July 2014

Naughty Mommy son phone sex

by Lisa on July 31, 2014

Naughty Mommy son phone sex is the one thing that makes me the wettest..Mommy has been away on vacation and I am so glad to be back home. I have missed you my son, my lover. The whole time I was on vacation I kept seeing boys out with their moms. I wondered if they had the same kind of relationship as you and I do, my darling. Did your cock ache for Mommy while I was gone? Naughty Mommy son phone sex, I tried several times from the ship to get cell service so we could phone fuck with no luck.
Mommy did find a couple boys that were unattended by any adults while I was showering in the spa room. They were sitting on the wooden benches swinging their legs back and forth as they watched the few mommy’s get out of the shower. I could see them rubbing themselves through their shorts. Once all the other Mommy’s were gone I opened my shower curtain and waved for them to come inside my shower with me. They giggled and ran right over. I closed the shower curtain and but my finger up to their tiny lips and whispered shhhhh. I got them both naked and to my delight they were both sporting little erections. Now you know Mommy is a sucker for young hard cocks. I want to tell you all about the fun that I had in the shower with these two boys. But Mommy needs to hear your voice again. I love the sound of you breathing heavy on the other end of the phone. Mommy son phone sex ,with us doing some mutual masturbation is so fucking hot. I know you love for me to put the phone down between my legs so you can hear how wet you make me. And oh how I love hearing that lubed up cock of yours getting stroked so good on the other end of the phone.
Call me and ask for my phone sex special 25 minutes for $38, US callers only, one special per day, must ask me in order to receive it.

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Red Headed Slut Phone Sex

by kira on July 30, 2014

  Red headed slut phone sex.  I am such a red headed slut.  I love sex, I want it all the time.  I always make a man satisfied.  I love having a man tell me what he wants and how he wants it.  I have a caller that just loves red headed sluts.  He loves being my master.  I can’t call him by name I have to say yes master.  If I say his name instead of master, then I get punished.  He will put nipple clamps on me, then give each nipple a good twist.  I don’t mind a little pain, then I know it teaches me a lesson so that I wont forget to call him master.  He makes me get on my knees and beg to choke on his hard cock.  I let him shove his cock as deep as he wants down my throat until I gag all over it.  When I see my masters hard cock in front of me, it makes my red headed pussy dripping wet.  I can’t wait for that cock to be shoved in all my tight holes.  I just don’t want one master I want to have many masters.

I want many men to take me over.  I think it would be so hot to have all my masters in one room, doing as they please with me.  Like a big gangbang.  Making me there little red headed whore, filling all my holes up with their cum.  I want my whole body to be covered in warm gooey cum.  I want to take my hands and rub that cum all over my body, to make me feel like a good whore.  I know many men love red heads.  So give me a ring and lets have some red headed slut phone sex!

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 I have baby fever so bad! I can’t stop seeing little babies no matter where I look.. I can’t stop thinking about getting my little ass knocked up. I would love to have a daughter but even having a little boy would be cool too. But I don’t know many boys fit for the job of being my baby’s daddy. The only good daddy I know is my own he he! My daddy is awesome enough that I would want to share him with all my future babies! We could all have him… doesn’t that sound so hot? Mmm think about all the family fun. My daddy took care of me so well I know he will treat my kiddos the same. We are all his special little babies and he will make sure we are fed and fucked the way we need to be. That’s all that matters cause you know there’s nothing stronger than the bond of your family. We would be closer than most families could ever imagine… That’s how I think all families should be! We’ll share everything with each other, even amazing sex. There will be no need for school or any of that silly stuff either because all my babies will ever need to learn is right here at home with mommy daddy! Sounds so great, right? Like something from a dream… but you and I can make happen with impregnation phone sex.

