August 2014

Horny housewife phone sex

by Lisa on August 31, 2014

Horny housewife phone sex with hot blonde Mommy Lisa.Horny housewife phone sex with hot blonde Mommy Lisa. Mommy is running a new special. Fuck it like you mean it 20 minutes for $30/US callers only U must ask 2 receive it. Limited time. Hurry don’t delay!

I am a horny housewife that longs for the affection of my young son. Let Mommy Lisa take care of all your Mommy-son fantasies. I do enjoy listening to you share you sexual pleasures with me. I never get tired of hearing how much you crave to be inside your hot blonde Mommy Lisa’s pussy. Climb into bed with Mommy in the middle of the night, pressing your young hard cock into my bottom, letting Mommy know that you have a hard on for her. Let me do some guided masturbation with you. I will tease you how to pleasure that beautiful cock of your like you have never experienced. Mommy would love to wrap her warm lips around your young swollen cock, teaching you how to face fuck me. Let me drink all of your young boy juice down my throat. Stroking your slick cock and balls licking your tender young ass while jacking your cock in my hand. If you have some fantasies you would like to share or play out call me and let me help you help me get a nice sexual release tonight. Be sure to ask me for my special. Mommy Lisa is waiting hear my the phone.

Mommy Lisa

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Cuckolding phone sex

by Cookie on August 31, 2014

Cuckolding phone sex with naughty Cookie. Each night we go over the rules of your cuckold training. Rule number one is that you must take be a good submissive cock slut for me. Rule two go to the bar and find me a nice big cock to fuck right in front of you. Then when you bring it back home to me sit in the corner naked with your pathetic cock in your hand and watch and I enjoy my new lover. Look at face as I take his massive tool in my mouth, that’s right lick your lips. It makes your mouth water doesn’t it. Look baby his cock is so much bigger than yours. I just know he is going to make me cum so fucking hard, unlike your what your useless cock does for me. Get your ass over here bring your face real close to his cock as I slap you in the face with it. I pull the back of your head and your mouth pops open just hoping I will shove it deep down your throat. Yeah that’s right cuckolding phone sex is what I get off to. Calling your over to make you compare your cock to his. Forcing his tool down your throat to get it all nice and wet to fuck me while your mouth longs to taste my pussy juices as they flow down his shaft. Listen to how fucking wet his cock makes me. I yell fuck me harder, make my pussy squirt all over your cock so I can make him suck it clean. I see your cock is getting harder and harder the deeper he fucks me. Call me my little cuckold lover and ask for my Fuck it like you mean it phone sex special 20 minutes for $30, US callers only, you must ask in order to receive it. Limited time offer. Hurry I am so fucking horny!

Cuckold Cookie

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Hot she male phone sex

by Callie on August 31, 2014

Hot she male phone sex. Fuck it like you mean it phone sex special. Looking for all you horny men out there that secretly fantasize about picking up a hot she male for some out of this world cock sucking fun. I see you at the mall walking around with your wives’ or girlfriends’ and you see a hot she male, like myself. Big beautiful tits popping out of their button up tops, fishnet stockings, come fuck me high heels, short short skirts barely covering that bountiful ass. You can’t help yourself your cock begins to twitch in your pants. You tell your wife you got to go to the bathroom. You follow close behind as she makes her way to the men restroom and your heart begins to race. She walks into a stall closes the door and you go to the open one next to her. You sit down with your pants down around your ankles and peek through the hole in the stall wall connecting yours and hers. What do you see but this cock long, thick and erect being stroked by her painted nails. Her foot slides under the stall wall indicating to you she wants you to join her. Your mind begins to imagine taking her deep inside you. Once the bathroom is clear you open your door and go to hers and she lets you. This sound like a fantasy you have had before about a hot she male? Call me and lets stroke our rods together and get off fucking good tonight while the wife sleeps. Call and ask me for my special 20 minutes for $30, good for US callers only, you must ask me for it in order to receive it. Hurry limited time offer.

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Submissive Phone Sex. Fuck Me Raw in the Kitchen

by nichole on August 29, 2014

I want you to do it to me just like the pizza delivery guy did me last night.  I want submissive phone sex  ASAP.   I was hungry for more things than one so I decided to take my chances and order a nice big cheesy pizza from my favorite shop.  There’s this guy that works there and I have seen his big sexy obscene bulge that makes my cunt wet just thinking about.  I just sat and drooled, waiting for this delivery boy.

