He liked making me happy.  He knows just what a woman wants.  He loved my hot ass so much he just couldn’t help himself.  He said my ass talked to him and told him that he had to spoil me.  He kept staring at a pic of my ass while he decided how much he wanted to give me to spend.  He gave me a huge amount to spend, so now my ass is going to look extra fine!  I am so luck to have a caller that knows how to keep a woman happy.  He knew what I needed.  Some of you men out there need to take some lessons from him.  If you treat me like he does, then we will get a long just fine.  I am going to treat him so good that he will always want to make sure I am kept happy.  Don’t forget about our September special.  30 minutes for 50.00.  Limited time only.  You have to ask to receive.  US callers only!  Hurry before it’s gone.  More bang for your buck baby.  I can’t wait to talk to my special caller again.  We had a nice talk together.  My ass is thinking about him right now and getting very, very, excited.  Lol.  So if you think you can spoil me as much as he does, give me a call and we will find out.

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MILF with a Smoke Phone Sex

by Reanna on September 25, 2014

What do you think about a MILF with a smoke pierced between her lips? Sucking as if it was your cock between my lips instead. Do you like the way the smoke comes out of my mouth. As I exhale and pierce my lips as if blowing you a kiss from across the room. Inviting you to cum to me and take me away. Off to the bedroom or out to your car. I want to make you cum after you hand me an expensive cigar.
I have been dying for a cigarette I can’t wait. I want to smoke while you stroke. Sucking on my cigarette while your hand is approaching your cock stroking it back and forth as you watch me puff puff puff.
I know you enjoy being a human ashtray. I’ll ride your cock and smoke my cigarette as I have a huge orgasm. My cum dripping down your cock and onto your balls. As I exhale my cigarette, my pussy juice will release all over you. Buy me a pack so I can suck on your sack. How would you like it if I’m smoking my cigarette and sucking your cock? Think of the smoke flowing down the shaft of your cock as I begin to suck and tease you with my tongue.
You know you want it and so do I come and fuck me. I’ll make sure I have a good supply.

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Guided masturbation circle jerk phone sex

by Lisa on September 25, 2014

.that.Guided masturbation circle jerk phone sex, it all started with one dirty thought from Mommy Lisa. Be a good boy and take a look at my webpage .

Mommy’s mind is always fixated on hard cocks. Sitting there on the bed just pondering what nasty things I could masturbate to today, it occurred to me that I had not put an ad on Craigslist for sometime.

 Guided masturbation circle jerk phone sex was the title of the ad. Within minutes of the ad going live the emails started filling my inbox. First line of business was to get pictures of their hard cocks, the next item on the agenda was to give the qualifying lads my home address. The instructions were  to immediately disrobe and walk upstairs to the french double doors.

One by one they started to fill my room. I sent out over 35 invites and all of them showed up. One by one they entered into my room. they found me laying naked on my king size bed fucking myself with my favorite toys. This made some of the men very horny, they tried to climb up in bed with me. I shook my finger at them and said I want to see you stroke your cocks for me.

Show me how you pleasure yourselves. Let’s get this guided masturbation circle jerk started. I took phone sex calls from boys just like you, who love to have Mommy Lisa do guided masturbation phone sex with them.

The callers could hear the soft sounds of boys beating their shafts for me. It became a sort of hot, erotic sausage banging fest. Stroke that cock! Use your hand like it is fucking my sweet mommy pussy.

If you want to know more about this circle jerk call me at 1 888 990 0103 and ask me for my Sexy Summer blowout phone sex special of 20 minutes for $30, good for US callers only, Limit one special per day. You must ask me for it in order for me to give it to you. Limited time offer. I am waiting right here next to the phone fingers drenched in my wetness.

Mommy Lisa

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