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Accomplice Phone Sex With Wrenn

by Wrenn on July 29, 2014

  I talked to my daddy the other day and we had so much fun together.  He was very upset with my sister because she asked him for more money and she already was dipping into my college fund.  I was upset with her too.  So daddy wanted to go and teach her a lesson.  Well we got there and her and her husband were there and there three daughters.  Daddy said he wanted me to help him teach her a good lesson.  So I will do anything to help daddy out.  First he had me help tie my sister and her husband up.  She kept screaming and yelling so we ducked taped her mouth shut.  We also tapped her husbands mouth shut too.  They were so upset.  So daddy said he was going to have some fun with the daughters and turn them into sluts just like there mommy.  So he took the first one and fucked her in front of mommy.  He had me help out with that.  He had me take his cock and slide it into her young tight pussy.  My sister was trying so hard to untie herself but no matter what she couldn’t do it.  She had to watch her daughter get fucked.  Then he said I bet her daddy would like to feel his daughters tight pussy.  So daddy made me pull down my sisters husbands pants and pull out his cock.  You could tell he was excited because his cock was hard as a rock.  So then daddy put her on her daddy’s cock and bounced her up and down.  You could tell her daddy liked it because he started to moan.  Soon he blew his load right inside his daughters cunt.  My daddy was so happy with that.  You should hear the rest of the story.  I love being my daddy’s accomplice!

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Wet Sheets Phone Sex with Reese

by reese on July 28, 2014

My pussy is wet between the sheets. I feel my clit swollen aching for a big fat cock. The thicker the better to fill my hole I will moan and scream and beg for more. I want a big fat cock and I want it now give it to me baby and I’ll show you how I can ride your dick and slide it in my cunt as I scream and yell and make you to give it to me harder and fast, rough and tough. I may be the Preacher’s wife but I am naughty. I like to sit on your fingers as you make me scream. Fuck me harder honey I am a bad girl. I like to listen to the devil when he tells me to be naughty and dirty. Fuck my Preacher husband he don’t have any skills in the bedroom. Maybe if he was better I wouldn’t have to fuck the alter boy’s daddy. I love being the Preacher’s wife just so I can be naughty with all the church folk’s hubbies and sometimes their wives.

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Wow,  so much is changing in my life and I love it.  I get to talk to so many guys every day and they teach me so much about pleasing a man.  And It pleases me so much to do the pleasing.  I makes my clit throb to lick and suck your shaft and massage you balls.  If you like, I want to stick my slender fingers into your asshole gently and milk that prostate nut of yours.  That one took a while to learn to do right but I definitely got the hang of it now.

I wil  tell you about all the sexually exciting things I will do to you.  All while I slip my fingers into the lips of my pussy and whirl away at my slick clit.  The more I get you hard and pulsing, the more I want to be filled up with my toys I have around.  I’ll tell you what I’m doing to myself too, during mutual masturbation phone sex.

I have been so horny lately that my friends are starting to ask if I’m okay!  Its like the more I talk to you guys on the phone, the more I want to get fucked.  The more I please you and do the things you desire, the harder I cum and then I just want more.  I am insatiable!

And I am moving to a new neighborhood that I think I will be making TONS more IRL stories because there are tons of hot dudes around there just staring at me slack-jawed when i looked at the apartment.  So I will have so many fuck tales to tell!  Its gonna be the best days of my life!  My twat cannot wait.  It’s soaking wet already!  I love to talk about it and guys seem to like to hear about it during my mutual masturbation phone sex.

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I got a new member of my flock…well, maybe a new member.Things are looking good for him at the moment. You see he brought me an offering like all good peons should do. He brought me a big black cock to fuck in my ass while he fucked my tight pink pussy. Let’s call him J. Well J came to worship me like a good little minion and he worshiped his priestess well. You see you know what a size queen I am, well he had a large cock to fuck me with. He begged me to fuck my cunt but you know I just couldn’t let him til I made him worthy of my glorious self. I had him on his knees begging to touch his large growing cock. At first I refused. I was enjoying listening to him beg.It was making my hot pussy so wet. He was pleasing his mistress well So I let him touch himself, just ever so lightly. He was panting by then, his need to touch himself was so great he was out of his head with need. His cock throbbing to be touched. So that’s when I let him tug on it and  I had him pulling on it, stretching it to it’s fullest. You know only the biggest cocks would be worthy of my cunt. He then gave me his offering. A big fat large cock to drill into my ass. It was pounding my ass when I allowed J to join in and fuck my pussy.He filled my tight cunt and with his huge cock, fucking me harder and harder til I came, because you know I always cum first. Then J and  his big black cock offering shot there loads deep in me. There was so much cum it was dripping down my legs. So call me for Double Penetration Phone Sex and maybe you to will be considered for a spot in my flock….