And when he got there it was better than my fantasies.  I couldn’t help but look at his cock pressing up against his jeans when he handed me the pizza.  My hands were full, so I said “Hey could you bring it into the kitchen for me?  I followed him, scheming my seduction.  When he put the pizza down on the counter I hopped up and sat right next to it.  I spread my legs and held out my hand and said “Will you keep me company for a couple minutes?”  He took my hand and put his other hand  behind my head and firmly pulled my face to his and gave me a deep wet kiss. 

 I was like jelly in his hands.  I started to quiver and I could feel my pussy gush with juices.  As if he knew how wet I was, he slowly slid his hand up my thigh, beneath my skirt and between my legs.  He quickly pulled my panties aside and started fingering the lips in my secret spot.  I slid my hand to his hard rod and unzipped, pulling his fat dick out.  As soon as I touched it he moaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked my hips closer.  He said, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard now”  And he guided his cock to my dripping hole and shoved it into my tight twat with a grunt. Than he fucked me so rough right there in the kitchen counter next to that big pizza.  He was spanking me and manhandling me for hours.   Call me to fuck me like that! (877) 424-8242.  You know I want you for submissive phone sex.


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Cum Slut Phone Sex with Liv. Tonight I’m craving your warm jizz. I am in rare form tonight. I want to be your cum dump. You better take advantage of this while it lasts you nasty fuckers. I like to shock you every now and again just to keep you on your toes. I know your used to being on your knees for me. Hahahaha. Give me a call tonight my naughty ones. Together we will indulge in some sticky twisted Cum Slut Phone Sex fun. If your really naughty, I’ll let you sniff and lick my shit hole. I love the way you worship my ass. I feel a  huge shit brewing in my gut right now. I know you want to suck this warm hot turd from out of my naughty little ass hole. Hahahaha! Butt first you must beg me for it, Bitch! So many filthy fantasy’s I have in mind for us. Don’t be shy you pathetic SOB. I will guide you. I will take you places you never knew existed.  Butt first, I demand that you jizz for me, allover my face. Just as your warm jizz begins to drip down my chin, I want you to get down on your fucking knees, stick your tongue out and catch your jizz off my chin. Hahaha! Oh fuck yeah! That’s it nasty boy. How do you taste? MMM. My cunt is dripping wet. Cum for this Cum Slut. I’m waiting for your jizz. Call me nasty boy’s 1-888-550-6184


~Back 2 Screw Special~
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USA only/limited time
*Must ask to receive*

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Mommy and Daughters’ family fun phone sex

by kendra on August 27, 2014

Mommy and Daughters’ family fun phone sex. I just love it when dirty men call me and share with that they would love to play with me and my girls. Listening to him stroking his cock over the phone as I share with him in detail of what they wore to school today. Mommy & Daughters’ family fun phone sex, is only fun when there is a horny man on the other end of the phone, feeding into our naughtiness. Boy do my girls just love doing little strip tease dances and wiggling up and down on my clients lap. They know exactly what to do to make that cock rise up in those trousers. The only thing more exciting about that picture, well is knowing that for a limited time we are running a Back to Screw phone sex special. 30 minutes for $50 good for US callers only, and you must ask me for it when you call.

Can’t you just taste the sweet nectar of our pussy juices all swishing around inside your mouth now? Sweet family fun pussy all for you! Aren’t you a little hungry for some pink pussy tonight? Call me and let’s share all of our family fun fantasies with one another. Fuck I am so horny!

Mommy Kendra

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Big Brother and Little Sister Fantasy Phone Sex!