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Voyeur Phone Sex With Tabbi

by Tabbi on July 24, 2014



Today was such a good day. I wanted a new horse for my collection. He was real expensive, but when I told my husband he could watch me fuck a real big cock he instantly ripped out his check book and bought him on the spot. I was so happy I got what I wanted, but I guess I always do. My husband loves to watch me with a big stud of a man with a big fat cock to stretch out my cunt. Sometimes he likes to sit right there in a chair and play with his pathetic little cock while I’m getting pounded. Most times he likes to hide in the closet or under the bed. I pretend he’s not there of course, he did get me what I wanted . So when the horse trainer delivered the horse I just felt I had to thank him in my own way. He was a big man, very muscular and so hot. After we settled the horse in the stall I brought him in the tack room to ask him about a saddle I had and when I shut the door and gave him that look he knew what I wanted and was more than eager to pleasure my lust. Of course he didnt know my husband was in the closet peeking thru the doors. He was as hot for me as I was for him. He stripped me naked and sat me up on that saddle and started eating my pussy. He was so good at it. I suddenly couldn’t wait to see his cock. I slowly slid off the saddle and onto the floor, kneeling between his legs. I undid his pants and found what I wanted, an enormous cock to suck on. He tasted so good. I could hear his breathe getting heavier as he started moaning. I could also hear my husband panting as he was watching us, stroking his cock the whole time. The next thing I knew he laid me over that saddle and started fucking my tight sexy little ass. He pounded my ass so hard and deep that we both ended up cumming together. He filled my ass so much it started dripping down my leg. After he got his clothes on and left I stayed where I was and let my pathetic husband come out of the closet and lick the cum that was dripping down my thighs. He was jerking off so hard he came. He so enjoyed every minute of it. I know you want to watch me, hear me fuck that big cock. So call Voyeur Phone Sex with Tabbi and listen to haw good I get it.

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Ass to Mouth Phone Sex: Licking Clean

by cassia on July 24, 2014

After a long hard day my ass is pretty filthy. How about you? Mmmm, our asses could use a good licking right now! I know what you need: ass to mouth phone sex. Let’s all have a taste of something dirty to get us off. I want to cradle your face between my legs babe. Go ahead and stick out your tongue dirty boy because I’m going to sit on your face like a throne. Mmmm yes, don’t stop… lick my filthy asshole clean. If you do a good job I might just be a good girl and return the favor! Wouldn’t you LOVE that? My tongue on your ass licking you clean too? It’s all possible if you wanna have a raunchy time…

If you want to add a little something special to our mutual masturbation session, be my guest! I’ll lick up anything! I am into everything oral, anal and scat… I’ll even get into blood play when the time of the month calls for it. That’s just kind of the girl I am, nasty with no taboos. I’m even a predator with the li’l ones and I’m working on training my own slutty boy and girl toilet slaves to do some house cleaning. I’m a BAD young mommy but good at what I do. So if you want to talk about a fantasy or do a little roleplay I’m down for it all. There are plenty of asses that need a good cleaning around here, and plenty of tongues to do the job… Just gotta give me a call. I wanna get clean with you so let’s go!

xxx Ass to Mouth Phone Sex Special xxx
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Fantasy Phone Sex with Priestess Dominno

by dominno on July 24, 2014

Hello my flock. I hope you all had a spiritual day today. Mine was very lovely. I started out taking a walk through the park on this beautiful day. I came across an older gentleman  looking forlorn. I stopped to see if there was something I could do. He was missing his wife who died a year ago that day. I sat with him as he told me how lonely he was. I was comforting him when i noticed the bulge slowly growing larger in his pants. He wanted me, and you all know I could never turn down  someone in need. Karma and all. So I started rubbing his bulging cock right thru his pants.He was scared at first,which turned me on even more, I could feel my cunt start to throb. I know I needed a nice wet tongue  to satisfy my lustful needs.I think he was startled that I would actually caress him. Then my domineering side took over and I told him to get on his knees  and bow before me and as he knelt down before me I spread my legs and grabbed his head and  rammed  it into my  hot, wet cunt.   Oh he had me so wet, this sad little man. I suddenly knew I needed his cock, I had to taste it. No one was around so he stood up and put his fat cock in my mouth. He tasted so good. Thats when I felt his cock start to tremble, so I sucked harder, faster, til he let out a moan…well  Im sure you can figure out the rest.He then worshiped his new priestess til I was squirting ….Oh yeah, his name is Ted. He’s the newest member of my flock. So if your looking for some fantasy phone sex give your Priestess Dominno a call….

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