by savannah on August 27, 2014

Let me tell ya’ll all about my big brother and little sister fantasy phone sex!! See down here in the dirty south it tends to get so hot that I am not afraid to loose my clothes! I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a scorching hot summer day in mid July and the air conditioner had went out! Of course Daddy was working and Mama demanded that if I wanted to go down to the creek later with my friends that I had to do the chores anyway! She left for town to run errands and I decided to strip down completely naked and clean the house! I felt so much cooler in the nude. I cranked the radio up and opened one of my Daddy’s cold ones and went to work! As I danced around my perky teen Breast bounced around and I loved to watch them! I have always been curious of my body since a very young age. I liked admiring myself naked and touching myself.  As I cleaned the bathroom mirror I looked down at my nipples as they hardened before me! I began to pinch them and rub my fingers against my clit! I moaned softly as I began to feel myself creaming. I suddenly felt a hand brush against my leg and as the hand lifted my leg and placed it onto the counter I looked in the mirror to see my older brother smiling at me. His Cock was so hard against my ass! I looked down and it was huge!! He whispered into my ear softly ” shh little sister let me show you how it’s done” He slid his Cock deep inside… I had never had sex before! The rush and the sting! The naughty feeling, the feeling that my brother had just popped my cherry! I loved it! He slowly guided my hips back and forth as his Cock pounded away at my innocence… “gah, you’re so tight baby sister” he whispered.  

How many more times do you think my brother and I fucked? Do you think I got pregnant? *laughs* call me and see y’all !! ;)  


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Forced Bi Phone Sex

by Envy on August 26, 2014

Going to the public pool with my boyfriend turned out to be a LOT more fun than I expected. So I’m at the pool, getting my tan on, while my boyfriend goes to the car because he forgot his sunglasses. I’m just enjoying myself and then you know what happens? This little dude comes up to me and tries hitting on me! What the fuck. He didn’t even try hard. I was busy sunbathing and this moron says to me that I look so fuck-worthy. HAHA yeah too bad the little guy will never have a chance with any hole of mine. It was perfect timing, because after he said that, my boyfriend walked up behind him. You should have seen this kid’s face when my man told him to get on his fucking knees. Hahahaha! I smiled and made that bitch suck my boyfriend’s massive cock. No joke this guy didn’t know what he was getting himself into. It was fucking great watching my boyfriend stuffing his cock in this dude’s mouth. That really showed him to never do that to a girl again! He went home crying with a load of cum on his face. Me and my boyfriend seriously just laughed. Maybe little boy should have just kept his mouth shut and tiny dick away from me. I guess Forced Bi Phone Sex didn’t leave a good taste in his mouth!

Goddess Envy

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Stepbrother Phone Sex

by kira on August 26, 2014

  Yes I am vey submissive I get talked easily into doing anything even having sex with my stepbrother.  Well he is back in town now and getting ready to go back to college.  He was staying with us until he found a apartment to rent.  Well after a week he finally found one, so now he asked me if I would help him get it all ready.  So I decided to help him out.  I went with him to his new place and started to put things away and getting it to look good for him.  He loved how I was making it look so, he said he wanted to thank me in a special way.  I said sure.  I thought that he was going to take me to a movie or to dinner or something, but instead he had something else in mind.  He told me that he has had a thing for me for a long time.  He said he wanted to treat me to his cock.  I said you are my stepbrother, he said yes I am and so what we are not related by blood.  So I said ok, you know I cant say no.  So the next thing I knew we were naked on his couch doing four play.  Then all of a sudden he slid his big eight inch cock inside of my pussy.  I never knew how good it would feel to fuck my stepbrother and it was amazing.  All of my juices were covering his cock, and just seeing that made me cum and squirt everywhere.  After he was done fucking me, he asked if we can keep this our secret and keep fucking whenever he needs it.  It looks like I will be fucking my stepbrother for a while.

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Sweaty Phone Sex Workout with Maddie

by maddie on August 26, 2014

Where do you think I get my kinky side from? Daddy of course! We would always end up fucking in the most crazy places. Like yesterday, I was busy working out with my yoga mat and my exercise ball when daddy came around the corner to watch me. I love when he just admires my sexy body. I decided to give him a show. Bouncing up and down on my ball and making my tits shake. Doing crazy yoga positions so I can remain as flexible as I already am. Well I think the downward dog got daddy worked up because as soon as I came up his cock was out and daddy was stroking away! And what kind of girl would I be to pass up on a fat cock like his? A crazy one! lol I went up to daddy and let him feel me up as I stroked his cock for him. I got down on my knees and  gave daddy a nice sloppy blowjob.  I was so sweaty I didn’t think daddy wanted to fuck my little cunnie but he did anyway. Do you have a fetish for sweaty phone sex like daddy does? Well I just got done with my morning workout so better hurry over. You can kiss and suck all over my titties and pussy. Then get your cock sloppy wet so I can guide it into my sweet love box! Come on daddy lets check this off our bucket list and continue having wild sex any and everywhere!

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